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  1. What will happen with season tickets? Surely fans haven’t paid x amount to just watch our games via a stream for the majority of the season? It will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. Ryan Lloyd walks scarily similar to the guy in the video...
  3. I’m very underwhelmed and it’s a bit of a comedown from Maynard. The whole Maynard situation was handled poorly in terms of how we were led to believe he was due to sign and all the hints on social media etc. For us then to announce Theo Robinson. I’m not sure if Robinson will even be a starter, is he any better than Cullen? I’m not writing off Robinson but naturally everyone will just compare him to what we could have had in Maynard. If we’d have signed Maynard I’d have been confident of a top 3 challenge.
  4. If we have gone from potentially (or very nearly) signing Nicky Maynard to actually signing Theo Robinson I would be extremely underwhelmed.
  5. Is the Maynard deal still on or off then? Yesterday’s events regarding Maynard were very strange. Not sure that Tideswell etc had any need to comment on it. If we sign Maynard, or someone of his ilk, I think we go from play off contenders to top 3 contenders.
  6. Looks like we may have signed Maynard after all. Especially with Carol’s twitter comments and now the sentinel article with Askey claiming that we are interested. Previously we had heard rumours of a big name striker, but with no substance. Now it’s suddenly mentioned by Tideswell, Carol and Askey himself in the Sentinel.
  7. It seems like a bit of anti climax in all honesty. I, like many other supporters believed that Martin Tideswell’s twitter antics were implying that Maynard would be signing today. I don’t believe his twitter comments were solely regarding the kit, there was definitely a Maynard link. Either Maynard has turned us down last minute or he has prolonged his decision. Maynard may still end up signing for us, but if he doesn’t then Tideswell looks like a fool and he has misled many fans. The joys of social media!
  8. Overall we’ve got to be to happy to take a point as we never looked like winning the game, even though we went ahead twice. We got absolutely battered for about half an hour of that second half and we rode our luck to still be in the game. As Askey said in his interview if we kept it at 1-0 for period of time I think we would have gone on to win the game. Fair play to Walsall, they gave us a a great game and it was enjoyable game to watch.
  9. The Colchester win has created euphoria on here and social media in relation to us getting promoted now. Some are even talking about the automatic places. Whilst I encourage us all to ride this crest of a wave and enjoy ourselves during the good period, I just hope doom and gloom doesn’t set in after a loss. A lot of our fan base do seem to be getting very high with a win and very low with a loss. We have been quietly going about our business excellently and without expectation. Let’s just carry on getting behind the lads and see where the remainder of the season takes us. This is in no way in
  10. I imagine Askey will be fuming. It’s a shame as the mood was probably down beat in the changing room when in reality the lads should be buzzing.
  11. Great win from the lads which puts us in a great position. For 70 minutes we looked like promotion contenders. We never looked like conceding and managed the game brilliantly. The last 20 minutes was just bizarre and we lost all discipline and game management. Clark and Pope only have themselves to blame if you ask me, both were extremely stupid. We should now all be writing about a perfect 3-0 away win which is really frustrating. I hope that last 20 minutes hasn’t put a dampener on events and has a negative affect on the upcoming weeks due to missing players.
  12. When was the last time we won consecutive games? We can’t have done it many times this year. We don’t usually back up a good win with another 3 points. 6 points from Northampton and Forest Green away would be huge though and none of us would have predicted that.
  13. Brilliant second half, it’s refreshing to see a reaction like that. We played with a lot more energy and desire. We are a far better team when we are on the front foot and getting in the oppositions faces. We made the most of our momentum and that’s when Worrall, Amoo, Burgess and Conlon started to impose themselves going forward. Credit to Bennett for his two goals, the jury is still out on him though I must admit. We’ve shown that we can be a good side in this division and that’s why performances such as the first half are so frustrating!
  14. Our performances over the last few months are worrying. I’d say we’ve played well twice (Leyton Orient and Swindon at home). Come on lads, give us something to shout about this half. We are going through the motions and accepting defeat.
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