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  1. In fairness Clarke made changes which swung the game in our favour. Garrity coming on, change in formation, Proctor coming on, all made a positive difference. First half Clarke either got it completely wrong or the players didn’t adapt to the system. Probably both from what I watched. The first 11 is still pretty fluid, the jury is very much still out on one or two of the signings. Until we get some consistent performances we’ll have to accept changes in personnel and formation as Clarke tries to find a winning formula. Still early days.
  2. Clarke said before the end of the window, so plenty of time yet. Same applies to our out of contract trio.
  3. RZ likes fishing. Sometimes it’s worth taking the bait. 🎣
  4. You can’t say that these days. It’s sexist. 👍🏻
  5. There’s no way on this earth that you can honestly believe that we were “lucky” not to lose against Tranmere or Carlisle. Forget missed headers, we’ve missed decent headed chances ourselves, the closest you can come to a goal without actually scoring is to hit the woodwork and it’s not been “lucky” for us that those 4 chances have all stayed out. Carlisle fluffed their breakaway not due to any great luck on our part, simply it was poor finishing, and I would say great credit to Jones for the way he defended the situation.
  6. Not a hatful that’s for sure, but you could flip it any way you like. I’d say last night you could look at the strikers themselves as much as the formation, or for that matter anything else you’d like to focus on. Did you think that the strikers played well enough? Did they take up great positions? Did they hold the ball and link up well? They have to create opportunities, not just wait for a great cross to drop on their head, or a perfect through ball to tap in.
  7. What have you been watching? We’ve played 4 games. The strikers have had chances. Wilson, Rodney and Proctor have all had chances. Only one has been taken.
  8. We did create chances though, OK non were tap ins. Wozz could’ve had a couple of goals. There were various shots blocked, including one cleared off the line. We had a couple of good headed chances that looked more like clearances than attempts on goal. Nobody looks like they’re going to burst the net at the moment.
  9. I was a bit surprised Proctor was subbed, he was doing OK One problem we have playing Rod and Wilson up top is that neither can head a ball. Even if the service was any good they ain't going to be winning too many headers against your typical Div 4 centre half. The other problem for DC is that the strikers seem to have no understanding of one another and are rarely close enough for any interplay. It's not just the strikers, as others have said, we look really disjointed as a team, alarmingly so at one stage, to the point we looked like we'd fall apart. Fair play to the lads for digging in and I felt we actually finished the stronger, Carlisle being happy just to spoil and waste time as the second half wore on. At the moment it's all a bit deja vu, the opposition playing the better football but we create the better chances, without taking them.
  10. Lots of talking points about the performance but I have ask how the hell the shot that came off their keeper and hit the post managed to stay out of their goal I’ve no idea. Talk about fine margins.
  11. I'd tend to agree, but Cass gives us that bit of extra time to allow Gibbo to regain full fitness, and in that time we might see a bit more from Cass to change our view.
  12. That’s a scurrilous accusion and he’ll be on here in a min to deny having said that.
  13. Cypriot club according to his wiki. We were tapping into all of our well respected international contacts at the time. Ahem.
  14. Coming back from injury I think. They probably see him getting more games by going out in loan. Would appear that he’s considered as a player for the longer term. Edit. Confirmed by the above post.
  15. It’ll just be how it’s written. Most season long loans have a recall clause. It’s just an insurance policy to cover an injury crisis at the parent club, or perhaps if the player doesn’t settle or doesn’t get enough game time.
  16. If I’m hearing the interview right, Clarke seems to suggest a player possibly coming in today, then contradicts this. Maybe I’ve interpreted it the wrong way. Either way he does say there’s a potential signing well progressed. Edit. Having listened to it again, sounds like a winger rather than a striker coming in. Possibly a loan rather than a perm.
  17. Have to say full credit to the club and Uni for the fanzone. I think this could be very popular with fans with younger families rather than sitting inside the stadium. If it really takes off we could need more space, plus maybe need to look at providing a bit more cover for when the weather turns.
  18. When we walked past the Lorne St at around 2:20ish there were small queues and, I think, more than one set of turnstiles were open. No idea what it was like after that as we were too busy pitching our tent on Dolly’s Lane.
  19. As I said, is this just a man in the pub, or, these days, a man in the queue for the turnstiles, type rumour?
  20. Is this concrete info? There was some suggestion on social media that Andrade was at the game Saturday, although I’ve no idea if this is true, false or in anyway connected.
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