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  1. Positive, saves me driving up hopefully... its just if they answer them if its rammed! Not sure why ST holders are queuing for hours when they have 11 days to get what is guaranteed a ticket...
  2. Positive, saves me driving up hopefully... its just if they answer them if its rammed!
  3. As a Vale fan based away from Stoke on Trent it’s a shame a bit as assuming the phones won’t get answered which as it’s a small ticket office may be the case, might mean 120 mile round trips twice in two days! Cheltenham at home followed by up to Vale to ensure I can get a general sale ticket.
  4. Decent, hoping still plenty after ST ticket sales so I can get one! Should be.
  5. Cant be many grounds we have an 80% win record! The one we did lose was because we had a man sent off and couldn't twice hold on to a lead. If you include friendlies as we opened their ground we've actually won 5 from 6! Hopefully we can get back on track, these are having big problems and just booted the manager and sounds like they were bad Saturday. Joyce back... assume Browne will be well enough to cover for Woz so should improve the performance level from last weekend!
  6. It all felt like "After the Lord Mayors Show" with everything that had gone on the week before it just seemed everything was really flat. Walsall were absolutely awful and could argue they are the worst team to come VP this season, Carlisle for example played far better second half and we beat them... they posed virtually no threat at all but yet again we've started a half asleep... their goal was almost carbon copy of the 30 second goal Carlisle scored! That said Pope gets a huge shove in the back... the ref would have blown up against us for that. Conlon was an idiot, cost us any hope after that but I would say the guy who he elbowed was lucky to still be on the pitch after a cowardly shove on Smith as hes in the air... could of been a serious injury and lucky it wasn't. Too much hoofball, we seemed devoid of confidence which is surprising and it was fairly uncharacteristic. we do however seem to struggle against sides who stay tight and play the games of throwing themselves to the floor, time wasting and feigning. The head injury feigning was a new and worrying one if it catches on... fake a head injury to get the game stopped and allow you to reset... hope other teams dont catch on. Disappointing way to end our home form as I think pretty much any other performance at home this season would of seen us victorious.
  7. Its only one game, the same as if one was off due to weather or internationals, gifting three points to a side in a promotion race is a huge disadvantage to the rest of the sides involved in the race.
  8. Third time in a couple of months we will play a team twice within a few weeks!
  9. Imagine we might be extended highlights though which I believe is worth about 50k.
  10. Morecambe might have a case for 3 points as we are too busy to play them on Jan 4th in the minds of Crewe Alex.
  11. More chance of an upset rather than watch Man City likely crush us. Had it been at Vale Park then 100% would of been televised.
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