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  1. Out of interest, what are you watching? Are you watching a guy who in 12 / 18 months time will be as "mobile" as he is now?
  2. Rodders not fit? If he is he's got to play. Ripped their full back apart in our last encounter.
  3. Maybe if injuries force it Guthrie will start, otherwise I’d expect Rodney up front in a 433. Guthrie only had a short training session with the squad today, although DP said he looks fit enough, so you’d have to think he’ll come on as a sub, if Rodney is fit enough.
  4. Could Bella play as the lone striker in the 433 though? 🤔 Non.
  5. Completely agree, looked a bad challenge, as were the tackles on Hurst and Whitehead. TP seemed to be joking with a couple of their players as he left the field, so I was hoping it was going to be nothing serious, although he was holding his shoulder. Hopefully we'll see Popey make a speedy recovery and play a game or two before the end of the season.
  6. Pope just been on and having listened it’d been better if he’d not.
  7. Wouldn't be a suprise at all, he was down quite a while, clearly struggling after the injury and was holding his shoulder as the players left the field. Does this mean, finances permitting, he could be de-registered?
  8. Totally agree with this. All the back 4 generally played well under the heavy pressure they were often under. I thought Taylor improved us when he came on, far more mobile and competitive than Whitehead. Sunderland looked cut above. We still need a striker.
  9. I’d 100% agree with you. The interview was otherwise a good one, as is always the case with Carol. It’s always worth us all remembering that she’s a fan, she was a fan before becoming owner, and it must be incredibly difficult for her to not wear her heart on her sleeve when giving these interviews.
  10. Looking at the shitstorm it's created, I wish she hadn't. Furthermore, I hope those involved had the bottle to ring Askey and Kevan to apologise for costing them their jobs.
  11. They had a great crop of players come through together at that time. Their fortunes have been inextricably linked to the development of their graduates, as they come through into the first team, and then when those players are sold.
  12. Spot on. There’s no reason at all it can’t work with Pugh, just as there’s no guarantee it’ll work for him, or any other appointment for that matter. It makes absolute sense to give someone from within the club a crack at it whilst in the background we can interview and do our due diligence with favoured applicants, who, depending upon the teams results, and the suitability of potential candidates, we may not even need to spend out on. That said, and no disrespect to DP, but personally I’d like to think that if we could attract a real stand out candidate, on a sensible, affordable c
  13. Surprised about the comment regarding players phoning her to apologise and feel it would’ve been better kept in house. My response to those players would be “Actions speak louder than words”.
  14. For them that haven’t heard, Caz will be on Sport at 6 / Grumble and Grumble this very evening.
  15. Have say this is a massive statement from the owners. No signing is ever “free” and to sign the guy on a long term contract, whilst I assume at the same time we still have to pay the deregistered McKirdy, who hopefully will move on in this window, just shows the commitment of the owners. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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