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    I am saddened to learn of the passing of OS. My first encounter was during my first and was meant to be my only Fans Forum Originally it was my intention on that night to announce l was winding up the Club and refunding all ST monies When the meeting starting l recall a very passionate bearded guy giving me a grilling due to failures of stock in the shop I realised that night the passion of OS and many others and the rest as they say is history OS or Mike as l learnt later was one of my biggest critics but always presented himself with passion and at times with restraint and more often than not was better briefed than l on the subject matter It saddens me of his passing and l am sure the SC will think of the fitting tribute to mark the mans commitment to the Club RIP Mike
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    A lot of Vale fans will never truly know how much they owe Mike Lakin for the existence of their football club. Would love to have something commemorated for him at the ground, and would be more than happy to contribute. The man was at every single meeting, march, and event organised in an effort to save Port Vale. He was absolutely instrumental in removing both V2001 and Norman. When football returns, we'll only have a club to return to thanks to Mike sacrificing hours of his time, taking the stick, driving to isolated far-flung pubs for meetings, turning up at the ground early to distribute leaflets, being at the forefront of every march. The last time I saw Mike was in the concourse prior to the City game; how he would have enjoyed his hero scoring at the Etihad, breaking the club's scoring record. I'm yet to meet anyone as committed to Port Vale as Mike, and probably never will. A proper loyal bloke, sound as they come. He's a massive loss to our football club, and to those who knew him. Absolute gem. RIP Mike.
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    To be fair when you've got Scotty Brown it's a big ask to challenge for the #1 spot. I too would also like to send my best wishes for the future to all the released players. Particularly Ryan Lloyd, who was on a hiding to nothing at Vale other than dog's abuse. Time to part ways but the stick that lad has had to put up with? Not on.
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    I got an email notification sound on my phone earlier just as I was getting into my car. I said out loud to myself "hopefully that's more about Mike" as I was closing the door as there was good news sent out earlier in the week about him doing a little better. It wasn't good. Fcuks sake man. As Joe mentioned Mike was at every single meeting. He was responsible for the coffin march. He was an instrumental part of the B&G surgical team fighting to stop Norman disease killing the patient. I must have hundreds of impassioned emails from Mike where his unwavering commitment to the club and hatred of the damage being caused to it by the last lot is profoundly obvious in every word. One of the reasons we nearly went up this season, is Mike Lakin. One of the reasons we were even in a position to take the plss out of that billion pound Sergio Aguero and John Stones shower with an 8 pass move from our own box to the back of their net was Mike Lakin. How fitting that his hero Popey finished it off with a typically top drawer header. That isn't hyperbole. It isn't rosetinted. He was instrumental in scaring Norman out. Fact. The details will come out one day. That Man City goal is the best football mental I've ever had and when I think back to it from now on, in my mind I'll be dedicating it to Mike. We wouldn't have played that game without him. We very possibly might not have existed as PVFC on January 4th 2020 if it wasn't for Mike. I'm gutted he didn't get to see promotion as a result of his efforts but I know he was delighted with the amazing progress this season and at how brilliant Kevin and Carol are. Nice one pal. Just opening a beer for you.
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    Well said, Norman.
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    UPDATE .......Old Sage. He's still in ICU and still battling away (As only he would) just a very very slight improvement, so baby steps it is, so hopefully he can carry on in the same vein going forward, his family have read the lovely comments on here and want everyone to know how appreciative they are for your thoughts Thank You.
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    I hope this is OK to do, but Old Sage (Mike Lakin) who is a well known poster on here and well known to many as a tireless campaigner for Black and Gold and the organiser of the coffin march and a passionate Vale fan is fighting a personal battle of his own, he's a guest of the Covid -19 ward at Royal Stoke were he's fighting his biggest battle to date, struggling to beat this dreadful virus. If you could send your prayers and best wishes I am sure his family would appreciate your kind thoughts.
