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  1. He can't be that much of a supporter if he forgot 1993/94 then!
  2. I looked and its a suspension for four yellows but doesnt mention red!
  3. I imagine most purchase straight away such as the regulars/ST holders so will be people waiting for transport options or decided late to go. I think we will get to around 18000 each club.
  4. Yes the Newport Pagnell match was before (the FA Vase final)
  5. Booked this, despite living close to the M1 my original plan for Stanmore probably involves travelling in with a train load of stags so with free parking the extra distance is covered and get to travel in with the Valiants and a beer before!
  6. Evenly matched to us IMO, they don’t tend to travel well and have a poor record against the top 10 away from field mill (8 losses, 1 draw) aside from the PO win at Cobblers. It’s a final though so all probably goes out the window. Bookies fancy us… just.
  7. Expect us to wear the home kit, had we played Northampton our white shorts would have clashed so may have wore the gold kit (or the black shorts with our home top) but Mansfield wear gold so unless we go for thinking black is more lucky I would assume we’d wear our traditional colours for this.
  8. I’d imagine allocation (initial) is based on clubs request so they’ve probably said to Vale how many do you think you’d need and we’ve said 25000 which is a fair estimate. Mansfield obviously said 30000. If we need more we can request but imagine neither will sell more than 25000 in the end. Looks like both clubs sales are tracking roughly the same.
  9. I noticed they’d been giving Bristol Rovers fans stick about their home crowds in recent weeks which the Rovers fans have been enjoying returning the stick this past few days! Seems to be a regular obsession with Swindon fans. Some of the reactions have been way over the top as well, DC has taken a right belting from them like he’s some evil beast. I haven’t clearly seen the incident back but they reckon he assaulted their captain and ball boy, didn’t look that bad on the clips I could see, told the ball boy to slow it down and then a few handbags with their captain with both going head to head rather than some mental head butt? They are calling for things like points deductions or letting them take our place in the final, it’s really pathetic really. They were cocky from the manager down and thought they just had to turn up and were at Wembley… they were wrong and let’s be honest it shouldn’t have even gone as far as penalties with the chances we missed, we could of won that 3 or 4-0 on the night with a bit more composure and they could have had no complaints (although sure they’d have found some like the seats were the wrong shade of gold or the floodlights were a fraction too dim) Delusions of grandeur whilst we just focused and got on with the job at hand to progress, a night that will live with me forever… let’s hope the final chapter of this dramatic season and it’s various plot lines has the fairy tale ending.
  10. Would you generally head down the M1 from Stoke out of interest?
  11. Wonder what kind of things they have in the fan zone? I was mulling on Box Park but the fan zone may be a better bet if they do beer and have things going on.
  12. Yeah or free but Not guaranteed! Bit of a con but should be a good atmosphere in there!
  13. Box Park have a Vale Fanzone pre and post match
  14. Swindon remind me of Crewe in the early 00s, they used to go on about moral victories because they conceded less fouls and the “Crewe Way” and how we were animals and they were this beautiful passing side… Micky Adams answer to that Griff absolutely nailing one of their players within the first few minutes!
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