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  1. We did have VAR at Man City and it didn’t seem a problem, however, it’s worry, not just for Smith but for both sets of players who aren’t used to it week in and week out.
  2. Absolutely. I’d also urge anyone who thinks Wozz can’t play right wingback to sit down and watch the full game through again.
  3. Maybe leads the team out before retiring to his seat in the Gods perhaps.
  4. I was up there at 3am Friday morning. Flask of coffee and my bed settee. Old habits and all that…….
  5. Anyone saying we should release Wozza needs to watch Thursdays match through again. His performance was unbelievable if he’s playing, as alleged, carrying a hip injury. Forget the penno miss, which I actually thought was a tad unlucky for the ball to hit the bar and not go in, he was excellent throughout the whole 120.
  6. I think all the local buses have gone, folk are having to look a bit further afield so it’s Crosville now.
  7. Congrats to John and to York. I don’t think anyone can argue with his credentials at that level.
  8. Guitar Ray appreciates the yabba dabba doo and wishes to reciprocate the yabba dabba doo. 🙌🏻 🙏🏻 👏🏻 🎸
  9. I will happily return, as will many of my Neanderthal brethren. The only reason to swap is the facilities. A FULL Bycars is not much different in terms of noise to the Hamil. The issue should be how we fill whichever end we come to use. I guess novelty will help fill the Hamil in the short term, as it did when the Bycars first reopened after being rebuilt. Also, there were fewer families and more of the “singers” in there for the Swindon game than there are normally in Bycars for a typical home game. The mix was different and the number of fans much higher than normal. Let’s not forget that the Hamil has more capacity so could in fact be more empty for your average home game. Food for thought.
  10. The facilities are better and under cover. Larger tea bars. More and better bogs. More turnstiles open. Also there was a good atmosphere in the concourse pre match, lots of singing.
  11. I’ve always felt with a small amount of work we could sell beer from the disused tea bar on the Family Stand side of the Bycars. Technically it’s outside the actual stand. The only problem would be that it’d take an age to get served if there were any kind of numbers of fans.
  12. At least one of the Swindon players was hurt. Edit: The only thing that struck me was that their players, possibly through tiredness, shock maybe, seemed slow to react to the fans running on. I’d have to watch it again, but they seemed in no hurry to dash up the tunnel as our fans streamed onto the pitch. I’m not condoning confrontation, call it what you will, but surely common sense would suggest you’ve got to get yourself up that tunnel? Sadly these incidents are what led to fences going up and it’d be fairly easy for the authorities to knee jerk and bring this back. Last I’ll say on the matter. Not going to let a few idiots take any gloss off last night.
  13. You could park the coaches along Scotia Road. Loads of room there.
  14. You originally said 15k not 28. Was it a typo?
  15. This is one of, if not the, best comments I’ve ever read on this forum. 🙏🏻
  16. Is this a serious question?
  17. Yes, happily. It would mean either we’ve had a couple of promotions or they’ve been relegated. What’s not to like?
  18. As good as it was last night, the old derbies and FA cup ties were, for me at least, better, certainly the night matches. That said, it was the best for a very long time and will live long in the memory of all who were there to witness it. Fantastic!
  19. I’ve been in the Bycars every single year since it was redeveloped and I’d move to the Hamil quite happily simply for the better facilities but put your normal Bycars crowd in there and it’d be pretty empty. Also it leaves the fans in the current half finished Lorne Street pretty isolated. Nowadays the Bycars crowd sits more packed towards the Lorne Street so it’s a bit joined up so to speak. It’d be interesting to hear what those sat in the Lorne Street thought of it last night.
  20. Woke up to find it wasn’t a dream after all. Incredible.
  21. It doesn’t matter where the singing starts as long as it’s picked up in the other stands. Plenty of fans I know are staying in their usual seats in the Railway, plus you’ll definitely have some who will move towards the Bycars. I also think that if the opposition players act as they did in the first leg it’ll only serve to stir the crowd and help create a very hostile environment. The thing is that it’s the last home game of what’s been a good season. I’m going with the view that we’re a goal down with absolutely nothing to lose, to just enjoy it and play my part to make it a great atmosphere whatever happens on the pitch.
  22. Early lunch for me then going up to join the huge queues that’ll be forming shortly…..
  23. I think it’s a very spicy hot dog. I believe I had them before in the fanzone. Wiped me out for days afterwards. Absolutely nothing to do with you taking your flares, smoke bombs and fireworks into the ground. 🫣😬😉
  24. Isn't that the point of going into the Hamil, getting all the singers together. As a coincidence Leicester are doing the same thing for next season, they have nominated a section of the ground for singing, STs will be able to swop their seats if in the wrong area. Absolutely, but it’s not so much the singing I’m referring too, it’s the increase, perceived or otherwise, in negativity and booing when things aren’t going so well. Most recent example being the Newport game.
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