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  1. Talk about get out of jail! Had us down to lose this one so I’m more than happy with a point. Mansfield, on paper, looked way too strong, but I thought we battled away against a technically better team who ended up being outdone by their own time wasting tactics. The ref was toss and they played him like a fiddle. Isn’t kicking the ball away a bookable offence any more?? Pope and Cullen could form a decent partnership, but not with that midfield. Bennett should have been brought on sooner, probably when Montano was injured instead of Lloyd. Mansfield didn’t look great at the back but we didn’t have enough of a threat from the flanks to profit. Without Amoo there’s no pace going forward.. Overall, without our first choice 11 players available, it’s a point gained rather than 2 lost and the unbeaten home record is still intact. One last point, and I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, was that at one period during the second half the singing and noise level from the Railway really cranked up a notch, with the fans in the other home stands responding. This seemed quite spontaneous, and, from where I sit in the Bycars, was really noticeable. It’d be great if we could get this going at future home games.
  2. “The Pope style of play” is a complete misnomer. Askey picks the team and largely dictates the style of play. If the intention is to play mainly into feet, or chest, then it shouldn’t matter who plays up front, it’s down to whoever is playing the ball to provide the right type of pass into the frontman. We didn’t play much into Bennett’s feet on Tuesday. When defending under pressure players will understandably clear the ball long rather than play a more deliberate pass out. This is when your forward player(s) need to win and hold the ball up to prevent it coming straight back. What Jean is alluding to is that Pope is more able to do this than any of the other forwards. Equally, as we now have some pace on the flanks, Pope is better equipped to win the flick ons for these quicker forwards to run on to. I’d suggest that away from home, certainly against the better teams when we would normally expect to be under more pressure, Pope could provide a better outlet than Bennett. This discussion will hopefully prove to be irrelevant once Archer is fit, as it’d be great if he could provide a combination of power and pace above that of the two players we’ve mentioned.
  3. Tend to agree with this to some degree, OK we had a scratch team out on Tuesday but the ball just never stuck up top and this meant that our back four were under needless pressure at times. This was really apparent on numerous throw-ins where we turned the ball over when aiming for Bennett down the touch line and gifted the ball back to the opposition. On the flip side Bennett has looked decent in most games and has scored goals whilst Tom did his own cause no favours in the Shrewsbury game. It’s still early days but Arthur probably does need have a rethink away from home now. There’s no harm in trying Pope as the away results can’t be much worse.
  4. Sums it up really, numerous games we’ve not taken decent chances when we’ve created them. Against a side like Newport on their own patch good chances are going to be few and far between so if we get say a one on one or a free header we must do better, but where we are at present we don’t have many natural goal scorers throughout the team, hence these chances are spurned. As many have said, we’re very much a work in progress. Hopefully we can keep improving the players we currently have and maybe add one or two in the next window. Fingers crossed for Archer.
  5. I’d agree with this, the game was drifting. But I guess Askeys’ patience was rewarded.
  6. We didn’t score enough goals last season, and I don’t see us being that much more prolific this, so I think a forward plus replacement for Rawlinson along with a strong central midfielder must be added before the deadline. We've hamstrung ourselves a bit by signing an injured player in Browne, who’d have probably played in place of Montano on Saturday.
  7. According to Arthur in today’s Sentinel we played Wolves yesterday.
  8. As things stand I’d have Pope as my first choice away from home, where we’re less able to play fluent football, more likely to get drawn into a game of hoofball and/or get overrun in midfield. But whoever plays up front has to be helped by the midfield. Our central midfield without Manny is neither athletic nor powerful. I like Conlon and Joyce on their day but there’s no escaping the fact that they’re powderpuff. That’s not to say that those two alone were culpable for Saturdays performance, the whole team and staff need to take a good look at themselves.
  9. Bennett played wide left in the pre season friendlies and did lots of tracking back. Whilst I would rather not see him playing there week in week out he would’ve been the best option in that position once Pope came on. The manager has trusted the same side, bar one enforced change, that played so well against FGR. We’ve been found lacking. Hopefully he’s learned that we need more size and physicality in the squad. I was a bit concerned when Conlon was smashed at the kick off. We don’t have anyone in our team who’ll do that to an opposing player and set the tone that we’re up for a battle. I don’t see anybody with real appetite for fight. It’s early days yet so no panic but lessons need to be learned.
