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  1. When I heard the 1st round draw, I remember thinking "Oh well, it's unlikely we'll get past that, away to a League 1 team - we can focus on our league position". I am now genuinely excited for Monday at 7pm to see who we get in round 2. Great result, great teamwork, great spirit. Well done lads, you keep making my weekend.
  2. Great win - to go to Bradford and Crewe and come back with 6 points was beyond my expectations. Well done lads, and well done to the Vale fans who were booming it out of the away end.
  3. Yes, really impressed with Worrall's energy to get up the field at that stage of the game, stand his defender up, and get the cross in. Good team play all round, and nice to see their keeper losing it completely on conceding - love a late winner!
  4. I hope the assessor looking at this has a word. The man probably has problems finding his own backside with a map. Glad it didn't stop us from making it clear what he is - a completely self important twerp.
  5. I think a second bottle of beer may be needed to toast this...well done lads, and well done to all those who went to cheer them on.
  6. But ten minutes of extra time? How much did they pay that referee? Was a WW2 unexploded bomb found in the penalty box? Crazy, but at least we won, and after that penalty decision, I'm delighted. A good way in which to approach the Crewe game.
  7. That is just a desperately poor decision. On the BBC website, it says "Daniel Devine draws a foul in the penalty area." Draws a foul - ie dives in the hope that the homer ref will give something, and right on cue, he does. We simply have to complain about the dire standard of refereeing in this league. I don't blame Askey for saying something and getting booked - that's twice in two games we have been robbed. If we can see it on the replay, why can't the ref be shown it? Devine is then booked for diving, and we go in at half time deservedly a goal up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH!
  8. I was in a hotel in Beijing when I heard we had been knocked out of the cup by Chasetown. Rang my wife from the hotel lobby at silly o'clock to get the score, and her opening statement was "you're not going to like this....". Luke Rogers, 2 missed penalties - the dim sum didn't taste the same after that.
  9. Bee Quest, Building the Buzz and Sting in the Tail by Dave Goulson - three books about bees, on which he is a global expert, and they are beautiful reads, taking you back to those flower filled meadows we used to muck about in when we were younger. Anything by Chris Yates about carp fishing is also chicken soup for the soul - he writes superbly, and it's not all about fishing, but about lots of other stuff as well. Oh, and Erebus by Michael Palin - brilliant. Have also just finished the 3 Danny Baker autobiographies and they are funny and poignant.
  10. Must be very frustrating for Askey and the players to concede in that way just on half time. Let's hope they can get back on top second half.
  11. Rightly so - a colossus at the club over the years, and a lovely bloke to have as your president. Thank you John.
  12. Interesting article in the Times today about the Shanahan takeover. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/carol-shanahan-the-female-jesus-bringing-a-sense-of-community-back-to-port-vale-t38c559p5
  13. Quite amazing when you look back at it - working down the pit in the morning before a Saturday game! He comes across as a lovely bloke, and a club stalwart. RIP Graham, and thank you.
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