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  1. Exactly. He's not had a chance. If Vale give him that chance and he does really well, wouldn't it be nice if we had an option to buy at what would be a good price?
  2. I wondered if Vale got an option to buy in the loan deal? If he does well it would be a shame to lose him.
  3. An interesting signing. Obviously L1 Oxford saw something in him. Maybe he'll thrive in L2.
  4. They've just got their ground back and are to be re-born.
  5. You only have to look at the effect Ronaldo has had on Man U's dressing room, and they're paying him over £400k a week?
  6. Leon Constantine used to suffer the same criticism.
  7. Ipswich have called him back from the loan today. 🎊🎈👌😁
  8. I was thinking the same about Garrity. Almost a bit of a Hugil about him, from what I've seen. His type of play particularly suits away games, I'd say.
  9. For all those who have faith and like a flutter, now will be the time to have a bet on Vale getting promoted.
  10. See Matt Smith has left Millwall and joined... Salford!
  11. Could start Wilson on the bench and bring him on for half an hour.
  12. Excellent post, spot on. When Leeds were coming up 2 years ago, they had a spell of 8 games without a win in December/January, but went on to win the title by 10 points. Not a time for panic, but hard work and good management. UTV!
  13. I'd agree with all of your post except this bit, since McK didn't challenge for the ball at all. He wasn't even close, he just wanted to bundle into the keeper, maybe cause him to drop the ball, whatever.
  14. Can't agree with that. McKirdy had no chance of getting the ball but jumped into Covolan, probably hoping to distract or even knock the ball free, we've all seen that happen and the ref fail to blow. But Covolan saw him coming and raised his leg. Stupid and deserved a card. Arguably McKirdy deserved a yellow at least as well.
  15. Re Covolan, I thought he saw McKirdy jumping at him with no chance of getting the ball and thought 'if that's how you want to play it' and brought his leg up to counter it. Very stupid really. It was an easy claim for him, McKirdy wasn't going to hurt him, and Cov could have rolled around, as the victim, and got the little #### sent off instead!
  16. I watched the highlights of their defeat at Mansfield. It looks like McKirdy is shooting on sight.
  17. Here's an interesting article on Politic which gives a feel for what his careers been like so far: https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/19849614.bolton-wanderers-move-on-dennis-politic-port-vale---cost/
  18. Wish him all the best. Must say I'm impressed with the continuing clear out of people DC doesn't think suit his needs. The squad continually seems to look stronger.
  19. I remember Rudge once saying "if you get 6 out of 10 of your transfers right you've done very well".
  20. The refreshing thing is that we are shipping people out as well. Its only 2 seasons ago we were up to 35 players.
  21. By nonce I mean Jack doesn't my hair look nice Grealish.
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