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  1. Christ, can you imagine thinking up that response, believing it was worth sharing, typing it out and then pressing send? Tragic really.
  2. Love democracy. He's missed out offering peerages in exchange for standing candidates down but, still, a pretty comprehensive list.
  3. I think he's trying to appeal to as broad a section of the electorate as possible. Crivens! The monster!
  4. Of course it's not. One is a political party changing the name of it's main twitter account in order to hoodwink an audience during a televised debate and the other is a clearly labelled as a Labour related account that's been going about it's business for months.
  5. Even the slummier bits have a certain charm in that nothing seems to have been updated for about a century. If you look at places like Ancoats in Manchester (and to a lesser extent Levenshulme) or even somewhere like Halifax or Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, they've all done well by keeping the grungier aspects but making them habitable and even desirable. Burslem has bags of character; I can imagine a decent antiques centre/ reclamation type of thing doing really well. Emile was right about attracting the artier types although not sure what the locals would make of it all.
  6. The only embarrassing thing is you trying to draw a false equivalency between that and the tories' deception last night. So far we've had doctored videos, bribing of opposition and now deliberately misleading the electorate. Classy.
  7. Is that 4 or 5 ex players at Wrexham now?
  8. It can be both! Anyway, proof, if it were needed that the libdems have learned precisely zip from their years enabling austerity and are just yellow tories.
  9. Doha just linked to this article https://unherd.com/2019/11/stoke-the-city-that-britain-forgot/ and I was grabbed by this paragraph: Of all the places I visited in Stoke-on-Trent, Burslem was the most distressing. I remembered a lively little town with grand 18th-century and 19th-century buildings. The buildings survive but are mostly empty. Burslem has become a ghost town since the Royal Doulton works closed in 2005. Most production has emigrated to Indonesia. If you had your way, what would you do to regenerate Burslem? Bulldoze? I don't think any of the politicians really give a toss about specifically looking at the place but I do think there's potential.
  10. That's an interesting read, thanks. Weird though, none of them mentioned leaving because of democracy. I'm sure that's why Regal Beagle said everyone voted to leave rather than misinformed racism.
  11. And is it two prospective ones that have been kicked out of the party just this week for holocaust denial and other anti-Semitism? A couple of tory councillors last week too I think. Where's your <ovf censored> false outrage now?
  12. The MPs that left were all in Labour Friends of Israel weren't they? Hmmm. No proof anywhere that Corbyn is an anti-Semite because he hasn't got a racist bone in his body. Corbyn isn't friends with Hamas. He used the word "friend" in a non-literal sense as part of an attempt to work for peace and has subsequently stated he regrets his choice of words. You're another one that just a couple of pages ago was spouting off about him being a "supporter of the IRA". It's utter lies and even when confronted with facts that show your lies as the bullshlt they truly are, you carry on spouting drivel. I picked you up on this before when you'd said something like "Corbyn hates Jews" and you couldn't come up with an iota of evidence then either.
  13. How pathetic. I've already given 10 examples of Corbyn condemning the IRA, it has been politely explained to you that he's not a Marxist and there is no evidence that the lifelong anti-racism campaigner is an anti-Semite yet you still persist with the slurs whilst criticising others for name-calling. Lost any respect for you.
  14. Marxist Anti-Semite IRA supporter Friend of Hamas.
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