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  1. Seems decent enough on the proverbial paper.
  2. Hopefully, that pen was a lovely writer.
  3. A look back at the fan selected best 11 feature would go a long way to answering the question of best ever signings. Todays crop are miles off sadly, although quite a number, TC included, have time to improve with us if circumstances allow.
  4. No doubting Brown was a good signing at the time but we’ve had better keepers.
  5. Wasn’t location a big reason Wozz moved back north? I think there was a rumour he had had an oatcake cheese n bacon habit but this was partially shot down when I spotted him in the Vale Caf eating one filled with sausage, cheese and brown sauce.
  6. He didn’t hobble, he wasn’t injured. He could run freely, and did so, quite aimlessly unfortunately. You obviously weren’t there to see it.
  7. I think the only misunderstanding was by McKirdy. When Clarke gave him a chance to show this fantastic talent in a competitive fixture he actually needed to deliver the goods to a) keep his place in the team, and b) to earn a new contract. He didn’t appear to recognise this.
  8. Fingers crossed the rumoured players are not cup tied then. As I said, if I had one wish….👍🏻
  9. Rumour from their end is they need backup in case their regular keeper suffers a repetitive strain injury to his back after 45 minutes of picking the ball out of his net due to the deadly finishing of our 2, as yet unannounced, new strikers. 🔥 (If I’m allowed just one wish this year then please let this be true 🙏🏻)
  10. May I take this opportunity to wish my fellow humourless cocks a very Happy New Year. 😘
  11. Bees have signed a new keeper. They’re clearly worried.
  12. Correct. Carol, Flickers and DC have all stated there are big plans for the academy.
  13. What a mess. Hopefully Tideswell can update us with some better news.
  14. We’ll sell more. Plenty of fans I know, myself included, leaving it as late as possible to see if the game survives with a view to going up early for a few drinks and buying tickets whilst in town.
  15. Depends how far back we’re looking. For me TC wouldn’t currently be in the top ten, but, given time to develop further, he could be.
  16. I’d think £1m plus for TC in todays market wouldn’t be beyond reason, unless there’s a lower release clause trigger. For me the bigger worry now would be getting Gibbo signed up sooner rather than later.
  17. Sorry, and I hope I’m wrong, but I just can’t see us being busy in what is always a very difficult window, most likely made more difficult by COVID, although I guess it depends on what we define as busy. Maybe if we manage 3 or 4 players in and a similar number out, which is feasible, it would fulfil the criteria. I still think it’ll be difficult to recruit, all clubs will have been looking at basically the same pool of players, although the fact we didn’t plunge straight in for a free agent forward when we needed one, weeks ago, does suggest something was already organised on the incoming striker front, and we know DC and CG have already alluded to this. Anyway not long to wait now. Fingers crossed.
  18. Far from it. The old adage to keep one’s own council has all but faded from the vocabulary these days. Everyone has an opinion on everything and we’re all only too happy to shout it from the rooftops. Unfortunately we’re not so happy when, having posted our opinion on some world wide social media platform, not everyone likes it, be that a minority or, as in the case in question, the majority.
  19. I’d say £50k is big money at this level but every man and his dog is looking for a striker in January.
  20. Not strictly true, the fully vaccinated are also spreading the virus, so it’s virtually 100% of the population driving this latest wave, unless you live in isolation. The problem with the 20%, or whatever, unvaccinated is that they are the ones most at risk of suffering serious illness, hospitalisation and ultimately death. The greater picture is not just one of hospitalisation however, it’s the risk of the infrastructure and the economy falling apart due to so many people, whether I’ll or not, having to self isolate so that services and businesses are unable to function. Hence the reduction in the isolation time from 10 to 7 days.
  21. “Take refuge from the cold in the concourse”? Chance would be a fine thing. What we do when it’s cold in the Bycars is to go and hang about round the back of the stand. After about 5 minutes staring towards Tunstall with a couple of brass monkeys and penguins for company, whilst being cut in half by the wind blasting across Sproson Park, you actually realise it’s not all that cold in the stand itself.
  22. I can only echo the sentiments above. People cite Bill Shankley but he was wrong, football is but a facet of life, there are far more important things and ones health is one of these. Hopefully this Christmas will be a good one for you and yours Barry and 2022 will bring better times. All the best. 🙏🏻
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