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  1. It’s the nature of modern day lower league football, certainly post Bosman and since the rise of the Premier League Academy system. Squads are annually churned. Better players move for better wages whilst poorer players are released. It seems that more players are signed on 12 month, or short term, deals than in the past.
  2. The article in the Sentinel appears to confirm, “....Forest who let Vale have Taylor for a relatively low wage contribution before increasing that after he impressed in his half-season loan.”
  3. I’m going to disagree with some posters in that I thought Orient looked quite a poor outfit. We played well and, if we’d have stuck our early chances away, could and should have finished with a more convincing win. Having said that the game itself was very entertaining, with some good football and quite open. 6 points from the last 3 games is a good return and it’s nice to see the gap close on the teams above.
  4. No, not sure where the off side occurred. Either way, Brownie wasn’t to know. The new media guy should compile a montage of Browns saves for the first half of the season. Would make great viewing.
  5. Big shout out to Scott Brown, more great saves again today, the best of which, from the off side Angol(?), was so good it caused a mini celebration in the Bycars as if we’d scored, including several fans rushing down to the front of the stand. Can’t remember the last time I saw that.
  6. Never really recovered after the calamitous start, although we did improve second half. We don’t seem to have the energy throughout the team in these last few league games and we’re still short on a bit of quality in attack.
  7. The Salford situation is almost unique in our division. They can sign players on big wages and not cause dressing room unrest because virtually every other member of their squad will be on a similar, certainly higher than average, wage. Ok, there are the other big spenders like Mansfield, Swindon, Bradford etc but non of these have owners with such wealth. Salford have the finances to add recognised players during every window, hence the constant churning of the squad. I’m unsure how/when financial fair play comes into play in all this but you can bet that Salford, like our neighbours down the road, will be working to find a way around the rules, or get them overturned.
  8. As a converted winger Monty is used to playing on the flank rather than centrally, which helps with the transition to FB. He just needs to learn concentrate a bit more as there's usually going to be nobody behind him if he makes a mistake. Also learn when and when not to dribble the ball out. Otherwise he has good pace, a bit of skill, is strong enough, can tackle and is a surprisingly good header of the ball. Nothing wrong with Crookes as cover,
  9. 17 league games and the guy was our joint top scorer until today. All his goals coming from midfield open play if I remember correctly, Not just the Man City money methinks.
  10. All fair comments. I’d add that when we have an off day it seems to affect most of the team, and this has also happened when the first choice 11 have had a bad day at the office. With regards to Cullen, I thought he’d played as a lone striker for other clubs, but if so, it doesn’t appear to suit him in the role for us. The Pope / Cullen pairing looks good on paper but I think the only time we see this is when we’re chasing the game.
  11. Extended loan, if it happens, seems the sensible option. Notts obviously see something in the lad, and, if he can keep playing the way he has during the first half of the season, they may well be correct in their judgement.
  12. Fantastic news, well done to the club
  13. Total class from Brownie. I’d urge anyone with any sort of presence on social media to spread this.
  14. Correct, it should read “hit and roll”. Car hits Sexman. He rolls off.
  15. Frustrated how we performed, plus 40 grand thrown away, but the hectic schedule and shallow squad caught up with us tonight. Too many changes, none of whom made a telling contribution. Rather than play themselves into the thoughts of the management team, they conspired to make the decision to recall the rested players into the team an easy one next Saturday. Salford looked there for the taking but still looked much more of a threat than we did. We can fully focus on the league now. Hopefully with a couple of players added to push us on.
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