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  1. Yes, I remember that well. A wonderful turn around.
  2. Time to switch off from the Vale till the weekend. After 57years supporting them you'd think I'd get used to it. But I haven't. 😬
  3. I wonder if DC might spring a surprise and we see Proctor play a part in the match.
  4. I'm naturally superstitious. What with MOM and Live on TV in play, I wouldn't be downcast with a draw. Having said that, however, DC does seem to have a great knack of extracting wins when you least expect them. So fingers crossed for a great game and a narrow win for the Vale!
  5. Scored on Saturday and has scored again tonight. Just saying....
  6. I'm hoping for the win, its cash in the bank and this type of game has got to be better than a friendly in terms of keeping fringe players fit. If we keep going perhaps we can get the concourse done and open up the other half of Lorne Street?
  7. I think DC is managing the squad well, always looking ahead to the next game as well. I expect a strong side for this one, maybe Proc back as well?
  8. I noticed Wrexham had 9,800 in the ground yesterday
  9. I think DC could make changes. I like the way he does it, keeps everyone on their toes and the opposition guessing.
  10. Obviously a disappointing half, to say the least. We have a strong bench, time to use it. Things can change. Have faith.
  11. Seems to me that both Proctor and Wilson have been in and out of teams for quite some time, which can't be good for confidence or match fitness. Wilson had only started 66 games before joining us, which probably equates to about 8 games a season. So, to be playing regularly, scoring a few and the team doing well, one suspects they will thrive and only get better as the season goes on.
  12. Possibly, but the option for a coalition would be better for Labour than the Tories
  13. Ask yourself why Corbyn was the No 1 reason. Might that have something to do with how he was depicted in the media? He certainly had his faults, but I still argue his policies would have made Britain a better, fairer society.
  14. Too many people, including on here, believed the evil press meted out by all the Tory sponsoring rags about Corbyn. Add to that the likes of Kuennsberg on the State Broadcasting Corporation, and you have to say its hardly surprising that Labour couldn't get in last time. But, if you take the trouble to look at the policies of Corbyn, and his vision for a fairer Britain, you'd be surprised to learn that most of the people taken in would have probably embraced a fairer Britain and been better off within it.
  15. With you 100%, Ginge, particularly the PR. It's an absolute must for proper responsible government.
  16. I've not been impressed with Rayner. Burgon has a thuggish '2 jags' feel about him, but I've liked his messaging on social media, something Corbyn excelled at and Starmer doesn't seem able to use.
  17. I am reminded of a quote from Gordon Strachan when managing Coventry City. He was talking about Darren Huckerby. He said "Darren is a scorer of great goals. I want him to be a great scorer of goals".
  18. I missed what Pope said about Clarke. Can someone explain, ta.
  19. And somewhat strange given there's talk of a Testimonial!
  20. Certainly the first, and arguably the second as well.
  21. From seeing the goals from Saturday, we clearly missed Legge. All 3 goals were very poor to concede. I think Stone also deserves to play.
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