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  1. It's all about getting the right blend I guess....
  2. Or what about Forest Green beating Sarfend tonight? Presently 0 - 1 down in their coffee shirts. Great.
  3. Agreed - the ref is supposed to keep his cool, but how often must they want to nail a gobby little twonk effing off at them for not getting a free kick when they fell over? He's apologised, and will be monitored carefully for no repeats, but if Judge was cheating and got booked for simulation, I think refs should be allowed to pull a wet fish out of their pockets and slap the offending player around the face for a minimum of 20 seconds in addition to a card, just to say "not only are you a scummy little cheat, but THIS is what I think of you"
  4. Hilarious and predictable. Getting grief off fans on social media, and implies that he's a clever boy and knew Clarke wanted to leave, so had already interviewed a replacement. The lengths some chairmen will go to to try and convince the fans they are one step ahead, and it's not their fault....
  5. Properly stopped me in my tracks that did. What makes a club? Exactly this.
  6. I agree, which is why I am very grateful the owners are up for the challenge, in terms of money, time and effort. By switching to a longer term strategy, they are creating work for themselves, but then again, I suspect they knew that as well when they bought the club from the previous owner. The only area where I perhaps disagree is the time it might take us - I would hope we can cherry pick the best practices (and maybe personnel) from other clubs using Flitcroft's insight, and not take 2 decades over it.
  7. You may well be right TB, and it would be interesting to see where the overlap is in the Venn diagram of managers applying for the job and managers who are happy to work with a DOF. Some managers want total control, but we have opted for a different sort of approach. Reducing the field of choice may not mean reducing the quality of appointment, and might even speed up the process of getting the new man in. Let's not worry about the managers we might not get, let's focus on the ones who want the job knowing the existing conditions of employment.
  8. Whilst there will always be a bit of head scratching when a new system is set up in a club, Flitcroft as DOF seems to tick the boxes for me. If that makes me that ridiculous phrase "a happy clapper", then fine, I am optimistic by nature. 1 - As stated above, proof that we are investing in a long term plan to improve the football side of the club long term,not just plucking another manager in to try and juggle all the plates. No-one can accuse the owners of lacking ambition with 2 salaries being paid to get the football side right. If it puts some managers off applying, so be it - this m
  9. Agreed on the intelligence of what was said. This is a major restructuring of how we do things, proves once again that Carol and Kevin are prepared to invest to get it right, and brings experience in from outside the club in a way we haven't had for a while. Good luck David, if you can deliver on those aims, you will have our absolute backing.
  10. Not really - just some very frustrated fans. A lot of what Joe B said rings true.
  11. All quite true, Mr L. But where does the accountability for this lie? And how is it going to improve? Many of the posters you say are having a needless pop at the players saw the wheels coming off in November, yet here we are in February still searching for the Holy Grail. Something has to change and change soon or next season the club will not have the revenue to do very much at all. We need leadership and hope. Thank you for your reply Mr. C - how formal we are! The accountability is too easy to nail on to one person. We are coming out of a period where we had an awful owner
  12. I accept most of your points, but I’d like to point out Guthrie is 27 so he’s hardly learning the game. Should be in his prime. He was poor today but every other game so far I think he’s done alright, certainly offered more than Robinson and Cullen have. Agreed he is no spring chicken, but I see him as a target man to replace Pope while he is injured. We need someone to hold up the ball and take the pressure off our defence. He can be coached to do that at the vale I would hope, even if he can't be pinging them in to the net from all angles.
  13. It seems to me that we just have to accept that this season we are a poor side in transition that is going to finish low down in this division. I don't think we will go down, but that is probably more due to other teams below us being worse. I saddens me to see fans on here week after week slagging off and scapegoating players who aren't up to it, though I understand their frustration. Players are probably doing their best, but their best isn't good enough to push us to where the fans expect us to be. So we have a choice - we can either continue to get off on continuing to slag our team of
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