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  1. I’ve grown to become one of his biggest admirers so I have to say I’m very disappointed not to have seen him, to shake his hand and to give him a manly kiss on the lips for the sterling work he’s done, I hope and pray that all his efforts have not been in vain.
  2. Our second string looked exactly that. Cullen and Maddison both had good games. I was impressed by Newcastle, technically they were very good. They had good pace and some power in the side. I’d be happy to take their 44? on loan. Big, strong, quick and good on the ball. How big is their squad? Looking at the back of their shirts was like looking at bingo numbers.
  3. Absolutely crap draw, whoever wins the replay. Either way we’re in with a chance. I’d rather not go to Swindon but they’ll give us more tickets so fingers crossed they win the replay.
  4. It looked like he’d not taken it off in 24 years the dirty scutter. I was trying to work out who played in grey and red stripes
  5. Oh well. Let’s hope the Vale players perform a bit better than England’s rugby players just did.
  6. Guess I’m like a lot of folk. Pub at 9 for Rugby final. Train to Alsager for more beers then on to Crewe. If results go the right way this could be one hell of a day out
  7. To save anyone wasted time this ticket has gone now. Thanks
  8. You should hopefully see a message in your inbox
  9. Got one spare Crewe ticket if anyone needs one. PM me. First come first served.
  10. In the old Lorne St “venting your anger” was a massed concerted chunter which reverberated around the ground. I don’t believe that any actual words were spoken.
  11. We’re not in a bad place. Askey is doing a good job with the means available to him. I think he’s a good fit for the club where we are right now. Is he perfect? No, but who is? Any appointment in football, especially managerial, is a bit of a lottery. You only have to look down the road to see that. When you think about it, it’s a strange profession as virtually all football managers are doomed to fail.
  12. Can anyone tell me where did all the Lorne Street Moaners move to?
  13. I’d speculate that the club will give it until midday before making a decision.
  14. The problem positions aren’t at CB. Smith was one of the few who played Ok on Saturday, where our midfield didn’t offer enough either defensively or in attack. Legge gave the ball away for one of the goals. Brisley may well deserve a chance but not just yet.
  15. Seriously? Do we really need to make such wholesale changes? You’d drop Smith?
  16. The main problem with the formation was that we had no width. Midfield still the problem area for me and has been all season.
  17. 3 year deal, or whatever, the length of contract doesn’t really matter these days anyway.
  18. You could argue it typified the passion and exemplified what the game meant to the Macc players, or perhaps he’d simply copped some abuse during the game. Whatever it was he made himself look a rayt clown with that reaction at the end.
  19. Haven’t read through this thread but clearly, although the formation didn’t work, if you can’t pass the ball, and keep turning it over to the opposition, you’re going to struggle. Far too many players looked way off the pace. The spark and energy we showed earlier in the season seems to have gone, we’re not pressing with anywhere near the same intensity in the last few games. Macc were poor but they wanted it far more than we did, and in the end that was the difference.
  20. When so many players looked off the pace, it’s not the time to single out any one individual.
  21. Never let it be said that I don’t believe in honest, and frank, discussion.
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