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  1. In terms of the game, well it was pretty easy wasn’t it? Colchester were awful and never looked interested. We controlled the game throughout the defence, midfield and forward line. Politic, Rodney and Wilson looked like a formidable front 3. We look strong in every position and we seem to just have the extra quality on the majority of opponents. It really could be a great season.
  2. We really should be getting over 6,000 week in week out with our form and league position. We never seem to be able to sustain decent crowds for some reason.
  3. I think we got exactly what we wanted. To me we set up to get a point. A point away from home is never disgraceful and we are still in a good position.
  4. I take it back when I said he’s not made a decent save yet!!
  5. Politic is clearly a victim of the formation we play every week. I think he could easily play as part of a front two though. Same with Amoo. To me they both offer more than Lloyd from what I’ve seen. I’m happy for Lloyd to prove me wrong though! He’s probably gone for him as he’s more of a ‘work horse’.
  6. Strange team selection. One that probably none of us would have picked, but we’ve said this before games before and we’ve gone on to win. I trust the manager so I’ll give my opinion based on the game. Personally I wouldn’t be starting Lloyd over Amoo or Politic, seems a bit of a surprise choice.
  7. Agreed, it should be that many. However, I sadly don’t think the following will be that big.
  8. Come on the Vale! These are the types of games we always seem to fall short on over the years. What away following does everyone expect? Shame it’s not on a Saturday.
  9. Tricky game, I always fear these types of sides more. Mansfield have some decent players and they were tipped to be around the promotion places. They seem to underachieve every season. Are we expecting to take a decent following?
  10. Great win, great character and finally I think we may have a great team / squad. Previous seasons that would have ended 1-0 or 2-0 Barrow. Now it seems like we have that extra bit of quality to go and win games or turn the tide in games. The table looks pretty tonight. In terms of Covolan, he can’t not get our support whilst we are 3rd in the league. However, I think he has gotten away with one today and if I’m brutally honest, I’m still yet to see him make a decent save. Up the Vale.
  11. Let’s focus on the positives tonight please. We have good players and if we add consistency we will be right up there this season. We’ve beaten Swindon and Forest Green away now. Start winning our home games and we will be pushing up the table.
  12. Get in. Hold on now boys please. We’ve deserved 3 points here.
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