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  1. My heart goes out to his family, to lose an husband & father at 32 is so tragic. He gave everything for all the clubs he played for and will be sadly missed. RIP Lee.
  2. Oldham just sacked Kewell.... good or bad news?
  3. Now slightly more difficult as Kewell as been sacked
  4. Mills off Legge on, 3 at the back. We have nothing to lose
  5. What is this guy doing on a football field.
  6. With the reduction of over 21 squad players next season it is something we must give consideration to.
  7. Did notice when Crookes scuffed a clearance straight to a Southend player......no comment.
  8. Amoo pulled up in training yesterday...hamstring?
  9. Or maybe CG, like me, is sat at home with COVID unable to meet with anyone.
  10. Super article by Carol, thank god she’s in charge rather than some of the planks on this forum. Nobody can argue with her vision and philosophies, so back off and give her time & space. It’s important that the next manager is the right person and wants to work with the owners plans. We don’t need a stop gap appointment of some out of work journeyman.
  11. Totally shocked and saddened. Understand he had been ill for a while but it is heartbreaking. RIP JJ
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