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  1. Where are Trumps defenders, and those on here who are outspoken against #blacklivesmatter?
  2. I know there's no malice behind it and to us it's 'a bit of fun' but imagine if a poll was conducted in your workplace and you were judged to be the worst employee in your role in the firm's history and this was publicised on the company's website. I'd imagine that it, in certain circumstances, could be devastating. It's tricky and, as I said, I've contributed to the thread and voted but I'm unsure if this matches up well with the fact that we have Mind sponsoring the backs of our shirts.
  3. I've contributed to this thread but I do worry about knocking the careers of some players who are probably struggling in the game right now. For someone like, I dunno, Ryan Boot or Kyle Perry, their most lasting legacy may be getting included in a worst XI (or bench). We had 23 year old Christian Mbulu dying possibly by his own hand earlier in the week. Not saying we shouldn't have the poll etc but it has given me cause for thought.
  4. CNN news crew arrested live on air. I guess the only positive I can think of is this is still absolutely horrifyingly jaw-dropping. Like Doha said, in a few months it might just get a resigned sigh.
  5. "I didn't know if my eyes were working so, to see if I could drive, I decided to drive to Durham."
  6. Who in their right mind would literally run out of their place of work as they wrre so concerned about their wife's health and then saunter back in? That's breaking the rules too, isn't it? He admitted to at least 2 other incidents of ignoring instructions too.
  7. I've been very worried what me and my wife would do about childcare for our 3 year old if one or both of us caught the virus. I can hand on heart state that it has never once crossed my mind to travel across the country to take him to his grandparents. I'm not a selfish hypocrite who thinks they're above the law and has friends in high places though.
  8. They weren't/ aren't columnists though, they're senior news journalists who pass on 'leaks from senior sources' as fact. This is an interesting interview with The Telegraph's Peter Oborne.
  9. It's not rubbish. Respected journalists have been writing about how LK, Peston et al just regurgitate government li(n)es now. And then there was the incident where they all tweeted about how a "Labour activist" had "punched" one of Matt Hancock's aides during the run up to the election in December when nothing of the sort had happened. Bo checking there, just repeating the source's story.
  10. Yeah, I agree. I heard some stuff before Rudge was sacked about how it was basically a done deal. One senior player at the time was in on it too. The weekend after the sacking was a free (FA Cup) week and Grimsby had proposed moving their midweek game to the 23/1, but this was declined with the sacking and subsequent fortnight to get Horton in, in mind. We were on a pretty appalling run (1:1:11) but still no excuse. As I said, there was at least one senior player that knew foylly well what was going on and they got a nice little promotion in to the management team on the back of it, with Horton's car spotted outside his house mere days after Sir John was <ovf censored> over.
  11. There were loads of rumours that Rudge would have been sacked if we didn't get 3 points from this. Bell seemed to have been gunning for him for ages. Even after the game, the front page (or possibly the back) of The Sentinel was a photo of Rudge waving to the Vale fans with the headline 'The Last Goodbye?' Think this game also screws up any chance I had of getting anyone to support my inclusion of Beadle on the worst subs bench.
  12. I'd nominate Peter Beadle. I know he scored 6 goals for us in what is now the championship but, for me, his signing was the pivotal moment when the post Bosman/ ITV money world finally caught up with Rudgie's brilliant dealing. John had always had to put up with having top players sold on just before the season started but usually managed to come up with yet another class replacement. That seemed to end with Beadle's signing. Lee Mills was sold and in came a lazy player who (allegedly) wouldn't train due to 'injury' but would declare himself fit to play each Friday. He managed half a dozen goals (at a cost of £50,000 each) and Rudge was sacked 6 months later. I'd kind of like to nominate Lee Mills too, if only for hitting his girlfriend, slating us after he left and later signing for Stoke. (I didn't realise he played for Man City too and also managed with Tony Dinning). He's far too good a footballer for this squad though. If there was a Most Odious XI though...
  13. So sad. When we, and our children, and our children's children walk up to Vale Park and watch our club, it'll be in no small part due to Mike. RIP mate.
  14. The Road to Hell would be more appropriate.
  15. Away, 28th March 1998. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997–98_Port_Vale_F.C._season Even the local Sheffield paper had it down as a 2-0 to the blades (and with the wrong date). https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-united-striker-dean-saunders-18008475 EDIT: Found it!
  16. Erm... no they didn't. We lost 2-1 and Corden scored the consolation.
  17. He scored an absolute belter against Sheffield United in the game where Saunders scored off Mussey's backside. He also played the majority of his games for us in the championship.
  18. Come out of self-imposed exile to say how heartbreaking this is. Poor Paul and family, my heart really goes out to them. We play Scunthorpe in a few weeks and it might be a nice touch to have a bucket collection for a mental health charity (Samaritans?) on that day?
  19. For reference, Blair, Brown and other noted politicians from across the house have written in praise of the book and Hobson's other writings. Oddly, it only became controversial once people realised that Corbyn had praised it 8 years ago. Despite his ugly characterisation of the Jewish people, the author is still considered an important figure and worthy of study. All these people so angry about anti-semitism don't seem to be very upset that the tories are currently investigating 5 of their candidates for anti-semitism. Weird that. Almost as if they're just using it to attack Labour as their won record in government is shameful and indefensible. I feel we have to make a very important decision about the kind of country we want to live in. When you look at the heartbreaking child poverty and homelessness in this country, how services are cut down to the bone and disabled people are forced to take their own lives because of cruel and vindictive policies, when you realise what a parlous state the environment is in and that the threat of a no-deal Brexit is very real, I can't see how people can think the solution is Boris Johnson. Christ, the guy's been publicly supported by Tommy Robinson.
  20. So no defence or explanation of this shameful situation. Guess I should be glad he didn't blame it on Labour. If anyone thinks that a man who was in a club that burned £50 notes in front of homeless people as part of an initiation ceremony, who describes single mothers as raising "ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate" children and working class men as "likely to be drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hopeless" will gives the slightest toss about the soaring demand for foodbanks, the heartbreaking rates of child poverty or the huge rise in homelessness then they're living in cloud cuckoo land. Get. Him. Out.
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