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  1. That FA Cup win v Hull was the first "big" game I remember as a kid, since they had Billy Bremner playing for them in his post Leeds days. It wasn't a Beamish hat trick though - he scored a late equaliser at Boothferry Park to get us the reply, and twice at Vale Park, so he scored three over the two games, but the other goal in the 3 - 1 win came from Kevin Kennerly, who smashed a shot in off the underside of the bar. I was right behind it, and went mad. First time I heard the Paddock really singing loudly that night - I was stood on the Lorne Street.
  2. Sounds like a great day out, albeit with a not entirely unexpected end result. Proud of Vale for battling as they have done. Now need a good result against Salford. It's been great while it lasted, but we now need to push on in the league,
  3. Great to hear they are giving their all - they should be proud of what they have done, whatever the score now.
  4. Sounds like they just need fresh legs - the team are running miles trying to stay in the game. It's a shame, because that has killed the game - at 2-1 we could still have got back in, but it's a mountain now.
  5. My guess is all the fans on the ground are busy watching and enjoying the moment - it's just those of us who are listening in that are posting.
  6. Delighted for Popey and the fans - something to remember forever. Went berserk, spilled my beer, screamed my head off. Come on Vale.
  7. Radio Stoke saying Foden was offside for their second? VAR not gone in our favour.
  8. Couldn't get on to any of the live feeds, so am listening to Radio Stoke..
  9. Looking forward to seeing that full, and would love it, really love it, as wor Kev might have said, if we could score in front of that end. After all the years of crap we have had to put up with, it would be wonderful to see 8000 Vale fans going nuts. Come on Vale.
  10. ...and the match official for Macc is....Ben Toner! When big bad Norm was in charge, perhaps, but times have changed. Is there a referee called Happy Daze we can have for the next game please? Bent owner is so last decade....
  11. Agreed, it won't be easy to keep him if he continues to score like he has done, but he seems to enjoy it here, and if he could help get us in to the play offs and then up, regular first team football in league 1 might appeal. And yes, it is great to be talking about this Fosse - not something we have been able to ponder for a while!
  12. Some proper wingnuts down the Vale at times - just jumping on a non existent bandwagon tonight having a go at Lloyd, who had decent game. But that probably didn't fit their twisted agenda. Pond life.
  13. Agreed re Sproson wanting Taylor to play at a higher level - just hoping it could be with us! Not sure what his wages are in Forest reserves, and whether that could be a stumbling block, but it would be great to have him permanently from what I've seen. He's come on a lot. If JB is right and he is available in the summer, then at least let's keep him with us until then.
  14. Not sure about Premier League, but if he is keen to play and we can make League 1, he might be keen. The lad was in Forest reserves? If he is going to be Premiership, he would be in their first team by now, wouldn't he? Doubtless there would be a sell on fee if there was a deal, but we need to start looking at Championship reserve players to improve the squad - Rudgie made a career of aiming high and making ambitious offers.
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