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  1. You're absolutely correct, I would change my mind quickly. Not for the reasons you give, but simply that I will back anyone who puts on the black and white jersey 110%. However, currently he's not one of our players, so I'll reiterate what I said previously, he can knob off. As good, or bad, as McKirdy may be there WILL be decent players with BETTER attitudes available this summer.
  2. Johnny Maddison on Twitter. Best of luck to you for the future Johnny
  3. Bring it on. Come on, let’s have those juicy rumours boys and girls.
  4. McKirdy can knob off. There’ll be decent players with better attitudes.
  5. I’ve just read through this topic twice. It’s so nice to be talking about football again.
  6. What will slow things down is any new rules/format changes. Things like the proposed wage cap and mentioned limits on numbers of players in squad. None of this appears to have been agreed yet. Lots of things have yet to be formalised. I’ve even read in today’s Sentinel the rumour of League 2 amalgamating with the National League and then going regionalised. Until the format, and any new rules are fully ratified it’s going to be very difficult for clubs to plan.
  7. No surprises on that list. As others have said, there’ll be a good pool of players to pick from this summer. Whoever we recruit I trust JA to get good value for money. Of those offered contracts, can we be sure they’ll all sign? I’d also echo the sentiments of other posters in saying Thank You to those released players, and wish them all the best of luck in getting fixed up elsewhere. They may not have played many games between them but all have contributed in reestablishing the club and getting us to the cusp of the playoffs. If nothing else the dressing room harmony and team spirit has been much improved this season, these players have been a part of that.
  8. This terrible news just puts everything regarding todays decision regarding the season ending into perspective, merely a ripple on the sea when compared to the loss of a life. RIP.
  9. Has anyone mentioned Linda Jones? As examples check out Not On The Outside, or Just Can't Live My Life. Whether or not you like you like the songs, there's no denying the lady has a great voice.
  10. Try this link - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08czt5n
  11. Will be getting my 2 next week, after pay day.
  12. The honest answer is, of course, both. I’m currently working my way through what’s left of a Titanic “Pub In A Box”.
  13. I don’t know Mike personally but send my own heartfelt best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  14. Looking back, it’s been a strange few years. Unbelievable really. I think even the most pessimistic would have to concede that all the uncertainty and unrest has been replaced with genuine optimism and great hope for the future. I’m at home, in the garden, and it’s not too early in the day for me to raise a glass and say “Cheers“ to Carol, Kev and everyone involved on your 1st Anniversary. Here’s to many more. Thank You,
  15. Indeed. We'd beaten a similar side to this in a friendly a couple of seasons earlier, in front of quite a big crowd as I recall.
  16. I don't recall the Genoa players impressing all that much during the home game, but it was like we were playing a completely different team in the final. Unreal. I'd have to echo the sentiments of others by chosing Bergkamp, but if I was chosing an opposition player from the same level we were playing at, at the time, I'd go with Stein, as much as it pains me.
  17. Remember seeing them play at the Viccy Hall early 80's.
  18. Whilst stuck in traffic, down a slip road off the M4 on the way to Brentford many moons ago, waiting for the lights to change, I was very surprised to see a somwhat familiar looking grey haired old gent exit a Rover 820 (or similar) a few cars down the queue, "run" up to our car and start banging on the drivers window. He then realised the lights had changed and had to frantically run back between the now moving traffic back to the Rover, all the while beckoning us to follow him, which we did. Turned out it was Bello and he led us to a school car park, gave us a parking pass and match tickets. Have to say he was extremely lucky he didn't get run over. Think it was the game when Vanders smashed a powerful shot high over the bar, straight into the upper tier of the stand and into a young lads face during the warm up. Oops.
  19. My memory is very poor for dates but the sight of a traffic sign, possibly “men at work”, flying into the Stoke End Stand after one of the derby games early 90’s was quite a surprise at the time. As was the sight of a bare backside (Goober’s?) sticking out of a small dressing room window in another of the derby games ( Autoglass? ) as we celebrated whilst being kept behind. Those windows would’ve been at head height and I can remember being surprised as to how someone could get their ar5e that high.
  20. Can't believe that Jermaine Holwyn wasn't included. Wasn't he bad enough for long enough or summat?
  21. Showing the QPR game under the current lockdown would be a bridge too far in my opinion, as would any defeats v the Sh1te Seriuosly though this thread has given me the impetus to dig out my old videos and VHS player. I've almost forgotten what Saint and Greavsie look like.
  22. Better turn my phone back on, just in case.
  23. Seats are going in, so the club aren't standing still on this. Concourse will obviously have to wait until calmer times return.
  24. What are you saying then? The topic is “Assisting Club Cash Flow”, the operative word being club. Why have you asked if anyone would “chip in with helping the cash flow of there employers” if you’re not making a comparison? Care to expand?
  25. There’s no comparison in this case.
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