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  1. What is the cost including staff hours of designing banners, scarves packing and distributing 4000 loyalty boxes and handing out expired season tickets? 5% of 4000 season tickets at £300 is £60000 a year or 1 players wages (£300000 spread out over 5 years) which could also be offset by an increase in the price, and would in effect be less due to juniors and seniors paying less for their tickets. All 4000 could have asked for a refund but instead want to leave their money invested into the club, most have probably given the club even more money in away match passes would giving them £
  2. I think they could have done something like 5-10% off your season ticket if you renew for the next 5 years. This would have spread the cost and rewarded fans for loyalty. In 5 years time you would have been reminded that the club were grateful for the gift we in effect have given them to help something we love survive. This way I feel like I am receiving a scarf that I don't really want. It will go to the back of my cupboard and stay there until it gets thrown out and pollutes the environment. I bought my ticket at the start of February before there was really any indication of the p
  3. Only if the fans buy something that they were already going to buy.
  4. 15% is quite a sizable chunk of the season. I think it is unfair to put them in the same category. As someone has said previously Monty also hasn't always been selected when fit. Manny on the other hand has generally always been picked when fit, his few appearances from the bench generally being when returning from injury. Others have mentioned Manny's injuries being partially in his head. I'm not so sure of this and I would say Montano's injuries sometimes appear to be more mental than physical. I always remember Monty limping off minutes into the second half of a game after Aspin had mad
  5. There will be no snow left to shovel soon.
  6. There's more ice in my freezer than on the pitch. I hope this referee gets reprimanded for this. An absolute farce.
  7. If they aren't going back on now I don't think they are going to go back on. The lines they have cleared will be covered again soon.
  8. I think that is more to do with the blades players wear. Put a decent pair of studs on as I think Theo has and they should be fine. There isn't that much snow and the ground should be soft.
  9. Why aren't we using an orange ball? So much more visible than a light yellow one.
  10. I think its very difficult. We all want decisions to be black and white and to have a clearly defined set of guidelines for making each type of decision. On the other hand however we want refs to use their common sense and to make decisions based on the context of the game and specific situation. A big thing for me is refs should be mic'd up. If you disagree with a decision its easier to accept if you know the reasoning behind it. It works in other sports but in football referees are too worried about making themselves look like fools. On top of that selling the little radios so that you can
  11. It amazes me that so many are repeating the mistakes they made last year. We put a good run together and everyone is falling into the trap of assuming thar next season anything other than promotion is a failure. We all get ahead of ourselves but people should temper their expectations. As many have already said 3 of the last 4 seasons we have been on the cusp of relegation. We are seeing good signs from the club at the moment so why not expect an improvement, hope for playoffs with the understanding that if we get everything right and have some luck we could get a promotion. That way if w
  12. You do realise our ground is a slag heap?
  13. They decided to give their money to Denise Coates instead for some reason.
  14. Its strange isn't it how we all view things differently. The way I saw it was that after trying him on the wing and him having absolutely no positional discipline Askey gave him that free role behind the striker to see if he could impact the game from there. All he then went on to do was give away a few needless fouls and barely influence the game at all. I would say it was more trying to accommodate him than hanging him out to dry. At the same time no one was performing well in the team during that period. I hope he comes in and does well for us but from what I have seen o
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