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  1. I’m wasted …. If Darrell needs any help I’m available
  2. That looks 4-3-1-2 to me. Gibbo & Benning full backs, smith & hall in the centre. Woz, Pett & Taylor across midfield. Ben playing in the hole behind Willo & Harrant
  3. He got studded by Charsley, straight on the instep 😢😢😢😢
  4. Swindon are not the crumbling type. Score too early and we could have another Brizzle on our hands. Keep it tight and don’t give anything away and then turn the heat up.
  5. What you mean is that we would have to have a plan B…….🙊🙈🙉
  6. More chance of being awarded a penalty 😏
  7. Not good enough for National League, maybe Hanley Town
  8. I think the pitch invasion at Bristol was equally unjustified, felt it was typical Barton scullduggery. Get the finish delayed by 15 minutes just to make sure they new what was needed. I assume the stewards had taken an early bath.
  9. Anybody know the situation with Brad, would be a big boost even if on the bench
  10. Well played Posi and welcome back boss. SVA 🙌🙌🙌
  11. Don’t see too much wrong with what we have. Away stand perfect for visiting supporters who may fill it once / twice a season. Lorne street needs the concourse finishing then it will double its capacity. Bycars and Railway are badly let down with their toilet and catering facilities, not to mention the seized-up turnstiles. The land behind both can take additional facilities, which I understand may be currently reducing capacity. Family stand can be updated but realise this is an expensive fix. Let’s see where we are in terms of league progress before we start thinking of new grounds.
  12. Not an idea, it’s a fact. The problem with your negative trait is that your glass is always half empty and you continually look for the negativity and not the positivity. Let me give you the scientific definition of a negative trait. “People with negative personality traits cannot admit to being wrong. It's like a part of them dies when they aren't the best around. This goes for family and friendly relationships, as well as work and business relationships. We all know that one person who just won't shut up until everyone sees their point of view” Need I say more.
  13. No it’s not, if out of contract players think they are leaving, they would be putting themselves in the shop window.
  14. DC has brought a new player into the squad, Posit Ivity. Can we all wish, pray, demand, hope for a result tomorrow. Anything but the negativity that some people currently have. I am just about putting last weeks game behind me, I / they / you cannot keep looking back. We need to look forward and hope that the play-offs can give us one final chance. KTF….SVA
  15. If we lose and Swindon draw, Sutton still need to win at Walsall. If we draw, Sutton cannot finish above us (unless they win by 6 clear goals).
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