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    I think a goalscoring midfielder and striker are the two main priorities...
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    I think they're safe unfortunately. Too many idiots below them. Still, we had our fun and that's all that matters. This season has been like some sort of Mel Brooks comedy where a handful of Championship teams are desperate to get relegated to League One because of the huge losses they're making.
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    My sister is good friends with Graham Linehan. She lost her job as a professor at York University for daring to question a boy dressed as a girl sharing the ladies toilet with her. Neither are extreme left as you put it. Couldn't be further from the truth regal. You love putting a label on everyone. Isn't that part of the problem?
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    Thanks, Rob. I don't recall ever seeing more than a few minutes of highlights from that match.
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    ....and while we watch this game and delight at the skill and endeavour of one Gareth Ainsworth, the very man himself is currently shouting out tactics and encouragement to his Wycombe team as they try to win the first division play-off and get into the Championship ...and I hope they do too, especially for ex-BBC presenter Bill Turnbull who is a big fan and has inoperable cancer Points-with-Bone
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    I don't either. 17 league goals from the 3 main strikers together by mid March was nowhere near enough. Taylor was joint second top scorer. Lots peppering in here and there from the midfield but there wasn't enough going on up front.
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    It wouldn't bother me where I sat as long as I was watching the match.
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    Was a bit fearful that relegation would trigger some genuine action in the fanbase at their inept operational structure. £18m on Kevin Wimmer ffs. How heads didn't roll I'll never know. Hopefully, squeaking survival on one of the largest budgets will placate the masses enough that our lad Scholesy can continue the sterling work he has embarked upon. Relegation and a subsequent overhaul and promotion push would re-energise them; there's a certain joy to behold in them 'losing me love for the club'.
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    My mates will be up there like a shot at that price,Tone.Not a beer man mesen mate but i’ll raise a B and C to the mighty Richi.
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    Over the past few years under Smurf I have dreaded drawing a full strength Sjoke side in a cup competition. not now. They must be dreading drawing us , as every confidence this Vale team would beat Sjokes strongest 11. If they have such a thing.
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    That's just unbelievable to me. Clearly improved since he left Lincoln but can't say I was fussed with his links to ourselves or should I say rumours
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    visiting supporters show their opinion of new model of stoke ground!
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    Balls to them. They voted leave, remain are supposed to just shut up so reap what you sow.
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    Euro ban on Citeh lifted.10m Euros fine only.
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    I honestly think Vale are ,at this time,as good if not better than Stoke or Birmingham.
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    Episode 8 is out now! It's the 3 of us this week. It's been a surprisingly busy week at the Vale so we cover the news including: - Nathan Smith signing a new deal! - New Signing Alert! Devante Rodney - News of the new season start date We then have a quick chat about the Player of the Year and Goal of the Season awards (Spoiler - We didn't all choose Tom Pope's at Man City) After that we go in to the first part of the squad review ahead of the 2020/2021 season (Whenever it happens). We go through the keepers and defenders on the books, and whether we need to strengthen. Please subscribe and pass on to your friends! If you have any thoughts on the items we discuss, please reply to us on here and we're happy to debate!
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    We have 4 players who can play leftback on the books already. If we sign Clark that would be 5. Montano is the best of the 4 we currently have, so the other 3 (Crookes, Hurst, Campbell-Gordon) are squad players. Askey's hope is to pay more for one very good player who can play in 4 positions is better value than 3 mediocre players. There are very few good leftbacks around at the level so any reserve we sign wouldn't be that good.
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    Of course, when it comes to punditry (a separate issue), women have to be 100x sharper than a man as they'd get eaten alive by the baying mobs if they ballsed up. Paul Merson claimed De Bruyne would flop; Collymore said Guardiola's style of play wouldn't work over here; Chris Kamara barely knows the names of the players of the game he's reporting on. Most of this is brushed aside, and in Kamara's case, celebrated as a bit of a laugh (which is fine, he's quite entertaining). Issue I have, when a female pundit is on, if she even slightly calls things wrong, the attack dogs are out.
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    As soon as I saw this thread I thought Ebony Rainford-Brent; knowledgeable, personable and probably most importantly she slides effortlessly into the whole ethos that makes Test Match Special such a 'slow-radio' national treasure For sure there's a couple of female sports commentators that grind [which ones in particular differs according to personal taste] but the whole crux of prejudice is to generalize from one or two untypical examples to back up ones' negative stereotypes Spo why would anyone have an opposition to females commentating, other than from a sad misogynist view of females? The main point seems to be 'they haven't played at the top of the game so haven't the expertise', but there's so many examples of excellent male sports commentators who never played at the top level. Brian Johnston was one of the finest cricket commentators, but was pretty damn awful awful as a player apparently. Sid Waddell [the darts commentator] was, for me, possibly the greatest of sports commentators. He could turn a description of darts match into into something majestic and warrior like. Never was much cop playing darts himself though For football in England, many comment favourably on the expertise and delivery of Alex Scott, while for me a superior candidate can be found in Scotland with Leanne Crichton. She plays for Glasgow City and forms a punditry partnership with former player Steven Thompson. It's an absolute delight to listen to their knowledgeable analysis and to witness the synergy they generate with each other. Indeed their performances can often be better than the football on view Alas, for some, bountiful evidence of females making excellent commentators will never be enough to puncture the opaque screen of their prejudice Kenneth 'Some people are on the pitch they think its all over; it is now' Wolstenholme, was a Lancaster Bomber pilot in WW2 and flew over 100 missions for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross [DFC]. On the basis that a woman has to be at least twice as a good as a bloke to be his equal then perhaps a lass will have to be awarded a Victoria Cross before some males would see her as having the right to pass comment on the quality of play at Vale Park Points-with-Bone
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    Yeah I agree, I’d like to think we’ll bring in a back up goalie, a full back (preferably Mitch Clark on loan), a midfield stopper and a big striker.
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    The same as my view on men commentating on football matches.
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    Taylor all day. Clark is great but a goal scoring midfielder is gold dust
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    Puddled Paul level mental gymnastics

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