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  1. Much better. Should be 1-0 through Robinson.
  2. @Regal Beagle Still relying on your old mate Giuliani?
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/09/22/ivankas-trademark-requests-were-fast-tracked-in-china-after-trump-was-elected/#48a139f31d60 I'd be very surprised if the fat moron doesn't pull out of the next debate on Friday.
  4. My dog. The substitutions would no longer be getting made on the cusp on injury time.
  5. If Legge was my captain I'd be screaming in his face for that 3rd. Pathetic. Askey is on thin ice with me.
  6. I can see where you're coming from but can't agree with this view because it gives referees, by default, carte blanche to be incompetent because from the outset you are expecting them to be. Players shouldn't have to go into games having to play not in accordance with the rules, but actually having to play hamstrung by the apprehension of officials who can't be trusted to apply the rules correctly. Referees should be held to a higher technical standard of not being a perpetual fck up. It's like saying fair play to the copper doing you for speeding when he wasn't sure. It was your fault f
  7. Yeah because it's not like referees make game changing decis- Ask yourself why a 20 year referee hasn’t been selected to ref above L1 level for four years.
  8. Giuliani gave Hunter Biden story to New York Post because 'nobody else would take it' at face value New York Post Published Hunter Biden Report Amid Newsroom Doubts
  9. Get the <ovf censored> in Thunderbstard
  10. It's his right ankle. Whitehead was nowhere near it, he clipped his left if anything. Looks a freak accident with his ankle collapsing underneath him.
  11. Will someone please tell that comical paramedic that his mask is useless if it doesn't cover his nose.
  12. Who said elbow? It's a deliberate foul off the ball. FK at least. It Smith had done it he'd be going in the book. It drives me <ovf censored> mad.
  14. I don't know why I do this to myself every week. Vale getting pushed and thrown to the ground and getting nothing for it but the opposition constantly conning free kicks drives me absolutely mental.
  15. "it seems like any idea that there are elements of truth to it are off limits 😂" Why do you do this to yourself? Feds examining whether alleged Hunter Biden emails are linked to a foreign intel operation
  16. Gove reminds me of one of those deep sea fish that sort of explode and structurally collapse from the gas expansion and pressure differential when they get hauled to the surface by deep trawling nets.
  17. US officials warned the White House that Russian intelligence was using Rudy Giuliani to funnel disinformation to Trump White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump
  18. It gets better https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/10/rudy-giulianis-daughter-on-voting-for-biden
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