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  1. If you’re going to dream why not dream big? If we’re going to be unrealistic how about the thought of having to win down there to become champions.
  2. Listening to Jimmy is a joy. One, possibly the only, reason I listen to P&G
  3. That 25 minute spell after half time was as good as we’ve seen from Wilson all season. He was almost unplayable at times.
  4. Mansfield could easily be undone by the fixture pile up.
  5. It’s a tricky one, you have to feel some sympathy for the guy that after all his best efforts he was robbed of the chance of seeing them come into fruition, soul destroying. The fact that Lambert was blessed with that honour must really rankle.
  6. From our point of view a big slice of luck wouldn’t go amiss, at both ends of the pitch and of course no more injuries. As well as we played Tuesday, we had a couple of those moments that, on this occasion, went for us. At this stage there are too many factors to really predict the likely outcome in terms of the final league table. Pressure, coupled with loss of form, can play a huge part in the run in. Maybe that’s what’s happened at FGR, who knows? Also injuries and suspensions will still bite. Some players will have played a lot of minutes out of necessity. One other factor is the pitches improving as we move further into spring, which should allow a little bit more football to be played, hopefully suiting teams such as ourselves.
  7. I don’t think there’s been a swing in views at all. The vast majority can see what the reality is, that every team in this league has a few bad games in them. Injuries form, heavier pitches etc are all things outside of the control of the management/coaching team. Admittedly many of us felt that the formation/personnel wasn’t helping us to play with any style, or even to win many games, but I would counter that to some extent by saying that the players themselves looked like they were, shall we say, jaded. Some obviously are, Hussey for one, clearly playing when not fully fit. Irrespective of this, AC has had to pick up the mantle at a moments notice and work in the most tragic of circumstances. He’s having to manage the team whilst at the same time being respectful to the position of the actual manager of the team. Irrespective of any results he’s conducting himself impeccably. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with recognising and lauding this, which I think is the reason for this thread.
  8. Hope you’re reassured to see that he hasn’t 👍🏻
  9. …..and in Bycars. That aside it was a great performance, not as fluid as we can be but gritty. We stood up well to the challenge. The critics of Smith should watch that game through a couple of times to see what he brings to the team. The only criticism I have is why the hell didn’t we revert back to this formation a bit sooner? We look a different team with the extra man in midfield.
  10. They want knobbing off. Just distortion coming out of them. I'd rather do without. Bycars speakers have been fine, a vast improvement, just very loud if you’re sat in-line with them.
  11. Fair play for you for your admission but I have to say your suggestion shows a complete lack of any empathy given the situation in which AC took on the role.
  12. Agreed. It’s something we should do for our playoff semi-final home leg. 👍🏻
  13. Yes, the equaliser undoubtedly lifted us. I felt we’d started so slowly, pedestrian almost, but after their goal, whilst we looked a bit shocked, maybe at the manner in which we conceded, we upped the tempo to match that of the opposition, albeit we still looked disjointed until our goal. On a slightly different note, well done to the singers in the Bycars today, seemed to be far more than usual. There also seemed to be more fans sat over towards the old Family Stand side of the Bycars. No idea if this really was the case or just how it looked as I walked along the concourse to the gents powder room.
  14. Whilst conceding the early goal appeared to be the catalyst for us to significantly up our tempo, there’s no doubting a change of formation and personnel made a clear difference today. Full credit to the players and staff, but it’s nice also to see that the armchair managers do occasionally call it right. It’s a shame Harratt was deemed offside for his disallowed effort as it was a beautiful finish from the lad.
  15. Tactics, formations, players. Come kickoff we need to forget about what’s gone and back the team vocally from minute one.
  16. Just read this and have to say what a refreshing post. Can’t really add anything above what’s already been said. Bulls Head for beers (Plum Porter, Grand Reserve if available), Hamil Oatcakes for a bite to eat (bacon, cheese, mushroom). Fanzone before kickoff. Don’t enter the ground early, no point. If driving, be very careful where you park. Expect a decent atmosphere if we’re doing well between now and then, otherwise it could be flat. Hope you enjoy your day. UTV.
  17. In terms of currently available players I really can’t argue with that team apart from I would rest Holy now and it’d be a toss up Wilson or Edmonson. Whoever plays needs to show a lot more desire and energy than what we saw yesterday.
  18. Can’t agree with that but he’s got to come in and be better than what we’ve already got. I don’t think anyone can say that’s the case from what we’ve seen so far. In my view we’re pretty weak to average in this department. Personally I’d gamble with Stone as he’s the only one likely to improve by any significant amount.
  19. Key players for us. Hopefully both can recover quickly and return to full fitness quicker than anticipated.
  20. I didn’t see any square pegs today. Maybe there were some better round pegs than those that started.
  21. I think the list has been posted somewhere back in this thread.
  22. Agree with this but I would add play with no intensity and you’re going to struggle in games.
  23. I don’t think anyone can find positives today.
  24. Let’s hope today was a low point performance wise. The formation doesn’t appear to suit us but worse for me is that the players don’t seem to have the required desire or passion to push us into the playoffs. We look so slow and ponderous with and without the ball. It was like watching a friendly today.
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