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  1. Doha

    Retained list

    fćking hope not, means we'd be in the Ryman league.
  2. Mine thank god got better, yours died, didn’t she Brian. I won the mums!
  3. Did I mention his face would be camouflage painted with Robinsons blood as he runs about with that lumberjack axe screaming about zonal marking Out out out out out
  4. Sat in a car atm so can’t photoshop it myself but believe me when I am envisioning Darrell Clarke running about swinging a big axe.
  5. What are you on about? 10 relegation campaigns in 145 years means we should expect and accept it should we?
  6. Dear playing squad Frig off. Best, Doha
  7. ps if you’re reading this Rudgey, I hope they’re having you run the scouting and recruitment! Another Tony Naylor please.
  8. Indeed, Gorm was scared of this forum, because it held power he couldn’t. Hence PENNY BLACK and covert PMs to people trying to get them onside with insider knowledge. OVF was crucial in distributing and informing of the chaotic details of his disastrous ownership. Lot harder to pressure him out without it.
  9. For those unaware, click the cog icon at the bottom, captions on, then auto translate into English, to get English subs.
  10. R&D was a right weird story. That ground cost a <ovf censored> fortune but was only open for a very, very short time.
  11. Doha

    Retained list

    As in spinning a deal to get rid, right!?!?
  12. I know mate, I'm just exasperated at the repetition of smaller clubs with smaller revenue picking up better forwards than us. Lee Hughes 8 years ago was the last proven goalscorer we signed. No coincidence that since we've been relegated and fought multiple relegation battles while getting to enjoy enduring the likes of Jordan Archer, Robinson, Jordan Slew and Martin Paterson.
  13. 4 relegation battles in 5 years. Are we better off?
  14. Clarke acknowledged this a few weeks ago when talking about summat do with Robinson. It's all about getting the forward during the peak 2/3 years of of their 15 year careers.
  15. Whoever isn't going to spend money they don't actually have to compete with us for a promotion spot.
  16. Wrexham would end up being 12pm sunday kick offs after the festivities last time out.
  17. Really hope so. I just have a bad feeling about Robinson hanging around. We haven't signed an exciting/reliable name up front since January 2013. That has to change this summer.
  18. I didn't think they'd put in a bottlejob like that against the worst side in the FL with Clarke in charge. Poor and direct evidence of why the recent unbeaten run is no reason for complacency/sentimentality. There are certain names who have to go.
  19. Embarrassment. Really disappointing end to the run. Can't wait to never see some of this lot again, the cull must happen.
  20. I don't know how players contain themselves from running these referees over the hoardings.
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