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  1. Pleasing to see several good individual performances today, and everyone was at least steady, but no hiding from the fact that Hartlepool were dire and we’re going to face far better teams in the upcoming games. We really need Rod and Amoo to find their shooting boots.
  2. A bit of a non-event of a game overall but worth the entrance money just to watch Tom Pett. I thought he was excellent. We looked very disjointed with all the changes but at least passed to each other and competed. Get the strikers back fit and add another in January and we’ll be fine.
  3. I’ll hit him with one from the back of the Bycars if we lose this one.
  4. We’ve got irons in the fire for January. Clarke: ”We are already on it. I have an unbelievable director of football, Flickers (David Flitcroft). We are ahead of recruitment. I know now what business I want to be doing. That is what this club should look like in my opinion, having one or two things that in every window needs to be freshened up. Certainly with one or two injuries in the front line, you look at, that needs to be freshened up. We are working hard. We have Tommy (Johnson) head of recruitment. He is a top man at his work. This is fair play to the owners yet again, backing this to keep building that profile so you are not making those last minute phone calls to try to get deals done. We are working hard to make sure the tweaks that need to be made in the window, in the next six weeks, we are ready for it.” Sounds promising.
  5. Certainly not. Why on earth wouldn’t I encourage people with COVID to self isolate in the Bycars?
  6. Although we’ll never know for sure, I’d guess the idea would probably have been to play Wozz/ Gibbo, Smith, Martin, Jones, Benning if playing wingbacks. Martin and Benning came with decent reputations. I don’t think recruitment was bad, rather those two players mentioned haven’t been at the heights we’d expect from them, and I’d add that Jones up until recently was playing better than most fans would’ve expected.
  7. Formations didn’t cause us to continually pass the ball to an opponent. We were giving the ball away when under no pressure. We did the same v Bradford.
  8. My own didn’t go and their 2 mates have COVID. I did try to convince their parents that some seats in the Bycars are possibly as isolated as it’s humanly possible to be, but they weren’t buying it.
  9. No idea why there’s so much focus on formations, Gibbo. Wozza. Simply if we keep turning the ball over in open play when under no pressure we are then defending. Formations don’t come into it, Gibbo, Wozza are forced to come back, along with the other 10 outfield players. It’s not the odd bad pass costing us, it’s a glut of errors. Play whatever formation and personnel you like and it won’t change anything until we cut out the mistakes. Players need to go back to doing the basics right and results will follow.
  10. People saying we’re set up wrong is all fine and dandy but the bottom line still is that Jones set the goal up, it was nothing to do with any trap set by the opposition, or great play, just a rank bad pass which left the bulk of the player marooned upfield in offensive positions completely unable to defend.
  11. It’s not a case of teams sussing us out. If we can’t do the basics right then tactics don’t really matter. Simple passes going straight to the opposition, not competing for every ball, players making poor decisions. We’re making the job easy for our opponents at the moment. We can’t keep a clean sheet.
  12. Bloody hell, Ben Garrity looks like he’s going to burst into tears in his interview. Come on Ben, chin up son. 💪🏻
  13. Was Conlon booked first time for gobbing off at the ref?
  14. Nobody takes me seriously either. Least of all myself.
  15. Just to be clear, nobody takes you seriously.
  16. No, sorry, I’ve scratched you off this year. Nothing personal, just cutbacks.
  17. What we’re seeing is why many of these players are playing in this division. Inconsistency. Unfortunately what’s happened is that several have had a dip at the same time as we’ve had a couple of crucial injuries.
  18. The ref isn’t the one passing the ball to the opposition I’m afraid.
  19. After tonight’s showing we must get more fans in the Bycars directly behind the goal. The atmosphere in the “home end” was dire. The stand barely populated.
  20. Wow, didn’t see that performance coming. Can’t take one single positive from that game. Walsall were bang average but we simply rolled over. Professional footballers should be able to make simple passes when under no pressure. 11 fans picked out of the stand would’ve shown more guts and fight tonight. The players that played need to take a long hard look at themselves.
  21. Ah yes, apologies, I had completely forgotten that they were only two games where we had to defend balls into our box. Thankfully the likes of Swindon, FGR, Tranmere and Co. kindly decided not to cross the ball when we played them. It’s all clear now. Thanks.
  22. Without checking I’d guess 19 isn’t a terrible figure but it’s obvious that the top sides won’t be letting 3’s and 4’s in too often. We’re going to give chances away because we’re set up to attack. The second half performance going forward was outstanding so we could probably forget about the defending and talk about missed chances and a bit of bad luck that end of the pitch with a goal bound shot or two being deflected.
  23. To suggest we’re third in the league after this many games on the back of being defensively poor is utter tripe. Think about it, it defies logic.
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