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  1. No, just sick to the back teeth of the deputy leader's pernicious and duplicitous undermining of Corbyn. Can not <ovf censored> wait for him to get kicked out, absolute tosser. Laughing at the likes of Jess and Wes stating how we need to be united and fight the tories when all they (and Watson) have ever done is try to sow seeds of discontent and snipe. (Oh, and if Corbyn is 'forced' to resign, there's no way on earth that Watson would win a ballot of our 500,000 members to become leader. We're a socialist party after all.)
  2. Mario, I agree that Thornberry's comment made Labour's position appear ridiculous although that isn't official party policy. I'd hope that we agree to take a neutral position as a party and allow our MPs to campaign as they see fit.
  3. They're the only party who are genuinely after getting a workable deal and then giving the public a vote on it. Seems to be a pretty sensible middle ground to me.
  4. What do the non-mentalist people on here think about Labour's Brexit position, particularly in comparison to the LibDems'?
  5. Why you going on about me calling you a racist, you weirdo? The state of you, going on about turning me over. What an embarrassment. I posted the video because the guy in it genuinely reminds me of you, bollocking on about DEMOCRACY whilst making an utter fanny of himself. And to think you think of leavers as "reasonable decent people."
  6. Fun article in today's Guardian about the state of these. The comments are good... and my favourite... https://www.theguardian.com/football/football-league-blog/2019/sep/18/nathan-jones-stoke-city-championship-where-going-wrong-worst-start-century
  7. There's loads and loads to slate the chump for, no need to debase yourself with daft stuff about him only being a man in the loosest sense.
  8. I haven't changed my mind exactly, although am far more open to a compromise rather than a flat out 'remain'. Well, I am until I read Regal beagle, FUA. Howjy et al. Talking of Regal Beagle, I wonder if he enjoyed his day out in London today? "Reasonable decent people" my backside.
  9. I don't really comment on here any more because of the likes of RB and Geo. Shame really but there are much better places to debate stuff like this, with people who listen and are willing to debate, maybe even open to having their minds changed. I'd change bell end though if I were you, before some po-faced, heavy-handed lumphead tries to ban you. 'Blend' works just as well.
  10. To be fair, he's made a good point.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/sep/12/daniel-johnston-a-potent-profoundly-moving-songwriter I was lucky enough to see Daniel play a few times over the years and was always struck by his humanity and fragility. He was a very poorly man but I was still so saddened to hear of his death at the age of 58 from a heart attack. Rest in Peace Daniel.
  12. No Deal ruled out and put beyond the reach of Johnson's duplicitous machinations, and then a general election in which Labour will pledge to negotiate a deal with the oft repeated red lines and take it back to the people with 2 options; leave with a deal or remain. Admittedly, Labour's position on what we will campaign for when it comes to that is currently up in the air but it seems to be going they way of either neutral (and allowing each MP to campaign for whichever side they see fit) or remain. I was at my local CLP meeting on Tuesday and there was some heated debate as to whether we should campaign for remain; I personally favour the neutral option.
  13. The real outrage is that the prime minister, the leader of your tawdry little party, can not be trusted one iota and is a proven liar. That's the problem here. For all their faults, May, Cameron, Major, even Thatcher, could have been trusted not to shift the date of an election, could have been trusted to obey the law. But that liar in number ten can be trusted on neither. You should save you desperately unfunny taunts for him. Robert Goodwill is a 62 year old man. Happily, with a mere 3,500 majority and no Brexit Party challenging him at the last election, this could be his last action in parliament.Pathetic sad sack.
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