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  1. Bradford fire waa years before this. Mid 1980s, I think, and the Huddersfield/ Vale match (which should really be simultaneously broadcast with the Sjoke/ Man City game) was late 90s. 98?
  2. Not trying to score points here but have Stoke been doing anything similar? I don't live in the area so wouldn't have heard about it if they are. So so proud of the Vale regardless. Can you imagine the previous bloke doing this?! He'd try and make a profit.
  3. Guess it'd be ok if we had standing but I don't want a load of weak-bladdered goons shifting me out of my seat every few minutes when they need to point percy.
  4. Really sorry to hear that, hope you can find else.
  5. TBF, you could have said that about Mussey. Great dives and reflex stops but not so great on crosses.
  6. It's so insidious and pernicious and we haven't a clue what it must be like to, I dunno, be routinely eyed with suspicion when entering a shop or be massively more likely to be stopped by police. Then there's stuff like this...
  7. Thing is, it's not about what you think, or what I think. You're obviously entitled to your views but this isn't about you or I, it's about black people trying to redress the <ovf censored> they've had to put up with, and continue to have to experience.
  8. Thanks to Mario for initially posting that report, BTW.
  9. You'd be wrong in thinking that though. Have a look at this. It's not the race of the police that's the issue (although more people of colour joining the police may have a positive affect), it the disproportionate number of arrests and attacks on black people by police of all races that's the problem. https://psmag.com/social-justice/black-cops-are-just-as-likely-as-whites-to-kill-black-suspects
  10. Do you think it would be an idea for the club to offer a Solidarity Season Ticket for, say, £100? No games on it but a way for those of us who are unlikely to make it to VP to offer a little financial support.
  11. Completely agree. I really like the fact that the statue was felled by people of the race that he enslaved. Did you see the footage of the black kids kneeling on the statue's neck? Thought that was quite powerful. I also like the thought of the authorities dragging the statue from the river and it being displayed in it's battered defaced state in some museum. A fitting epitaph.
  12. That's not what the article you've linked to is saying (unless you mean regardless of the cops' colour or creed).
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