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  1. I haven't the energy or motivation to read the whole thread., sorry. I just wondered if Askey is perhaps struggling to deal with the good sized squad of decent players (because they are!). Maybe if he had less options he wouldn't make such wholesale changes? Smith was a big miss, I'm sure, but the rest of the problems are largely self inflicted.
  2. Doesn't sound like Amoo will be wreaking much anytime soon.
  3. See Carlisle lost 5-3 at Sunderland tonight. Oh, and Suengchitthawon scored for Leicester U21s[emoji54][emoji23]!
  4. If people like Sinclair and Painter have coaching skills anything like their playing ability, which is possible tho not certain, then we can look forward to more and better youngsters coming through. We might also be able to attract a better quality of youngster. Word must be getting around that the Vale is a club on the up.
  5. SFBT "From what I've seen so far, I think Pope will be first choice centre forward, and probably score double figures, maybe even 20." Really? I'm thinking he'll be on the bench for much of the season.
  6. I'd go further than that and say its the strongest bench since the last millennium! [emoji16][emoji6]
  7. Askey is probably in the enviable position most managers would like to be in. He has a strong enough squad to name two good sides. So he can judge each match on its merits, on the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. So, he may think away from home he needs a more powerful athletic striker on to pressurise the home defence; he may have spotted a weakness at full back and know which of our wide men is best to exploit that weakness; equally, their main threat may be a winger, so Askey can play the best Vale wide man in terms of tracking back; etc, etc. I suspect you might see two or t
  8. Yep, that's a very strong bench indeed. It's going to be difficult to keep people happy, isn't it?
  9. They would certainly say Gold/Yellow. The Vale had a wonderful strip with black and gold stripes in the 50s.
  10. But arguably it hasn't. Hence Grimsby inserting Covid pay clauses in contracts where the Vale have not. And also hence Vale players all re-signing in the summer. Vale are much more attractive to players with the Shanahans in control of the club.
  11. Look on it as an opportunity, I say. It frees up some budget and there's a few out there who might be a good option who are now getting a bit desperate, especially as the 2nd Covid wave really hits the country.
  12. I think this has been a very successful window for the Vale. Well done Askey for getting it all wrapped up in plenty of time before the new season - we should hit the ground running. And we'll done to Carol and Co for backing Jim to the hilt, just when it was needed. Looking forward to 20/21 - bring it on!
  13. Let's hope a few million of his fans buy Vale shirts! He needs to wear them for a concert/interview!
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