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  1. He was ball boy for a bit too, when he picked up a ball.
  2. Maybe it was like how Guppy and McCarthy would occasionally swap wings but just done through a Smurthwaite crap-o-vision filter.
  3. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. I saw Danny Pugh play on the left wing against Lincoln City. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
  4. That is so worrying. Clayton McDonald is still masquerading as a footballer.
  5. Tittybiscuits bypasses the swear filter, as does growler, twunt, hairy canary and schlong.
  6. Just think it's poor form mate, poor form.
  7. Do they read your posts on here? Seriously, that's rubbish and I apologise for stating that you couldn't understand what it was like to experience racism. However, the point still stands for the vast majority of us in this thread. And as for being circumcised, you're not one of them, are you?
  8. What's the point in having different subjects then? I notice that your thread-derailing posts always pop up when there's a criticism of right wing politicians. Since Wednesday, there have been umpteen posts by the likes of you, FUA and RB all making snide posts about antisemitism and not one single attempt from anyone to use it for anything other than point scoring or as a glib aside. And not one person (apart from one mention by myself), out of all these people so concerned about bigotry and racism regarding Channel 4's programme about Islamophobia n the Conservative Party. Even my attempt to steer the thread back on subject was met with irrelevant comments about Panorama. Be interesting to see if there was a discussion about Labour whether you'd start going on about the faults of the Conservative party. I doubt it very much.
  9. Fair enough, I forgot you were overseas. Does the anti-white racism you experience to all facets of your life? If you were to go for a job would preference be given to 'locals'/ would your pay be less? Not trying to make a point here, just interested.
  10. The letter to Lammy wasn't prosecuted and neither were the people who drove my family away from their home and in to temporary accommodation. Both were obviously crimes. The guy in Salford who had 'blacks go home' sprayed on his door only had the case investigated by the police after an outcry on social media. The <ovf censored> who did it was subsequently arrested and convicted . My examples are just a tiny example of the racism faced by BAME people every day and it's something that the likes of you and I can't ever fully appreciate.
  11. Of course I'm against all hate crimes and haven't ever defended any. You weren't making that point though, you just inserted a snide comment about NDAs, just like you mentioned Panorama in my Boris Johnson post. Seriously, start a thread about antisemitism or racism in political parties, I'll engage with anyone who wants a serious discussion and I think lots of us could learn something. These glib asides of your (and others) don't achieve anything though.
  12. No you didn't. You brought up antisemitism (ie Panorama) just as in the Brexit thread you responded to my post by mentioning NDAs.
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