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  1. I was struck by Nigel Clough's comment the other day "we've contacted all our targets for next season, and no one's said no yet". It would seem some cubs are a bit further on in their recruitment process than others.
  2. "This season just gone we got 21 out of 6 strikers and 23 out of midfield. Says it all really." I'm hoping the budget spent on six strikers will be used to sign just three more, to go alongside Rodders. Quality not quantity!
  3. He's been very quiet since Monday, hasn't he? I've been impressed with the remarks of Joyce and Monty, both professional and thanking/praising the club.
  4. Ooo, you gotta feel for Salford [emoji3526][emoji106][emoji122][emoji23]
  5. Reason given 'the weather'. Let's hope they have nothing to play for!
  6. Wasn't that Mick Cullerton, on his way to a hatrick?
  7. Chance to change things around a bit now. Fringe players to get a game?
  8. 30th March, 1964, Vale 1 Coventry City 1 Crowd 17,567 The time of Jimmy Hill's Sky Blues, pale blue scarves everywhere!
  9. Nothing about the Vale but talk about the City side: https://www-thetelegraphandargus-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/19252942.amp/?amp_js_v=a6&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https%3A
  10. Chesterfield have lost 2 home games since he joined them....
  11. Maybe the thinking is he'll come on loads more next season as well. I doubt he'll be loaned out, myself.
  12. Well, we've just re-signed Hurst for two more years.
  13. That very, very poor squad has just won 7 games on the trot.
  14. I think there's something in what you say. Maybe, with better motivation and fitness management, we could see a lot more from Manny. As you also say, I'm happy to let DC/DF make the decision which is best for PVFC.
  15. Does anyone know if the Club has made a donation yet?
  16. Agreed. Seems pretty clear to me it was a jokey remark to Phil Bowers, and was taken as such. I can understand DC being a bit sharp with some of the replies he gives in Press Briefings, where, to be blunt, the questions are by and large absolutely dreadful, indeed embarassing.
  17. We need something from this. Both Grimsby and Barrow won last night, so either could kick on. And we have to visit them both!
  18. Agree 100%, Mario. Unless we've all suddenly morphed into extremely successful business people, I think we should respect the work of somebody who clearly is just that. And she is paying for it as well. People should remember she has talked a lot to JR, our Club President, who had 10 very successful years with Stoke as Director of Football, helping get them up into the Premier League. He clearly sees benefits in operating this way, and Carol does too. Would we all rather go back to the blue one, or equivalent? This Club probably wouldn't exist now were it not for the Shanahans paying the ransome fee to rescue it. I think we should show some respect for her judgement and a little patience. She is clearly planning longer term, and I for one am very glad of that.
  19. The same applies with Managers. Brilliant at one club, go to another and serve up absolute dross. It happens time after time.
  20. If that is the case, it's a real blow. But, it means he can be removed from the 22 man squad making room for a replacement, if Carole can afford it [emoji849]
  21. I don't think the League's done just yet. A good run could get us back up there, it happens all the time. If he's fit, giving Gibbo a half would be useful, rather than throwing him into a League game.
  22. Great effort by the Club's owners. They really are doing a fantastic job. Perfect timing as well.
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