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  1. They are the sort of decisions I hate. Refs should be able to give a penalty and not send the player off. Good for us though.
  2. I know we joke about shoving immobile lumps up top but I would be tempted to shove Cass or Martin up top and go 4-5-1, just for a bit of presence without Rodney
  3. Thought that was very stupid by Jones. Probably the right decision but gave the ref the option to level things up.
  4. I think a big problem loaning players from higher up the pyramid is that they have high wages and you have to pay them if you don't play them. It is fine if they are good enough but as we see from playing the u21s in the cup they tend to be very raw and might not warrant a place in the team.
  5. I think he has been unlucky not to get a chance to prove himself in the league given some of Covalan's performances. He had a good game tonight and it would have been really harsh to take him off when he then has the opportunity to be the hero in a shootout. I am happy with Covalan in goal but there have certainly been times this season where he couldn't have had a complaint if he had been dropped.
  6. If you want to go for quality over quantity as we all always say then every now and then you have to accept that you may struggle if you get a couple of injuries/suspensions in the same position.
  7. The big thing with Rodney when he plays up top (and I wish he didn't because he isn't a central forward and isn't effective there) is he frightens the opposition. They play deeper as they are petrified of his pace and strength. The midfield have more space to play in and we tend to retain possession more despite not doing much up top.
  8. If someone tackles you and you come out with the ball you don't win the tackle. You don't concede (you keep/retain) possession. They fail to succeed in winning a tackle
  9. Thought the goal was very poor from walker. He let his man run off him which forced Johnson to come out and then we were out of shape
  10. Its out of the tackles that each team have made, not compared to the other team
  11. Is it better for a young players development to sit on the bench with the 1st team or to go and play with their age group?
  12. Certainly saw him after the 60th minute against Crawley
  13. I can't figure out why teams often hit long hopeful balls into the box when behind late in games when they are so easy to defend.
  14. I think there is a place for benning when at some point in the season when we play with back 4. Wing back is different to full back and I think he struggles when he is the only player out wide left. Beating your man as a full back is different as you have a winger there too drawing one of the men.
  15. I suppose games under his belt at league one may increase the tribunal fee that they receive.
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