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  1. Whilst you can't argue with a good cup run - especially one where the big boys come in fairly early, I still think this is a good opportunity to look at some new boys. I certainly wouldn't make wholesale changes - but 4 or 5 could be on the cards: 4-3-3: Brown; Gibbons, Legge, Kennedy, Crookes; Lloyd, Evans, Burgess; Worrall, Cullen, Amoo Keep Legge in purely for height. Evans has come in as cover for full back but he didn;t look great there for me, yet has good reviews as a CDM from Macc - so potentially see if he can cover that Joyce role. Cullen to start up top like Miller did last season - run his nuts off for 60 minutes then see if Bennett can come on and take advantage (Although he might actually start of the left, not that that's something I personally agree with). Not sure on the fitness of Browne and Monty but there couple be a place for them if fit. Similarly with Lloyd although with the amount of work the midfield three put in in this formation if we can rest them all then I think we should. Not fussed about the win, although it would be nice. Give some players some game time and see what they can do.
  2. I'd like to see a hard-man midfielder come in, but to complement Manny and Conlon rather than replace either of them. Let them focus on being creative rather than having to box-to-box it all the time. Manny is great but lets his man run past him far too much/easily so he needs to improve defensively for me. I like Joyce and he's a trier but I just feel we need a bit more steel in there.
  3. He might not be the right match, but I would like to see some strength added to the midfield - a Griff mould, who could cover Joyce and centre half, and offer something different in there if needed. On paper he might fit that bill but, as others have said, despite playing well he did look a little overweight.
  4. I can't see Cullen playing out wide, as many here are suggesting, as he's never lined up there in pre-season (to my recollection anyway - feel free to correct me). I think what Askey has done is recognised we have a good starting XI, but no strength in depth or options on the bench. The back-up players this year look much better to me than last year, with more options to boot, despite a smaller squad. So although Amoo is the only new signing to walk straight in, that's not to say we haven't made good signings. I predict 12th-15th this season, with anything more a bonus. Then we can build from there.
  5. Whilst I see the merits of two strikers, I always feel in the modern day you really need 3 in the centre so as to not get overrun there. As long as players get around the main striker enough, there's no reason why this formation can't work. But it involves a lot of grafters, which is what Askey has done, and why our transfer business is a lot better than most people think.
  6. This, for me, is the strongest line up and the one I believe Askey will choose. To me, this is a very good side. Our issue was the lack of strength in depth. This team, with a subs bench of the following is more than capable of finishing at least mid table: Rawlinson, Montano, Lloyd, Burgess, Browne, Bennett, Cullen One thing to remember is whilst Askey performed miracles at Macc, it took him 5 years. A little patience should be in order over the next few seasons. Consistency is key.
  7. Maddison must be close as he's been very much involved. I would say Browne/Hurst relies on Whitfield going. The loan window closes at the end of August - I believe that's the same as other transfers.
  8. Rawlinson's reputation was damaged by his move to full back. More than capable centre half for me, so I feel sorry for him. The trouble is neither him, Smith nor Legge are particularly good with the ball at their feet. Kennedy has been brought in for that reason. As for Whitfield, agree that wages probably have a lot to do with it. No one has said though that he has been left behind intentionally - perhaps he has a trial somewhere? If he was injured he'd still be there for team bondng, as Browne appears to be.
  9. Do you not think though that with making 8 new signings already, he wants back up players that he knows can do a job. If you look at all those players he's bought in to do that job, they're all on one year contracts. The guy's only been in charge since February, he probably hasn't has too much time to scout a whole host of new players. So he's spent his time wisely getting in forward players we need, whilst completing the squad with players he can trust. It's not that hard to understand.
