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  1. Yep, absolutely brilliant. It's good to see him do well. You'd love to be able to say he cut his teeth at the Vale, but thanks to the Gormless one, I'd be embarrassed to to try. And a good chance of getting through another round too.
  2. He's not featured for a couple of months. He's either blown it or injured.
  3. You sure about Aaron Martin? He signed an extension to his contract with Harrogate in March this year, tying him to the club till the summer of '23. So it would take a fee if he came.
  4. I must have missed the wide documentation. We don't know what his budget is, or what people are being offered/paid. With so many players available, maybe clubs have the upper hand in terms of negotiations? Maybe the squad will be smaller, meaning he is able to offer more to some people. As always, now is not the time to judge or criticise. By Christmas, by all means have a pop if you want!
  5. Has anyone else noticed, Manny's not missed a game yet, 2 games a week, even played centrback for them. It makes you wonder....
  6. It'll be good to have some action to talk about. I'm fed up of looking at the Sentinel website every day, to find there's no news on signings.
  7. I was struck by Nigel Clough's comment the other day "we've contacted all our targets for next season, and no one's said no yet". It would seem some cubs are a bit further on in their recruitment process than others.
  8. "This season just gone we got 21 out of 6 strikers and 23 out of midfield. Says it all really." I'm hoping the budget spent on six strikers will be used to sign just three more, to go alongside Rodders. Quality not quantity!
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