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  1. What a night. I just felt either us or Northampton would end up going through after losing the first leg. To a man, we were brilliant. I can’t fault any one of them. They ran their hearts out for this football club and that’s all I’ll ever ask for. I’ve seen so much <ovf censored>, misery and depression around this club in my lifetime. When we missed those two penalties I thought ‘typical Vale’. However, the footballing God’s were on our side. Finally some luck and happiness. We may lose at Wembley but it will be a weekend I’ll never forget. Big day out with my mates and family watching my football club at Wembley. Something I’ve never seen and never thought would happen. Every year I’ve watched the play offs and thought ‘If only that could be us’. Brilliant!
  2. If there’s roughly 14k seats allowed to be sold (current ground capacity). 2,200 Swindon leaves around 11,800 home fans. We are going to be way short of that aren’t they? Even including the reduced Bycars allocation which Swindon will have. This is just going on the numbers sold that we’ve been told (yesterday) and the current seats available online. Bit disappointing, isn’t it?
  3. The amount of seats available in the railway paddock and stand has surprised me. Looks like there’s loads left.
  4. Yesterday it was ‘8,000 home tickets’ now it’s ‘10,000 of you’. Whatever that means. Go online and check the seats and there’s loads still available. If it’s 10,000 of us plus Swindon that equals 12,200. If the capacity is only 13/14k now - I’m sure there’s more available seats showing than that.
  5. Is the online ticketing right? I swear there’s more green (available seats) showing than on a normal home game?!
  6. Must include away fans. Doubt 2k home tickets have been sold in a day.
  7. Five lads from work, none of whom are Vale fans all said they’d go the home leg but have no way of getting tickets as they’re not on the database. Luckily I offered to get them tickets. How many fans aren’t bothering because of this I wonder? Fair weather fans are hardly going to pester people to get them tickets.
  8. I must admit it is making me chuckle reading numerous posts attempting to justifying not selling out both games (we may sell out the home game but it looks unlikely). If the shoe was on the other foot we would be ridiculing Swindon. The notion has always been that a wider potential fan base has been there. Meaning that so called fair weather fans will be attracted to success and the big games. Well our last play off game was in 1993, so a whole generation of loyal Vale fans, part time Vale fans, potential Vale fans, mates of Vale fans etc etc haven’t seen one. If we aren’t going to capture them now, when are we? There should also be a fair number of locals who are football fans but support neither Vale or Stoke who could be attracted to this fixture - is the database thing having an impact? It’s disappointing to be honest and frustrating. It’s a play off semi final with a chance of getting to Wembley - this comes around nearly every 30 years clearly. Carol probably expected us to sell out both games easily. There’s been a lot of noise on here regarding tickets, attendances, allocations over the last few weeks. Some of which has probably over shadowed the football and has proved unnecessary.
  9. I can’t see hundreds or thousands being sold in the next 3 days. Surely if you wanted to go you’d have got a ticket by now? They’ve been on sale for 5 days and a day has passed since the first leg.
  10. 8k sold according to the Vale Twitter page. Which probably means 7k sold if the Swindon figures were anything to go by.
  11. I don’t think our fan base is as big as some make out. Our home crowds have been poor for a number years. Even this season I would have expected our average attendance to be higher. We should have sold out both the Swindon home and away games.
  12. As Darrell Clarke said, win our home game and we have a chance, whether that’s in 90 mins or 120 mins. It’s that simple. Nothing has really changed I guess, we were always going to need to win one of the games. I do think that either Northampton or Vale will turn around their deficit and end up going through.
  13. Benning comes in for Worrall for me. He’s earned his spot over the past few months a lot more than Worrall has.
  14. I’m sick of seeing Smith play right centre back now.
  15. We’ve got to be on the front foot on Thursday and play in their half. We can pose their defence problems. If we let them play and impose themselves then it could be a difficult night.
  16. Still in the tie, that’s the main thing I guess. Swindon were the better team overall and perhaps it was more likely to finish 3-0 than 2-1.
  17. All Charsley has done is run round like a headless chicken making fouls. Would love to have Williams or Payne.
  18. I hope we don’t sit back and let them dominate now. They’re clearly a good team in possession. We’ve got to give them some problems going forward.
  19. How many tickets did we end up selling? Lots of empty seats in the away end.
  20. We really should be selling out, we can dress it up as much as we like.
  21. It’s looking unlikely that we’ll sell out. Bit disappointing to be honest. We should really be selling out a game of this magnitude.
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