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  1. 5 at the back means we have three centre backs marking their one striker and then we wonder why we are overrun in midfield
  2. 5 at the back on Saturday and a few will lose patience
  3. When we missed chance after chance in the first half it was inevitable that they score with their one effort on goal. They just shut up shop and we didn’t have the guile to do anything about it.
  4. Maybe he wants to copy the “mighty” Rangnick and go 4-2-2-2
  5. There’s no doubt that the sending off killed the game for us, but we were not at the races today. What’s happened to our pressing game, why are we sitting back allowing teams to pass the ball around for fun. What’s happened to our midfield being the best in the league, we give the ball away far too often. Understand DC’s frustration with Covolan but time and again it’s all about changing the game in the second half, never heard DC admit he got it wrong first half. If we want promotion we need to be positive not defensive. If we keep the ball the opposition can’t hurt us, back to basics. My worry is we were slow to start the season, we can’t afford to be slow with this “re-start”. We need to be positive and take the game to the opposition. One bright light on the horizon is Kian Harratt, seems to be a genuine goal scorer if we can get the service to him.
  6. Spot on. Whilst I am fully vaccinated I also appreciate that we live in a free society and I must respect why some people refuse to be vaccinated. However, as Bill states it is these people that are at risk to themselves and everyone that they come into contact with. I also have a friend whose 29 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a possible blood clot in her leg; she can’t get into hospital due to the lack of beds. How many beds are being taken up due to other peoples selfishness. Please, please think about the big picture before you decide not to be vaccinated. Somewhat ironic writing on this site when a fair proportion are unvaccinated footballers. Sorry for going off-topic.
  7. You can watch premier v premier every weekend, if I was a Chesterfield fan I would be well upset. What has happened to the glory of the FA cup, premier clubs have no interest in it and hardly need the TV money.
  8. Should have been another red card for the tackle on Gibbo as the final whistle went, worse than the first two put together.
  9. Second best team behind Stockport…..🏆
  10. Brilliant Carol, you are a credit to the club & the community. Long may it continue. 👏❤️👏
  11. Cheers Nice to have a civil Friday afternoon discussion without having your head bitten off.
  12. What’s your problem. I only mentioned Tshimanga because of his pre-season links, I’m not his agent. Don’t suppose his hat trick counts any more than James Wilson’s does at the end of the season. I suggest you get some chill-out pills.
  13. Hence, how many relegated clubs have bounced straight back, I am struggling to think of one. On the same footing most teams promoted from the national league have held their own, granted some better than others.
  14. My point was that there were loads of rumours on this site pre-season regarding Tshimanga, just pointing out he is doing well. Not sure what “non league” means, half the national league are full time professionals and some far better equipped than some in our league.
  15. Tshimanga 17 goals in 17 appearances……if only 😔😔
  16. Legend of my youth, will be sadly missed.
  17. Because of his height we expect Martin to dominate but I don’t think that is his style. Whereas although Smithy hasn’t got the height advantage, he is the Bob Hazell / Peter Swann type who wants to dominate & intimidate the opposition. If we need a general on the battlefield then Smithy is your man. Same goes for Legge but I don’t think he is anywhere near back to full fitness.
  18. The wheels have not nor will not fall off. Our basic game is good, the football we play is good. We have lost our two best strikers and the back up is not clinical enough. Same would happen with any other side in our league. Beginning of the season Legge & Smithy were immense, again back up is suspect. Let’s get to Xmas in contention then the real work starts, as the old saying goes it is a marathon not a sprint. We need to cut out the schoolboy errors and hope our injuries clear for post Xmas run in. Thanks to the feel good factor that Carol has created, it shouldn’t be difficult recruiting in the January window.
  19. We have beaten 4 of the top 7 teams and dropped points against 3 of the bottom 4. There is a pattern there that needs the psycho analysts to solve. Maybe we just can’t deal with the hoof ball style of the poorer clubs.
  20. Yes, Kevin Keegan’s school of football, we’ll score more than them. Without Wilson & Proctor, we maybe should have been more conservative with a 4-4-2. Don’t defend the cross, stop it at source.
  21. Time for the matrix to step up to the plate. No use playing good football if we can’t defend.
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