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  1. ...and it's the pride bit that bugs me - those players should be proud to play in every game. Others on here calling it a dead rubber - I wonder whether Clarke thinks so.
  2. Fair enough Fosse, but I'm looking at the bigger picture - we can pretend Grimsby aren't all that bad and there were extenuating circumstances, nothing to play for, pressure off etc. But professional pride is something to play for, as is rewarding our owner who has backed these players with her own money and must be wondering when the real Port Vale will stand up. Yes, we gave them a head start, but I go back to the point that we very rarely come back from being a goal down when this happens because these players are not good enough as a group. Some decent ones in there, but a lot of dead w
  3. And I think you've misread mine. Middle third was more in terms of dates not games played, but the key point I am making is that these players are not consistently good enough. I'm delighted McKirdy showed some lovely touches, but we just lost to the worst team in the 92 teams in the league when we were on a good run. We are either winning nearly every game or losing it - I would dearly love us to be consistent, with players who were not the next Messiah one week and rubbish the next. We won't get out of this league with these players, unless it is in the direction Grimsby have just gone.
  4. I would also like Rebecca Welch to referee more of our games next season as well - she is the standard to aim for for some of these other pillocks, who clearly don't know the game and are easily swayed by home teams.
  5. Yes, I want this season put to bed with a good win against Mansfield, and then let the clearout begin.
  6. But the fact that we didn't have the guile or energy to come back at them when they have just been relegated from the league sends a clear message I think....
  7. A poor defeat, but it perhaps reminds us that some of this team shouldn't be around the club next season. I was getting worried that our recent hot streak was airbrushing people's views in to retaining some ordinary players. If they were that good, the middle third of the season wouldn't have happened, and we would be bound for League 1. It did, and we're not - there is a good reason for that.
  8. Would love to have Wrexham back in the league - we've had some great games against them in the past.
  9. I just remember it was very cold - 5th December - and the metal on those Lorne Street stanchions was even colder to lean against. I remember the Park Drive ads in the programme, the swearing at the referee from the old codgers, and a lady who used to stand by the tunnel who was forever shouting out "Come on Brian!" at Horton. Simpler times.
  10. 50 years and a bit of never-ending joy and bliss for me. First game was a 0 - 1 home defeat to Torquay, in a game which featured two of our future managers. Brian Horton was on his way to becoming a club legend in the proper sense of the word - and as for Torquay's number 9, he just happened to bring the best period I've ever known at the Vale in half a century of watching them. Think I have a programme with a future England manager with a 100% record in the cupboard somewhere too....
  11. Well, today is the first time my maths tell me we can't be caught by the bottom two clubs. Nice that we are flying to avoid relegation, not scraping by with anxious trousers.
  12. Thank God for that - now safe, well done everyone. Time to start planning for next season.
  13. Do they ever consult the weather forecast I wonder? Slow moving cloud over Staffordshire - usually this would clear away in half an hour....
  14. Good lad Darren, thanks for giving us the chance to remember Lee in this way.
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