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  1. If he does ever go 442 would it be worth giving Benning a go?
  2. Depends if we can get anyone better as opposed to some punt on another kid. If Rodney can just offer what he did against Burton for one match then the 3 points would be worth well over 70k.
  3. The poster did say "until now" which seems fair enough.
  4. Agree with this. Also, one of the great things about this season has been the spirit in the dressing room and to jeopardise that by breaking the wage structure would be an extremely thick thing to do.
  5. Our current players fit in to the wage structure and they got us in to the automatics.
  6. Not arguing with you but is 5-3-2 particularly more defensive than 4-4-2? We've put in some thrilling attacking displays with 5 at the back, albeit with Gibbo in the side.
  7. Why? We're arguably better stocked with defenders than anywhere else on the pitch.
  8. It'd a mid-season transfer window, a ridiculous time to make such wholesale changes.
  9. He's given statements on most players when asked. Just don't think that our journalists are inquisitive enough. Was he ever asked about the Gibbo to Blades rumour?
  10. The guy who posted that Rodney thing seems to have been on the wind-up, going off some of his other posts.
  11. Not sure but don't some players have clauses in their contracts stipulating what their pay should be in relation to the rest of the squad? I'm sure I read that one of (our?) players had a clause stating they had to be the highest paid person in the team. Wonder if we could tempt Omar Bogle down here? Just read that he's not really played for Doncaster.
  12. Wasn't Rodney instrumental in setting up both goals in his last appearance for us, against Burton? The assist for the 2nd was a class above, certainly not the sign of someone masquerading as a footballer. Would much prefer him on the pitch than 1 or 2 others who will be staying with us.
  13. Why the <ovf censored> have they chosen that as the main photo on their site?
  14. Rice and a choice of 3 different curries. Normally about a fiver and served more cafeteria style than yr usual curry house.
  15. Not a word on Rodney. Quite strange. Also, has DC been asked about the rumours of Gobbo to the Blades? Guess we wouldn't learn anything whatever he says, he'd have to answer with a straight bat.
  16. Was surprised to see Hurst on the teamsheet last night.
  17. Please could someone summarise the interview with DC?
  18. I don't particularly disagree with anything you've said and feel we're talking at cross purposes. The only reason I'm "flogging a dead horse" is because people keep quoting and arguing back. I've repeatedly stated that my argument is a hypothetical one and have no desire to stir up any <ovf censored> for Flitcroft or Clarke.
  19. For christ sake! How many times does it need saying? He wasn't our player, he wasn't going to sign for Bolton, it was pretty <ovf censored> obvious his agent and BWFC would be hawking him around other clubs. He'd put himself in the window with us and it was common knowledge that he was running his contract down, so there was pretty much guaranteed interest from elsewhere. Vale may well have accepted this and made contingency plans, they may have never really planned on having DP post-January, but if they had believed that he was 'ours' until the end of the season and hadn't planned around that not being the case then it's pretty stupid.
  20. If only we had some media person on the board who could update the fans.
  21. Partly. I don't think it should come as a shock that he's gone as it was always on the cards. If you borrow your friend's ladders in the knowledge they might want them back at the weekend, you don't plan to clean your windows on Saturday. I'm not blaming them for him going back, that's the nature of loans. I'm just saying that this shouldn't be shocking news for them. Should add, the management may well have everything in hand and have planned for this eventuality.
  22. Because he wasn't our player. His agent and Bolton would obviously be looking to make as much money as possible, so to sit back and just presume he was staying would have been incredibly foolhardy.
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