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  1. If he’s played for Sunderland he can’t play for anyone else apart from them or Harrogate as can only play for 2 clubs a season.
  2. Must win this one to get back in the mix and if we don’t beat these we have big problems as they are awful. Lost a couple of big players in recent weeks to weaken them even further so need to be winning this and comfortably.
  3. No hard feelings from me towards Rodney, at times he was unplayable last season, he was one though I was most excited to get back into Vale Park and get behind as I felt his power and pace would have the fans off their feet and get the ground going. Just hasn’t worked out unfortunately and I’m disappointed as the potential is there, just a case of he doesn’t seem to know how to unlock it.
  4. Flickers suggested we were close but their wage blew us out the water.
  5. Declan Bourne referee... had him for our trip to Sutton... was awful that day!
  6. Dennis to Cremonese confirmed. Sounds like we did almost have that one over the line before they came in. Shame that one didnt get done.
  7. Not sure how reliable these websites are but the average wage at Cremonese appears to be around the £4k a week mark in fairness.
  8. Frustrating night, first half we had enough chances to have been out of sight but couldn't take them and got hit with the sucker punch. Salford were a very poor side so its not great to lose to them on the night and leaves us with a daunting run of fixtures whilst massively out of form. Losing Hall was a blow as he looked decent, felt we missed Dennis last night as well, probably crying out for a spark second half. How we didn't get that penalty I will never know, we seemed doomed not to get a penalty... its been since April! Stone waller. I am a bit worried at the moment, hard to tell if the wheels have fallen off or just bad form and time will tell but some awful fixtures to come and we just dont seem anywhere near the levels of October, potentially losing Conlon for a long period and things just seem to be going against us at the moment. Feel pretty flat at the moment, its been a disastrous few days all round.
  9. Amoo isn't a striker but he is a good wide forward so no reason he cant fill the Politic void if playing a different formations such as 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 but he is a different type of player. We had a good season with Amoo and Worrall part of a front three the season before last. Anyway tonight is a big big game, its a bit like the Hartlepool one in that any type of win will do to stop the rot and start adding confidence back into the team and fan base. I dont know why though but every season around late December/January we seem to have a poor spell, going back years. Does feel a bit downbeat at the moment after the last few days so need a win. Salford are a bit meh this season but can be dangerous on their day. If we perform to our higher level I would expect us to win this one but cant afford any Walsall/Swindon levels of performance and if we get that then alarm bells may begin to ring.
  10. What time is the cut off for Matt Smith not be eligible tonight? Is it 12pm for a night match?
  11. Gutting, loved Dennis and this is a big blow as he was a game changer off the bench and now its back to Amoo and Rodney.
  12. Dennis Politic returns to Bolton Wanderers - News - Port Vale WWW.PORT-VALE.CO.UK
  13. Need to keep Rodney now as cover unless we get someone else in.
  14. Big blow and always the risk he was going to get offered a permanent deal. Have to see if we counter it with an offer I guess. Might be 2nd tier in Italy but they get far less support than us so should have some financial power there.
  15. Cullen was crocked most of the time and even accounting for his 7 goals both Willo and Procs have scored 7 despite their longer term injuries this season.
  16. Interestingly of our 7 league defeats this season only 3 of them have seen us lose with 11 men for the 90 minutes. Need to start controlling the discipline a bit better.
  17. Big game, these seem a bit Sh**housey and like to set up for a point away from home. Missing Asante and Ibou Toure (AFCON) who is a big player for them so thats positive. Need to be at it, high tempo, try and break them down and get a lead to bring them out. First goal will be crucial. We still wearing the away kit for this?
  18. I said before the game we had to avoid getting into the McKirdy circus and unfortunately Covolan didn't get the memo, it was a strange incident it looked at the time for all the world that McKirdy was off and was stunned when Covolan saw red and a penalty was given but at half time seeing the clips it became apparent it was a straight red for Covolan. Credit to the officials for spotting it.
  19. Where to start with that… Poor first half. Similar to the first half last week but we got a great strike and at 1-1 I fancied us to make the tweak at half time to turn it around for us, expected Dennis to come on and us to push into a three man attack. We gave Williams the same space we gave Bidstrup which was stupid considering he’s played at the top level. In that aspect Covolan cost us the game… not only by giving them a man advantage but a goal with a penalty conceded from what was essentially a dead ball as he had caught it. Absolutely ridiculous. Not sure if McKirdy said something or he put his foot up in defence worried he’d get clattered but it was a complete mess regardless. Third goal just summed the afternoon up, really one to forget. I have to admit I am a bit worried. We’ve been poor for a few games now, won 2 in 7, one against 9 men that we clung on in and just feels like the season is starting to drift away from us. We have some real tough fixtures coming up as well. We have to win Tuesday and hope we catch Orient cold because at this rate we will struggle to make the play offs if performances don’t click back in. Love Harratt though. What a strike. Good feeling about him.
  20. Its a great chance to get three points with their issues but we have to turn up and be on it from the off, hopefully they tire as well after Man City then a tough midweek game. Dont get drawn into the McKirdy circus and focus on ourselves and we have a great chance of a rare double over Swindon... we owe them a few after our general record against them the past 15 years.
  21. Sad for Scott, he certainly wasn't in the same category of Theo and Whitehead and felt he was harshly left out as had shown some real promise the season before last and was a key part of that side (keeping Tom Conlon out the side lets not forget!) . Taylor and Burgess were a joy to watch and shame that never pushed on into last season. I genuinely wish him well.
  22. Plus £32500 TV money for oversea's broadcasting. I would offer Bolton £50K and a 20% sell on to deal with the compensation required and get that contract in front of him and try and tie him up before anyone else comes sniffing.
  23. Maybe, but he isn’t pulling any trees up and Bradford for all the fuss about size the best they could come up with for a forward in the last window was Theo Robinson. Whilst a big club mind the fact they sell seasons tickets dirt cheap (great initiative) probably means they don’t have anywhere near as big financial clout as other clubs that pull in 12000-15000 a game.
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