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  1. Didn't they know you were a Vale fan until now? They knew I was a bit of a tater. Now they know for sure.
  2. Did exactly the same, and yelled like a nutter when I saw the score. Neighbours now seriously concerned about my mental health.
  3. Just tried going onto the clubshop site and they've sold out. If that includes all those mugs Mark pulled out of the drawer in the Moorland Pottery video, that's a few grand for the statue straight away. Does anyone know when the next batch might be for sale?
  4. His post match interview after we beat them 4 - 1 at their place was telling I thought. They had a thug sent off for elbowing Smudge, and he tried to defend his player, rather than coming out and saying they wouldn't tolerate that and the player would be disciplined. Just a quick glimpse into his cess pit of a mind. Glad he's gone - vile racist.
  5. "I get that I come across as this miserable moaning cynic who is never satisfied, but to be honest folks, I'm never going to be really satisfied with League 2 football; not when Bournemouth return to the Premier League, Luton challenge for the Championship playoffs, Burton, Fleetwood, Accrington, and Morecambe ply their football in a division above us, a team from 'Nailsworth' get promoted ahead of us. These are all clubs that have absolutely nothing over us in terms of revenue, fanbase, or infrastructure - they just happened to have had some success, which for some reason we're quite satisfied to chase like a mirage, always in sight but never getting there. I don't think it's a God-given right, I just can't work out why Accrington and Morecambe can do more than we can." Joe B, I agree with a lot of this post. It is frustrating, and I think a lot of fans are impatient to get back amongst the bigger clubs. I share that impatience. I think better days are coming - I would be seriously worried if (and I hope it is an if) we don't go up this season, and then next season isn't an improvement. I just think a lot of the foundations are in place around the club, especially now we are free from repaying the former owner. It seems to me there are enough expert eyes on what we need to do to push on from here next season to get the job done. I agree given the history of this club, we should never be satisfied with League Two football. I think it is going to be a very interesting summer recruitment wise, regardless of whether we bomb out at the last or scrape up through the playoffs.
  6. Sorry for your loss mate. I agree - we need to enjoy life more. Difficult sometimes when things go wrong, but we have to move on.
  7. Well I don't Joe, and it's just my opinion. Some of your posts (which I enjoy reading by the way) have been demanding success as if it were a God given right. It isn't. Children going to bed tonight in tears? Tell them what matters in life and quickly - much as we love it, it's a game of football, and nobody died out there today. We're all disappointed, but what you call lambasting fans is simply pointing out that they are fickle and very ready to run down players when things don't go their way. Do you think those "well remunerated" players wanted that to happen? Does "having their backsides wiped" include all the work they do in the community? I think you might be mistaking them for Premiership poseurs. They are 4th division footballers who have hit a bad patch in the season, just at the wrong time. It's a shame for the older generation who may not see success unless it happens quickly, and I sense your frustration about your grandfather - that is indeed sad. But he and we deserve more? Why? On what basis, just rocking up every week? It doesn't work that way unfortunately - Vale fans are loyal but walking through the turnstile doesn't guarantee success. There are no vouchers we can cash in for attending lots of games that mean we get promoted - it's not a board game. I understand what you mean about a "rare chance of joy" being snatched away - perhaps you are loading too much on a set of professional footballers? A little bit melodramatic putting you chances of joy in the hands of some professional sportsmen who may not get it right now and again? "Perform for me or I'll sulk and blame you for ruining my life". It's not a way to live. We're all disappointed. I've followed this club for 53 years, and I've seen the ups and downs. And if there is a cost of living crisis on, then people make their own choices about whether to buy a ticket or not - you can't simply blame the club for adding to their cost of living crisis by playing fixtures - people make their own call. You seem to be blaming the Vale for everything going wrong in your life. There are a bunch of MPs in Westminster and a maniac in Russia I would blame first about a cost of living crisis - why are you blaming your club for making them unhappy in a cost of living crisis? My guess is that the fans who went to the sold out (but there seemed to be a lot of empty seats) match knew what they were letting themselves in for. So don't be amazed at "people being lambasted" in the way you viewed my post. I simply hold the view that a lot of the comments on here were over the top and ridiculous. In my view, and that's all it is, some of the comments on here over a game lost went way beyond. It always happens when we lose a game we feel we ought to have won, needed to win, or we wanted to win so much on behalf of our children and parents and grandparents. But putting the hours in and demanding success off the back of it just doesn't work I'm afraid. My post was all about the knee jerk types who are very quick to wade into the players when things go wrong, like they never had a bad day at work themselves. Fine if you think they are spineless, I am pretty fed up with the team's response today too, but in my view, a lot of todays's comments were unnecessary. I would love to think that saying "no excuses Vale" ahead of the game actually meant anything - it just doesn't. Calling them bottlers just vents our spleen and gets some of the frustration out. But it's not what I call supporting my team, fed up though I am tonight. I also want to enjoy moments with my loved ones, but I've learned that expecting that to happen at a football match because "we deserve it" doesn't always work. So thanks for seeing that my post was well intentioned. I think yours is too. I think we just differ in how much stock we hold in an imperfect (ie normal) bunch of human beings who kick a ball about for a living. Give it time to stop hurting, and ask yourself whether this will matter in six months time - and then see who looks holier than thou by placing such expectations on a football team. It won't be me.
