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  1. It is a difficult and very controversial one... I have had it, personally for me I felt the pro's weighed against the con's, that said my wife suffered blood clots from it and was made fairly unwell so I can understand younger people having more convincing to take it and no vaccine should be forced. Most countries seem to be going that way though, Greece say any lockdowns would be for unvaccinated only and limits to where they can go, we are going as far as no entry to university lectures, France (which has a lot of anti vax) has suggested measures which have cause mass protests. My kids are 6 and 5 at the moment but if they were eligible I would not been keen on them having it until the long term issues are fully known as the con's outweigh the pro's at that stage so its down to individuals to decide what is done with their own body. It is still in trials and I do think it should be encouraged but not forced and alienated a swathe of the population because they don't want it isn't really right. Vax Passports themselves aren't the issue but should be allowed to include the option if un vaxed for testing as an alternative to enter (and then only when case levels suggest its needed).
  2. Il buy it but again the keepers kit looks better! Shame the style in the same like a couple of seasons ago but is in fairness a different colour to usual in terms of being gold rather than the yellowy “gold” kits of the past. Maybe a grower. I will have one and am tempted by the blue keepers one (ended up getting the home and home keepers).
  3. To be fair to Tom, he came in as a trialist and has worked his way over the past three seasons into a key player so not a shock he was on a lower wage for the club but has rightly earned the right to a better deal. Season before last he was actually not in the first XI until Taylor got injured so been a great turn around.
  4. No the buildings didn’t look like the one at Seagrave, not sure if the old one is still in use but looks rural wherever it is.
  5. It is trying to work out where it actually is they are. Leeds are at Loughborough uni so doesn’t look like there.
  6. Glad Bailey is not, he might be one that could really benefit under the new set up and seems to have something to offer long term.
  7. Wonder where in Leicestershire, im from there and live there so interesting choice. Possibly Loughborough University?
  8. I wouldn’t say there is a lack of goals, Wilson if fit will bag a few, we know Rodney can get 10-15 (maybe more if he improves further). You’ve also got goals in midfield, Pett, Conlon are goal scoring midfielders, Wozza chips in with a few and of course the likes of Smith and Legge can add goals from set pieces. A lot will depend on what we do with the forth striker though. If we push the boat out on it and get a good scorer then we should be ok, worry is relying on Wilson staying fit though. Didn’t Cheltenham win the league with no real out and out scorer? Crewe went up without one so it isn’t imperative especially if you can get plenty from midfield.
  9. The main issue with Southgate is he can be slow to make in game changes (the goal was coming) and does seem negative tactically when you consider the incredible attacking talent we now have. Our squad is far better than Italy man for man but they won it deservedly and our main weakness appeared to be defensively pre tournament and we ended up very solid so there is a balance there. When you consider the 'golden generation' when our squad was full of world class players in all positions, mostly at their peak around 2004-10 and how they performed despite the huge talent we had (2 QF, 1 R16 and a failure to make Euro 2008) then it does show the good job Southgate has done and the future looks incredibly bright, St Georges and the investment and set up the FA have put in place is starting to pay off like Spain did and Clairefontaine in France and I do feel we have a great chance now to be a big player in the next decade.
  10. Devastating and the worst possible way to lose but once the raw emotion clears we will look back on a memorable summer. This is such a young squad and the disgusting comments are bang out of order to these players, I hope it doesn't destroy them because we have a team now that could mature into a squad capable to winning tournaments for the next 6-8 years. From the pain of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Euros to Iceland we've reached the World Cup Semi Final (lost ET), Nations League Semi (Lost ET) and Euro 2020 Final (lost pens). Fine margins but we need to take this pain and channel it ahead of Qatar and try and go that one step further. Last night wasn't the end of the journey but the start of a very bright future you feel with the squad we have and age of it.
  11. I see DC is at the game! I’m nervous, the dog is knackered it’s been on that many walks today! One last hurdle.
  12. Not the first interest Clarke has shown in him… https://www.allnigeriasoccer.com/read_news.php?nid=34899
  13. Its just an Anglophobic reaction to the penalty... love the fans saying come on Italy because we "cheat"... obviously haven't seen much of Italy down the years and especially Immoblie in the QF!
  14. I think we have the better players than Italy, they have a few but we still have far far more depth which may suit us if it does go to E.T. Italy were poor against Austria and Spain for the main despite their great defensive record do give away chances. Need to target their centre backs with our pace though rather than lump it as they will have that all day. Should be a good tie and could really go either way. As for the Scots and everyone else... living in their heads rent free. They had their cup final and can celebrate their 0-0 in it all they like whilst we actually try and win an actual cup final.
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