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  1. We wouldn’t be punished regarding the concussion sub anyway. Harrogate made the four changes which in turn entitled us to, although the referee would have to confirm it was a concussion sub thus then informing us we can use an extra sub to even it up. I was confused watching it as Harrogate through on a fourth sub… then we did so had to check the rules on it myself. Our fourth sub was entirely legit based on the actions of Harrogate. Had he not gone off with concussion then we’d have only been allowed three. Plus assume if we tried to do something illegal there the referee wouldn’t allow the sub regardless.
  2. From the trial last season it works like below: "If one team has to make a concussion substitute, they will hand a green card to the referee, and to balance that up, the opposing team will be given a white card so he can use an extra substitute.
  3. Set to miss this as away but a big game this. They’ve had a great start so won’t be easy but it’s winnable as they all are. Win this and the season start looks much better with 1.5PPG early doors and a trip to crisis club Scunthorpe to follow. I think we will get stronger as the season goes on but the earlier we “click” and hit some form then the better chance of success. I fancy us for some reason here to win 2-0. Leyton Orient aside win this one and the fixtures looks kinder to follow.
  4. I love the comment about us taking hardly any fans there (and apparently don’t get home fans either)… We usually take 800-1000 down the road to Oxford! It’s just Swindon is a crap away day and we usually get tonked there.
  5. Strange game really, should of been game over after 15 minutes and up until their goal it felt like it was going to be a comfortable afternoon. Really missed Legge and they don’t score with him there certainly the first two goals which were awful. Wasn’t sure on the formation, Smith seemed out wide! The third goal is dreadful, what is Benning doing? He’s next to their scorer and runs the opposite way to goal to him when the ball is played! If he stays on him we deal with that. Really odd, we looked a real top side early on then just stopped playing, the movement and passing was excellent but once they scored we couldn’t do the simple things right let alone the quality we had produced prior to that. On the positive though Proctor looks fit and in form. 5 goals already considering his lowish minute total is impressive. Wilson did ok he opened the space for Proctor and his touch was excellent, no surprise once he went off the chances dried up.
  6. Love Amos interview he seems very excitable to be here which is good to see! Seems the kind of lad to hope to do well and get a longer deal here.
  7. Solanke is highly rated also I believe. Maybe one with a longer term view.
  8. Reading between the lines it looks like the lad from West Brom (who’s a midfielder isn’t he?)
  9. Theo is off to Bradford by the looks of it
  10. Felt that was a great performance and deserved more but promising signs, the first half after their goal we played some absolutely superb football and the interchanging movement between players was causing Bolton all sorts of problems. Positive few days and signs we may be on the cusp on pushing on.
  11. Stronger than I expected but good to see Gibbons and Conlon back. They’ve gone strong also!
  12. How do you know they haven’t but just haven’t been wanted? Or offered a deal? In fairness if I had a guaranteed wage for another year and no one else wanted me I’d take the money to feed my family and keep a roof over my head as would anyone.
  13. Seems very grounded from his interview and excited to be here. Garrity was probably the most “underwhelming” signing on paper we made this summer and he’s been stand out, people grumbled over Dan Jones thinking the rumours of Benning were less likely to come true and he’s been very good so let’s give the lad a chance. Has a League Two title under his belt which is more than we have as a club in decades so who are we to judge, played 32 times in that title winning side.
  14. He is excellent for them so if he’s out and Adams who’s a big player for them it won’t be the worst news for us.
  15. I think the battering of Covolan is a bit harsh and comparisons to Brown are slightly forgetful... Brown came walkabout for Walsall's first goal at Vale Park when caught in no mans land, then air kicked a back pass... Covolan getting a red is it any different to Joyce v Tranmere when 2-0 up to fly in recklessly and cost us the game? Equally against Stevenage him bursting out to head a ball clear at one point probably saved a goal as it was going to be one on one so its about balance, he made a mistake unfortunately when keepers make a mistake it usually costs a goal. He will learn, its the highest level he has played at in England and I am sure will improve, lets not destroy his confidence after 4 games when in fairness he has kept 2 clean sheets in his last three games and not at fault for either goal he conceded.
  16. Will Grigg is wanting a move to the Midlands according to the Sunderland boss… maybe a cheeky loan option?
  17. It looks daunting but are a couple of potential reasons for hope. Whilst they have been scoring for fun they do give away chances and goals, so if we can be a bit more ruthless and defend stoutly we have a chance, hopefully Brentford have them chasing around for 90 minutes tomorrow as well. A draw wouldn't be a bad result in terms of the fixture but we ideally need to start getting a win under our belts or we will end up having a lot more to do. Generally though Vale v FGR ends 1-1 more often than not (4 times in 8 meetings) and think this may be the case again.
  18. It’s a great interview, some great stuff he talks about which is an eye opener; things like Smurf and getting bonuses, love the bit about Griff slapping Jake Robinson in the tunnel against Shrewsbury to rough him up! Brilliant that. The obvious bits that are talked about are interesting, seems Askey wasn’t great with him and rumours were abound that was the case at the time. In fairness on a forum I go on Swindon fans mention Flitcroft and his use of words to try and hook you, he is kind of like those motivational sales trainers you get but clear there’s something bubbling there between the two. On the Clarke stuff, he didn’t give him much game time and if he had agreed to give him games and didn’t then it is poor from them, another player who messaged after I posted a farewell message (and assume it was sent to all fans on Twitter who wished him well) did mention he was led to believe he would be staying and was let go so does sound like it was a bit poorly handled at the end. Montano as well didn’t want to be here under him Pope mentions and he’s played under him before. It’s a painful listen, some great memories and an unpleasant ending, obviously Covid took away the farewell he deserved with the fans but think he just wants to be told the truth and felt he wasn’t under the last two management teams. Interesting to see what happens in terms of his predictions on the current squad, he makes some valid points, some I felt were harsh but overall you could feel the pain in his voice and regardless of what went on, how true it is or not what he’s said it’s really heart wrenching that he feels that way now after being arguably our only “legend” on the 21st century so far.
  19. In all fairness we got a quarter of those goals in just three games which made it a bit lob sided, if you add in the two 4-3 defeats then we got only 37 in 41 other games. That said we weren’t defending as well for most of the season and we still have attack minded players such as Conlon, Politic and hopefully a decent fourth striker to come in this time and seem more organised at the back.
  20. Who do you drop though? Worrall you can’t really. Take Benning off you lose the wing back role so would need 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 for it I guess.
  21. Yeah got mixed up it was a Romanian club we signed him from I think!
  22. I agree, took my 6 year old daughter for her first ever football game and she loved it, was a good atmosphere there and facility to have. A marquee may be a good idea in the colder winter months or its a write off if its raining for example but depends on cost, certainly a good idea though and improves us further in terms of family friendliness.
  23. He is absolutely quality! He was their bright spark when things were bad and they were relegated. Goal scorer. I am buzzing at this one!
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