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  1. We look like what we are… a group of players playing together for the first time. conditions aren’t helping at all but there has been far too much change this season. We shouldn’t need to make 7/8 new signings in January - it should only be a couple to make your side stronger. Darrell is starting to bug me a little with persisting with a back three. Can he not see that most of our players aren’t suited to this formation?
  2. Can anyone explain to me why the queue to get in is insanely long, snaking all around the car park, and only two turnstiles are open? It’s causing absolute carnage with a massive influx of fans. I love what the Shanahans have done but this is insane. This isn’t going to make first timers or casual fans want to come again.
  3. I know DC will be sticking with 3-5-2, but after Tuesday’s performance there is no doubt in my mind that we need wingers at Vale park. Therefore my team would be: (4-3-3): Stone; Cass, Smith, Legge, Benning; Walker, Pett, Conlon; Worrall, Proctor, Rodney Hard to pick between Jones and Benning and rig back is debatable as we don’t have a host of options there at present but everyone else deserves their place I reckon. When the team is back to full fitness a I would play a 3-4-3 as we know DC loves a back three and we still need to keep wingers higher up the pitch. (3-4-3): Stone; Smith, Legge, Jones; Gibbons, Pett, Conlon, Benning; Worrall, Proctor, Rodney
  4. Apologies if this has been answered or if it is obvious but I can’t see it anywhere… Do we need to pick the STs up at any point or are they included in the pack we were given when we paid? In the bag I was given there is a social distanced card (will that still be needed?) and a season ticket that has 2020/21 printed on it so I’m a little confused! thanks in advance UTV!
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