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  1. They are decent at home so be incredibly tough, a draw would be excellent, a win would be dreamland, loss not too much of a concern. I’d love to keep the long run of one loss going though. 1-1 Cullen late goal equalising to keep the form ticking along.
  2. We now have as many points as we did on New Years Eve last season! Currently we are only 5 points below what we have on March 2nd and for the pessimist only 13 off last seasons safety requirement. If we can get over the next 5 games say 7 more points we’d be on course for 70 points which should be about enough for top 7 if we repeat the second half as the first half of the season. I’m chuffed, we ground out the win, we actually scored the second at the point where the game appeared to be gone and we seemed to be clinging on for a point as we went deep after the equaliser but kept going and can’t fault the lads. Cullen is a real scorer and that header that seemed simple was anything but as he wouldn’t have expected their player to air kick the ball coming across. Right result for all Carlisle pressure after the equaliser as we missed countless chances first half, hit the post etc. Hopefully we can keep the points ticking over and if we can stay in this area in January I’m sure Carol and Kevin will give us a couple of players to have a crack at seeing it through to the end. Squad depth is immense this year as players we didn’t expect to provide it have stepped up and with Manny and Conlon to come back we look strong. Interesting we talk about beating Crewe and Bradford like it was a shock but we are keeping that company at the moment and closing in certainly on Crewe who’s wheels have flown off. Enjoying this ride for the first time in years! Tough game next Scunny are picking up and have only lost two at home. Point would be acceptable but if we do win that then things will really start to feel like it could be our time.
  3. The first half tackle that wasn’t given which was potentially a red really grated mainly for one reason... an almost identical tackle happened in the same fixture last season... and cost us the game as Miller was sent off for it!
  4. Doubt they will go out of business certainly this season anyway, may get deductions though and involve administration
  5. Mansfield, Bolton, Wolves U21 or Doncaster for us in the first knock out.
  6. Big game this, if Northampton fail to beat Crewe a victory puts us in the play off spots which would be decent! It’s pointless beating Crewe and Bradford then not winning this in terms of progressing how we want so hopefully we can have a go. They have a kid at the back Braithwaite so someone like Pope should be able to bully and use his experience on him maybe? They didn’t seem great defensively on Friday and our high press should force errors judging by the ones they got away with in the cup against Dulwich but need to keep their winger quiet. Anything less than a win would be disappointing and hoping we can put them to the sword and really push on now and keep the buzz going.
  7. The blonde Newcastle attacker Jack Young and Sangare looked decent for them, might be worth looking at seeing if we could get one of them on loan or certainly keeping tabs.
  8. Let them pass us off the park... Crewe did it, MK did it... neither breached us and got beat. Our second string should have too much for them. Slight error on the OVF article... we actually have played Newcastle Kids before in this competition 2 years ago 1-0 win with Tyrone Barnett heading in the winner
  9. Who’s Norman? Lets put that pain and anguish away and enjoy the efforts to turn this club back into the proud old girl she was before... Enjoy not losing most weeks, enjoy not watching us struggling to cope with sides with a far far smaller budget and fan base less than we take some away games, enjoy competing and scoring goals, enjoy waking up on a Sunday still buzzing for the first times in three years. Enjoy wearing the badge with pride and not embarrassment... most of all let’s enjoy this ride with its ups and up to this point relatively few downs. I know I am.
  10. Its was odd that Scarborough game as our home record was outstanding that season... although conceded 5 in the two games we did lose in the league, and was a good Vale side, closest we've come to returning to the second tier. I didn't mind Horton, we had a great side in 00/01, just a shame Brooker came in a few weeks to late for us to claw enough points to get in the PO's... Klopp moans about fixture congestion he should of tried to negotiate our last week of the season! Thursday/Saturday/Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday so had only played 40 games with 9 days of the season left! Won the LDV but sadly that team was dismantled, Smith, Briscoe, Naylor all left. Rebuilt us though for that 03/04 season. He wasn't the best manager but far from the worst and would love those days back in a heartbeat over the last few years.
  11. Great story and shows the chalk and cheese between K and C and Norman. The whole atmosphere around the club is miles better and I’m glad they are getting the success on the field to go with it.
  12. Great story and shows the chalk and cheese between K and C and Norman. The whole atmosphere around the club is miles better and I’m glad they are getting the success on the field to go with it.
  13. Take out the first 4 when he was still working on the team and wasn't his team for last season as a whole and the picture is very different. 41% win record this season (45% if include the cup games) 23.5% loss record (25% if including Cup) Pretty decent with his own built side.
  14. Few nice stats for us this season. FGR having conceded 5 away goals all season - 2 at Vale Park in their defeat. We have beaten the best home (Bradford) and best away team (FGR) Beaten all 3 teams we've played in the top 4 Bradford have conceded 7 goals at home - 2 of them against Vale
  15. half way to 50 points by Nov 2nd (we haven't even achieved 50 points in the last three seasons) Rattle up as many points and see where we are by 5pm Boxing Day at the half way point but why not have a pressure free aim of the top 7? Beat 3 of the top 4 and yet to play the other, won away at the sides 1st and 2nd at the time... surely no one can be critical of us currently? Joyce was excellent Saturday especially first half switching play and finding Amoo, Taylor is a real find and need to keep him, joint top scorer from midfield... taking of midfield we have goals from the middle this season which is a positive from last season, add in a couple from Legge and three from Smith and we seem to have a source of goals from all over the pitch now. Feeling very proud, been a long time since having a feeling like Saturday and the Bradford win... we've got our club back and can enjoy it without the fear of it going Pete Tongue with the owner killing it. Good times!
  16. No suspensions now only count for the competition they are in. So Legge for example misses Carlisle for his one game suspension.
  17. I'm not feeling to bad about this, they are top so expected to win and we've got 22 points already with some ok looking fixtures to follow so losing wont be the end of the world in terms of where our season's fate is concerned. We've lost 1 in 7 against these so if they beat us they beat us, they are due one, so I would say the pressure is all on them rather than us.
  18. Not paid again this month and the players are now officially looking to cancel their contracts!
  19. I’m happy enough, he’s made a few mistakes but also seems more tactically astute than recent managers, his Bradford plan worked and the tactical review of how we beat Plymouth was excellent. Fans wanted steady progress but are now moaning we aren’t flying at the top so it’s a thankless task really. He’s trying to set up a certain way of playing and bringing a type of player and put a team together, so far he’s had one window to do that. At the moment I look at the games and think “if we’d just turned some of the draws into wins” we are that far away from challenging now which is miles closer than we were six months ago! He is pretty much where Adams was in his first season, loads of draws and few defeats as he tries to turn the tide of 20 plus defeats a season.
  20. To be fair against Mansfield they had two men sent off first half (in the same passage of play)
  21. To be fair playing on a heavy pitch today without Worrall was always going to be difficult after the energy put in Tuesday and we seemed to tail off later in the game. A free week before the trainspotters will do us good and having Wozza back will help. Small pitch against a footballing side up next should suit us if we do the high press from Tuesday. What we’ve learnt I would say is teams are coming to VP now to be hard to breakdown and we need to find a way around that. Monty is an odd one, plays a shocker of a cross field pass inexplicably to put them through then two minutes later plays a through ball that would be at home in the Champions League!
  22. Set pieces were dire, missed Wozza there and his energy today. Draw probably right as they could of nicked it late on but positive is another unbeaten game.
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