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  1. The bottom line is that if we can’t find a place for Rod it’s best for all parties that he’s moved on. Any player needs a run of games but he hadn’t been good enough to force himself into the managers plans this season. I’ll remember him most for the mad Bolton game, where he ripped Santos to shreds with a tremendous show of power and pace, but equally he was frustrating to watch this season.
  2. I’m not so sure we’ll sign a replacement for Rod, but if there’s a bit of extra cash to splash from his sale then it could happen if the right player is available.
  3. Still young enough for someone to gamble on his “potential” at a guess.
  4. Yes, he played well in that game but there’s the possibility of confusing him with Lapslie.
  5. Based on nothing more than a hunch, I always felt DC would freshen things up big style in this window, but obviously our catastrophic injury list has meant more than just a freshen up is required. The big dilemma now is how quickly we can integrate these players given that many are nailed on starters due the injuries and suspensions.
  6. Great signing on paper. He’s looked a decent player the odd times I’ve seen him play.
  7. Correct. I seem to remember DC saying we’re heavily weighted towards incentive bonus payments, and one element of that was linked to being in the top 7. Not his exact words but something along those lines.
  8. How do you suggest we get Wilson, or any other player returning from injury, fit without “carrying him” to some extent? We either play him as much as possible or we don’t. The more minutes he can manage the better for his fitness and, hopefully, form. The problem with your idea of signing an experienced striker is that there are only two or three of these players actually available in January, and every single team is looking to add more firepower, so supply and demand almost certainly means paying well over the odds in fees and wages for players that, for us, are essentially only acting as cover, with absolutely no guarantee said player will perform or stay fit. It’s always a gamble. Taking your short term view, we only need Harratt and/or Edmonson to contribute on the pitch between now and the end of the season, beyond that it doesn’t matter. Here again there is the cost factor. Chances are their parent clubs are helping out with wages. Loans carry a lot less financial risk than permanent signings. We can all sit at our keyboards hoping the club sign this player or that player but as fans most of us haven’t got a clue about our finances, an individual players demands and preferences, agents, parent clubs wishes, FFP even, the list goes on. Any deal is as much about money as it is about football.
  9. Just over 500 sold late afternoon. No queues, in fact very quiet when I went up. Maybe road closures in town having an impact? I was told we’re taking up the full allocation, unsurprisingly, so more will become available than what’s initially on sale.
  10. Suffice to say whether or not we were in for your experienced striker, of which very few were/are actually available, we didn’t land him. Who’s fault is that? The supposed big names have gone so who else is on your list? We’ve got 2 forwards in, Edmonson has played games prior, Harratt hasn’t. They could turn out to be great, better than Loft, Hemmings, et al. Only time will tell. I’d rather judge their worth to the team at the end of the season rather than now. You seem to be taking a short term view based on nothing more than perceived reputation and 2 or 3 brief appearances. To be clear, not only does it seem that you’re dissatisfied with the 2 new strikers we got through the door pretty much as soon as the window opened, you’re also now writing Wilson off. Wilson isn’t the only player we’re “carrying”, please try to keep up, numerous players are injured. Several, so we’re told, have been playing when not fully fit. This is a fact of life at most clubs, certainly at our level.
  11. Guitar Ray


    I think it’s more (in)famous for the “Meet the Player” evenings in the Rudgie era.
  12. What are you on? Just wait until Proctor maybe comes back? All those games in between? We had no choice but to wait. We had to wait until the window opened. We then recruited 2 strikers, who, it would appear, you’ve written off. Wilson is coming back from multiple injuries having broken a bone shortly after returning from a previous spell on the sidelines. Take a look how long he’s been out for. Do you honestly expect him to be up to full fitness in 3 or 4 games? How do you know we weren’t in for Loft? We were in for Politic but he went elsewhere for more money. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that we could’ve been in for Loft, Hemmings, Beesley, or anyone else you care to mention. Ultimately any player will go where they choose.
