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  1. RIP Jack. I liked his directness - and will never forget him and John Aldridge having a right go at the pedantic touchline officials in Mexico 1994 World Cup. I think Ireland were trying to get Aldridge on as a sub, and the officials were being "sluggish" with their clipboards, numbers boards etc, and delayed it for ages. Aldridge had to be held back from sorting one official out, then Jack had a word as well. I think his FIFA fine was paid for by supporters, who loved him. Always called it as he saw it.
  2. Just picking up on Essex Vale's comment "Vale fans have the right to know that he has decided to move on, and will not accept the contract offer". Have they though? Or is it a contractual thing between club and player? I appreciate Vale fans want to put this to bed now and know the outcome, but I wouldn't say we have a right to know. We would love to know, sure, but on this one, we'll have to be patient. We''ll find out sooner or later anyway, and Askey is already lining up a replacement. I would also be one of the fans to applaud Smith if he did return, because he has been a good player for us in difficult times, and as Santa has said, his next salary decision could set him up comfortably after his playing days are over. If he is off, thank you and good luck Nathan.
  3. And following that theme.....which Vale players have played football in the football season and cricket in the summer? One for the oldies I'm guessing, since it doesn't happen any more....
  4. Rest in peace Old Sage - this forum alone was evidence of how much you loved this club. Sadly missed.
  5. Dig in there Mike, and get well soon. Wishing a Vale trooper all the best.
  6. Really sad to hear about this. He was one of the players from the seventies who I thought was great to watch - calm and composed, it was no surprise when he moved up to play for Leicester. Great to get him back in the early 80s for another promotion. Rest in peace John, and thank you.
  7. The album Been Around by A Girl called Eddy. Released in January by the singer songwriter Erin Moran, as a follow up to her first album - all of 16 years ago! Shades of the Pretenders, Tracy Watt, Danny Wilson and Burt Bacharach. Beautiful voice and classy music - can't find a weak track on there.
  8. ...but better than the bumpy ride of the last three seasons...frustrating today, but we're still in there.
  9. The last will and testament of Jake Thackray. Brilliant.
  10. Just signed this. https://www.change.org/p/fa-and-efl-the-removal-of-trevor-kettle-from-refereeing-football-matches He is a complete joke - loads of comments on here about his inability to keep up with play, making random decisions, and being an utter tool. Surely some assessor will hook him out? Wonder what Askey will have to say about him in his report?
  11. So now 26 fouls against, three yellow cards and a sending off - what has this ref been on?
  12. 22 fouls given against us, but no yellow cards. Funny old game Saint... This ref is a proper tater. Great effort from the Vale so far - good for our goal difference, now need to get to full time with a clean sheet.
  13. Most memorable game in a Vale shirt? Toughest opponent and why? Best manager/ coach experienced and why? What is he up to these days?
  14. That FA Cup win v Hull was the first "big" game I remember as a kid, since they had Billy Bremner playing for them in his post Leeds days. It wasn't a Beamish hat trick though - he scored a late equaliser at Boothferry Park to get us the reply, and twice at Vale Park, so he scored three over the two games, but the other goal in the 3 - 1 win came from Kevin Kennerly, who smashed a shot in off the underside of the bar. I was right behind it, and went mad. First time I heard the Paddock really singing loudly that night - I was stood on the Lorne Street.
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