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  1. Come out of self-imposed exile to say how heartbreaking this is. Poor Paul and family, my heart really goes out to them. We play Scunthorpe in a few weeks and it might be a nice touch to have a bucket collection for a mental health charity (Samaritans?) on that day?
  2. For reference, Blair, Brown and other noted politicians from across the house have written in praise of the book and Hobson's other writings. Oddly, it only became controversial once people realised that Corbyn had praised it 8 years ago. Despite his ugly characterisation of the Jewish people, the author is still considered an important figure and worthy of study. All these people so angry about anti-semitism don't seem to be very upset that the tories are currently investigating 5 of their candidates for anti-semitism. Weird that. Almost as if they're just using it to attack Labour as their won record in government is shameful and indefensible. I feel we have to make a very important decision about the kind of country we want to live in. When you look at the heartbreaking child poverty and homelessness in this country, how services are cut down to the bone and disabled people are forced to take their own lives because of cruel and vindictive policies, when you realise what a parlous state the environment is in and that the threat of a no-deal Brexit is very real, I can't see how people can think the solution is Boris Johnson. Christ, the guy's been publicly supported by Tommy Robinson.
  3. So no defence or explanation of this shameful situation. Guess I should be glad he didn't blame it on Labour. If anyone thinks that a man who was in a club that burned £50 notes in front of homeless people as part of an initiation ceremony, who describes single mothers as raising "ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate" children and working class men as "likely to be drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hopeless" will gives the slightest toss about the soaring demand for foodbanks, the heartbreaking rates of child poverty or the huge rise in homelessness then they're living in cloud cuckoo land. Get. Him. Out.
  4. Regardin RW tickets, I;d rather spend the day in A&E then attend his concert but you'd think they might offer priority to people with an ST postcode.
  5. Well let's hope he's banned now (again).
  6. Genuinely heartbreaking. You read this and watch that Channel 4 documentary about child poverty, aware that kids all over the country are going to bed in hostels and homeless refuges, hungry, it's <ovf censored> barbaric. We have the United Nations slamming us for our levels of child poverty - we're the 6th richest country in the world - yet some of you are still willing to vote conservative. It's disgusting. Corbyn said the government has a moral duty to stop the homeless dying on our streets. Johnson's moral duty is to protect the profits of his monied friends. That's the choice in this election; do you want a leader who believes it is his duty to help the homeless, the hungry children, the people pushed to suicide by benefits cuts, or a leader who blatantly doesn't give a flying <ovf censored>? Do you want a government with a strong brave green policy or one that won't even promise carbon neutrality until 2050 (a year which the vast majority of scientists state is well past the tipping point)?
  7. Maybe as a grown woman she doesn't need her partner to "allow" her to do anything.
  8. Here's Johnson after his hard-hitting interview.
  9. Expect to see this being pushed by Johnson's apologists.
  10. Really? I think he's only done two, one of which was widely regarded as a draw with JC (that rubbish first ITV one) and the other he was incompetent in. I think that's had a big bearing on why he's refusing the Andrew Neil and ITV ones. He doesn't debate, he blusters, sidetracks and makes the lines he's fed by advisors so obvious that they end up being met with groans rather than applause. Corbyn (and all other politicians) do it some degree but it's far more blatant with Johnson. As an aside, was there one on last night? I saw it was "leaders debate" trending on twitter with lots of pro-Corbyn comments but couldn't see anything in the listings.
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