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  1. Not at all, only from the wind. We've had the much better chances, they've just lumped balls into the box from corners that we've dealt with well so far.
  2. Pope for Bennett, good move. If Bennett had a pound for every ball he's won today he wouldn't have enough for his bus fair home.
  3. Taylor for Atkinson? Attacking threat off and another defensive midfielder on? Is Askey looking to hang on to a draw at home to Macc, because that seems awfully negative to me.
  4. Get Pope on. Bennett has done nothing at all so far.
  5. They've been allocating 5,000ish in the last few years, citing not being able to safely segregate any more than that.
  6. Last season, Rotherham played Man City in round 3. A 52,000 attendance (kerching) but also a 7-0 defeat...
  7. Not sure why the Geordie lad is so cocky, they've lost to Shrewsbury and Macc in the previous fixtures, both of which we've beaten? We were all young once I suppose...
  8. Horrid draw. Predict a 0-0 draw away then beat them at home on a rain-soaked windy Vale Park evening.
  9. Montano's doing well. Wish Joyce would be more positive and not always knock it backwards. Also Bennett needs to stay in the middle not come out to the wings to win the ball.
  10. I almost agree - I think First half v Forest Green at home showed more attacking intent and against a better team. We're doing very well today but we're being allowed to play by Leyton Orient.
  11. "I'd pull Ryan Lloyd off now" - Phil Sproson on Radio Stoke. Fnarr fnarr.
  12. I don't know, it seems obvious to me. Playing against a second string Macc team and he's out of his depth. We've just had a string of 25+ passes until it comes to Ryan Lloyd on the right hand side, and .... oh, he's lost it. No one would be more happy than me to see him succeed. Local lad, Vale youngster, I'd love him to turn it around and do well. But every game I've seen him this season he's been a liability at worst and a passenger at best. If they want someone just to put in 100%, give me a call - I'll play for free. I won't do any worse than Lloyd.
  13. He appears to be an extremely arrogant chap. Having done reasonably well at Macc but not stuck it out, I'd expect his next job to be another League Two club or possibly a lower end League One club. I'd put money on the fact that he's eyeing up Championship and Premiership jobs.
  14. Obstruction is a indirect free kick isn't it?? Not a pen. Ref's completely lost it. I'd put money on a red card for someone if I were a betting man.
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