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  1. I'm not sure how anyone can make a judgement either way from the video. It looks like his right shoulder swings back a bit. He may have elbowed him he may not. He was certainly ensuring he didn't get clattered by Tyson. I'm not sure why Tyson followed him when he could have gone left once he cleared it, but it would be strange to try and get someone sent off in a friendly.
  2. I though Hurst's form only suffered once he was asked to do a more defensive role. When more advanced he stood out as a bright spark, got into advanced positions and often made space for a cross. When he played more defensively he did his job but was unable to provide the required support in attack, and didn't stand out. I don't think he is that pacey, his legs move quickly but he doesn't cover that much ground with each stride. I am optimistic that he can be developed into a good player but I don't think he is a wing back.
  3. I wouldn't look to much into the comments of making the signings by the end of August. It tells players that we are currently in talks with that we are happy to go elsewhere if they mess us about and are in no hurry to sign anyone. It also quells any fans fears if we haven't signed anyone else in time for the Northampton game. I am sure if the opportunity arrives we would sign the players we require tomorrow but don't want to send the message that we are desperate and be forced to overpay. For all we know we could be chasing a player who doesn't play LW or ST but are trying to send the message to them and their agent that we are prioritising other areas and would only sign them at the right price.
  4. Are we anticipating that we are strong and tall enough in the centre of defence that we can afford to be weak in the full back areas to make gains elsewhere on the pitch? Let the opposition attack and over commit down the wings, win the cross and expose them. Brave tactic however you concede ground somewhere whatever tactic you use.
  5. This really annoys me about Radio Stoke. Why change it? Just say that Vale are always on DAB and if Stoke aren't playing put us on FM too. A number of times in the past I have taken a personal DAB out with me only to find out that we are on MW that week etc.
  6. Does that mean Salford have began to tighten the purse strings or Wrexham with their hollywood owners are out Salfording them.
  7. Could benning play in a more advanced role if needed to supplement the wingers? People have said he likes getting forward. I don't know much about him.
  8. That is generally correct, however I would question fans ability to make a decision like that when they have only seen the player a handful of times (probably mostly from the bench) spread out over a 5 year period. Lots of our fans were similar when we let Dan Turner/James Lawrie go, who both played more for us than he has for Doncaster.
  9. Played OK today. Main concerns are that we don't look very mobile in the middle if anyone with a bit of pace gets past them they will have a free run at the defence. We are very reliant on Rodney and we look low on numbers. I'm optimistic for the season ahead.
  10. I suppose it depends on how much they feature and the experience that the player has. If things go well on their loan it would imply that they have made a meaningful contribution. If things don't work out at their parent club they may take your offer of a contract over one on similar terms elsewhere either shortly after the loan or at some point in their career. If they speak well of their time at the Vale any players they play with or that have the same agent may take this into account when pondering a move. Whilst there are benefits on the pitch there are also benefits from networking. I think some of the more recent loans we have had may sing the clubs praises, I know he has signed now but stories like the one with Jake Taylor and his car will have gone down much better than ones like Norman feeding them with leftover pies.
  11. If you were playing a team as weak as the one fielded tonight would it not have made sense to give the 3 transfer listed players a run out?
  12. I think that some of the errors that you mention were down to a number of factors. The players were having to play a lot of games (we had played more games than the majority of clubs who had breaks due to covid for the opposition or themselves). Scunthorpe if my memory serves me correctly is the only game that we had postponed before christmas. The players were under more pressure as we had no one holding the ball up up top and next to no attacking threat from our full backs which is key to Askey's formation. Legge had a fit at some point which also seemed to affect him. He also had very little assistance from Mills. Confidence is massive in football and for a lot of last season our players were at rock bottom. We lost lots of leads and unlike the season before where we both lost games and turned them in our favour late on, last season late goals only ever seemed to go against us. Even when we finally scored one again at Scunthope it got wrongly disallowed. Pope I think has a lot to answer for. His ban for something he had had numerous warnings about and his unwillingness to accept that he was wrong meant that he wasn't available or fit up until the point he broke his arm. There are signs to be optimistic about the squad we are building and there are also signs to be a little concerned. We will only know the answer when it gets to October/November time. For those having a go at people for being a bit negative there were plenty on here being much more negative towards the end of last year through until March. A lot of those throwing stones live in glass houses. Lets see how we get on this season and hope for the best. UTV
  13. Apparently McGreal had agreed deals with numerous players that couldn't be announced due to the ownership issues. You would imagine that they are now looking for deals elsewhere. https://www.theleaguepaper.com/latest-news/the-league-paper/374282/john-mcgreal-agrees-to-depart-swindon-town-after-a-month-as-manager/
  14. I remember having similar thoughts before the Michael Brown season.
  15. Would Bodin even consider us after the way his dad was treated? Whilst we know we have new owners and are a different club I'm not sure players think like that.
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