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  1. Hurst is under contract isn’t he so was a trial for us to have a look but still their player unless we buy him so guess that’s why.
  2. No Rhys Browne I see. Wonder if he’s still here! Assume Cummings has left
  3. The “brown” sides on the away shirt looking at UV tweet show it’s actually black mesh over the yellow hence the appearance that’s it’s brown but is black! Same on home with white mesh over black making it look grey
  4. It’s a tricky one, the last three or four years have felt like we’ve gone into it writing it off and saying maybe next year or this is a year of getting through it... but this is actually the case that we’ve got proper owners now with the Vale at heart... Give them this year to get the foundations built and we can hopefully progress. All I personally ask is that we are not in any relegation battle at any point this season. A forth season of stress worrying would be tough to go through again! Happily float around 12-14th constantly well clear of the drop!
  5. Goalie kits are generally always a template, imagine all the Errea clubs will be the same.
  6. Home kits seem to have a greyish panelling on the sides too from the second image!
  7. Away one is almost identical to the Brighton Away kit a year or two back even down to the olive coloured panels down the sides!
  8. Look good actually in full view! Keepers kit might sell well!
  9. 5 minutes to the big reveal!
  10. Reveal looks set for today judging by the Official Vale twitter!
  11. Foley wouldn't be a bad option. He weighed in with a few goals and had a great engine, not a bad option if we could afford him in my option. Grant would be excellent but think we would struggle to get him, imagine a few clubs are sniffing around him now. Problem with Grant he moves clubs all the time! He's had 2 or 3 since us, literally a modern day Trevor Benjamin!
  12. The FA are already on to them about it. Looks like a beauty pageant with the sash like that!
  13. Manny just had a slight groin tear and could of played but wasn’t worth the risk.
  14. Still remember Anyon dropping that corner into the net against Exeter under Glover! A young keeper to learn alongside someone like Brown with the view to potentially succeeding him in the next 2 or 3 years would be more sensible!
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