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  1. 1:10...he is a bit standoffish isn't he?
  2. I saw his statement before the picture and was initially inclined to believe it. I then saw the picture, and they don't tally up. Why the fck would you sit on it, and additionally why would you be semi-smirking at the camera if you were "gesturing at a colleague who'd shouted while [he] was on the phone" as he claimed?
  3. We just need a frigging win, not just for the points but as something to anchor against. Bookend this run of losses and draws and use it as a springboard for the rest of the season for their confidence. I suspect that's what Clarke will be thinking. Crap league this, most of the time the victor is the one who has the least amount of players having an off day. Confidence game and at the moment this squad doesn't have any. Hope to have Pope back in 3 weeks. We need that sort of personality on the pitch who will drag and carry the rest of them.
  4. I very distinctly remember watching Legge getting consistently turned like a geriatric donkey against Crawley and thinking he's lost it, 19/20 was the last bit squeezed out of the toothpaste tube for him. I know it's the same for every club, but I am increasingly wondering whether general fitness issues from players dossing about at home between March-September instead of a proper break/regimental pre season caught up with us in November and then once on the slippery slope the subterranean confidence meant there was no coming back. Clarke has a Herculean task trying to keep these bottlers
  5. 1 win in 13 including cup defeat at home to a club so small I'm not sure off the top of my head what league they're in. No we really bloody shouldn't have kept him, it was getting worse every week. Nice guy, technically limited. We'd be cheering on Askey's 433 with mills at RB and Whitehead in the middle against Solihull Moors next season if you'd gotten that wish.
  6. My mistake. Bizarre all the same these polar views between the commentators and multiple fans.
  7. We were absolutely diabolical against Stevenage, literally everyone on here watching it were in agreement at how dire it was. Bowers and Yates wouldn't stop going on about how we were playing well. Bizarre.
  8. Doha

    Retained list

    Jesus man, stop being so pedantic. Goal #1 is to escape this dreadful embarrassment of a league that makes us lose money on opening the away end most of the time. Or shall we deliberately languish down here for another five years on purpose waiting for youth players to become good enough to go up.
  9. Doha

    Retained list

    The remit is to get out of this dogsht league and worry about development from 2022/2023 onwards.
  10. Doha

    Retained list

    I must have imagined all the goal kicks in that Stevenage game.
  11. Doha

    Retained list

    Might be different in 6 months but at this moment in time he isn't good enough to be a regular LW starter for a promotion charge. That isn't a criticism, he's made 14 league appearances, he's brand new. He's very energetic, capable of beating the full back but his crossing is below par. Unless he reaches Amoo's level by August, persevering instead of signing an experienced winger would cost goals and points.
  12. Doha

    Retained list

    Scott Brown - Offer 1 Year Tom Pope - Difficult one. He'd be 36 a few games in, but is one of the best in L1/L2 at hold up play and heading. If Clarke is minded to set up for floating crosses to a target man, offer 1 year as an impact sub Cristian Montaño - Risky injury record, not as bad as some but not great. Offer 1-2 Years Alex Hurst - Offer 2 Years, ship him out on a long loan for some non league hoofing, getting battered and refining his crossing under pressure from the fullback. Dino Visser - I'd like to see us sign a youth goalkeeper, send them out on loan for 46 games, and if
  13. He is, in the right role. #10. This midfield tonight is completely over-run, we're relying on hoofing to channels for Rodney, like an away side.
  14. He hasn't played 15 games in the last 2 seasons. Minutes played this season is 840 so that's about 9 games Just going off his Wikipedia stats, not sure it differentiates between full starts and late subs. Even counting a 90th minute sub on as an appearance, so in his favour, the numbers are appalling.
  15. He's a technically very good player but Oyeleke has to go this Summer. This is beyond parody. Averages 15 league games a season, it's insane.
  16. Had another tab open during the goal, as it's Johnathan Ross commentating I didn't hear the bungled name Worrall properly and thought one of their players had scored and was just reaching for my screaming pillow when Woss followed it up with "and PV have scored." That's what happens when you actually have a shot lads.
  17. If this bloke says birthdays again I'm going kick off
  18. Sick to death of these officials blowing up for nothing challenges. Slowing the game down.
  19. Over the top down our right time and time again. Worrall leaving Gibbons in too much space, Gibbons too narrow.
  20. They're cutting through far too easily. No interest from Vale in trying to actually stop a cross.
  21. Q) How do you make a Stoke fan a slobbering mess? A - Trick question, they already are from gestation. Q) How do you make a Stoke fan a Primate-like slobbering mess? A - Show them an Iceland carrier bag and tell them there's a frozen Horse lasagne inside Q) How do you make a Stoke fan an irrationally angry, Primate-like slobbering mess? A - Show them this picture and ask them to justify their behaviour afterwards
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