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    It's not just Smithy it's Gibbo as well. Surely the best for all involved is that we offer them improved terms (within what we can afford), for 2/3 years. With a buy out clause that is not high enough to put "better" teams off. Maybe 10-20k. That way they feel rewarded for their efforts. Have security for the immediate future at Vale. But if a bigger team offering more come in, they can still move on. We make a bit of cash, which we wouldn't make if they just run their contracts down. Even if not market value. I'm sure Carol and Kevin are smart enough to know this.
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    If we sign players on, say a two year contract, the extra money we have made out of the cup run will have to be spread over that time, not splashed all in one go. That's why I said a little higher.
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    I don't get your point. Smith hasn't had a serious leg injury. He's played nearly 200 games for the club and has been able to play professional football partly due to the coaching we gave him as a lad. I get most players are mercenaries but I always hope players produced by us would be decent enough to ensure we get a bit of cash from bringing him through. I would be very disappointed if this situation is manipulated so that some very decent offers from the club are rejected to enable Smith to leave for free in the summer. Maybe those morals don't exist any more; I just assumed Smith would be one of the players who'd want the best for the club who got him to this point, being local. Would tarnish my view of him personally.
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    Maybe I pine for an age in football where local lads which owe their career to owe academy and football club would sign a one year extension with a commonly agreed release clause (lets say £100k) which we have to accept if a team offers a bid. It would be severly disappointing if Smith/his representative choose to run his deal down and leave us with nothing. Would completely tarnish his reputation amongst the fanbase, but I guess that's only an issue if he cares.
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    Steady on mate, you will give Ernie a heart attack!

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