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  1. Or you can make changes week by week whilst open I would assume.
  2. No one, apparently doing it next week so I don’t understand how Guthrie is allowed to play?
  3. He isn’t registered hence could only play in the paint pot
  4. He isn’t registered hence could only play in the paint pot
  5. He’s just left Bradford by mutual consent...
  6. He’s a Vale fan, it means more to him than other players I guess. He has the player side of it and the emotion as a fan I dare say. If he isn’t playing or losing the captaincy it would hurt and he said it hurt. It should be applauded that he has spoken out and understood. At a time like this since then with the pandemic many more will struggle, footballers and general men alike. I’ve got down during this whole episode and people like Tom talking about it will help others not feel alone or ashamed, especially blokes who don’t talk about emotions as much as a rule.
  7. It was an awful challenge as was the one on Whitehead. Hope he can play again, he’s had his problems but he is probably the only real legend of the 21st century for this club. Deserves to be recognised and not slaughtered too. One of our own, broken most records he could, that goal at the Etihad, the 33 to get us up. Regardless of the divisions he is a name that should be remembered like the Foyle, Aspin, Ainsworth, Naylor, Guppy and Earle etc.
  8. Arm broken and ligaments in the shoulder I hear. Incredible he stayed one. If he doesn’t play competitively which I hope he does for us again testimonial is the least he should get. One of those that deserve legend status and not only that he is one of our very own. Get well Tom.
  9. It’s a bit explosive that interview but very frank and deep from the heart. Sadly sounds like his season is now over due to the injuries last night but hope he does wear the shirt again, even if a testimonial. The captaincy thing sounds a complete and utter mess in the way it was handled.
  10. I don’t get the battering we got and should of been 6 or 7, Visser made 1 maybe 2 good saves, Whitehead hit the post but that was more our own errors. 20 shots but very few counted as real chances. Defended ok I thought.
  11. Toughy but not unwinnable, FGR are better away than they are at home and Vale should of beaten them at VP. They’ve also lost two big players in Winchester to Sunderland and the centre half to Barnsley. Give us a good idea of where we are and a draw would be ok, if we can win one of the next 2 I’d be happy (as long as we put Scunny and Southend to the sword) 1-1 here I reckon. Pope and Matt
  12. Won’t lose sleep over that, huge changes and they had the likes of Power, Gooch etc and threw on McGeady and Leadbetter. Defended well in the main which was pleasing, annoyed at their first goal though as we pissed around with a free kick deep in their half. Joyce, Worrall and Rodney play it’s probably a different game so no over reaction here. What happened to Hurst shows the decision to rest key players was sensible, we lost a load in the Wolves game which screwed us over Xmas. Whitehead was poor, Robinson didn’t take his chance although clear he isn’t suited to the way we play. Taylor
  13. Sunderland love a draw, have a crazy record for draws since going down to league one... 1-1 then maybe time for the Visser show.
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