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  1. Par for the course from the guy. Clueless.
  2. After tonight’s showing we must get more fans in the Bycars directly behind the goal. The atmosphere in the “home end” was dire. The stand barely populated.
  3. Wow, didn’t see that performance coming. Can’t take one single positive from that game. Walsall were bang average but we simply rolled over. Professional footballers should be able to make simple passes when under no pressure. 11 fans picked out of the stand would’ve shown more guts and fight tonight. The players that played need to take a long hard look at themselves.
  4. Ah yes, apologies, I had completely forgotten that they were only two games where we had to defend balls into our box. Thankfully the likes of Swindon, FGR, Tranmere and Co. kindly decided not to cross the ball when we played them. It’s all clear now. Thanks.
  5. Without checking I’d guess 19 isn’t a terrible figure but it’s obvious that the top sides won’t be letting 3’s and 4’s in too often. We’re going to give chances away because we’re set up to attack. The second half performance going forward was outstanding so we could probably forget about the defending and talk about missed chances and a bit of bad luck that end of the pitch with a goal bound shot or two being deflected.
  6. To suggest we’re third in the league after this many games on the back of being defensively poor is utter tripe. Think about it, it defies logic.
  7. Not sure why folk are down on Martin individually. We possibly have a bit too much “culture” in a back 3 of Cass, Martin and Jones, so Smith is a good contrast to that. We’ve bought Legge on to add his height and power in the air but it didn’t work. Maybe we were a bit unlucky with third goal having watched it back a few times but panic has set in. Martin was certainly unlucky with the o.g. as he’s just reacting and once any player is defending that situation when facing their own goal it’s all too easy to find the net rather than safety. The first and second goals are preventable. The first, our players switch off, the second, possibly our player flicks the ball on then we manage to completely misjudge what is effectively a free header to clear the ball.
  8. I think Rod will keep his place as DC will try to give him a run of games to get up to speed.
  9. Can’t see him being here past January if he carries on in this vein and stays fit. He’s streets above this level.
  10. Garrity gives us that and is far more mobile.
  11. The midfield weren’t the problem today. Walker isn’t better than any of Conlon, Pett or Garrity.
  12. When you don't have Peoxtor and Wilson in the team that's 2 6ft plus players missing when defending. It’s a fair point but it doesn’t matter if you’re 7ft 2 if you don’t mark your opponent. The first goal was shambolic defending, the Sproson statue would’ve offered more.
  13. In order to push on Rodney, like any other player, needs to be playing games. He’s had an injury and COVID so his season has been well and truly disrupted. He’s got a chance to claim a place and hopefully will do so. Get him firing and Proctor fit and we’ll be OK. Wilson recovers and it’s like a new signing for the run in. If we can keep the points tally ticking over til the window then shuffle the deck a bit we’ll be fine.
  14. Like I said, just my opinion. Many seem to be giving him a lot of leeway purely based on what Stags fans think of him. Just like they were underwhelmed with Garrity based on Oldham fans opinion. I've seen nothing bar 45 mins to suggest that he is anything other than a very average back up option for us I’m not seeing any leeway given to the guy, almost universal disappointment. He came with a good rep, based not simply on what other fans said but what we’d seen when he’s played against us. He’s been below the standards I was expecting but I’m not seeing a bad player, and as a back up couldn’t reasonably ask for any more. Average is what you’d expect from a reserve, anything above that and he’d be in the team more frequently, anything less and you’d be worried when said player was warming up to come on. I don’t feel any sense of dread when Benning is playing. Is he as good as Gibbo? No. Have we been spoiled by watching Gibbo? Very much so. The opposite is probably true with Garrity, we didn’t know much about the guy, so fair enough we were probably a little more influenced by what other fans said. Fair play to the lad, he’s been a bonus.
  15. You honestly think we can improve on Benning as a back up player???
  16. I’d tend to think even in the Mickey Mouse Cup more than 50 will go to Rotherham, although we know demand for tickets won’t be great.
  17. Totally agree with this. Amoo must play and you’d have to think, in the current system, it’ll be Rod or Dennis the Menace alongside him, Lloyd not showing enough of a goal threat for me , although you could easily say that about Rodney. I’d go with Rod as personally I think he would benefit from a run of games, just as Wilson has. The other worry is that both Rodney and Politic are less than fully fit, so we have to be careful with both whilst being patient with Proctor.
  18. Spot on, though I have to say that I do find it strange how well we travel supporter wise yet at home we seem to have to drag people kicking and screaming to VP. I know of a few people who only go to away games too. What's that all about?! I'd put good money on our average away following being completely disproportionate to our average home attendance when compared to all other clubs in the football league. Very odd. Without looking at any stats, my own feeling would be not so sure we travel all that well compared to some other clubs in this league. On the flip side though I would say that we usually tend to travel in good numbers to the local-ish games, of which there are a decent few this season.
  19. I’ve been in there every season since the stand went all seater and have to agree with you, fairly steady decline in numbers overall. Like all the stands, bit of an upsurge this season maybe. Upsurge used in the widest sense of the word when referring to the Bycars, but numbers are definitely up where I sit. I now have to move if I wish to socially distance, had fans sitting next to me singing the wrong words, have witnessed stress at the tea bar over sold out pies a couple of times and actually had folk sat in my seat once this season. Getting disillusioned with it all….
  20. Find as many season ticket holders who don’t intend to go and make friends with them before tomorrow morning. Offer bribes to any you can’t befriend.
  21. I know they’re the future, as were we at that age, but there were a few too many very young kids in the Bycars to enable a decent, raucous, atmosphere on Saturday. It was impossible to hear the Bradford fans above the constant rustling of sweet wrappers and munching of crisps. It was like suffering a form of tinnitus at times. It’s a difficult balance to strike, you need the correct ratio between angry drunks, young kids and all those in between.
  22. We had the big flag in the Rudge era. No problem with numbers in the Bycars back then.
  23. You could argue the Bycars on the Railway flank has almost closed itself sadly, very sparsely populated in recent times. Have to admit I’m not a fan of closing areas, I’d rather see a few people dotted about rather than vast empty areas of yellow seats. I’d argue that there are enough fans in the Bycars to make a real noise. Maybe we simply aren’t shouting enough,
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