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    Vale fan since 1969 through thick and thin (mainly thin, but I'm still smitten). Can't imagine life without Vale.


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    Football, fishing, mountain trekking, fine wines, beer, bee keeping.


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  1. Less than a year ago, and with two survivors this season form that starting line up, and a couple on the bench. Seems like another lifetime! Lets hope the better squad of players this season can get another home win.
  2. "Thank God I haven't lost my sense of taste and smell, as the beers are going to taste so good tonight! UTV!" Oh yes. Oh definitely yes they will. Already on the first one. Thank you Vale, you just made my weekend.
  3. Play nicely guys - we won! Fair enough to be fed up when they went 2-1 up, but what a fightback. Really chuffed for the team, the manager, the owners and the fans. Get in!
  4. Frustrating. Very frustrating. Wonder why this happens?
  5. "Just don't cry". Brilliant, you excel yourself. Boo hoo hoo Beech.
  6. I criticise players when I think they are hiding or robbing a wage. Wilson is neither of those. Good of you to say "you do you" though Beech, I'll look that one up to see if I can surmise what the foggiest you are on about. It's just an opinion.
  7. So the comment "Wilson is garbage" was just for the first 45 minutes then, not for his overall quality of the player? Good of you to specify that. Not frowning on, just wish you would be a bit more positive about a Vale player who is clearly struggling. Slagging him off obviously does it for you, but it isn't the way forward. As I said, get behind him - it might work.
  8. Some of the comments on here about Wilson are laughable. He just needs encouragement. Why slag him off if he is one of ours? He is clearly a fine player, but just not firing - calling him gash isn't going to do much for his self esteem is it? Get behind him.
  9. Is it me or has every game this season had a comment along the lines of "They are getting in down our left hand side" or "their right back is bombing on, we need to double up on him" etc? Are teams seeing this part of our team as a weakness then? I'm surprised, given the comments about Benning, Jones and Johnson - thought we had sorted the left hand side out.
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