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  1. We need something from this. Both Grimsby and Barrow won last night, so either could kick on. And we have to visit them both!
  2. Agree 100%, Mario. Unless we've all suddenly morphed into extremely successful business people, I think we should respect the work of somebody who clearly is just that. And she is paying for it as well. People should remember she has talked a lot to JR, our Club President, who had 10 very successful years with Stoke as Director of Football, helping get them up into the Premier League. He clearly sees benefits in operating this way, and Carol does too. Would we all rather go back to the blue one, or equivalent? This Club probably wouldn't exist now were it not for the Shanahans paying the
  3. The same applies with Managers. Brilliant at one club, go to another and serve up absolute dross. It happens time after time.
  4. If that is the case, it's a real blow. But, it means he can be removed from the 22 man squad making room for a replacement, if Carole can afford it [emoji849]
  5. I don't think the League's done just yet. A good run could get us back up there, it happens all the time. If he's fit, giving Gibbo a half would be useful, rather than throwing him into a League game.
  6. Great effort by the Club's owners. They really are doing a fantastic job. Perfect timing as well.
  7. But Smurthwaite isn't here any more, he's gone. The Club is under new management, already recognised as first rate management. So give the Shanahans a bit of credit and trust them to make the right choice for the club and the community it serves.
  8. Obviously, an 'R' Rate of more than 1!
  9. Stevenage making signings : Undisclosed Chris Lines [Northampton - Stevenage] Undisclosed Luke Norris [Colchester - Stevenage] Undisclosed Matty Stevens [Forest Green - Stevenage] Loan
  10. Yes. In addition, Conference is not a non-pro football league, and Aspo managed there with a fair degree of success for 10 years.
  11. You wouldn't call Aspo inexperienced!
  12. No sign of live reporting today, its showing last updated 14:07, 19 DEC 2020
  13. You are kidding. Holloway record is erratic at best, pretty poor at worst.
  14. Leeds endured a very similar run last season, yet got back on track and won the league by 10 points. Just saying.
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