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  1. First 10 minutes and we battered them, should gave been two or three up easily. Then we just stopped playing and stood off them went from a 10/10 performance to 3/10. Not sure what to change except getting them to get stuck in and make a tackle, maybe Politic for Benning.
  2. If you were the Vale manager, and you were looking at signing a player from another club (say Hartlepool for example) that had been told he had no future with the club, was training with the youth team and hadn't been given a squad number this season, with no interest from other clubs and you knew he was on £2k a week, and it was transfer deadline day today, what would you do? A) Offer the player the full £2k because you're so desperate to sign him or B) Offer a pittance (perhaps £100 a week) and let the other team make up the rest because you know that otherwise they'll be stuck with paying the full amount? and why would you do anything other than choose B?
  3. Even if we end up paying 75% of Theo and Whitehead's wages, we'd still be saving 25% compared to them rotting with the youth team here. I feel sorry for Burgess, he's done well at times and is young. Whitehead and Theo need to be gort rid of though.
  4. A fit Tom Pope in the team is a great thing. The problem is (from what I've heard) that a Tom Pope coming to the end of his career and being left out of the team is a nightmare to manage, especially for a quiet, confrontation-avoiding gent like Askey. The fact that Pope admits to drowning his sorrows (rather than getting back to full fitness) in response to being left out tells you all you need to know. It's no wonder he scored his 30+ goals that season under Adams, he ran him into the ground to get him fit and would never have tolerated an ounce of indiscipline. With a different attitude, Pope could still be leading the line this season under Askey. The fact that he isn't is (partially) down to his choices. Everyone has freedom of choice. No one has freedom from the consequences of those choices.
  5. Has anyone else's iFollow gone off? Watch option has disappeared? Edit : logged in and out and it's sorted
  6. Awful, absolutely awful. Covolan likely to give away a goal out of nothing, the midfield overran, far too many individual mistakes, Rodney not bothered, Wilson running around like a headless chicken. We need to change it, but "it" means about 5 players. I'd take a point now please.
  7. 3 hours? Wow. On it now, didn't realise you could get it through Spotify, great work.
  8. They're only human, without the benefit of VAR at our level. The problem is, they may do 50 games and not even be noticed in 48 of them, but the 2 that they make a mistake in, they get criticised over social media with endless replays of penalties and goals. Give 'em a break.
  9. It ain't on ifollow!! How have you got that??
  10. Jones isn't playing well at the moment, looks shaky everytime he gets the ball. His long throw is a weapon but Benning is surely the better player?
  11. Commentary just come back on. Dominating to be fair so far but still too many long balls for my liking. Keep it on the floor!
  12. Forget Theo. He's had more than enough chances to impress and not taken any of them. DC has sidelined him and rightly so - I'd take a punt on Eden Bailey or another young loan signing before putting him back in a Vale shirt. As for Wilson, judge him after 15/20 games in League 2, noy a few friendlies against higher league opposition.
  13. Very much depends on who's available. If we're going to take a punt on a youngster from elsewhere then yes, I agree. He deserves a chance.
  14. My mate who's there says there's been a serious injury to a Stafford player and it might end up being called off. Not sure what's happening.
  15. Crazy that people think he won't be number one - as much as Carol loves splashing the cash, I can't imagine that a reserve keeper (who will probably spend the season getting splinters from the bench) would be high on her hitlist. This guy has rave reviews from the division below and is 30, prime for a keeper. He'll be first choice and we'll sign a younger, cheaper backup. I also can't imagine that either him or Vigereux would come here without a firm commitment to being number one.
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