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  1. Whoever is in goal, I hope we've got something like the Forest keeper had last night in case it goes to penalties.
  2. Hmmm. Wonder what was deleted by our resident Texan Trump wannabe?
  3. I think Tory MP Andrew Rosindell is going to be on the receiving end of some very unhelpful interventions soon.
  4. Just STFU. If you've got nothing worthwhile to say, zip it.
  5. And people call Starmer 'Captain Hindsight'! Did one single person on here mourn McKirdy's release? I guess the same people would be complaining that we'd released Theo if if he'd come good at Bradford. We've got one of the most important games in living memory in 2 days, stop whinging about ex players.
  6. I think it's pretty refreshing to see the near unanimous praise and support offered to Jake on here. There's the usual couple of <ovf censored> posts but, for a club that has had it's problems with moronic fans, it's great to see everyone cheering on the lad.
  7. You care so little that you decide to post on a forum about it. He's a brave lad and should be applauded. I really hope that this can be the start of a new era.
  8. Don't think we can go 4 at the back if we're relying on 2 of them to get forward, 1 of them being one of our best attacking actions.
  9. I am keeping it to football matters and your post I feel so sorry for the Owners, wonderful people but they have got to be ruthless now, with the Management and Players, was pathetic.
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