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  1. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this, Crichlow will now have earned himself a right royal welcome in the return fixture. Complete drama queen. Real opportunity now for Wilson to step up and bag a few goals.
  2. Perhaps the only way we'd get any decent coverage is if we draw the Lardies in the FA Cup...But er, wait a minute, if we won, Radio Stoke would probably turn their attention to Crewe!
  3. I appreciate that's your point of view about the defence but not too sure why you're asking me about Bowers.
  4. Only seven teams scored fewer goals than Harrogate last season but so far they've scored more than two a game, thanks largely to Armstrong who's got five in six (league games, that is). I thought it might have been because they'd had an easy start but they've beaten Rochdale (3-2), Orient away (2-0) and Mansfield away (3-1), so not too shabby. Should be a cracker and I'm sure DC will have done his homework. After parking the bus last season at Vale Park, it will be interesting to see how they approach the game this time.
  5. Yes, it's all part of Covolan's apparent reluctance to just hoof it when needed. I agree Jones was slow but that ball should have been in the opposing penalty area by that time. I looked to see the players' reaction at the end of the game and they weren't exactly queuing up to pat Lucas on the back. I'm sure the lad will learn in time and the sooner the better!
  6. Watched the whole game yesterday on iFollow. Great win and very good performance but we still have a lot of work to do, particularly in defence where we managed to undo over half of the game by conceding a very poor goal within five minutes of the restart. Started out of nothing with some very poor defending down our left side from the halfway, with Proctor not tracking the player he was marking, Jones and then Conlon not putting a foot in and Cass going missing at the far post. A bit over-critical perhaps but you can bet DC will be going over this in some detail in training this week. One other thing I noticed, which isn't in the short or extended highlights, is that in added time Covolan needlessly passed the ball to Jones who was under pressure, resulting in a free-kick to Swindon that could well have cost us a goal. Jones gave Lucas a right piece of his mind, a reminder that DC has some work still to do on the goalie's distribution. The other thing that's gone unremarked is Wilson's role when he came on. You can't see it in the short highlights but it's Wilson's ball to Gibbo in midfield that sets up Lloyd and then Wilson's knock back to Gibbo for his shot that hit the post. Great positional play - the lad is class and just needs something to fall for him to get him started. Better things to come, methinks. Great though when we can bring such quality off the bench, which says volumes for DC's recruitment.
  7. Yes, it will be a difficult game. Harrogate have started well and have some good players like Pattison (their version of Tom), Muldoon and Armstrong who's carried on where he left off for Hartlepool last season and has already bagged 5 in 6 games. Let's make sure it's a difficult game for them too. UTV
  8. Interesting stats again for us: Possession Swindon 60:40 Vale Shots Swindon 11:12 Vale On target Swindon 5:7 Vale Corners Swindon 3:12 Vale Starting to look a bit more efficient if not yet clinical 🙂
  9. FT 1-2. Well done, DC and the lads. Epic win though there were a few scares on the way. And well done young Garrity after an indifferent game last week - just what we need a goalscoring midfielder to go alongside Tom 🙂👍
  10. Yes - wonder kid strikes again - after Gibbo hits post!!
  11. Crikey Swindon just hit angle of bar and post!
  12. Wilson for Rodney - time for the lad to get his goalscoring off to a great start
  13. Gibbons on for Benning - let's hope DC hasn't brought him on too soon out of dire necessity
  14. Sounds like we are falling apart like last week. Needs to change it.
  15. Surprise scoreline coming in - Walsall 3 Mansfield 0. They wunner be happy at Field Mill!
  16. Should have been two - by all accounts Conlon played Rodney in, takes it round the goalie and then... falls over
  17. Yes, he's up against Tyreece Simpson, 19 year old loanee from Ipswich who was once offered a contract by Leicester Tigers to play professional rugby. Meat and drink one would guess for Leon, the old master, but Nathan will clearly have his hands full.
  18. After last week's performance, neither does Martin. But yes, let's hope it works!
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