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  1. No idea if he’s any good or will be any good so I’ll judge him when I see him play. Obviously he’s not a proven player or an ‘exciting’ signing. The Oldham fans’ comments are a little concerning. However, let’s be honest, we are not going to sign 15 proven players. I’m sure there will be more exciting signings coming through the door.
  2. It’s a difficult circumstance and one that will hopefully never happen again. The club has been put in a difficult position, as have the fans. However, I don’t think the offer is much good. People have spent over £300 on season tickets, perhaps more if you buy your kids one too etc. They haven’t been to one single live game but have been offered to watch a stream worth £10. What if multiple season ticket holders live in the same household and thus watch the same stream? In return, season ticket holders are being offered a scarf, a £10 voucher and two free tickets to games that no one wants to go to. It’s hardly compensation is it? I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people ask the club for a full season ticket refund.
  3. Not much of an incentive / offer is it really?
  4. People might think I’m being harsh but I just can’t see Hurst being a regular first team player next season and is he really that good as a back up? If he wasn’t one of the lowest earners then he wouldn’t be offered a contract, simple as. Therefore it’s a low risk signing with the potential of Hurst coming good. He works hard and seems to have a good attitude so I wish him all the best. Hope it works out.
  5. Probably offered Hurst a contract because his wages will be pretty cheap and there’s the potential that he could come good. I’m yet to be convinced by him and I wouldn’t have kept him on. His end product is zero and I’m not sure what he actually offers to the team. It’s no surprise that our best run has been with him featuring very little.
  6. He has been one of the first names on the team sheet for the last 6 games and we have won all 6 games. We are clearly a better team with him in it, he is arguably one of our best players. I think it was worth taking a risk on him personally. It just feels very strange that one of our best players has been sold to a team in the league below when himself and the team are in form. Clarke and Flitcroft must think they can do better. Or perhaps Oyeleke wanted to go for more security etc?
  7. Strange decision, by far our best midfielder. Maybe his wage demands are far too much versus his potential playing time. Could prove to be a wise or stupid move.
  8. Great win and brilliant run of form. 4 wins in a row is unheard from us. Pretty dull game which we controlled quite well and were never really troubled. Earlier on in the season it would have been us conceding an early goal which would lead to a capitulation. Let’s hope the good form continues and build a feel good factor around the club once again. For me, next season we need to be getting in the play offs, if not the top 3.
  9. I don’t see the relevance of your first line. What Pope has done previously should have no bearing on whether we offer him a new contract. Whatever happens he will go down as a Vale legend but we can’t be sentimental. If Clarke feels that the present Pope has something to offer then fair play. However, I’m sure we can get better value for money.
  10. Disagree. We are a far better team with Montano playing. This season has proved that.
  11. What a strange season and what a strange team. The starting 11 for the last two games should be no where near 18th in this league. Manny and Monty transform us. Crawley were pushing for a play off place and we dominated them. This really could and should have been a promotion season. However, we are 18th!
  12. I’ll compliment Robinson after today and last week. Yes, he has many faults but he has suited our style of play. Him and Rodney have worked well together.
  13. Quite an open game with both teams trying to score. We need to start the second half strongly and not sit back and let them get a foothold.
  14. To be fair to Robinson, he actually gets in to decent positions to score. Guthrie was never in good positions.
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