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  1. Can anyone explain to me why the queue to get in is insanely long, snaking all around the car park, and only two turnstiles are open? It’s causing absolute carnage with a massive influx of fans. I love what the Shanahans have done but this is insane. This isn’t going to make first timers or casual fans want to come again.
  2. I know DC will be sticking with 3-5-2, but after Tuesday’s performance there is no doubt in my mind that we need wingers at Vale park. Therefore my team would be: (4-3-3): Stone; Cass, Smith, Legge, Benning; Walker, Pett, Conlon; Worrall, Proctor, Rodney Hard to pick between Jones and Benning and rig back is debatable as we don’t have a host of options there at present but everyone else deserves their place I reckon. When the team is back to full fitness a I would play a 3-4-3 as we know DC loves a back three and we still need to keep wingers higher up the pitch. (3-4-3): Stone; Smith, Legge, Jones; Gibbons, Pett, Conlon, Benning; Worrall, Proctor, Rodney
  3. Apologies if this has been answered or if it is obvious but I can’t see it anywhere… Do we need to pick the STs up at any point or are they included in the pack we were given when we paid? In the bag I was given there is a social distanced card (will that still be needed?) and a season ticket that has 2020/21 printed on it so I’m a little confused! thanks in advance UTV!
  4. Quoting myself from two and a half months ago, just to see a difference of opinion. The following players are under contract and, whether we like it or not, or if they are transfer listed, come the start of the season will make up part of that 22-man squad: James Gibbons - UNDER CONTRACT Nathan Smith - UNDER CONTRACT David Worrall - UNDER CONTRACT Tom Conlon - UNDER CONTRACT Leon Legge - UNDER CONTRACT Theo Robinson - UNDER CONTRACT Jake Taylor - UNDER CONTRACT Danny Whitehead - UNDER CONTRACT David Amoo - UNDER CONTRACT Scott Burgess - UNDER CONTRACT Alex Hurst - UNDER CONTRACT Devante Rodney - UNDER CONTRACT That's 12 players out of 22, so I can't see DC keeping many more players as he does like a clear-out and to bring his own players in. Of the players that are left I would only definitely keep Cristian Montano. I would also keep Scott Brown as, as is my understanding, keepers aren't included in those 22 places although I could be wrong. I would consider offering contracts to Tom Pope and Luke Joyce. They are good pros that could do a job for another 12 months, but would only offer reduced terms in the knowledge that they are not going to be consistent starters. If they want to stay they will stay, but if they get better offers then they would go with my best wishes. I would keep the young kids under 21 so long as they are showing that they have potential (Scott, Campbell-Gordon etc). I would release the rest, leaving 8-10 slots for new signings over the 21 age limit.
  5. Players under contract are: James Gibbons - UNDER CONTRACT Nathan Smith - UNDER CONTRACT David Worrall - UNDER CONTRACT Tom Conlon - UNDER CONTRACT Theo Robinson - UNDER CONTRACT Jake Taylor - UNDER CONTRACT Danny Whitehead - UNDER CONTRACT David Amoo - UNDER CONTRACT Scott Burgess - UNDER CONTRACT Devante Rodney - UNDER CONTRACT That's 10 players out of the 20 we're allowed over the age of 21 (I believe that's the right age barrier). Whether I would keep those players or not, those are the ones we are stuck with going forward. Which means we have to be clever about the remaining 10 spots. We need a goalkeeper. There has been a lot of arguments this season regarding Scott Brown. Personally he's still one of the best keepers in the division. If the management team think they can find better, then release - but I would offer him a contract. Any back up has to be a young keeper because we can't really afford to waste another spot on someone who is going to warm the bench. The only way I think this could be different is if Brown starts coaching and becomes player coach and is more of a back up. At least that way we get more out of two over aged keepers. For the rest of the squad I would definitely only keep: Alex Hurst - Young and showing enough that he deserves a place. Cristian Montano - Love him as a full back and can change a game. Kurtis Guthrie - I know he's yet to score but he is working hard and, as a team player, has been more effective that any of the other central strikers (Rodney has always been better in a wide position) That leaves another 7 spots to fill, so the following players are a maybe: Scott Brown (See reasons above) Tom Scott - not sure how old he will be Ryan Campbell-Gordon - young enough, just depends if that coaching staff deem him to be good enough. Luke Joyce - Good player but is advancing in age. Tom Pope - Again, good player in his day but isn't getting any younger. If he is on a good wage I would give him a year as I agree with previous comments that he is still effective at holding the ball up and can score. Leaving the following players to be released: Mark Cullen - too injury prone Zak Mills - not done it here. There must be something to him as Oldham liked him but we haven't seen it. I don't think he's as awful as people make out and has a goal in him BUT he is too prone to a defensive lapse that usually gets punished. Shaun Brisley - we have enough defenders that can defend but can't actually play football. Dino Visser - Just no room for two older keepers, unless we go down the coaching route I previously mentioned - but if so I think we would need better to justify it. Harry McKirdy - even if he was involved he can literally only play in an advanced no. 10 position which, with restrictions, we cannot afford. David Fitzpatrick - has been a steady eddie but we need better if we want to push on. Daniel Trickett-Smith - not proven anything at this level. Leon Legge - I still think he is our best centre half but he is aging in years and we cannot just have dominant centre halves, we need some that can play too - and we already have Smith. But if contract rumours are true we may still have him, which wouldn't be awful but would take up another space. Manny Oyeleke - Cracking player when he plays but that's not often enough unfortunately. If he can play until the end of the season without getting injured and prove his fitness then he would be a maybe. Adam Crookes - Not attacking enough for a left back. Not strong enough as a centre half. Can only really play on the left of a back three and even then his distribution is poor. Of the players under contract I would try to move Robinson and Whitehead on but we may not have a choice so as of right now they're in.
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