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  1. Very much depends on who's available. If we're going to take a punt on a youngster from elsewhere then yes, I agree. He deserves a chance.
  2. My mate who's there says there's been a serious injury to a Stafford player and it might end up being called off. Not sure what's happening.
  3. Crazy that people think he won't be number one - as much as Carol loves splashing the cash, I can't imagine that a reserve keeper (who will probably spend the season getting splinters from the bench) would be high on her hitlist. This guy has rave reviews from the division below and is 30, prime for a keeper. He'll be first choice and we'll sign a younger, cheaper backup. I also can't imagine that either him or Vigereux would come here without a firm commitment to being number one.
  4. Loves a goal from distance. Won Shrews' goal of the season just gone with a 30 yardee into the top corner, plenty of YouTube footage of him doing the same for Hartlepool (edit : it's been posted above) Looks a decent signing.
  5. 20 years ago? Wow. I only knew him from the early days of the web and spotting him at the odd away game but his passing seemed to hit everyone hard. You can tell when someone is truly loved and respected.
  6. I don't understand the fuss about Brown. He was a good keeper but older than you'd like, not at the same level this season as last and on decent money (apparantly). Long term, he's declining rather than improving. He was an excellent player but so were Beckford, Earle and Guppy, but I wouldn't have any of them in the starting 11 next season. We move on, trust Clarke to bring in someone better, younger and cheaper who will be here for a numbee of years.
  7. I would, and I'm sure Clarke would. However, I hear nothing to suggest that Stoke are willing. Any player would also have to be a significant step up from the JPT team they put out against us a few years ago.
  8. I have no issue about the clearout, with the exception of Brisley. He hardly had a chance under Askey yet came into Clarke's back 3 alongside Smith and Legge and did exceptionally well, keeping numerous clean sheets. He also surely wouldn't have been on massive wages. He worked his socks off based on Clarke's promise to judge every one with a clean slate, did everything asked of him and still got released. It's not that I think Brisley is an exceptional player, but as a person, he's been treated shockingly. Everyone else released was a combination of past it, expensive or crap.
  9. If McKirdy has shown enough in training to deserve a starting place, I'll back him. Why not give everyone a clean slate as Clarke obviously has? I can't see it as he hasn't even been on the bench recently, but you never know. A large clearout is only possible if players are out of contract or find someone else who wants them. Theo and Whitehead are under contract for another year unfortunately.
  10. Artificial pitches have come on so much since the pitches that Oldham and Preston had - anyone that's played at St. George's Park or even Stafford Town knows that. No idea why they can't be allowed, especially at lower league clubs like Harrogate, they'd be so much better than this beach.
  11. First two touches for Guthrie and he wins the header, holds it up and knocks a decent ball into Rodney.
  12. Ha, love the shout out to Ryan Burge on the away commentary. Cynical.
  13. The sort of defensive mistake we usually make, not benefit from. Nice to be on te other side of it for once. Close it out now please Vale.
  14. He's done better second half. Maybe it's a confidence thing. If he gets one, he may start to improve and do better consistently. I still think we have better options on the bench though. Edit : scrap that, rubbish through ball when he had the momentum. Awful.
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