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  1. It doesn’t matter where the singing starts as long as it’s picked up in the other stands. Plenty of fans I know are staying in their usual seats in the Railway, plus you’ll definitely have some who will move towards the Bycars. I also think that if the opposition players act as they did in the first leg it’ll only serve to stir the crowd and help create a very hostile environment. The thing is that it’s the last home game of what’s been a good season. I’m going with the view that we’re a goal down with absolutely nothing to lose, to just enjoy it and play my part to make it a great atmosphere whatever happens on the pitch.
  2. Early lunch for me then going up to join the huge queues that’ll be forming shortly…..
  3. I think it’s a very spicy hot dog. I believe I had them before in the fanzone. Wiped me out for days afterwards. Absolutely nothing to do with you taking your flares, smoke bombs and fireworks into the ground. 🫣😬😉
  4. Isn't that the point of going into the Hamil, getting all the singers together. As a coincidence Leicester are doing the same thing for next season, they have nominated a section of the ground for singing, STs will be able to swop their seats if in the wrong area. Absolutely, but it’s not so much the singing I’m referring too, it’s the increase, perceived or otherwise, in negativity and booing when things aren’t going so well. Most recent example being the Newport game.
  5. Fair comment, but it’s effectively the last home game of the season, with a Wembley appearance hanging on it. Fans will be more than happy to go to Wembley so why not get down the park and help the lads over the line? To be honest I’m not actually all that bothered so long as we sell a decent number, because I think the atmosphere sometimes suffers when there are too many “big gamers” in attendance. I appreciate this may be controversial, fans of the future and all that.
  6. I’d echo this. Perhaps it was more of a buzz on the various social media outlets?
  7. If we can “sell out” for Newport no reason we shouldn’t do similar for this game, given the magnitude of the game and that the tie is finely balanced. Ok there’ll be a few school kids and parents that can’t go but that shouldn’t be a huge number.
  8. I tend towards this view myself. I’ve not read, or heard, everything he’s said. I wouldn’t expect to agree with all of his comments. I appreciate he may not easily come to terms with the way his time at the club came to an end. He was, in the main, a good player for us, an integral part of a promotion winning team. I’ll remember him for that rather than some half baked comments on social media.
  9. Ok, let’s use Salford away as an example then. We can sell out more tickets in the away end there than we’ve been given to sell for a playoff semifinal at Swindon. It may be a moot point anyway as for all I know the Swindon tickets may well have all gone.
  10. I think you’re missing the point. Quite simply some fans aren’t going because it’s easy not to due to TV coverage. Simple as that.
  11. I understand times are really tough for some fans but come on we can take 8k to Man City are you trying to tell me over 6k of those are now, for want of a better term, on the breadline?
  12. No excuses. It’s a playoff semi, how often do they come round?
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