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    Johnny Maddison on Twitter. Best of luck to you for the future Johnny
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    You always knew that you were in for an entertaining evening when Mike attended any meetings. Never been a better guy to sum-up what football is all about. Passion, loyalty, humour and the spirit of being with folks that you’ve known (and some loved) for all of your life. I’m not a religious person but Mike’s family should take great comfort from everything that he did and for what we will all benefit from, starting with promotion in 2021 x
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    Who would have believed 12 months ago that our world would be turned upside down by a dreaded virus?! Still, amidst these dark times I still think it's okay to say 'Thank You Carol & Kevin', and not just for what they have done for Port Vale, but for their caring and support given to the wider community in general and the needy in particular.
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    Wouldn't be a Port Vale to think about if they hadn't overspent to keep us alive. Smurthwaite had full intentions of liquidation; he was the sole creditor, so when the club went into administration as soon as he withdrew financial support, he held the cards over any potential sales. I don't know the specifics of administration but he believed he could continue to reject any potential deals until the club went bust. Even if we take away the great season on the pitch, the work that our owners have done in this crisis to keep vulnerable people fed and healthy, to create an atmosphere which has led to players donating money to the Foundation and ringing up fans to check up on them, and to properly re-integrate Port Vale with the surrounding area is an incredible achievement. The press, the police, the local authorities, other football clubs, and the fans are back on side with Port Vale, after 20 years of it being at odds with one, or all, of the above. We are viewed as a well-run club, with stability a key mantra, and treating players well a core tenet. This will serve us brilliantly in the transfer market. To round it off with a memorable day at the Etihad, which effectively served as Tom Pope's coronation as one of our greatest legends, and to be looking very good for the playoffs whilst playing attractive football with a likeable group of hard-working players, was an unexpected bonus. For the first time in my lifetime, I don't detest the person sat in the director's box. I don't cringe at their public actions, and I don't have fears about the club's future. I don't think I'll ever be able to sufficiently articulate/show my gratitude to The Shanahans.
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    Spot on. The exact 7 I would have offered new deals to. Would love to keep all 7. Compare us to everyone else, who is releasing players like its going out of fashion. We've elected to offer new deals to 7 players. We're in good hands. Thanks to all the lads who are moving on; all have played a part in our rebuild season in some way or another and never caused any problems. Seem like they have good attitudes and wish them well.
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    The sentiment shown in all the posts shows the impact Mike, Old Sage had on the Vale, this forum and with people he met. Truly sad , RIP and condolences to all the family. Heres one for you Mike
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    I am deeply saddened and shocked by this news, like everyone else my thoughts were with Mike during his illness. My heartfelt condolencies go to his family and close friends. Like so many other Vale fans, I was not a close friend of Mike but through his radio, OVF, speaking out during the V2001 fiasco and latterly Smurthwaite's "an evening with" meetings, I feel I know him as well as anyone in regard to our devoted love of Port Vale FC. I listened to his every word, heartfelt, passionate, genuine and right on the button. I attended every demo, every march, every meeting and always looked to Mike as a leader. I remember well the march and protest outside the main entrance of the Crawley game, where many ignorant Vale fans turned on us and even tried to attack his son outside. During these times many so called Vale 'rally' leaders sought personal media attention but when push came to shove there was only around 8-10 of us who stayed outside for the whole duration of the Crawley game. I was proud to know Mike in my own way, he represented my love for the Vale and all his family along with ALL Vale fans should be proud of this man, I know I am. RIP sir.
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    Terribly sad news. On behalf of the OVF team I'd like to pass on my sincere condolences to Mike's family and friends who are in our thoughts right now. As a mark of respect, I have put a short tribute to Mike on our front page - https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2020/05/mike-lakin-one-of-our-own-rest-in-peace/ I would also add that Monday's live 90 minutes stream (Brighton, 94) will be dedicated to him. I hope he enjoys watching it from up there. RIP Old Sage. Forever Valiant.