  13. We needed strikers. Who would you have signed? You’re now going to suggest Loft and Hemmings. Both of whom have signed for clubs with financial clout equal to, if not greater than, ourselves. We could sign those players and they could be no better than the 2 kids, there’s no way of knowing. All the while our own strikers are getting closer to returning to full fitness.
  14. These are the decisions that can make a big difference to teams at this level. Not only losing a decent player in his own right but breaking up the partnership between him and McKirdy could be massive.
  15. Excuses? Valid reasons? Choice of words. We’ve been damned unlucky in my view. It’s not just losing our 2 good forwards, it’s, at various times, losing ALL our forwards, best attacking wingbacks/wide players, most creative midfielder, and high impact super sub, even Dan Jones was having some effect in an attacking sense, sorry if I missed anyone else out. The balance is to get someone half decent to join in January, in the knowledge that our injured players will ultimately return and then need to play minutes to gain fitness. Not an easy task. Add to this every team in every league will be looking to strengthen in this window so we could easily end up in a bidding war. At the end of the day finances do play a part. I think we’ve recruited well. Get Wilson up to speed, add a couple more players, as DC suggests, get the injured/ suspended players back, and, most of all, have a bit more luck, and the playoffs should be on. If we can turn things round quickly the automatic places are still achievable. Cup half full.
  16. Totally agree. Ok chances were at a premium but it was a battle throughout. I felt we were better in midfield but you fancied their strikers to have the edge on ours if a chance arose. Quite simply it was a game where both defences were on top. Apart from our play in the final third we played well. The problem being our better forward thinking players are unavailable. We’re hoping one of the strikers creates something out of nothing as it stands. Fans need to be realistic, arguably we have half the first team missing. Among those missing are our best players. Top 7 is achievable but we still need a bit of luck, as do all teams.
  17. I’ll hold my hands up right now and say Brad Walker has proved me wrong so far. Fair play to the lad, I hope he keeps it up.
  18. They’ve both been played out of position, Garrity when he was played as a striker.
  19. Garrity, Wozz, Gibbo, 1,2,3, with 1 and 2 very close in my view. I’d say had Proctor stayed fit likely he’d be in the top 3.
  20. To be successful at this level you need a lot of luck with injuries. Askey suffered when his first choice 11 couldn’t be picked and we’re in a similar situation, albeit with a much stronger squad, now. The other dilemma is that when players return they’re not up to speed but need minutes. Wilson looks miles away but we have to play him to get his fitness back up to the required level. Currently we’re expecting 2 kids to do the job up top while our first choice strikers recover, our most creative midfielder is injured and our new centre back went off on Tuesday night. Combine that with two players out serving suspensions and it’s easy to see why we’re struggling. If FGR, or whoever, lost their 2 main strikers plus a couple of other influential players they’d drop like a stone.
  21. No idea why folks are singling out Smith. For my money he’s a good defender, a real competitor, great header of a ball. We’ve watched him long enough to know he’s not going to be a “ball player”, which is why we’ve signed more technically gifted players to play alongside him. Unfortunately those technically gifted players aren’t the best defensively. Hall showed some signs that he possesses the right attributes. Looks fairly solid, decent in the air, not bad on the deck and quick enough for this level. Sadly he had to be subbed off which I felt disrupted us.
  22. I tend to agree with this. I felt Hall going off, whilst not a turning point, negatively affected us. Hopefully, what looked like a hamstring injury will turn out to be minor. We haven’t looked particularly solid all season and Clarke needs to find a blend of 3 centre backs, in the current system, that works. The game itself was your typical one team misses numerous chances, makes unforced sloppy mistakes culminating in a soft goal being conceded. We’ve seen it countless times before. Credit to Salford for the way they defended, other than that they were toss.
  23. Not saying it couldn’t happen but if Garrity is fit I’d be amazed if he was dropped if we play the current formation. Even if we change formation I’d still be surprised, unless the manager simply wants to give Walker a run out.
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