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  1. Edit: order by midnight if you want your items delivered on time. Also the tweet mentioned some merchandise not available due to supplier issues. To anyone thinking about moaning please do your research, find out who the supplier is and address your complaints to them directly rather than the club. Oh, and don’t bother moaning on here either, cuz we’re not listening.
  2. Moving on. Website updated. Stock is in club shop now.
  3. Just waiting now for the official Wembley merchandise to appear on the website. Need to have a look first to see whether I’ll be able to carry the stuff home from the club shop in two large sacks, or if just one will suffice. 🙄
  4. It’s a serious issue, which I think it depends on the sweets you intend to take in. For example, Tic Tacs are fine but Giant Gobstoppers are most certainly not. Strange really because based on personal experience you’ll have far more trouble getting a Tic Tac out of your eye than a Giant Gobstopper. 🙄
  5. They’ll be next to the half ‘n’ half scarves. 👍🏻
  6. Put the Wetherspoons app on your phone and look at pretty any much pub you like in the London area. 👍🏻
  7. Life’s too short to waste on people who seem intent on trying to prove that Darwin was wrong about evolution.
  8. I’ll take your word for it. Way before I was even a tingling in my fathers loins.
  9. It may well, unfortunately. CG, just on the radio, made the same point regarding lack of extra coach availability in the North West/Manchester area.
  10. I don’t think they’ll be in short supply in the vicinity of the stadium, along with plenty of other tat no doubt. 😉
  11. Without knowing your circumstances, or where you live, if there’s more than a couple in your group going to the match I would seriously consider booking train tickets rather than gambling on coach seats which are going to be in extremely short supply if indeed obtainable. Remember you also have the RL Challenge Cup in London on the same day.
  12. Yes some great diversity across various topics. As an example, in the most recent times we appear to have branched out into a show of affection for a certain farmyard animal. One other point, wasn’t Regimes better known as a ‘90’s nightclub, up ‘anley duck?
  13. Agree 100%. I watched the game back and it made me realise just how well Wozza played on the night. Seemed unfair to pick a MOM in my view.
  14. Vale tweeted Wembley merch in shop from Wednesday. Best of luck with the queues.
  15. Don’t you think so? He won’t be banned from the stadium, just from taking part in the match apart from via wireless comms to the bench, which could perversely work to our advantage. I guess there’ll be some sort of announcement before the weekend.
  16. Stating the obvious, but worth noting, that if there’s a group/family of say 8 or 9 fans wishing to sit together, the individual making the purchase could set the filter on the website to 4 or 5 if you don’t mind sitting on 2 rows, one group in front of the other. We did it, there was far more choice this way than trying to look for a row of 8.
  17. It’ll depend where you’re parking and/or travel plans once in London surely? Also worth remembering there’ll be more Vale than Mansfield on M40 and vice versa for M1 at a guess.
  18. Maybe the club AREN’T involved and are just letting Ticketmaster make all the decisions. Mansfield maybe requesting some of the things you’ve listed. Who knows?
  19. I think our unique play list leading up to KO is great right now and really helps build the atmosphere. Another reason that the PA needs sorting.
  20. Just a tad over 46k there today for the FA Trophy final.
  21. Absolute muppets @ Ticketmaster. Why didn’t we keep it all in house….
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