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    I thought this post was going to be easier than it was. Mike - an honest, straight talker. Scourge of many a former Port Vale board member. And rightly so. He sussed certain people very quickly, and he had the courage of his convictions to stand up and say so. Especially in the early days when that appetite wasn't universally shared amongst the wider fanbase. He was articulate and passionate. When he got up and spoke he did it brilliantly. None more so than when he called Radio Stoke. He was a real asset to the supporters' groups. Above all he was just a really good bloke. I know people took the mick out of him because of how much he defended Popey on here, and he didn't care about that too much, but from his point of view having a local lad like Tom in the side scoring goals and breaking records was a massive source of pride for him. The last time I saw Mike was after one of the more recent home games, the weather had been abysmal all day and we ended up walking the same way up Hamil Road. I hadn't seen him in a while and we only had a short conversation but we were both in agreement that things were moving in the right direction finally. At the end we wished each other well and I remember walking away feeling happy we'd spoken. It's been a pleasure to know you Mike. I'll look forward to the day we can get back to Burslem and raise a glass.
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    Just read the fine article in The Sentinel based on their interview with Carol. Brilliant stuff - who would want for better? From the revitalisation on the pitch to the excellent and much-needed charity work through the hub, it's all just so far beyond our earlier expectations. I have absolutely no doubt we will go a long way under their leadership and one of the most important reasons for that is that players, good players, will want to come to the Vale - not just for the football, which is going to get better and better, but also for the family the club has become. At the end of the interview, Carol sums it up by saying "I am beyond proud of the club that I serve and the community that we serve.” Well, Carol and Kevin, we are beyond proud of you as our new owners. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/carol-kevin-shanahan-port-vale-4109546
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    This club wouldn't exist without Mike. Proper, genuine Vale man. Praying he pulls through.
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    They should both be sacked, Kinnock and Cummings. This is not a political issue, it is one of credibility and honestly. Kinnock broke guidelines but that does not excuse Cummings otherwise we can all say it's ok for us to do it too. The sad thing is that this is now detracting from the real issues of emerging from lockdown and it's the government allowing that to happen by not acting appropriately. Even if they just acknowledged he broke rules and they are very sorry but he is of vital importance to this administration blah blah... However, to make up a story about testing eyesight, even having the PM himself pull out a pair of specs as a prop during his conference... well that's treating the whole of the UK with complete contempt, which is unforgivable.
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    I see what you’re saying mate, I really really do. But I’ve decided that I hate him and I will go down with that ship
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    We owe him Nick. Let the pages of Port Vales history give due respect to Mike Lakin, just as we do for the 'Legends of our past. In the same way that I remember my heroes of 1954, I will always remember the 'Coffin March' on that warm and sunny day - March 31, 2011.
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    A name sponsored facility at the ground. A charitable arm of the club foundation. A massive B&G 'Old Sage' flag on away days. T shirts on the opening day like with Pete. Just let me know pal and I'm there. I've just been going through the B&G emails. He really, really hated Norman didn't he? Brilliant.
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    R I P Mike Condolences to Sue and his family. What sad sad news. Mike was a true family man. Have known Mike for 45 years, as many may have and i have never met such a true supporter throughout all that time. Great times we had but so many more less than great and Mike,s support would never weaken. It was a pleasure to be in his company. Whether we were playing the greats of Man city or Arsenal or Everton with Mike i would always feel confident of a victory.The Vale could never lose.Mike himself wouls also never lose. V2001, Smurf they didnt deserve to be at the Vale and Mike would ensure they went. We can speak of great men for Port Vale. Sproson the player, Rudge the manager, i will add one more. Mike Lakin the fan. A true legend of Port Vale. The Railway stand just wont be the same again. Lets all give an extra shout out for the Vale at every game, for Mike. R I P Mike Up the Vale
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    Who gives a crap about what Boris said in January or February or March. The UK is in a crisis, day to day, hour to hour crisis that is killing people. What was said and to some extent what was done months or even weeks ago is irrelevant to what's happening today, right at this minute. The time for recriminations, blame, fault is when the crisis is no longer a crisis, when people are not dying in there hundreds per day or getting infected by the thousands. This is not a future event like brexit or the effect borrowing has on the GDP that can be debated at a leisurely pace. If you are going to kick Boris, and I think he needs a kick because in my opinion he has made mistakes, do it for what he says and does today because that's what's crucial to the outcome of today and tomorrow. Personally I don't give a rat's ass at this juncture if a line in a piece of text from months ago is altered or not...... that's not having a go at starmer, when it's over by all means rip Boris a new anal cavity.
