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  1. I think Rodney can play as a central striker - but not on his own. He and Pope looked good together against Grimsby and Rodney got on the score sheet. So next week, I'd like to see us go 442 again with Guthrie and Rodney up front. There's one thing about Rodney - he may have a poor first touch, lacks instant control and sometimes looks way out of position but opposing defences will start to learn that you can't leave him alone, especially one on one, for a minute - and that's a great asset to have. Eight goals so far and more to come and he's only 22 and in his first full season of leagu
  2. Brilliant away performance at second in the table. I take it all back!
  3. Pathetic change sticking with one up front. Could someone please tell Pugh we're losing?
  4. Riding our luck. Every Vale pass is a gift wrapped present for FGR. We need to wake up. Hurst off, Guthrie on, Rodney gone wide.
  5. Poor first half from us with no threat at all when we attack. Little or no service to Rodney from wide or through the middle with Hurst, in particular, showing his inexperience and creating nothing. We are being outmuscled in midfield and we are going to need to be much better to get anything past their defence. At some point, Pugh needs to get Guthrie on with two upfront because as it stands we could play until next Christmas and not score. Lot to do at half time because these players lack both sharpness and desire - they just don't look as if they want it. As long as it's one, we
  6. Shocking defending. New No 5 in the window please. Awful.
  7. No Vale commentary at present, so having to listen to the deluded FGR commentators droning on...
  8. Down to the bare bones by the look of it with no Wozza or Monty. Let's hope Amoo and Hurst last the distance as there's not much on the bench except for Guthrie. Tough game suddenly got tougher, so let's see what they're made of...
  9. Crossed my mind that he might go 352 but, if he does, I'm not sure I'd let Mills anywhere near such a key defensive position. Not much in it, but Crookes might be a better option. Inconsistent, I know, but better than Mills I think. We'll soon see!
  10. Difficult game, no doubt, but FGR have a better away record than home. Second best away record and eighth best home having drawn and lost more than they've won: P11 W5 D4 L2 F14 A10 Pts 19. Consensus on their fans' forum appears to be we are there for the taking with only one poster predicting a draw. Every chance of an upset in my view but not helped now by the number of players we have out. It's going to be a real test for Pugh and the players, so good luck to the lads - think they'll need it!
  11. What an excellent signing. Well done, Carol and Co - this is going to make other L2 clubs sit up and take notice - and hopefully take a few points off them. Starting with FGR on Saturday 😀
  12. ...from the local Cave where you are, yewth. Yummy!
  13. Well done, Vale - great three points, just what the doctor ordered. Excellent change when Burgess came on for Rodney, keeping the midfield tight as Grimsby tried to get back in the game - and keeping us moving forward as that great pass to Worrall showed for his third assist. Different kettle of fish next Saturday at FGR. They are currently fourth - largely by virtue of their away record which is the third best in L2. At home they have the eighth best record: W5 D4 L2 F14 A10, so not as daunting as you might think. Let's see how Pugh & Co set us up after today's solid win. Every chanc
  14. So far, so good. Couldn't have wanted a better start though we could be going in 3-0 up if Rodney hadn't decided to do his Bambi on ice routine. Monty unlucky too after a great run by Hurst who is looking very impressive. Keep this going, Vale - we're looking a proper team.
  15. Massive game for the lads today, a real six-pointer. Grimsby have already signed Sam Habergham, former Lincoln centre half and will be raring to go under Paul Hurst, who's already put in a bid for Jake Taylor. So it's the young rookie Pugh against the old warhorse Hurst - let's see how it goes. We really need these points, so best of luck to the lads today. Hope springs eternal - UTV!
  16. Wiki says this about Adam Murray: "Murray is known as a manager with an eye for detail and getting the most from the resources available to him by working on 'marginal gains' to get the extra one percent advantage to improve his players and teams performances. At Mansfield Murray developed a passing game adopted from the Dutch total football model but tailored to football league players. Murray is known to be an advocate of sports science, sports analysis, strength and conditioning, and sports psychology within football in order to achieve maximum gains on the field. Murray has often spok
  17. PS Ooops! Left two out (though there are probably several more): Danny Cowley, age 42: League Games 224, Win Ratio 49.6% Graham Alexander, age 49: Games, Win Ratio 43%
  18. For those interested in the stats, here's the relevant data on some of the possible contenders, with the highest win ratio at the top: Paul Cook, age 53: Games 671, Win Ratio 43.1% Derek Adams, age 45: Games 547, Win Ratio 42.0% Simon Grayson, age 51: Games 685, Win Ratio 41.46% Phil Parkinson, age 53: Games 804, Win Ratio 36.94% Ian Holloway, age 57: Games 989, Win Ratio 35.8% As for the bookies' favourites, well, they look something like this: Emile Heskey, age 42: No management experience or UEFA coaching qualifications (which probably rules him out)
  19. Holloway's success at Blackpool, playing exciting, attacking football, was built on the squad assembled by Simon Grayson and his side-kick Tony Parkes. Given the state of our squad of players, that's a strong argument for not appointing Holloway - at least until we've given Grayson the chance to build the squad first 😉
  20. A novice, perhaps - but I'll bet she's more than an astute judge of character after 30 years of success building a business from the ground up. She'll make sure she gets the best advice on the footballing side and we can be confident in her judgement. Good luck to everyone involved...this is so important for us.
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