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  1. “Swindon Town head coach Ben Garner is set to be appointed as Charlton Athletic’s new manager, according to reports. The South London Press says Garner has agreed to take over from Johnnie Jackson at The Valley. The news comes less than a week after Town were beaten on penalties in the League Two play-off semi-finals at Port Vale. Garner has been in charge at Swindon for less than a year. His previous stint in League One with Bristol Rovers lasted 11 months. It is being reported that compensation has been agreed with Town - where Garner is under contract until 2024 - and that his assistants Scott Marshall and Scott Lindsey will follow him to the capital.”
  2. Anyone know for definite if we are wearing home or away kit?
  3. It happened @ Forest, it happened @ Everton. Why did it not cross the minds of the security & police that it just may happen @ Vale Park. Only takes one idiot to attack a player as Billy Sharp can testify.
  4. There is no excuse for violence either on the football field or out in the streets. Consequently I hope anyone found guilty is duly punished. Now as far as the Swindon club, chairman, manager & fans are concerned, put your own house in order before commenting on others. I do believe you have also had your problems with violence and damage to property. With regards to the match itself, did we not employ enough security & police to manage the situation, or did they simply not react to the situation. I expect them to give Carol a full de-briefing of where it went wrong and obviously a refund of the costs that we will undoubtedly incur. Football in general needs to sit up and take note of the recent disturbances before we have a return to the bad times that I thought had been eradicated.
  5. Yep, if you can get to Crewe or Stafford, West Midlands trains are the cheapest. Half hour slower as they have several stops in the Midlands.
  6. I wouldn’t say Swindon are a better footballing side. They had a first choice team out there, we were missing TC & BW who are our best footballing midfielders.
  7. Fully agree. What we then need to do is to dedicate the Synetics car park to away supporters and create a dedicated access / egress for them to the Bycars stand. I don’t see that as insurmountable or expensive. Vale then take the whole of the once completed Lorne Street and Hamil.
  8. We were walking in the Quantock Hills last night and I swear I saw it passing over, could also see the moon with his tongue hanging out. Maybe it was just a dream 💭😴💭😴💭
  9. In my case I think it refers to me & the wife being concessions.
  10. Maybe the football authorities / referees need to stop the goading & in particular goal celebrations in front rival fans. You get a yellow card if you take your shirt off, but nothing for inciting rival fans. By all means celebrate in front of your own fans.
  11. I hope all the pitch invaders and in particular the ones that chose to hit out at footballers will be kind enough to donate towards the fine that will be coming our way. Carol has raised our profile to unimaginable heights, only to be dragged back down by these morons. There is no place in society for violence and particularly on the football field. Would you expect to be assaulted in your place of work.
  12. https://twitter.com/kevin11ellison/status/1527409473081462796?s=21&t=M0maFUIs9afmGoST8MoiAQ Obviously history between Ellison & McKirdy
  13. I’m wasted …. If Darrell needs any help I’m available
  14. That looks 4-3-1-2 to me. Gibbo & Benning full backs, smith & hall in the centre. Woz, Pett & Taylor across midfield. Ben playing in the hole behind Willo & Harrant
  15. He got studded by Charsley, straight on the instep 😢😢😢😢
  16. Swindon are not the crumbling type. Score too early and we could have another Brizzle on our hands. Keep it tight and don’t give anything away and then turn the heat up.
  17. What you mean is that we would have to have a plan B…….🙊🙈🙉
  18. More chance of being awarded a penalty 😏
  19. Not good enough for National League, maybe Hanley Town
  20. I think the pitch invasion at Bristol was equally unjustified, felt it was typical Barton scullduggery. Get the finish delayed by 15 minutes just to make sure they new what was needed. I assume the stewards had taken an early bath.
  21. Anybody know the situation with Brad, would be a big boost even if on the bench
  22. Well played Posi and welcome back boss. SVA 🙌🙌🙌
  23. Don’t see too much wrong with what we have. Away stand perfect for visiting supporters who may fill it once / twice a season. Lorne street needs the concourse finishing then it will double its capacity. Bycars and Railway are badly let down with their toilet and catering facilities, not to mention the seized-up turnstiles. The land behind both can take additional facilities, which I understand may be currently reducing capacity. Family stand can be updated but realise this is an expensive fix. Let’s see where we are in terms of league progress before we start thinking of new grounds.
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