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  1. Have you just contradicted yourself ? Your first post suggests that you have no issues with the squad whilst in your next post you suggest otherwise.
  2. Apart from the obvious LB and getting Taylor signed up, we may need cover in central defence. We can ill afford a repeat of what happened on Tuesday night to Brisley if he were playing in a game due to the enforced absence of either Smith or Legge. Kennedy will be back from his loan but I’d rather someone better if possible. A loanee could fit the bill. We’ve done OK with loan CB’s in the recent past. The key thing is that, whoever we sign, a couple who actually improve us would probably be enough to push us on, such is the fairly even nature of the teams in the league this season.
  3. Both Scholes and Coates Jr sound like clueless serial wafflers when you hear either of them speak. Tip of the hat to Scholes from me as he’s probably more involved than Coates Jr, who I guess will just be rubber-stamping whatever’s put in front of his nose. Listen to either of this pair and compare to Carol and you realise just how lucky we are.
  4. I feel that our starting 11 is more than OK, you only have to look at our league position, cup runs etc. I think you’ve missed the point there.
  5. We’ve got no depth in the squad, which, aligned with inconsistent performances from many of the players, means we’re going to have games like this. The main negative for me today was that we were out-battled. The ref didn’t help but that’s no excuse. Conlons red looked nailed on to me as he appeared to lead with his forearm. There was a total lack of urgency and no quality. No point in playing Pope if the crosses are rubbish. Our best 11 is OK but beyond that we’re struggling. To really push on we need a couple of players in Jan. Fullbacks, another wide player and maybe a pacey striker plus, if Brisley is out, cover at centre back.
  6. Apart from anything else, a finished, or at least fully seated, Lorne Street Stand would send out a massive statement of intent to the wider footballing world just how far we’ve moved on under Caz ‘n’ Kev. I'd make it a priority, second only to player recruitment / contract renewals.
  7. Talk about being elated, I had to spend the last hour listening to my “Carl from Wolstanton” tape just to bring myself back down to earth.
  8. Having said that, their keeper should have thrown his cap on the first two, certainly the second.
  9. Has anyone mentioned Popes technique for the third goal? A terrific strike
  10. I’d take one of the big boys away rather than some lower league banana skin at home. As for the Scum, it’d be nice if they were knocked out in front of their own fans by Fylde or similar
  11. I’m 100% sure all connected to the Vale are united in offering their deepest sympathies to the family at this time.
  12. Are you for real? 4 is a third of the team. I’d also suggest Manny & Conlon would regularly be either in the team or on the bench, and will be once fit. So potentially we could have half a team which has been signed by Aspo, this despite Askey signing something like 14 players in pre-season. This isn’t the point though, Aspins team selection and style of play was frustrating to say the least. Askey has turned things around in a manner few would have predicted. Off the field he’s had the benefit of the change of ownership but still deserves full credit for the tangible changes on the field.
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