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    It would be extremely unfortunate for Liverpool but this whole thing has put everything into perspective really. If the season does get cancelled then Liverpool will just have to dust themselves off and go again next season. Under Klopp they will be challengers again. I think everyone invovled at Liverpool should just be thankful that they have an opportunity to something once again - There's plenty of people in the UK and across the world that sadly don't have the opportunity now to do anything else.
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    I’ve just been informed that sadly Old Sage has lost his battle with C-19 RIP Old Sage it was a pleasure to know you.
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    No surprises on that list. As others have said, there’ll be a good pool of players to pick from this summer. Whoever we recruit I trust JA to get good value for money. Of those offered contracts, can we be sure they’ll all sign? I’d also echo the sentiments of other posters in saying Thank You to those released players, and wish them all the best of luck in getting fixed up elsewhere. They may not have played many games between them but all have contributed in reestablishing the club and getting us to the cusp of the playoffs. If nothing else the dressing room harmony and team spirit has been much improved this season, these players have been a part of that.
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    On behalf of the whole OVF team: We’d like to dedicate this game to the memory of Mike (Old Sage) Lakin who sadly passed away recently. A respected and much loved member of the OVF community and a passionate Port Vale fan who did a tremendous amount to save the football club, he will be dearly missed by all of us.
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    Don’t know where to start writing about a man such as Mike Lakin, the fact that so many old posters have returned to this site to post a tribute speaks volumes. i had the pleasure of knowing Mike quite well and was one of the few standing outside vale park with him during the Crawley game getting dogs abuse off other so called fans, in fact one of Mikes sons got assaulted. Port Vale has lost a true legend and as others have wrote, there might not even still be a Port Vale were it not for him. RIP Mike Lakin, Valliant to the end.
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    I too haven't posted on here for a very long time,but to hear such devastating news I've decided to.Myself and my brother Phil have known Mike since our school days and know what Port Vale meant to him.I'm convinced his blood was black and white!!Many on here have already posted how important Mike was in ousting the conmen from the Vale.For that we are eternally grateful Mike.You were a delight to listen to on P&G,at games and Supporters Club Meetings.You are a legend Old Sage and we are all finding it very difficult to believe this horrible coronavirus has taken away one of our finest fans.RIP Mike and our thoughts are with all your family and fellow Vale Family too.Thank you for saving Port Vale Football Club!!
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    Spot on, mate. Every week, this bloke was on P&G, putting his name and voice out there when Norman was threatening half of us with legal action. He didn't care. If it saved the Vale, he'd walk to the Moon and back. No stress. Get it done. Carol's just put a comment on Facebook about ensuring that the club continue Mike's legacy, and that's a comforting thought on this difficult evening. The best thing this club can do now, is become the club Mike always believed we could be. Fully united, moving in the right direction. Just important that we always look back and remember the work Mike did in turning the tide.
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    Going up this season is a strange one. Despite promotion, you've got to cut costs, lost players, and have no real celebration. Maybe a brief 'get in' but by tomorrow it'll all seem meaningless again. You're playing catch-up immediately with depleted resources and a very uncertain timeframe as to when football starts again at our level. Obviously, it would have been nice, but another year of getting things right, improving the squad, and I'll think we'll be ready. Its a shame we are the unlucky club but it had to be SOMEBODY. We wouldn't moan about it being unfair if we were 7th and Colchester 8th. Just the way it goes.
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    Carol on Radio 4 this afternoon. She is becoming the go to voice of the lower divisions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000j1k1 Starts about 1:06:00
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    If someone could inform Mike that the virus actually looks like Norman, he’ll have it beaten in no time! Keep fighting, Mike.
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    It's been a fantastic turnaround over the last 12 months and they've given us a club to be proud of again. Who knows where we could be now if global events hadn't intervened. Here's to many more years under our great owners.
