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  1. So it's just the amount of black presenters that you have a problem with?
  2. I don't even see what he posts as I have him on ignore. It's lovely.
  3. I know, it's ridiculous isn't it? Forcing indigenous people to adopt the dress standards of the people who murdered their ancestors and stole their land. Nothing wrong with that at all.
  4. I might be mistaken but I think they quote rather than claim others' words as their own?
  5. Yeah, I know it's written at the bottom of the article where you copied and pasted it from. I think the best way round this is to start having intelligent conversations rather then gleefully using it to bash a newspaper. I also think it's useful to not have some weird adverse reaction every time someone mentions white male privilege.
  6. Did you read the article? I think the New Zealand parliament forcing a Maori man to wear a tie is pretty shameful. Of course, that won't stop you getting all...
  7. Going from the video, we clearly do need a DoF. The club's needed completely remoulding since the Rudge years. I remember Sinnott stating we needed root and branch reform and it's never happened. If the infrastructure is as dilapidated as Flitcroft makes out, it would have been too much for one manager to sort. Give the guy a <ovf censored> chance.
  8. Might the press conference be to just state where we're up to or giving it to Pugh for the rest of the season due to finances?
  9. One person who I really can't stand is that Stokie woman they have in the studio. Mrs Mogadon. Just such a boring flat delivery to everything she says.
  10. For me, this illustrates a major issue with the squad limits. Clubs often keep senior pros on, often on reduced or pay-as-you-play deals, get them to help with coaching and can rest safe in the knowledge that if there's an injury crisis or breakout of an illness, there are some old heads to rely on. Instead, I can see hundreds of over 30s being released at the end of the season. I'm surprised the PFA haven't tried to intervene.
  11. Hopefully the fans will give him a fresh start. You don't play 400-odd games if you're just rubbish.
  12. Interesting that Legge got a place over McKirdy.
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