  10. We obviously need a back up keeper for sure. Hopefully someone younger who ca learn. Rather have a loanee for a year than sign another older keeper on a wedge. Defensively Askey wants a RB but personally I think we're more in need of a left Back. On the right we have Gibbons as a wing back whilst Kennedy and Rawlinson (whilst here) have played RB before and can cover more defensively. On the left we have Crookes who offers that defensive side, but no attacking wing back - unless you count Monty. I do think he could do a job there but I'd rather us has a natural left wing back in the squad. Campbell-Gordan fills that hole surely he isn't ready to go straight in? Only seen him at Leek and he looked like what he is (to me anyway). The midfield one is interesting because in Askey's preferred 4-3-3 there is room for: - RCM: Oyeleke/Burgess - CDM: Joyce - LCM: Conlon/Lloyd That to me says we're missing a CDM cover. Oyeleke played that role against Leek but I'd much prefer him further up the pitch. As far as no.10's go we have Trickett-Smith who could be a good impact player but I don't see Askey starting with one. Wingers and Strikers I'd say are done now although I'd be happy if Browne signed. Durrell looks decent but for me is a bad age so it's too short term a signing.
  11. Can you load the picture on here or does it have to go through the high court first?
  12. Welcome Scott! I think people need to remember is centre mid is probably a position in which Askey might feel is less of a priority for key signings - with already having Joyce, Conlon, and (hopefully) Oyeleke. This signing is fine by me. Focus areas are a striker, wingers and full backs.
  13. Not necessarily - Of all the people I know who went, the ones that did go were more floating attendees as opposed to season ticket holders who would usually go to every game. I'm not generalising here, but I'm just stating that, although some people did cave for that particular game, it wasn't a majority. I didn't go to that game, nor will I continue to go until the format has been changed.
  14. Is the stuff about Miller true, or are we generalising based on his past? I have no idea on this front - literally looking for clarity. Also, who were the 'other two'? One was touted as Howkins so that explains his early release, has the other been identified in the released list? Pretty happy with the list overall. I would have kept Hannant as a squad player myself and given Angus a chance as third choice (getting another striker with experience in too) - but there's lots of room to work with here. Hopefully Worrall, Manny and Legge stay. Then I'd be looking at another centre half, a right back and a couple of left backs, some creativity in midfield ( a 'no.10'), a couple of flying wingers and at least one quality striker. Don't forget we'll also have a couple of young lads progressing through that aren't on that list - Campbell-Gordon for starters, possibly that Green-Birch too.
  15. My thoughts... Contracted: - Scott Brown (GK - 2021) - James Gibbons (RWB - 2020) - Nathan Smith (CB - 2020) - Ryan Campbell-Gordan (LWB - 2021) - Luke Joyce (CM - 2020) - Ben Whitfield (RW/CAM - 2020) - Ricky Miller (ST - 2020) I would release if he hasn't been already, if what is rumoured is in fact true. - Tom Pope (ST - 2021) Potentially Contracted (one year extensions): Leon Legge (CB - Has formed a good partnership with Smith and is exactly what Smith needs beside him. KEEP) Connell Rawlinson (CB - doesn't seem in Askey's plans. RELEASE) David Worrall (RM - been a revelation at the end of the season. KEEP) Manny Oyeleke (CM - if he can keep fit he's a game changer. Better pre-season should favour him. KEEP) Out of Contract: Sam Hornby (GK - I would definitely keep as back-up, but would he be happy with this? Especially with Brown signing an extension. KEEP) Theo Vassell (RCB - Played so far out of position this season on the left that I feel sorry for him. I think as a back up at both right and centre back he is a good squad option, plus he's still young and can improve. KEEP) Antony Kay (CDM - does he have another year in him? He's certainly capable enough cover for Joyce. NOT SURE) Danny Pugh (CM - continue as a coach. RELEASE AS PLAYER) Michael Tonge (CM - Not featured this season. RELEASE) Tom Conlon (CM - Massive fan of his, young and can get better. Plus has a goal in him. KEEP) Luke Hannant (CM - Played out wide virtually all season, but I think he would make a good box-to-box midfielder. Worth keeping as a good squad player. KEEP) Mike Calveley (CM - had a good season in a poor Nuneaton side. Worth seeing how he'll do at a higher level on loan to continue his development. KEEP) Harry Benns (RW - Same as Calveley. KEEP). Dan Turner (ST - Should have been his year to do the above, but hasn't managed to. Tough one, but he hasn't forced his way onto the pitch under Askey. RELEASE) Danny Elliott (ST - has looked decent in flashes,but also completely lost. I think he could make a good winger, but age is against him. RELEASE). Dior Angus (ST - Think he deserves a year to try to force his way in after his successful loan spells. KEEP)
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