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    Also, who's the complete square at the council coming up with these so called rules? It's a football ground. People don't want to sit down quiet as church mice. Get a <ovf censored> life.
  2. Doha


    Would it not have saved a whole lot of mither if our director of communication Tideswell had communicated this to us then? On social media, the website and asking Baggers to write an article about it?
  3. Oh dear. It seems the unfortunates down in yam yam land are really still rather rattled that DC had the temerity to leave for a much bigger job. I'm looking forward to November 23rd. And the away game in late April, what a spectacle that will be during the run in of a promotion push. More engaging than the usual spectacle in Walsall, which is one of a crowd congregating in the town centre to watch the trial of a pig accused of witchcraft.
  4. Must be planning to stay in the George whenever he comes back over to visit.
  5. Doha


    Clubs going bust, into admin, fan protests against dodgy owners up and down the country, and the football league are too busy dictating ‘rules’ that kids aren’t allowed to stand and look over the hoardings. What is the point of them and the FA?
  6. Early goal is key against a side in their position I think. Fans will turn. I don't really buy into the whole "we never win there" thing. Who gives a <ovf censored> what results an entirely different squad and management team got in years past? Fairly meaningless. On paper we should have the squad to turn Scunthorpe over. No complacency, it'll be a battle, but we should be going into it with a determined winners mindset instead of worrying over how many goals Johnny Brain and Chris Martin shipped up there.
  7. I cannot emphasise enough how vitally important it is that this 12ft flag gets waved about at Hartlepool away. Vital.
  8. On the subject of relegation threatened L2 opposition, Barton at Bristol Rovers is going as well as I expected
  9. Have to be looking for a decisive win here. Not too long a trip so hopefully take a few more now after the last two results despite our dire record up there.
  10. I can't work out if Benning is unfit, unconfident, unbothered, or just distracted by stuff going on in his personal life. Sometime's not quite right.
  11. Agree with all above. Does anyone quite understand what that star jump in the second half was all about though? It looked like he was trying to put the forward off from lobbing him but it left him in no mans land reliant on Smith to block which somehow he did.
  12. Yeah, no feeling of the inevitable happening like in recent years.
  13. I was concerned at times yesterday by some really stupid hospital balls tbh. They've clearly been drilled how he wants them to pass within the shape but Pett particularly played a few really daft short ones when the receiver would have 3 or 4 black shirts pressing him. Something to work on as we got away with one in particular in the first half when they won it in our half but failed to finish it off.
  14. Yeah. Stevenage in disguise. Lucky we didn’t sustain some proper injuries.
  15. I thought it was quite telling that all the outfield players took the time to individually congratulate Wilson after scoring. Maybe they’ve been winding him up over not notching yet.
  16. Another feather in their cap. Derby were allowed to transfer ownership of the ground away from the club weren’t they? Rochdale, Scunthorpe, Oldham, Derby could all be in real trouble. I can’t emphasise enough how fortunate it is that Carol got to us 10 months before COVID.
  17. Yeah that’s fair. It’s odd though, the lack of consistency with retrospective decisions. Does anyone remember that Chesterfield elbow on Hannant that could have easily left him hospitalised? Zilch from the FA.
  18. Wasn't even a foul that Chesterfield one. Doesn't matter to the ones who are blinded by an agenda though. The Wonder of You had a meltdown after Northampton. Genuinely calling for a 3rd keeper on emergency loan. Morons.
  19. Garrity's got a finish on him hasn't he? Also shout out to Gibbons. Excellent anticipation and a quality effort that could easily have curled in that rebounded before the second. It really is conspicuous who disappears off here the second we go in front. More than one. Comical.
  20. Good. If their fans raving about him has substance then we could possibly pinch a cracking signing at the end of the season.
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