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    It baffles me that people think we’ll just drop back into the groove and continue our playoff push. In reality the lack of match practice and fitness will mean form goes out the window. The standard of football from all teams is likely to be dull just like preseason and in my opinion just isn’t worth the risk to players, officials, staff and emergency services. Inevitably some fans won’t be able to stay away from venues, creating further problems. Clubs and leagues should concentrate their efforts on putting necessary procedures in place to ensure next season takes place safely, instead of a rushed car-crash finish to this season.
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    Sorry but he cheated all day long, very frustrating.
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    That's a really excellent point IC. Sometimes being a utility player does you no favours , Phil Neville springs to mind despite an excellent career . Hate to pick individuals as it's a team game but there is no doubt that early season a few goals came from Crookes side and also Monty was culpable for a few, most noticeable was Walsall. We all love it when Monty goes on a rampaging run , but I think you have made a really valid point. Let's give Monty the number 3 shirt and it's his to concentrate on and his to lose. Amoo ,Browne ( if both sign ) and Worrall are 3 good options for attacking width so let Monty become the best left back at the club by right not by default.
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    It may hurt now, but I think, long-term, we will benefit from this. We're already planning for the restart, and Carol is clear she wants promotion. We have a settled manager, settled players, and will be in a far healthier financial position than most. Our reputation is now excellent, from our style of football, development of individuals, and the 'people-first' focus of our owners. We have another season of developing our young talents (Gibbons, Burgess, Smith if he stays) and can look forward to a season of winning and fighting at the top end of the table. As we know, this is the best way to increase the fanbase and maximise revenue. Keep building the feelgood factor; keep the steady progress off the field up, safe in the knowledge on the pitch we're in a good situation. The alternative is forking out 400-500k on the playoffs, probably missing out. Even if we did win it, we've then got to assemble a competitive League 1 side (which we're some way off), on lower budgets, reduced solidarity payments, and having paid a lot of money just for the right to contest the playoffs. We go into League 1, most likely battling to stay up, and although we're proud, its not conducive to larger crowds and financial growth. Yes, it would have been nice, but it would have been a strain on our finances and an almighty challenge. In previous years, I'd be keen to go up here and now, as we simply weren't run well enough to rely on consistency and sustainability. That's been the case since 2003; cling to the fleeting success, as the clowns in the boardroom will ensure it doesn't last. 2012-13 was a stroke of luck/genius of Micky Adams and Tom Pope, stumbling across a striker in the form of his life. It wasn't a consequence of good, long-term planning, and well-thought out methods. Now, I feel more calm; we have people who will make sure tomorrow is brighter than today, maybe only marginally. The building blocks are in place, and progress is being made. We're working towards finishing the Lorne Street, the club was operating on a profit within 9 months of being insolvent, attendances were steadily increasing, we were tying down good players in a sensible and efficient manner. We were being run properly. If we succeed, its by design, and not sh!thouse. We'll get another chance, is what I'm saying. I understand the frustration, hurt, and feelings of injustice; we've been shafted, more than any other professional club in the country. We have every right to kick off. What's pleased me, however, is the philosophical approach our owners, manager, players, and fans have taken it in. Yes, it hurts, but we move on. We're coming out of this with national acclaim, rival clubs doffing their caps. Our reputation grows. Players and agents now know we're a good club, well-run, with good morals (building off the work last season). Andy Holt worships the ground Carol walks on. I saw a Wolves fan lauding us. Even Stoke fans are giving us credit. We're back. My overall feelings, having had time to process them over the last few difficult days, is that good times are coming. Patience is needed, and this is a kick in the teeth, but I think in years to come we'll look back and realise that we sacrificed the short-term pleasure for long-term success.
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    You could be right but the more I hear the more I'm content we aren't in the play offs. The fans of the clubs involved are starting to worry about the costs. Players will have to be taken off furlough and paid by their clubs which have no income. Once off furlough I think they can't go back on although I may be wrong. Only one of the four will gain the benefit of promotion and the other three will be at a disadvantage to the other teams in the division because of the costs they have had to endure. The winner will then be going up into a more competitive league with less cash in invest in team strengthening. Happy to live with the decision.