  10. I didn’t see any problems in the Bycars. Hardly any stewards, and those that were there arrived late and didn’t appear to have a clue what to do. I normally have my own steward sitting watching me all match.
  11. Great performance first half, easily the best we’ve played for quite some time. Sat back a bit too much second half for my liking, inviting unnecessary pressure. Special mention must go to Brownie for two great saves, one in each half.
  12. The disappointment at throwing 3 points away is understandable but when the fixtures were released most of us would have been more than happy to be 3 unbeaten, with 2 of those games being away from home. Looking at the stats on Saturday we had 13 shots, 6 on target and 7 corners, which for an away team is excellent. Also, we managed 16 shots against Northampton plus 10 against Colchester, which says to me that we’re competitive, we just need to be a bit more clinical. One other point, Chris Neal was always going to have a good game against us. OK, you could argue we were a bit wasteful, but I thought a little unlucky with a couple of the efforts on goal.
  13. I’m a bit surprised by this comment. Did you go to any of the friendlies? In all the games I’ve seen Bennett play he’s done far more running than Pope. Your comparison is flawed as in most of his appearances he’s played wide left and has had to do a lot of tracking back, something which wouldn’t be expected of a target man. Anyhow, Bennett and Pope are different types of players. Bennett isn’t a direct replacement for Tom. From what I’ve seen Tom, as we’d expect, is better in the air, Bennett is quicker and more mobile. I guess it’ll depend on how Askey views the opposition as to which of the strikers he plays against FGR. The main problem in dropping Tom, apart from his goal threat, is that he gives us that added aeriall power when defending set pieces. We’re a small team and I don’t see Bennett, although tall, being particularly strong in the air.
  14. As things stand, I wouldn’t be disappointed to see Whitfield on the bench, to be bought on with 15 - 20 mins of the game left. Whatever the stats say, he has shown he has a bit of creativity, something which I see as lacking in the team. Would I trust him as a starter? No, probably not.
  15. Overall I was pretty happy with our performance, albeit that we were guilty of being wasteful in front of goal. Until we scored neither team played with much urgency but the opposition woke up a bit thereafter. I thought we competed really well against a big strong team, and in conditions which suited them more than us. They’ve signed a fair few players and I expected them to play more football. Interesting that we improved when Cullen came on, by which point I thought the game was passing Manny by. I think this is the tactic Askey will use at home, switching from 433 to something closer to 442 when some of the pace has gone out of the game as players tire. I think it allowed the wingers to stay wider having Cullen in support of Pope, which stretched them a bit more at the back.
  16. From what I saw in pre-season Burgess is nothing like Manny. He’s more like the other midfielders in build and style of play. At the moment it’s looking like we need a CH to replace Rawlinson, a powerful attacking midfielder to cover for Manny and I still feel we need another striker.
  17. Pope simply MUST come back for corners, we’re too small otherwise, certainly against the giants of Northants who had around 6 players taller than either Pope or Legge. Besides, Pope is a great header of the ball so why wouldn’t he drop back for corners and set pieces? I would prefer to see Amoo on the halfway line but he seems to have defensive duties.
  18. Just corrected that for you. We’re not feral you know? We pronounce our haitches round these parts.
  19. You are right to be unsure my good fellow. Let me quote from my bible, the Social Media For Dummies guide book, the first rule of social media: “1). Everyone, at all times, must post the gospel truth.” This is the Law
  20. Please don’t decry us “Ragtatters” behind the goal, Jeff Kent will have plenty to say about this effrontery in his next book. Kindly note that our outlandish attire is merely an outward display of our solidarity with our VIP cousins, that they too have the freedom to dress as they please whilst enjoying their corporate hospitality. We may not be preening peacocks behind the goal but remember this, wherever we sit as fans we are all one, inextricably bound by the same intangible force, the same force in fact that holds the Bycars bogs together.
  21. There’s no obligation to join in. Just turn up in your scruffs and no one will know
  22. You do realise he was wearing nothing below the waist?
  23. Having stepped back for a couple of hours to digest this thread, this dress code idea has started to boil my P155. So much so that I’m in two minds if to protest at the first home game by wearing a suit in the Bycars to show solidarity with the VIP’s up there in the gods. So if anyone spots a slimmer, balder, slightly more pished version of Rab C Nesbitt in The Bycars on Sat you’ll know why. #SolidarityBrothers
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