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  1. He probably wouldn't have but he also didn't have the behind the scenes infrastructure to do so. It felt like him and Dave Kevan had to do everything whereas we now have lots of people with specialised roles. I think I was pretty much alone but at the time he went he went I would have given him a little longer. When you think of some of injuries he had to key players, the Pope ban (and his decision not to look after himself and put about 2 stone on). His recruitment that summer was poor but it was a weird summer with lots of uncertainty due to Covid. Games were set to come thick and fast so the idea to stregthen the squad depth in the summer seemed like a good idea at the time (but ultimately the squad wasn't good enough). We also had the situation where most other teams seemed to get at least one game off to recover in the autumn due to covid and we seemed to carry on despite infections (perhaps due to following the training in small group guidelines more meticulously than others). We kept getting turned over late in games killing confidence without getting any the other way, some say that was due to his training methods forgetting that the season before we had turned many games in our favour late on. When we did eventually score a goal late on in a game to draw level (I think it was McKirdy at Scunthorpe) it was disallowed for no reason. Little things like that can completely change the momentum of a season. By the end of his reign we were a side with no luck completely bereft of any confidence. It is also worth noting that in that summer of uncertainty due to Covid, Carol and Kevin were still very new to their role and could only estimate the amount of investment that would be required. In the end I am glad he went, if he hadn't we wouldn't have interviewed Flitcroft, decided to improve the infrastructure at the club, hired Clarke and built the squad we have today which is resilient enough to have still been successful despite the injuries we sustained.
  2. No half and half scarves. What a shame. [emoji6]
  3. They seem to be releasing them in blocks of 3. You would think that they could release at least 6 blocks at a time or at least release 3 blocks that aren't adjacent to each other. The tickets that were where I wanted all went pretty quickly on Friday before I could contact my dad. Yesterday we had a conversation worried that we wouldn't get tickets, decided to hold on and fortunately now have ones much closer to where we would prefer than what was on offer over the weekend. If the 3 blocks released each time were in different sections it would at least give the option of not sitting somewhere where you really don't want to sit, it would also give them a better understanding of the areas where people would prefer to sit for future sales. As others have said if they communicated how many were sold, how many could still be released if required and the order that blocks would be released it would allow people to make better decisions. We aren't like Man City fans who often go 3 times a season. Glad to know that it isn't just our ticket office that struggle to implement a reasonable system.
  4. I think any players that we are targeting would have been made aware that we may be interested and the leagues we could potentially be in. Unless their dream move materialises they won't be signing any contracts until the playoffs are completed. They will also hold on in case other clubs target them who miss out on their first choice targets. It's not quite the same as the conference clubs last season. Have many signings been announced yet? Have many players on other clubs retained lists renewed?
  5. It is strange. Where the white areas and the grey areas are keep changing without ever having been blue. Been waiting for them to release more on the 2nd tier and its really frustrating and nerve racking. There are hardly any tickets avaialable together now. Assumed it would be some sort of algorithm that opened the areas but it increasingly looks like someone must do it manually, hopefully they start work at 9.
  6. I think something would have to be done for coaches on Synectics car par as I can't see Dimensions agreeing to lose their car park every other Saturday afternoon throughout the winter.
  7. Though the ref had a really bad game tonight. Tough on Northampton Wallace should have walked, O'tool should have been booked 5 minutes before he got a yellow, Quinn fouled off the ball and could have walked. They also had 3 50% penalty shouts where you might expect to get at least 1 given. Been a tough season for them.
  8. This should be displayed on the wall in the officials changing room on Thursday night
  9. I think that Charsley was sacrificed on Sunday for the benefit of the team. His role was to stop them from passing it around the back whilst the rest of the team ensured that they held the correct position to avoid being hit on the break. He ran round their back line closing down like a mad man for 45 minutes as part of the plan. Whilst his performance didn't look pretty I think many have undervalued his role. Other than the Gibbons foul I don't think the ref gave much in our favour and was very whistle happy whenever they went down.
  10. Were they able to see the potential in training. Last season I think they had to train in small groups due to Covid. He signed late on and didn't show anything in the games he played other than an inability to play as part of a team. I think he is helped by the right back they have who went off. He was able to get up and down their right hand side and was very strong both offensively and defensively. At first Gibbo was marking Mckirdy then he had to leave him to Hall and pick up the right back. I'm not sure we worked out how to stop both Mckirdy and Egbo and improved when he went off. When Mckirdy played for us we had Zak Mills playing behind him.
  11. I was referring to purchasing away tickets in general every week throughout the season not just this week which is a complete one off. I noticed Swindon's ticket office opening hours are 10-6 which at least gives your average Joe one hour after work to call or visit.
  12. I would disagree. I would say the systems in place for away tickets are at the very least an inconvienience for the majority of fans. Even if they were to open 11-7 one day a week it would be a massive improvement.
  13. It may be worth noting that the ticket system is a different account to the one you use on the official site for ifollow etc. You can reset your password, you don't have to contact the ticket office like it says.
  14. What is the logic of having unreserved seating in the Hamil end? Surely if it was reserved then we could have more fans in. I sit on the back row of the Bycars behind the goal and it would be nice to have a similar location in the Hamil.
  15. With the Lorne street, you would think some sort of turnstile/exit could be fashioned in the corner where the old scoreboard used to be on a temporary basis for next season when required. There is quite a lot of space there and if your were to put some decent steps in you could fit toilets and catering in. You could then have some airport style queuing outside the back of the stand and 4 turnstiles which could be removed to open up as an exit gate. Restrict the traffic that can use the access road for the hour before and after a game. In an emergency you would have that exit plus onto the pitch and out by the police box.
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