  8. Yes, they were DazFred, I can't work out why, having watched them a lot. One slip from Hussey and we're a goal down, and it really affected his play. His confidence seemed very low. And I agree with what you say with the nature of the defeat. But I think we can all be furious without resorting to the attacks that are going on in this forum (cue the post that says "we're all entitled to an opinion" - this is just mine.). I agree that this has been our best chance to get promoted. I'm not a betting man, but for the first time in my life I put money on the Vale to go up this season. So I am very fed up that we "just" had to win two games to guarantee it, because you dream of being in that position at the start of the season. I'm obviously losing the ability to spit my dummy out of the pram when things don't go my way. Should I be worried do you think? Shall I post something along the lines that I can't believe Covolan hasn't been given an honorary knighthood for his services to maintaining Vale fans' high blood pressure?
  9. Well, we're all getting a lot off our chests tonight aren't we? Slagging off players who took us to third place not long ago, and who, if I read the forum right after Hartlepool, Salford, Oldham, were definitely going to get us promoted. No one is more gutted than me at todays abject display, but our readiness to turn all dirty guts after that game speaks volumes. Some of you need to give your head a wiggle. X is crap, Y is garbage, Z has never been any good, A is too slow, B is out of position... Really? I mean really? How fickle are you? This is the squad which lost its captain and playmaker many games back, just lost its best defender today of all days, and yes, they played like scared rabbits. And yes I'm massively frustrated, and yes I hate it when we're on the telly because we usually tank, and yes it always happens when a large crowd turns up. But can we count to ten and then make sensible reasoned comments before we trash players who have done well to get us where we are? And can we make up our minds about the January transfer window? One week it's a masterstroke of creative genius from our beloved DoF, the next week it's a wasted opportunity to buy Lionel Messi. Hello? Maybe they are playing with injuries, maybe they are not good enough, maybe Crosby got the subs wrong, maybe no-one will die in Ukraine today. Keep some perspective. I just wish we could hang on to common sense after a bitterly disappointing performance and not just go for our pet hate's throat to make ourselves feel better. Perhaps Nathan Smith is not a ball player, perhaps Worral's best days are behind him, but can we doubt that they have been on balance good players for the Vale - especially when the chips were down in our relegation struggles? When we needed our neck saving with a dire chairman and might have become a non- league team? There are a lot of people stamping their foot on here tonight saying "I want promotion now or it's not fair and the team are bottlers and a pile of crap". Well welcome to the real world - sometimes we lose, you don't get what you want, and you support a team that play like a team of strangers. Welcome to the Vale. It is enormously annoying, and I am furious at today's result given what was at stake, but I do not subscribe to the player assassination going on here. Really sad that so may fans have turned on the team in this way, even when we were abject. We're all frustrated. But get your heads up, for pity's sake. It's a long shot, but we might yet make the playoffs. That would be good, wouldn't it, after the trials and tribulations we have had this season? And we might lose in the playoffs as well. Had Stone palmed away their first goal, and someone blocked the shot for the second one (which was a very good goal I thought, damn them) and we had scraped home 1- 0 having played dreadfully, we would be lionising our players tonight for "digging out a result when not playing well". But we were awful, and lost, and we are all gutted. So it's open season for "who shall I hate today for ruining my dreams". It's all ifs, buts and maybes, but does anyone really think any of those players today got out of bed with the express view of playing like Mary Berry with a sore toe? I think they will all be very disappointed, as will the management and Carol. Time to get behind our team - one game to play.
  10. There's a Ladies in the Railway Stand? Is it state of the art?
  11. Not ideal, but let's stay positive eh? Mansfield didn't win. It's there for the taking.
  12. I'm watching it, reassuring myself that the result doesn't matter, because if we win our two games, Mansfield have to do it the hard way. Then I start thinking of all the permutations, and have to have a lie down.... The beers are in for the game on Sky. To misquote Early Doors - "To the Vale, I wish I was there".
  13. ...and Sutton just equalised. Jackson Pollocks.
  14. ...but on the positive side, Rochdale are beating the Gas, Bradford are leading Sutton, and Forest Green losing at home is an incentive for Exeter to throw the kitchen sink at Cobblers in order to keep the chance of being champions alive....til they play the Vale, obviously.... Could be worse.
  15. What Guitar Ray said. There are so many clubs who have been screwed over when they lost their ground, and to know that we are rid of our previous owner and can now start to build in to a better future is a wonderful feeling. Not quite like scraping dog muck off your shoe, but you get the drift. Love the fact that Carol says "we are only just getting started". They say it is always darkest before the dawn, and that was certainly how it felt with the other idiot. Looking forward to a new dawn with decent human beings who have the club at heart and love their community in charge. Thank you Carol and Kevin.
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