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  1. Hurst is raw but is something there to work with, Walsall fans at their place were rating him as one of the best players they’ve faced. With the coaching in place now he is possibly one Clarke will feel he could develop
  2. Alex Hurst retained for 2 more years. Done well to be fair and one I feel could develop under DC
  3. One who may be a possible and potentially game changing signing if we budget for it is James Norwood. Goal machine at this level but flunked in league one with Ipswich (their fans want him gone). Would be a few takers and would probably have to throw good money at him but he is your 20 goal man at this level.
  4. Interesting summer and good we’ve said right you can have Manny but we want a small fee. That’s not something we’d usually have done probably without Flitcroft. Usually it would be ok he’s free agent in a month so take him now if you want. Summer will be very interesting. Wonder if we are going to spend fairly big by our usual standards. Lots of investment and something had sold the job to Clarke.
  5. Talk on social media is that Manny has left the club...
  6. Next Monday I saw for the shop to reopen.
  7. Expected and right not to clash with the funeral, I assume 12pm KO or the option of Friday will be given to Clubs.
  8. With goal difference Southend need to win 5 of 6 and Colchester to catch us need 3 wins and draw from 5 as they play each other’s points will be dropped there. Grimsby need what 5 wins and 2 draws from 7 That’s assuming we’d lose every game so poor odds although there is always the Vale fan in me that will stress until it’s impossible!
  9. Southend beat Crawley who are ideal opponents at the moment then Colchester are in deep, especially playing Southend in a couple of weeks time. Colchester host Walsall before the Southend tie but then have a tough run in the last three games. Southend lose today against a poor form Crawley side then you’d feel probably they haven’t enough to capitalise on Colchester. As for Vale although tiny chance of the drop we could mathematically be safe as early as today. If we beat Morecambe and Southend fail to win coupled with Grimsby being defeated at Bradford then we would be officially safe.
  10. Pringle maybe 7 or 8 years ago. He’s done nothing for a few years now, think he had bad injuries
  11. Southend have apparently sacked Mollesy and are appointing Phil Brown tomorrow!
  12. The debt is to him but of course his company funding it could be in trouble and a knock on I guess.
  13. Apparently it’s the owner who the debt is too.
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