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  1. I was referencing one of the tedious <ovf censored> who were badmouthing him as soon as the team was announced.
  2. All thank to Lloyd getting knocked over by a gust of wind.
  3. Who was the player we signed, could have been Jamaican, think he complained about having to walk to Vale Park through deep snow. Totally forgotten his name.
  4. But he's Mad Cov! He's a legend who wastes time and does crazy things at penalties!
  5. Not asking for people to name names (even though you can still see the post in the replies to the club's initial response on twitter) but does anyone know the adult who sent a message?
  6. That's 'replaced' as in substituted after 52 minutes, rather than replaced in the starting line up. No idea who he was.
  7. Who was the one who told Vigouroux to go back to Zimbabwe? Was that the adult or the little kid? It's so <ovf censored> pathetic. Fancy wrecking your own life with something so moronic. Proud of the club for how they've dealt with this but feel genuine pity for the chump who sent the message.
  8. You slagged Legge to <ovf censored> last season. Last week you were saying we were doomed because we couldn't score. Your posts are so full of <ovf censored>.
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