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  1. Have to reiterate both home and away shirts look nicer in the flesh. Im no fashionista but I think the home shirt is quite striking. Personally I’m OK with the golden away shirt, bearing in mind how often kits are changed these days.
  2. Would be great if we could exceed 5k
  3. No checks when I bought a couple late this afternoon. Think there are plenty left.
  4. Did you need to produce your season ticket receipt?
  5. You’re probably right there. Likely As not they’re still “entitled” to those squad numbers.
  6. Steady stream of folk down there today. Have to say I think the kit looks better in the flesh in my view. They’ll print names/numbers on the shirt(s) if it’s not too busy. As usual nowadays free tea/coffee etc & staff members about for a chat, although I didn’t see the owners myself. Nice to sit in your seat with a brew whilst admiring all that lush green turf.
  7. I would be, but you may be right. I hope you are.
  8. Always cheerful at VP Terry, moreso under the current owners. I think it's fans missing live football which will drive numbers rather than any great expectation this end. It could just be talk but a lot of people here seem keen to get down to your place for the first game back. Possibly you, like ourselves, are down to pretty much your hard core fans who, in the main, are fairly level headed. We really thought we'd have a great season last year but it wasn't to be, so after a huge rebuilding job, expectations, whilst still there, are far more muted going into this one. As you say, you never really know with lower league football.
  9. What do the bookies and these online experts know? Sweet FA. We all know that if Dazzler can grow his hair back to that lockdown winning run mop hairstyle we’ll smash this tin pot league. UTV.
  10. Beauty is as they say in the eye of the beholder. I’ll be buying a couple for the lads.
  11. I’ll go on record now and say we won’t sell out but may take a 1000, give or take a few. Much interest your end Terry? Fans hopeful for the new season after having a poor one last?
  12. A lot of interest for this one. I’ve spoken to quiet a few people who’d dropped off going away games prior to COVID and are aiming to get tickets.
  13. Possibly true, but there’s being “really good” and “good enough”. If the latter then it would depend on just where the staff see him. If they think he’s good enough to get enough game time in the first team squad to develop then who knows. Obviously if he started banging a few goals in at senior level he’d be gone.
  14. I know which of those two I’d rather not step in 💩
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