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  1. Tend to agree with this. You'd have to think that we've signed a "chancer" in Rodney, although JA clearly rates him, and that we'll be looking for the 10 goal man you describe. Let's not forget we also need a midfielder who can score a few, assuming Taylor goes elsewhere.
  2. Sadly, I think they're all but safe. Lets hope it goes to the last day, to at least keep them twitching.
  3. Seating itself would be a logistical nightmare if any sort of social distancing is enforced as it'll mean lots of fans, most specifically ST holders, would have to agree not to sit in their prefered / "traditional" seat, possibly even moving into a different stand completely. ST holders would have to be alloacted a new seat for the duration of any restrictions, or be issued a ticket on a match by match basis. Obviously how the club decides which exact seat anyone sits in, or who they are adjacent too, as in family members or whoever is in someones "bubble" etc., is difficult to manage and could only really be done on an arbitary first come first served basis. I think most fans would buy into this but the admin could be horrendous initially.
  4. Looking at the fixtures, and current form, Luton should be capable of picking up more points than the Sweat 365ers, even with a game less to play. Right now I think Barnsley, Hull plus one other. We can but pray.
  5. Fantastic. I think it’s fair to say nobody saw this one coming. I’d long since said my farewells.
  6. Someone like Ironside would be OK in the shorter term, providing they were happy to be a squad player. If we assume Cullen to be favourite for the lone striker role then we just need options. If given a decent run, and barring injury, we can reasonably expect Cullen to score 15+. I can't see us going out and signing anyone prolific, we'll need a number of players who can chip in, and Ironside, or whoever, needs to score 10+. As things stand we also need to replace Taylors goals from midfield and it may be easier to do this than find a ready made 20 goal striker.
  7. Perhaps this is where McCartan fits in, should he sign.
  8. What’s the story with Palmer? I haven’t checked, but isn’t he still under contract?
  9. I think you're possibly looking at it the wrong way around. Cullen finished the season fit and strong, and, touch wood, looked to have recovered from his injury the previous season. OK, his one year deal may indicate some slight uncertainty, who knows, but we need a player to come in and cover, or be the longer term replacement, for The Pope surely? Unless JA chooses not to go with a traditional "big" target man, ie. how we finished the season, with Cullen starting and Pope coming off the bench. Having said that, having a big lump up front is a good option in this division as we've seen.
  10. It'd depend how we set up, but based on last season I'd tend to agree. I think the obvious would be looking at a more conventional forward as cover / replacement for The Pope, but who knows what JA's ideas are for the squad next season. There's clearly a longer term plan when you look at the players who we have signed up beyond next season.
  11. Nice to be linked with either player to be fair. I've always thought McCartan looked a tidy player when weve faced him.
  12. I think he was quoted as saying 2 strikers, so maybe this Rodney fella plus a more conventional central striker.
  13. The only reservation I would have to this is that Taylor is a proven goal scorer, whilst Burgess has yet to show this. I felt Burgess lacked composure in front of goal last season, but he's still young enough to improve in this area. It could simply be confidence, and a goal or two early doors next season may make a big difference in that regard. Otherwise there wasn't much to choose between Burgess and Taylor. In fact out on the pitch it was like watching twins at times. We've seen that Manny has a goal in him, but we all worry about his fitness. Getting Taylor back would be a no brainer but it'd be suprising to see him back at this level. I'd suggest that Clarke is more likely to return out of the pair. Who knows. Fingers crossed on both counts.
  14. Obviously, my above comment re. Wigan was on the assumption that they’ll actually complete the season.
  15. Over 6 games it’s not inconceivable that Wigan will pick up 6 more points than the 5h1te, provided their morale hasn’t been too badly affected. A Barnsley win, or even a draw, on Saturday will make things interesting.
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