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  1. Don’t come much bigger than Akinfenwa
  2. Is it the 1st April? No it’s fishing season 🎣
  3. I just want to say WOW. Not been this excited pre-season for a long time.
  4. How must Oldham fans feel if they can’t compete with AFC Fylde
  5. Maybe the Rampant Zebra was an Ass on steroids after all, amazing what a couple of black & white stripes can do for you.
  6. I see James Clarke (Walsall captain) has joined Newport. Having played under DC at Salisbury, Bristol & Walsall I thought he was nailed on.
  7. Young players want to succeed and go places, money not being the driving force. Old pros have been there & done it, top quality will demand top salaries, journeymen are looking for a pay cheque.
  8. 7 signings all 6’ plus. Certainly not going to be out muscled this season.
  9. Spot on. Why should we have a No1 & No2, competition should bring out the best in them
  10. They would have to get past RZ first
  11. Just thought I would see what the fuss was all about. Granted Tom King would have ticked the boxes for me just as Lucas has done. Don’t think there is much to choose between them. The one key to me is that Newport chose not to renew his contract, why ? Torquay didn’t want to lose Lucas. However, DC & DF have made their choice so let’s trust their judgement and not give Lucas the impression that he is not wanted before the season has even stated.
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