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  1. Time we saw Archer start a game, pace will always hurt teams
  2. According to agent Jones they are a very good side box to box. Pity they can’t defend or score in the box. Agent Jones reports that they did not take any shots on goal last night..... mission accomplished.
  3. " The most expensively assembled squad in the Championship – at more than £143m – sit bottom of the pile with one point. “I don’t ask for a ride in his [the owner’s] helicopter,” Jones said recently, “I ask for time.” Nathan....you take as long as you like mate, I'm loving it.
  4. I don't wish to be negative before the season starts, but wonder whether Bennett is the new Quigley. Without doubt as other posters have said, Amoo & Cullen look our only threat and must start alongside Pope. Askey has got to decide whether the three central midfielders are going to provide enough support then to the front three.
  5. Have Bury got 11 first team players
  6. Thought he showed a good turn of speed and certainly likes to get forward.
  7. Does it really matter why or where the pulleys were. It will get rid of the eyesore and generate sponsorship. Glad Smugthwaite didn't change them, can you imagine 6 pictures of his chin fluttering in the wind.
  8. Got his eye on a sweeper then....
  9. The Smugthwaite thought every young kid was going to be a Hugill.
  10. Still waiting for Ernie’s Groan......... 😷😷😷
  11. Fair point, but with his recent record he is not going to command that money....despite what his agent thinks. He did prove himself at our level.
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