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  1. Spot on. I keep hearing about our lack of height at the back, but nothing about stopping the cross in the first place. We gave their wide men all the time on the world. However I’m not having a go at any one player, it was just a bad day at the office. I expect a full on reaction Saturday.
  2. Maybe it will be a wake up call that we are not as good as some think. DC has got a lot right, particularly last week, but this week he screwed up. If he is back to fitness, I don’t understand why Walker didn’t even make the subs bench. Just what we needed to see out a game. We have a decent run of games through to Xmas so chin up let’s go again.
  3. We WILL win this league…….. keep the faith.
  4. When he came out second half he was feeling and stretching his right leg. Not too far in he was definitely limping so needed to get off. Hopefully nothing too serious.
  5. Also strange that his shoe laces were undone both times they scored. As I have said previously, his sh##housery back fired when the ref added time on for us to win the game.
  6. When you bring in 15 players it is a risk (Bruno?). What the difference is this time around is the research done behind the scenes with a professional vetting. Starting the season they looked decent signings but we had 11 good individuals on the pitch. As each game has gone by the TEAM is looking better & better. It’s about time the doubters stopped trying to find a negative.
  7. Then Conlon runs off with it leaving Smith in his wake 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Racism has no place in our society. I hope they are traced and charged accordingly. A prison sentence and re-habilitation programme is a minimum.
  9. We are no longer relying on one or two star players, we have quality all over the pitch. Covolan - finally a goalkeeper who comes and takes crosses. Takes the pressure off the defence. Of cause he will drop a clanger every now and then, he is playing for Vale not Man City. Cass, Smith, Jones, - get better every game. Kept an horrible 6’5” bully quiet for most of the game. Worrall, Gibbo - both getting into the wing back role as good as anyone we have previously had. Conlon, Pett, Garrity - best midfield three we have had for years. Have energy, vision and TC / BG always a goal in them. Wilson & Porter - still early days but a great partnership in the making. All good sides have striking partnerships. We conceded two soft goals today but generally I am expecting the defence to be hard to breach every time they come out and the football we are playing has goals all over it once we can up the conversion rate. If we can get Wilson 100% fit there are goals to come. Porter has missed an hatful of chances, but 10 games in he has 5 league goals….that’s a 20 goal a season striker. When injuries / suspensions come around we have the likes of Legge, Benning, Martin, Walker, Polotic, Rodney, Lloyd to back up…all of whom would have walked into last seasons team. I honestly believe we have something in the making and long may it last.
  10. Did everyone else notice how long their No.7 took to get back from their goal celebrations in front of the Bycars. Thankfully the ref did and gave us them extra few minutes to score our goals. Thanks 7 whoever you are.
  11. Glad the players didn’t show their disappointment and reacted positively. DC’s man management & philosophy
  12. As expected he gave as much as he got. Terrific performance
  13. The problem with “poor” sides is that they tend to park the bus. Until we have a method to combat that we will struggle. I have confidence that when the time comes AC/DC will show what they are made of. We have a good balanced side with players that have the pace to get in behind. Keep the faith.
  14. Shows where we would have been if the blue Baffoon had continued
  15. At some point injuries and suspensions will make demands on that squad. All need to be able to hit the ground running. DC favours a pressing game which will inevitably take its toll sometimes.
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