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  1. Sad news about big Bob. Wonderful cricketer and plaudit. Never got enough credit for his part in the Botham test at Headingley. The Verdict will never be the same again. RIP Bob
  2. What you are saying then is that JA made a mistake, so why take it out on the player. If that player does his best then there is no reason to humiliate him as you do.
  3. If you feel sorry for Bennett, then what about Cullen. We need a natural goal scorer and in my opinion Cullen fits the bill.
  4. “Preston go top of the Championship! Paul Gallagher's penalty is enough to do it in the end, and what a statement from Alex Neil's side the same weekend he said he wanted to stay at Deepdale and turning away interest from Stoke City.” Shove that Mr. high & mighty Coates....Sjoke’s answer to Trump himself.
  5. Sounds like a job for Tony “I’ve never been relegated” Pulis. Wow, what a back step that would be. Presumably Mr 365 thinks he can have anybody when he waves his money about (sorry I meant his daughters money). Arrogant Knob.
  6. Agree 100%. Popey is by far the better hold-up player to bring in the wide / mid field player. In fact Benno’ hold-up play is pretty poor. Problem is Benno seems more of an arial threat and has more pace. Pity we can’t mould them together.
  7. Unfortunately Agent Jones’s cover has been blown. Rest assured another agent is being briefed and will be out in the field shortly.
  8. I believe the board were starting to see through Agent Jones and his cover was about to be blown. He went on to win two games just to allay the thought, nice to see him back on the frontline again.
  9. The Bulgarian manager should be asked to explain his comments. Not only were the racist comments clearly heard, the big screens were showing the hooded jobs and you didn’t need to be an expert lip reader. It’s people like him that should be standing against these ignorant half wits, not hiding from the obvious.
  10. Time we saw Archer start a game, pace will always hurt teams
  11. According to agent Jones they are a very good side box to box. Pity they can’t defend or score in the box. Agent Jones reports that they did not take any shots on goal last night..... mission accomplished.
  12. " The most expensively assembled squad in the Championship – at more than £143m – sit bottom of the pile with one point. “I don’t ask for a ride in his [the owner’s] helicopter,” Jones said recently, “I ask for time.” Nathan....you take as long as you like mate, I'm loving it.
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