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  1. Absolutely. Both should have their own songs. On the same subject it’d be nice if we had a few more for the players but in fairness quite a few do have their own songs now.
  2. Most of his decisions he was looking the other way. He was miles off the pace, certainly first half. He can consult his liner anytime but, as I said, one liner was no more than a flag on a stick the other not a great deal better.
  3. No. Still DC’s black ‘n’ white army.
  4. We felt, certainly first half, that he was giving decision off the cuff, reacting to the aftermath of an incident, perceived of otherwise. What I would say is that he wasn’t helped by either liner, in fact the guy running the line to the left of the away end was about as much use as a tailors dummy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ref put up with a manic manager ranting at him for several minutes like happened last night. Not only the duration of it was incredible but the fact the ref kept his card in his pocket. Unbelievable.
  5. Just posted on the other topic regarding singing for Andy Crosby and I must comment here that it was wonderful to hear the fans singing for Carol at the end of the game. Bought a tear to my eye. Hopefully more of the same between now and the end of the season.
  6. AC got as song at Salford.
  7. You should post more often. That’s a far more sensible and balanced appraisal than the usual tripe most of us clowns on here tend to come out with. 👍🏻
  8. That was a battle tonight no mistake. Nobody shirked and we had that extra bit of quality going forward in my view and probably should’ve won by more than the odd goal.
  9. No way was it a “software glitch”, human error pure and simple. I think the only confusion stems from this end, as in Vale trying to pacify the many supporters who’d like to buy one of the smal(ish) number of tickets normally allocated to fans visiting St James’ Park, whilst at the same time placating those lucky enough to legitimately buy tickets from the Exeter website, who also maybe booked accommodation and/or made travel arrangements. In defence of the majestic panorama of Burslem, there are many fine buildings if you care to look, many which wouldn’t look out of place in your beautiful city of Exeter. Sadly, times being how they are, many are now dilapidated. The panorama is fine, it’s when we zoom in things don’t appear quite so salubrious. 100% we will need a result, and I’d guess, looking at the current table, you will too, but if we lost every game between now and the end of the season nobody will be protesting against our owners.
  10. Ok, not seen that. I’d have to question the figure 400, unless it was possible for individual fans to buy a large quantity in one go.
  11. Where has this number of 400 come from? I’d be very surprised if that many were sold in the short window they appear to have been on sale. If it is that many then 100% Exeter should issue refunds. On the other hand if it’s only a hundred or so then good luck to those who bought them, not that I’m one of those lucky few.
  12. Great news. Hopefully this step towards some kind of normality will be good for DC. As with the loss of any loved one only time can heal the pain
  13. Salford will be just as tough make no mistake. They’re still on the fringes of the playoffs so plenty to play for. I posted in the Run In thread that one of the biggest factors now will be injuries. Hartlepool lost their leading goal scorer last night, so, if he remains unavailable, that could benefit us, along with any of their upcoming opponents. With that in mind I hope he’ll be fit just after we’ve played them. 👍🏻
  14. I think he’s saying that the vast majority of fans will not have been there before, so essentially a “new” ground to visit. Which is true.
  15. The weather is better. ☀️
  16. My feelings entirely. Best of luck to Murray but from our point of view the timing is terrible. Enough games left for him to have contributed valuable input but maybe too few games to recruit another coach and risk upsetting the applecart.
  17. But if we’d have taken our chances we’d have been out of sight. I don’t really see these clear missed chances from Sutton. A few off target shots from around the box and a speculative header that hits the bar. Our chances were far better and in my view we were a bit wasteful.
  18. As things stand, looking at the league table and remaining fixtures, you’d have to say both teams will need points from this game.
  19. Glad you enjoyed your day out. You do realise that as we won you’re now our adopted “lucky mascots” and you have to return.
  20. Whilst the players deserve the plaudits I have to say full marks to the fans today. Decent turnout and good noise from all sides of the ground.
  21. We can look at the fixtures and hypothesise all night long but every team in the mix is going to need luck with injuries. Suffice to say if we keep everyone fit and can have players returning such as Jones and Gibbo we should be good for at least a playoff place.
  22. Reminiscent of the way Stockport played under Danny Begara. It’s effective as it just require a bit of luck with the drop of one of those second balls, as happened in the away game, and to be fair they did get one or two shots off but failed to hit the target.
  23. I’m a bit late to the party here but just how many folk actually said you’d try to get the game called off? As for your comment regarding having the most injuries in the league I’d guess that several clubs would be vying for this title and we’d be one of them. Our team had a midfielder playing CB, 3 other CB’s out, 1 long term, the only other defender on the bench an untried youngster. Our best midfielder out long term along with best wingback and the guy bought in to replace him in January is injured too. Both first choice strikers returning from long term injury hence having to be subbed off early, which weakened us and in my view possibly cost us the points. To compound matters we have out manager on long term bereavement leave. So spare me if we have no sympathy but despite our injury problems we were the team looking to win the game rather than nick a point by spoiling and time wasting.
  24. What the hell is going on with the crowd? We’ve been subdued for weeks now. Decent enough numbers in for a Tuesday night but it was like a library at times. We couldn’t even get DC’s black ‘n’ white army going in a vital match against a promotion rival. 12th man? It was almost embarrassing that Edmonson felt the need to urge the crowd to raise the noise level near the end. We need to do much better to support this team.
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