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  1. Can't believe that Jermaine Holwyn wasn't included. Wasn't he bad enough for long enough or summat?
  2. Showing the QPR game under the current lockdown would be a bridge too far in my opinion, as would any defeats v the Sh1te Seriuosly though this thread has given me the impetus to dig out my old videos and VHS player. I've almost forgotten what Saint and Greavsie look like.
  3. Better turn my phone back on, just in case.
  4. Seats are going in, so the club aren't standing still on this. Concourse will obviously have to wait until calmer times return.
  5. What are you saying then? The topic is “Assisting Club Cash Flow”, the operative word being club. Why have you asked if anyone would “chip in with helping the cash flow of there employers” if you’re not making a comparison? Care to expand?
  6. There’s no comparison in this case.
  7. As has been said, every little will help. Why not pop into the club shop and spend a few bob etc, All things being equal, after what Carol said on social media, I fully intend to purchase my season tickets early this year. I’d normally leave it until the end of the deadline but not this year because in light of the current situation. To be fair, it’s only laziness that I leave it late.
  8. From what Big Bozzer and the experts said at press conference earlier I’d guess the next two home games will go ahead as normal, after that who knows, but you’d have to think things will develop massively over the course of the next week.
  9. A good honest trier, and other than repeating what’s already been said, I’d wish Richie all the best.
  10. Guitar Ray

    Run In

    I think the feeling is that we should score more from the positions and chances we create. We just lack a bit of quality in and around the box, we’re a bit wasteful at times. I’d be more worried if we weren’t making chances to be honest.
  11. Guitar Ray

    Run In

    Maybe we won’t need 75.
  12. Can’t see Crewe finishing outside the top 2 TBF. I feel Vale will finish 7th. Then it’s a lottery.
  13. I never thought I’d say this but I wouldn’t worry too much about Oyeleke. He doesn’t appear to be fit enough at present. At the moment he’s behind Joyce, Burgess and Conlon, plus Taylor, if fit. If he was fit then it’d be a different matter of course, but barring injury or suspension, the midfield is playing well enough to remain unchanged. Taylor is the interesting one. Can he get back in the team and hit the ground running?
  14. Guitar Ray

    Run In

    Can’t see the Railway kids finishing anywhere below second, unless they implode.
  15. Conlon is a good player at this level. No question about that. He’s skilful, can pass a ball and has good energy, so fits perfectly with the style of play John has implemented. Yesterday must be one of his best games in a Vale shirt so far. He did everything well, bar score.
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