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  1. It seems to me the squad is stronger than this time last season, and I guess the point was to lower the age of the squad, as well as improving the quality of player. Some of last year's team were reaching their twilight, and we have recruited players who are leaders from what I can see. But I agree that mid table would disappoint a lot of people, who seem to think that massive overhaul = obvious promotion. I think Wilson is key to pushing up the league - if he starts firing, gets a few goals early on, and goes on to have an upper teens total at the end of the season, we ought to be close to the playoffs. If he is seen as our danger man by other teams and double marked, it takes the pressure off Rodney as well. And I think being in with a shout of the playoffs with 5 games left will be viewed as a success. The final striker to be signed will be interesting - championship loanee, or experienced warhorse that no-one else has taken up yet? It's one of the more intriguing questions about next season - do we have enough goals in the team or not? I hoping we do, and can make the playoffs.
  2. Is it a formation thing, or are they just crash hot down the wings?
  3. How are we looking in terms of the quality of football against league 1 opposition?
  4. The ego has crash landed. A real shame he has chosen to go down this line, with comments about loyalty and honesty. I think the club have shown a lot of both to him in the last couple of seasons, even when he became a liability to us with his social media comments which meant we couldn't play him because he got himself banned. Not very professional Tom - I know it might hurt being let go, but you could have shown a lot more class towards the club and the fans. Oh well, if that's what you think, so be it.
  5. Rest in peace Andy, and sincere condolences to the family.
  6. Exactly this. He's done his bit for us, we will never forget him, but it's time for pastures new. Go get 'em Tom.
  7. If he had only been five feet eleven and a half inches tall, I would have been livid - but it's okay, he's just over six feet tall. Welcome to the Vale Lewis.
  8. A lovely guy, and I send my condolences to his family. Wonderful target man, and I have some very happy memories of that promotion season involving Ernie sticking them in to the onion bag. Rest in glory Ernie, and thank you for everything you did for the Vale.
  9. A good day - looking at improving the ground and honouring John. Thanks to all those who are making / will make this happen. A user friendly family stand is a must, and I can't wait to take my grandchildren to it.
  10. Money sent Rob - happy to go with our new Brazilian goalie, but any of this promotion winning team will do. 😬
  11. Blimey, he's got a thump on him! Good to have someone who can blast it in from distance like that.
  12. Goal scoring midfielder - share those goals around lads. If the Benning story has substance, the squad is looking much stronger now. I like the fact that we are signing leaders who will be missed by their clubs as well - lots of comments from fans losing players to us as to how disappointed they are. Welcome to the Vale Tom.
  13. Is Ryan Johnson 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 4? Just checking....
  14. More signings to be announced this week. I think you will approve. Just a rumour, but .....
  15. If I'm reading Jacko right 1, it is league three after the Premier and Championship, and the principle is till the same. Unless you still call them division 1, 2, 3 and 4, but that went out yonks ago. Should we just all agree that Scott Brown was a top bloke but he isn't with us anymore and is in gainful employ at another club, unlike most of the rest of those released, and let's wait until we've seen Lucas play 5 games before we pass judgement on whether or not he is a good signing? All the comments doubting his pedigree are just froth and bubble until we see him in action behind our defence. Give the lad a chance, get behind him, and trust the management. That's what fans are supposed to do, especially with a player who hasn't even played for us yet.
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