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  1. Just on the train on the way back to Bristol. The Mrs is meeting me at the station and I'm going to neck steak and chips and red wine; maybe a cold beer too. WHAT A DAY! perfect performance Vale. Beautiful. This is what life is made of; these are the days to cherish. Love it UTV and KTF Valiants; sleep well. Just wish Tony Bolt could have lived long enough to have been there today. I'm sure he's singing his head off in heaven and getting chucked out of some of their bars for doing too OTT 😂
  2. Had some bad news 2 days ago. Got a fracture where I had my Op. Consultant said I shouldnt really go today, but I've got a full keg brace on and plenty of pain killers. There is NO way I'm missing this
  3. Morning all Beautiful day here in North Somerset. Anyone got anything nice planned for the day...?? 😂😂 Just turned my phone on to find GWR have cancelled my train. Brilliant! Mrs is about to drive me in to Bristol so I can get a direct train to Paddington. Safe travel fellow Valiants. SVA and KTF
  4. What time are the North London Valiants meeting there...?? I'm catching the 8:45 from North Somerset that gets me in to Paddington at 10:36; I could be in Euston around 11-11:15 me thinks. Was great to bump in to some of them at Swindle a week or so ago
  5. Good luck tonight fellow Valiants. I managed to get to the Swindle match on Sunday and so wanted to be there tonight - sadly can get a train to Stoke but wouldn't be able to get home. Still on crutches so can't drive or i'd be there in a heartbeat. Safe journey to everyone travelling to VP from afar. Huge respect. I'm confident we'll beat these tonight. Stuck another tenner on with Ladbrokes. UTV and KTF
  6. And Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton and all the teams in and around Birmingham, too. Well said m8
  7. If it wasn't you m8 then I apologise. But the negativity on here does my head on. WE are in the same position as Northampton - we both got beaten 2-1 by the better team on the day. We now have home advantage on Thursday and we absolutely can take them at Vale Park. One other thing: while we had a great following today we barely broke in to song a handful of times, while they made a terrific noise. On Thursday we absolutely must sing the roof off from minute one till then final whistle and really, really get behind the lads. WE could be the 13th man. Think Carol deserves that
  8. Jesus Chris - you watched a different match than me m8. There is no way I'd call that performance pathetic. Swindon are a good side and in the play offs because they deserve to be. On the day they just edged it. I'm confident we'll best then at Vale Park. If you don't want to support DC and the lads then there's a place down the D-road that will welcome you, I'm sure. Good lord
  9. Jesus there's a lot of people losing their <ovf censored> on here again. Yes, we lost 2-1, but general feeling I heard at the game was that we didn't think they were that good and, as someone has already posted, the stats were dead equal. We are well and truly still in this and I can't wait for Thursday night. These are there for the taking. UTV and KTF
  10. Just got to Swindon, got off the train and crossed the road - saw some familiar shirts and bumped into a contingent of North London Valiants SVA!!
  11. Right - just about to head off to catch the train. Safe journey you SVA! Come on Vale! Good performance today and let's put them to the sword at Vale Park! UTV and KTF
  12. Funny that, input a bet on Vale yesterday to win today [emoji1787]
  13. Managed to get a ticket yesterday. I live south of Bristol so am8 from Kidsgrove drive up to the shop to get me one. That was around 2:30 on Friday - he was told there were around 100 left. Fairly certain they'll all go easily. Sadly I can't make the home leg. I'm on crutches and can't drive, I can get a train there but can't get back home. Can't wait for tomorrow
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