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  1. I suppose it depends on how people want to live their life. I want to enjoy the moments I can in life rather than dwell on the bad. When people are happy they tend to make a post and move on with their life. People who moan tend to bang on and on about it in what often appears like an attempt to make others as miserable as them. Maybe it would be nice if when people want to have a whinge about the vale they restrict themselves to 4 or 5 posts on that subject before moving on to the next subject they want to complain about. Each to their own I suppose but sometimes it would be nice to come
  2. I like many others here support the Vale for enjoyment however few and far between those moments are. I mainly come onto ovf to read about Port Vale who I follow for enjoyment. Sometimes I will post something if I feel it adds a different perspective to the discussion. Facebook did a study a while back where they only showed some people negative posts and other positive posts. The people who they showed the negative posts generally began posting negative things themselves and the ones who had been shown positive posts generally posted positive things. I stopped using Facebook regularly about
  3. It wasn't a great performance, we were outclassed by a far superior Sunderland team. Despite barely touching the ball we were still in the game until the last minute. The performance was very similar to the one that Kings Lynne put in against us. A similar late goal against them would have taken it to penalties before they got their 2nd. The Sunderland fans must be as annoyed that their team hadn't put the game out of reach by half time as we are by our performance. We rode our luck and had the Monty cross/shot gone in it could also have been a different story. I thought a moment that sum
  4. We're marine one fluke effort away from extra time in the 89th minute too?
  5. I've changed my mind I think you are right. They have gone out there tonight thinking lets not bother keeping the ball I want to run around chasing them all night. I don't want to pick up an appearance bonus on Saturday either. It's ok kidsgrove athletic will offer me a contract to play next season.
  6. Take Fernandes out of the Man U side, take Van Dyke out of Liverpool, take Zaha out of Palace. One player can make a huge difference. Add to that some of those 7 wouldn't have featured half as much if players like Gibbons and Oyeleke were fit. They aren't not trying they are just getting outclassed.
  7. People need to calm down. We win a game and people are bouncing off the ceiling, lose a game and people are suicidal. Believe it or not there is more to life than the Vale although it doesn't always feel that way. It's God awful one of the worst performances I have seen from a vale team. But it is almost our reserves against a team that have players that played in the premier league for them and 400k signings. We were always going to be up against it tonight. If we lose we lose but life goes on. People go on about players not trying but there are very few players in the professional game w
  8. I found the interview quite concerning. It sounded like the decision to get rid of Askey was made pretty much on a whim with no thought to what would happen afterwards. It divulged information which should have probably been kept in house. Even the talk of a really experienced applicant having only been really successful in this league didn't sound great. When she is so busy, why does she even know about the applications from the chap from Burslem and the champ manager when her pa is screening them. For the first time since taking over listening to Carol didn't instill me with any confidenc
  9. I'm curious to know under which of the many managers he played for, Gary Neville has experienced this. I'm not saying he's wrong but I'd imagine he has about the same amount of experience of this happening as most of the rest of us do.
  10. It was difficult to see what happened so it was a bit strange to use the word definitely and tell other posters numerous times that it was Pope's goal. We all get things wrong now and then. Our team play in black and white but in debates sometimes there are grey areas. 🙂
  11. In true Doha style is this the goal Brisley definitely didn't score? 😉
  12. Had the sort of luck today askey couldn't buy. Though Brisley was offside and their keeper should have saved the 2nd. At the same time you make your own luck and we have been positive, thrown caution to the wind, got bodies into the box and put early crosses in. Rodney should have done better with the one he put wide and the keeper made a great save from Monty. Good game so far more of the same second half ease vale
  13. Surely we want the best man for the job regardless of an affiliation to the club either past or present. Would you say no to Dean Smith or Gareth Ainsworth because they have played for us in the past? (I know neither would even consider the position currently)
  14. If that's the case maybe we should have kept askey or even brown
  15. A shame but I think his time had come. He was just getting to the point where the opportunity to turn it around was running out. I wouldn't have complained if he had been given a bit longer but as someone who likes managers to be given time to correct bad form I was running out of hope. Good luck John. Now a very important decision needs to be made. Let's hope we get it right.
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