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  1. Depends how awkward the referee is as yesterday both teams had black shorts on!
  2. We’ve been poor since half time of the Orient game after battering them first half and haven’t really got going since and I’ve no idea why! First half I thought we actually played some good stuff and were comfy until the penalty, I half felt we would go on and win easily. The goal was sublime and adds to the frustration as to why we were so backwards and sideways in the second half when we’d shown we could knock it around first half! Disappointing but still feel we are much improved overall, granted 1 point better than last season but we won once in three and half months IIRC after November! Need to get back to what we do best, hopefully Conlon is close. Referee was useless. Penalty was 50-50 but if you give it you have to give the Pope one! Bradford is a free hit so hopefully pressure off we can go and play our own game and try and get something. Point there and today won’t feel as bad.
  3. Decent enough line up on paper that, plenty of pace with both Monty and Amoo to occupy their full backs and Wozza with his energy in the midfield three is not a bad thing.
  4. valefan16


    Bury’s prospective buyer has pulled out after due diligence of the books. Winding up hearing Wednesday so set to be liquidated and will have to start again from the bottom.
  5. I think there is a degree of over-reaction in that fans seem to be ready to pounce on Askey and blasting the team somewhat based on only our 4th defeat. I was livid and have calmed down a bit now and its crucial to then re-look at it. It was a huge bugger up tactically and the first real time the lads didn't put enough endeavour in and can't then suggest that is it for the season... a win and decent reaction Saturday and things will look entirely different. Crewe have carried on where they left off last season however we (and Askey in particular) schooled pretty much the same Crewe side in April with the system and high press and we battered them (their home record is average also) so to say we will get smashed in this or that game would be harsh, we've only been smashed once this season in all competitions (16 games) - arguably 1 half of those 16 games. Macclesfield have an identical record to us so are no mugs either which is worth considering, yet we are reacting like we've been done in the FA Cup by a minnow. It will take time, there is plenty of work to do but the progress so far is pretty much what we most expected and said we would be happy with at the start of the season, less defeats, more goals, better football in the majority of games. If we lose to Stevenage and Oldham then maybe its time to panic but hopefully Saturday was just a bad day at the office and no more, no less.
  6. We’ve improved on last season; the goals for comparison shows that we’ve sorted our main Achilles heel in the main. Yesterday was dire and we’ve been poor since half time at Orient really discounting the second half against ten men last weekend. Need to get back to doing what was working and get the ball on the deck next week and push on. If we can only lose 4 times in our next 13 then it would be good progress. Angered by the performance but hopefully thats one we now look to get out the system next week and put right.
  7. But again this leads to the question after their failures to pay multiple times last season and various winding up orders why did the EFL let them sign players in the summer! Its nuts in that some players hadn't been paid so were able to walk free from their contracts (Evans to us being one) yet the EFL sanctioned signings when they hadn't paid players in some cases for a few months. Crazy.
  8. Hard to say how Quigley would have done under a John Askey led Vale team with the improved fitness and tactics that came with it. Never really got a look in.
  9. I managed to attend around 13-14 games last season... i've already equalled the number of wins from last season that I saw this season! (3)
  10. With Shrewsbury beating Newcastle kids we are now into the knock out stages of this now.
  11. Another point, that FGR performance looks a superb result and performance considering they are currently top of the tree!
  12. I think we’ve done well and to be slightly frustrated we haven’t picked up even more points with some late lapses and failure to put Cobblers away in the second half speaks volumes for the progress made. Three losses in the first twelve with the injuries we’ve had and having played mainly teams in the top half is superb, this reminds me a bit of Adams first season where he made us hard to beat, we didn’t lose many but drew a few too many and seems to be along that line which would be acceptable this season. League looks open and there for the taking if we can just turn those draws into wins going forward. Hopefully if we are into January and looking potentially like we could have a play off challenge we can pick up a couple of decent signings but if we can average 1 loss in 4 over the season that would be a huge improvement (and maybe ask over 46 game’s)
  13. Macc had a good start but have tailed off lately so a chance to get a win, as said 20 points before mid October would be excellent with Stevenage and Oldham to follow in the three games after. I always say 25 points by xmas is on track to stay up which is the initial threshold to pass. That said a point wouldn't be too bad here IF we beat Stevenage to keep the tally ticking over. We should at least have Browne fully fit and possibly Monty back along with Gibbo so some bodies back in the team. Hopefully we can nick a win though and really set ourselves up to push on.
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