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  1. Cambridge came up via conference play offs in 2014
  2. They could do a really nice version of Port Vale Tales just with people recounting their personal encounters with JR. I honestly love the man more than the majority of my own relatives.
  3. TBF, it's 'personal abuse' (although (and I stand to be corrected) I felt I was abusing the actions & behaviour) about booing our players pre-match rather than what BLM/ taking the knee stands for. I don't agree with minutes silences for royalty but I wouldn't boo our players for standing and showing respect, and would take being called moronic on the chin if I did so. Don't recall the abusive comments about the guy who shouted an obscenity during the memorial service getting deleted for personal abuse, and I think this is far more similar to that than anything in the politics thread. Does that mean they may be re-posted after a review?
  4. The grounds are nice but inside is <ovf censored> horrible. As to be expected really.
  5. I think a possible reason for people hating on Covolan is that there's a perception that Brown was treated unfairly. This isn't the thread for the rights or wrongs of that but if there's a cloud over the release of a popular player then his successor will (unfairly) get some of the flak for that. That's probably even more the case for a keeper when it's a 1:1 swap.
  6. It looks like they're doing a role play where Kevin's playing a bouncer refusing to admit a hen party.
  7. Ah, thanks Rob. Was looking out for some reviews. Need to give Ghosteen a few re-listens as it mostly passed over me at the time. Got til next Wednesday to get reacquainted with it. Do you like The Dirty Three?
  8. No. The Manny who scored yesterday.
  9. Who was the west brom trialist we had pre-season? Did he end up with a club? Felt quite sorry for him. Wasn't a central defender linked with us too?
  10. Do Do not, whatever you do, cuddle Rory and tell him to "let it out".
  11. Enjoyed this, cheers. I have nothing against Birchall and he seems like a decent man but it's always been a mystery to me how he got the moves he did. Seemed like he was destined for the career of a lower league journeyman until T&T came calling.
  12. Yeah, I was unsure of who some of the players were. The result was immaterial but would have been interested to know the teams etc too. Anyone there?
  13. I've never once mentioned deadwood? I've not "whinged" and if you want to have a respectful and reasonable discussion about this you're probably best off not making sneery comments like that.
  14. Of course it's an opinion (and Brown's too if you read the interview). Personally, I don't want to keep going over Scott Brown's departure. He's gone, I'm sure everyone wishes him well and hopes that his replacements are an improvement. I imagine Brown may well have been able to extend his playing days but opted for a longer contract which included coaching. I don't particularly like the feel I get from Clarke and the way he dealt with the retained list is part of that.
  15. I think he was treated badly. If you read the interview he gave to The Sentinel after he left, it sounds like he'd been led to believe he'd be here next season and had the rug pulled from underneath him when the list was released. I think he deserved better.
  16. That got really tedious, as did "I'm not going to slag X off, he's one of my best mates, I love him, but X is <ovf censored> and I am better." Also, slag off players like Theo if you like but at least he was available to play unlike you, Mr I-don't-give-a-<ovf censored>, who was suspended for shooting you mouth off online when we really bodies.
  17. I'm not having a go at him about it! Saying I found it a bit of a tragic image is more of a reflection on the <ovf censored> nature of the divorce rather than a criticism of TP.
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