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  1. Harrogate were similar to the early Stevenage sides after their rise to the EFL. Spoiling tactics and efficient at it, maybe they could surprise a few as Stevenage did in their first year but I did think they lacked quality up front and once we got to grips with them we were the better side. Positives defensively we look strong, three clean sheets is a good start (4 including the last league game last season), we’ve battled hard and even below our best ensured we got a point. Felt some of the players had off days today, Worrall wasn’t his best and made a few poor passes, Conlon less effecti
  2. The issue in leagues one and two is testing or lack off, mainly down to financing it by clubs already skint. Most clubs only test if symptoms are shown rather than weekly like the Prem clubs (no idea on what Vale do mind). If all tested weekly then as before clubs can isolate the odd case or two and games avoid being called off. Orient had 17 I believe which they think they got in their hotel in Oldham but if 1 or 2 then isolate them which is what Stevenage or West Ham did. Oddly though Grimsby had one and that was called off... possibly because they didn’t test the rest of the squad wherea
  3. Defensively done ok but created very little, crying out for Pope to hold it up to be honest. Need to work them out and improve second half!
  4. Stevenage have a player tested positive and likely their game could be off tomorrow against Bradford too!
  5. If they overlap full backs against our pace and ability on the break Devante will murder them you’d hope with his pace. May make it open as our full backs are being targeted but if they push to far up Rodders should be enjoying the freedom of the flank to get at them.
  6. Just noticed that the FA Trophy final is this Sunday... Harrogate play the semi tomorrow so if they win that would then assume our game is off?
  7. If we want promotion then these a games we need to win and with three teams expected not to do much this season up we have a great chance to get a great start, so often we’ve struggled when this opportunity arises so could learn a lot the next 3 games! Fancy us to win though with how well we are playing but more tougher than many expect 2-1 Cullen and Woz.
  8. The Conlon free kick was sublime, Beckham like almost. Think he scored one that’s been forgotten in the horrors of the 6-2 against Lincoln so has it in his locker. He has been a revelation not just this season but was right before lockdown and covered the Taylor loss very well. Manny was like a new signing and should he stay fit has a big part to play, to see him in a good Vale team rather than standing out in a poor one a couple of seasons back will be interesting. Rodney was exciting again, frustrating at times when late first half a couple of times failed to square it for a better chance
  9. Three good shirts and they have given three different kits to suit different tastes, the different home strip, black plain but smart away kit and the bright third one which is a different colour to the usual gold. I purchased it last night as in Greece but got the other 2. Superb videos too. Was worried when Max left if we’d keep up what he’d built with the club but certainly has been continued and built on.
  10. Assume will be worn tomorrow as Exeter’s shorts and socks clash with both our kits.
  11. We may well be sporting a new colour on Saturday I believe...
  12. Times are suggesting it could be limited to 1000-2500 for this season now which has caused huge uproar... (I mean a 76,000 old Trafford that’s ridiculous!) The Germans and French are managing so hope they stick to the 30% from October which would probably just about be enough for season ticket, 10 game and regular walk ups for us.
  13. Tough game; sounds like they’ve had a few changes and played a young side last weekend who did well to get a point at Salford. Win here and it would send a real statement to the league and a great platform with some predicted strugglers to play in the 3 games after. Draw would be decent enough though. Tempted to bring Monty in at left back for this and possibly Whitehead for Burgess who’s struggled up to now (ideally a fit Manny but pointless risking it just yet) 1-1 Cullen
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