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  1. Might be seeing Rhys Browne at Vale Park again in that case, although even if he's contracted for next season I can see them trying to get rid as he's usually on bench at best.
  2. Corden's equaliser against Arsenal for me.
  3. Christ, no-one <ovf censored> "downed tools". Get a grip and have a bit of respect. Some of these players have been really loyal servants to the club and their careers may be over. I'd imagine some will be devestated and this jubilance and shitposting comes across as pretty nasty.
  4. Totally agree, especially with Brown.
  5. Put it behind the Rudge one, Foylie could have a knife in his hand just about to stick it in to JR's back.
  6. Stockport's a horrible ground. View-obstructing pillars all down one side and (still?) no roof behind the goal. Halifax any day of the week (and not just because it's probably the closest ground to my house).
  7. Looks like Oyeleke is playing up front for Chesterfield.
  8. Swindon will be back, hoping for Rochdale to join them.
  9. Crewe. As foul as the Liverpool fans' defence of Suarez was, I've not seen any of them belittling the experience of the victims of a paedophile or defending a man banned from football due to being a risk to children.
  10. Connected to him getting subbed early on Saturday?
  11. There's a story in Peter Swan's autobiography about how he came to Vale to have a medical before signing for us. Physio was concerned due to a history of issues with one of Swan's knees and when he asked him which knee was the problematic one, Swan lied and said the other one. Medical passed with no issues.
  12. This made me laugh. Check out the first response...
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