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  1. Have you heard the Carnage album? It's ace!
  2. I think there's good argument to be made for Cave being one of the greatest living songwriters, certainly contemporary ones. Warren Ellis is one of the few artists that I would pay money just to listen to the stuff he says in between songs. I didn't really like Grinderman but Dirty Three are an incredible band.
  3. And Aylesbury! Some other odd venues on the tour he's doing with Warren Ellis. Anyone going? Think tickets are quite pricey but sure they'll get snapped up smartish. Should be good to see him in a smaller venue now that he generally does arenas.
  4. Maybe people will post a lengthy whinge and then flounce.
  5. I asked a friend who works for FC United what Griffiths was like and he was astonished that we'd offered him a trial. His response was 'you can have him if you like'.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/jul/13/david-squires-on-england-euro-2020-final-defeat-against-italy
  7. Because it's a stupid <ovf censored> question. I thought that was why you deleted it. I am sure some of the trolls with their disgusting (not "silly") emojis weren't English, just as some definitely were. Maybe it was a Russian bot that flew in to Manchester specifically to deface the Rashford mural, perhaps the guy from Savill's with about 100 followers really did get his phone hacked. You seem desperate for this to be the case rather than face up to the racism endemic in our society.
  8. Curious that you'd take that approach rather than doing whatever anyone with a modicum of decency would do. "Silly" emojis, wtf?
  9. So sickened by the abuse dished out to the 3 lads who missed. Feel really down today and not even about the result. As much as I hate empty patriotism, I believed that the team's progress in the Euros would possibly change minds or at least get racists to appreciate the positives of our multi-cultural country. I thought that possibly the decrease in the booing of the team taking the knee might mean that people had begun to accept it, perhaps even accept the reasons behind it. But no, all that was happening was a few more coins were added to the bounty, the pressure increased until there were scapegoats, and poisonous witless <ovf censored> could unleash their 'payback'. I really despair. Imagine the mindset it would take to spray racist comments over a mural of Rashford, a man who went out of his way to feed children and spent some of lockdown working in a food bank. What kind of person thinks it's ok to tweet monkey emojis at a 19 year old lad who has probably just experienced the most devastating moment of his life. Really <ovf censored> fed up of this and, as Gary Nevile said, it starts at the top.
  10. Interesting article on the shoot out from someone who wrote a book about penalties. https://twelveyards.substack.com/p/england-southgate-and-penalties
  11. What's happened to Taylor? Hope he's still in Clarke's plans.
  12. 13 hours earlier... ...and a photo of the team sheet clearly naming him. Some of these blogs are so full of it.
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