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  1. We could maybe erect temporary fencing and make use of the car park space to expand the concourse area's that way and add extra portaloo's, in three of the stands this would be a fairly easy option, unsure on cost mind. Rumours are 30-40% are being looked at by the EFL in which we would be ok for our standard home support levels pretty much.
  2. Change the Red for White, White for Black and Green for gold that would need a decent Vale kit... even if the socks are gold.
  3. Reading into this guy, i'd be chuffed if he was Smith's replacement.
  4. Bit of a monster isn’t he? Leggey and him would be pretty solid!
  5. Imagine after our defending twice against them in their two visits to Vale Park the last season they wouldn't be touching our centre halves with a barge pole! Burton is one of those, could easily overtake them in 12 months time. Would be nice to see confirmation the other 6 have actually signed though rather than just agreed.
  6. Was there too, December I think so freezing and we were awful. Oddly the back of the kits were both white just we had black sleeves and them blue yet the next season the ref deemed black v sky blue/brown a clash! Midfield was poor there, Mackenzie was woeful didn't seem to want to be around (slated the fans if I recall)
  7. Ultimately as frustrating as it is as we’ve had the tougher games than Northampton I’d rather we earnt it on the pitch and with the fans able to experience it too.
  8. The play offs is gutting as a week before we are in them! And Northampton had a horrific last six on paper and were bang out of form. If this is correct as Dan Roan is reporting on twitter then will be interested to see how Vale and Bradford certainly respond.
  9. League two apparently cancelled top three promotion but the play offs will go ahead with the four current occupants.
  10. There is no ideal situation but it’s becoming obvious we can’t finish the season anytime soon unless heavily financed by the top flight and that isn’t looking likely. Can understand McAnthonys frustration, been going on for weeks of the EFL saying we want to finish etc rather than just make the decisions that seemed obvious earlier and keep clubs hanging on in the hope. Plus is we are in Exeter’s position right now we would be spitting blood as everyone will preference the outcome that is best for their team. Tranmere for example will be relegated when they had a great chance to escape based on form, Stevenage now could kick off because of the Macc point deductions meaning they now had a chance. (Assume they will roll over to next year now) Notts County felt they should get the second promotion spot as they finished 23rd last year believe it or not! Over Harrogate who seem set to. (Nice away trip that one) Next season is now looking a problem too as the same issues will be there certainly for the first 8-9 games if not longer with crowds banned and that reliant on no second peak or hit in the autumn, Holland have gone as far as no crowds until a vaccine which is that applies here could rule out the whole of next season. Either way we should hopefully go into football if it does start next season stronger than most with this squad largely intact and in a position to build on our form and be able to hopefully not get a phantom promotion with no fans but be able to party together with Askey and the owners driving us to promotion.
  11. It will never be finished this season IMO. Firstly 14 clubs in our league realistically have nothing to play for or could go down so they have no appetite to lose money playing behind closed doors and risking players catching the virus potentially. If even a couple of sides near the top have said they'd lose promotion for it because they couldn't survive if they do play the season and can't mothball the club then it seems pretty inevitable. For me if it finishes you can't promote or relegate, it wouldn't be right and cause issues with clubs who are negatively affected, PPG doesn't account for the fact some clubs will have an easier run in than others so had a chance of overhauling (for eg Cobblers have a nightmare run in so their PPG is boosted against ours who have played most of the top sides already twice)
  12. valefan16


