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  1. Legend of my youth, will be sadly missed.
  2. Because of his height we expect Martin to dominate but I don’t think that is his style. Whereas although Smithy hasn’t got the height advantage, he is the Bob Hazell / Peter Swann type who wants to dominate & intimidate the opposition. If we need a general on the battlefield then Smithy is your man. Same goes for Legge but I don’t think he is anywhere near back to full fitness.
  3. The wheels have not nor will not fall off. Our basic game is good, the football we play is good. We have lost our two best strikers and the back up is not clinical enough. Same would happen with any other side in our league. Beginning of the season Legge & Smithy were immense, again back up is suspect. Let’s get to Xmas in contention then the real work starts, as the old saying goes it is a marathon not a sprint. We need to cut out the schoolboy errors and hope our injuries clear for post Xmas run in. Thanks to the feel good factor that Carol has created, it shouldn’t be difficult recruiting in the January window.
  4. We have beaten 4 of the top 7 teams and dropped points against 3 of the bottom 4. There is a pattern there that needs the psycho analysts to solve. Maybe we just can’t deal with the hoof ball style of the poorer clubs.
  5. Yes, Kevin Keegan’s school of football, we’ll score more than them. Without Wilson & Proctor, we maybe should have been more conservative with a 4-4-2. Don’t defend the cross, stop it at source.
  6. Time for the matrix to step up to the plate. No use playing good football if we can’t defend.
  7. Probably to prevent the rumoured demonstrations from some disenchanted Oldham fans.
  8. Did Wilson get injured scoring the goal or celebrating it when players piled in on him. From that moment he was limping.
  9. Come on lads, let’s do it for Carol, let’s do it for Kev, let’s do it for Rudgie, but most of all……. let’s do it for F…..g Clarkieeeeeee
  10. To be fair, there was nothing sinister with the Smith incident. Smithy trips their player who then pulls Smithy to the ground. Wolstanton Marsh stuff. Smithy wasn't rolling around the floor in agony like the 6' Bamby Pell would have done. Two players having a good old tussle..... only the linesman saw it differently.
  11. If you are truly a Vale fan why not let bygones be bygones and get behind the club. You can’t carry negativity through your life, we even love Trevor Kettle these days
  12. John Coleman, how to deflect criticism away from your team and make yourself look a complete Richard in the same breath. I don’t know about criticism of the team, as I read from Accies fan forum more a criticism of the team selection and tactics. Either way he has had a pretty bad day at the office. 😭😭😭
  13. “Coleman also thought Vale supporters were derogatory about his League One side in the closing stages. But he believes the game that could have gone Accrington’s way with the benefit of more luck and key decisions he felt wrongly went against them. He said: “We could have easily won that game today, playing no different. That is football. People will just pick the paper up or look at the TV or the internet – they don’t really have papers any more do they? – people look at the internet and see 5-1 - ‘oh, Accrington have been thumped’ . “Their fans were very derogatory about us towards the end. We will see if we play them next year if they are saying the same thing. They would be lucky to play us next year so let’s see.” Just to make it clear Mr Coleman, the game is not about how much possession that you have it’s what you do with it. To moan about Smith when you have Pell throwing himself to the ground at every moment is truly unbelievable.
  14. Just about sums up yesterday’s game…. hope you are watching Mr Coleman
  15. Glad we avoided him, what a poor ungracious loser. Another with Rose tinted glasses. Fair play first half hour they were passing the ball around but not causing too much danger, then DC totally outclasses him with the half time sub and we were winning the midfield battle. Go home and sulk, see you next season.
  16. Is that because he can’t remember where he put the others.
  17. Added to that James Wilson wrestles the ball off the keeper to get back to the centre circle and keep the momentum going. After Tom Pett’s goal he then rams the ball into the net for good measure, now up to Crawley to find their own momentum. Class.
  18. If he didn’t see the elbow then was he not watching the game. When he refers to Kettle’s little friend the linesman giving the decision, is that not what he is there for. Very poor loser who will hopefully get bitten in his dog fight.
  19. Fell over his own player then lies there head in hands. Maybe just having a strop like my 5 year old granddaughter sometimes does. 😭👶😭
  20. Not a bad line up, maybe time for Wozzer to take a rest. Rodders?
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