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    I think the decision is a mistake for various reasons. Covid may be here for a long long time. The future of football (and life in general) may be different for some time, not just this season. This was an opportunity to see how football could be structured in a way that was safe for all, both players and supporters. To demonstrate we had an immediate future. Why prioritise next season over this and the decision to promote but not relegate is one I am struggling to get my head around. It appears that the other leagues are anticipating returning so why are we differentiating ourselves from the bigger leagues where arguable they have greater challenges as bigger clubs have more staff to keep safe. I have no idea how to run a football club and how the current challenges are affecting each club. Therefore I have to respect the decision made by those in charge but it doesn't stop the disappointment and the questions.
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    Absolutely gutted that the season has had to end meaning we narrowly miss out on the play-offs. However, I fully support and agree with the decision. It seems to be the only ‘fair’ way to deal with the situation we are in. For those moaning about the way it has finished, would you be moaning if we were in Crewe’s shoes? I don’t think you would. Missing out by a point is honestly heartbreaking. I said throughout the season, conceding late needless equalisers would bite us in the bum, and it has. Mansfield, Salford, Orient and Scunthorpe were all games we should have seen out and secured three points. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. However, it has been a fantastic season and I’m very proud of the boys. Any improvement on the last three would have been great, but to finish 8th and be disappointed like we are is honestly something to be proud of. Askey, the back room staff and the players should be very proud of what they’ve achieved in a short amount of time. The biggest thanks should go to the Shanahan’s, they have transformed our football club. The work they have done in the club and the community is truly remarkable. I will be forever thankful. Goodness knows what kind of position we would be in if Norman was still here. Don’t be too down Valiants, our future is bright and once all this is over, we can continue heading in the right direction.
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    Absolutely gutted for me the management,players and the staff after they put a tremendous effort in this season. I really thought we would get in to the play offs and fancied our chances against anyone. Well done Carol and the club for making a tough decision but ultimately the right one for the future of football. Look forward to next season whenever that will be. Season ticket at the ready.
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    The usual level-headed, sensible comment we'd expect from Carol. What else can anyone say? It's like driving blindfolded through fog currently and so, so difficult to predict with any certainty what the outcomes are going to be! Is this season going to finish? Are all games even going into the start of next season, going to be played behind closed doors? If so, what is the effect on revenue in those circumstances? What expenditure can we therefore afford? And what numbers of back room staff and playing strength will that give us? All clubs, not only PV are facing this massive challenging conundrum. Even knowing the answers to all those questions, it's going to be very difficult to construct a sensible business paln and budget. Not having those answers, makes it a game of guesses at very best and blindman's buff at worst. I've been in business all my working life, have been through recessions, the 3-day week etc., but never seen or experienced anything like this. In all honesty I'm glad I'm not having to come up with these decisions. Good luck to Carol & Kevin--we're all behind you whatever you decide, and thank God it's not Norman we're relying on!
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    The fact that they have managed to get the club profitable 3 months ahead of schedule is amazing! It also shows how much the parasite Norman was draining the club. Didn't he say the club was losing something like a million a year... I guess it would when anything it generated went into his back pocket and not back into the club. Especially when it’s clear Carol is spending more than Norman was on certain areas eg proper catering vs old pies. Still boils my p*ss that some people demanded evidence that just wasn’t needed to know he was bad. We are so lucky to have Carol and Kevin... some took great delight in questioning their capability as owners and claimed they didn’t have the money... many on here said over and over again that they would run it better and more sustainably. Its nice to be right I genuinely believe they are the new benchmark for lower league ownership. With football facing so many changes and challenges, I can’t think of anyone I would rather be in charge! UTV
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    You’d struggle to nominate someone more pro-PVFC than Mike. Hope he’s alright.
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    Mike is firmly in my thoughts. One of the soundest people you could wish to meet.
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    That's one of the strangest statements I have read in a long time
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