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  1. In games like today’s you have to win the battle and I didn’t think we managed that first half. Second half was a different story, ironically after Smudge went to RB, but too often an unforced misplaced pass cost us. For some reason we persevered with long, high balls up to Cullen when it clearly was never going to be productive. If Pope had been playing today people would’ve called it hoof ball, but at least he would’ve stood a chance with those tactics. If we go long it needs to be a better ball, over the defenders, down the channels or wider, thereby turning the defenders and making
  2. With our usual vociferous crowd in the stadiums, I think we’d get those decisions all day, home and away. In general, the lack of any other pressure on the refs just allows them an easy ride.
  3. We look a “tougher” team this season and have battled hard in all our games so far. That toughness and a bit of extra quality is what won us the game yesterday. Conlon is very competitive and looks stronger this season. We already knew he had the ability but I thought he looks more controlled in his aggression so far. In Manny we have the extra power in the middle of the park that we probably lacked last season. Rodney gives us a great option up front. We still also have the solidity in defence from last season. It’ll be interesting to see how significant a result it was yesterda
  4. JA has said that Hurst and DTS both need games, so can go on loan ideally to a team in the league below, but this is with a view to gaining experience and coming back to push closer to the first team rather than making room for Taylor, or some other incoming loanee. Ryan Campbell-Gordon has gone out to Hednesford on a short term deal so best of luck to him there. Hopefully he will get some game time and come back all the better for his experience.
  5. Irrespective of the kit, that video is absolute quality. Bought a tear to my eye as I read the text at the end.
  6. Visser only 7? Man of the match for me, bar a couple of errant kicks he was great. Also think 3 for Robbo is a bit harsh. The service to him was pretty poor bar the one chance.
  7. The most annoying thing about tonights performance was the way we conceded the second goal. Mills basically takes the throw in and throws the ball straight to their player. From there we're pretty much caught completely out of position
  8. Neither of these look to be an option now. Garlick pretty much said that's us done after we signed McKirdy.
  9. We should, and almost certainly will, mix it up a bit. You'd have to think Manny, Theo, Monty, Brizzle, Visser, Whitehead, Crookes will be among the starters and possibly Hurst and DTS.
  10. I must admit I didn't hear those comments at the end, which is pretty poor of Sproson in truth. Equally, I didn't hear him "slaughtering" anyone, merely remarking on clear mistakes made by the full backs which nearly cost us. Van Der Laan is my fave pundit on the rare occasions he's in the roll.
  11. Not the worst we'll see that's for sure. Maybe should have booked at least one of their players for one of several fairly cynical challenges. One of the officials has to see that elbow surely?
  12. I thought Sproson was pretty fair today to be honest, the full backs were a bit worrying as the game wore on, and Crawley threw on extra attackers. Maybe he forgot that as things stand both are considered as back up options to Gibbo and Monty so they did OK really. I thought at times they were left exposed with no cover, so they ended up one v one a bit too often for my liking today but possibly still got beaten a little to easily on a couple of those occasions. Players are still a bit rusty yet so it's too early to judge.
  13. Played when we could, battled when we needed to. Some great performances. Rodney will be awesome for us.
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