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  1. Could the Grimsby decision to not test the rest of the players have anything to do with the covid clauses Holloway stated they had in their contracts. Maybe they don't have to pay their players if they can't play due to covid. It would be interesting to know what the clause is.
  2. £1.5m upfront and the rest as I receive it from the Shanahans
  3. Leyton Orient have had a number of players test positive for Covid after their game with Mansfield. With the fixtures as congested as they are how will it work if both clubs are unable to play for a couple of weeks? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54237123
  4. Do we have to specify the 22 or is it the first 22 named in matchday squads?
  5. I think Mills has also had a very good game so far. Great free kick. Manny is great at making players commit then bursting away. Also a huge difference between Cullen who is making it difficult for defenders when he isn't going to win the header and Robinson who gave them a free header every time. For those of you experiencing issues I had a bit of an issue with the stream initially today. Clearing private data did the trick. CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and changing the dropdown to all time.
  6. There are 2 very obvious ways to do this that no one could really complain about. The first 1000 people who bought a season ticket are offered a ticket each Or A random draw of season ticket holders People can then choose to go or allow their ticket to go to the next purchasers or be redrawn. If there is another limited attendance game people who went to the first game are excluded. I'm not sure how anyone could argue with either option. If you miss out then be happy for the ones who are lucky enough to attend.
  7. That's simply not true though is it? The ref was poor and gave them a lot of soft free kicks. At the same time we were foolish and kept getting too tight to them giving them the opportunity to go down amd con a weak ref. We switched off for our own throw in having just made a couple of subs in quick succession and no one appeared to know their job. We missed a sitter from 2 yards out. We were unable to get the ball to our striker who I don't think retained possession once in the whole game. We were on top for a 20 minute spell at the start of the second half and otherwise were chasing
  8. I would much rather see us use a gradual rotation system than make mass changes for cup games. Swap a player every so often ensuring that every player has a break every so often to regain their fitness. This will be especially important with the fixtures this year. I think making wholesale changes does no one any favours as its difficult to judge the performances of the players. One change in a settled team gives them a fairer chance to stake a claim to keep their position. It will be interesting to see the effect on the top teams over the next few years as they have hardly had a break befo
  9. I find the commentators at local radio level tend to be better at describing the action than at national level. They waffle on a bit on radio stoke but when you listen to a match on 5 live or talksport you can often go 5 minutes without hearing anything of the game. You will hear about transfer rumours, upcoming fixtures, odds, everything other than what is happening. They will then say things along the lines of "as you can tell x are all over y here today" when you don't have a clue what has been happening. They don't seem to understand that you aren't watching the game. On radio stoke th
  10. When using ifollow I generally ensure that I buy the pass earlier in the day. I think that the checkout might get overloaded close to kick off. I used my code on Saturday a couple of hours before kick off. I have also found the following methods to work: HDMI cable from various windows 10 laptops to a TV Screen mirroring from a windows 10 laptop to a firestick (go to the firestick settings and select mirroring. On the laptop press winkey and p then select connect to a wireless display and choose your firestick) Screen mirroring from a Samsung phone to various smart tvs Installing the ifol
  11. We all moan about top teams devaluing the cup competitions by fielding weakened sides then suggest that we should do the same.
  12. You have to add a payment method to buy the pass even though the price is £0 after you enter your code
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