    We will only know what was right and what was wrong after the event sadly, what I would say is Italy was the first to ban flights from China and locked down fairly quickly and hard as well... they arguably did everything by the book as to what people wanted here but it was still not enough to see them hammered like we are getting with it. It’s the first time in 100 years something this bad has happened pandemic wise so it’s hard to really blame politicians who are relying on advise from scientists who themselves don’t really know enough about this particular virus. Labour would no doubt have gone with science as did Boris and the same track would of followed.
  13. Talk is today that a few Prem clubs want it cancelled now... the theory is if unlikely to happen anytime realistically soon then by just cancelling it only really Liverpool and maybe a smaller degree Leicester would be upset but the majority happy enough. Sticking point is the huge financial penalties with then Tv contracts up there. Almost a best finish it now and let the players fully isolate and hopefully see you in late June for pre season. If that did happen with National League clubs seeming to want it cancelled then you assume the EFL will fall in line. In reality I think it’s what will happen now anyway as the situation has deteriorated and the realistic prospect of football in 5 weeks (plus the time before for getting players training and fit again with lockdown at a very minimum another 2 and a half weeks to run) Some EFL clubs notably Mansfield and FGR have already Furloughed their players and staff I see today.
  14. Interesting one this. So maybe finishing this season in the Autumn which is maybe more realistic and having the 2020/21 season running Feb-October or something and the one after the same with the World Cup in November-December and the one after the same before reverting back in 2023 to its usual slot? Would mean changing the current Euro 2020 plan discussed today and playing it in the winter close season but would solve the issue of the World Cup essentially having three seasons of mainly summer football. Allows this season to complete before the end of the year at least and keep the seasons 46 game going forward whilst the balance is redressed.
  15. Finish season August through to sept/October... 2020/21 start Xmas but split each division N and S into 12 team leagues so half the games to finish that bottom L2 side in each section relegation, top in each up auto and 2nd and 3rd in each play a one game play off. 2021/22 back to normal.
  16. At least April 4th so subject to longer but that means four games postponed so if they do start it then will have to add at least a week onto the season in L2 although that finishes a week earlier so will have to go in line with the rest of the EFL and delay play offs.
  17. Rumours the EFL has suspended fixtures circulating on twitter and Facebook and its to be announced shortly... although I will say it’s not been confirmed as yet.
  18. To be honest this past week has killed my enthusiasm for the season and I was buzzing. Not Vales fault but it’s inevitable games will be behind closed doors or suspended and making the play offs and having to watch it on a steam as it’s played out in an empty stadium isn’t what it’s about, id rather miss out and do it next year for example in a way. Should suspend it now after tonight’s events and have a look in a month if it can be finished. Enough money in English football to help the clubs through it and surely most wouldn’t demand refunds on season ticket games not used.
  19. The idea i think it to time it so it peaks in the summer when health services are less busy as able to cope but looks a bleak few months ahead.
  20. valefan16


    Sky news suggesting tomorrow at the Cobra meeting the government will implement the Delay phase which means schools and mass gatherings etc will be cancelled. In football terms we will have to see how that works with Saturday or Tuesday I guess if the case.
  21. valefan16


    The Arsenal players had been in contact with a person who has tested positive for Coronavirus so the right thing surely until their players get the all clear to avoid spreading it. Countries don't generally close things down like Italy which will destroy economies and businesses over "flu" so I think people are under estimating it, reports from Italian Doctors treating it are worth a read and may make you think twice... plus its ok say Me getting it but would I risk my 93 year old Grandmother or my Mother who has had respiratory issues in the past few years? The death rate in Italy is fairly high, partly maybe due to an ageing population but the lack of vaccine or full understanding yet is a worry. There was nothing like this with SARS or Bird Flu in terms of measures so I trust the scientists and governments (who won't want to cripple their own economies) probably know better than we do the exact dangers. I don't anticipate football being played with fans at the minimum within a couple of weeks in England and I would say the Euro 2020 and Olympics are at genuine risk of not proceeding.
  22. Even Gibbons has cut them out lately too so no one close to a suspension which is good news for the run in. Think only Griff managed the 15 one year!
  23. Pleasing effort and Brown won’t have a quieter afternoon all season which with their form we have to be happy with. Referee was useless, first probably wasn’t but your close enough to make that decision! Second one is a stone waller (then gives them a free kick for similar seconds after!). Popey should of won it late on and Alfie May is a lucky boy if he didn’t see red at the end with studs on Clark. Even if we fall short this season I’ve seen enough not to be too disappointed in that I genuinely believe next would be the one where we are right up there. We are a good side just needing the odd tweak. They were only really a threat from set pieces and once we realised we don’t want to be giving silly free kicks away their threat was no more. Wonder what the beef is with Jake Taylor as I imagine he will be tested (all be it unlikely) if he has flu. Love Monty but Clark are full back is so much better balance wise.
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