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  1. I saw one guy attacking how we paid fees for Hall and Hussey after the Swindon game. i.e. after they'd played just 1 game for Vale. Unreal.
  2. Doha


    Doubt that's even remotely saveable, unfortunately
  3. These are already up to the same shithousery and cheating they were in the reverse fixture. Feigning injury, elbows in the back. Bourne is the most appalling referee on the list too so today will be just great for my blood pressure.
  4. <ovf censored> <ovf censored> <ovf censored> <ovf censored>
  5. Today is their first league game in 6 weeks. Why should it happen to us and not them too?
  6. Doha


    We lost Wilson to a freak bone fracture during a goal celebration. Last season we lost a player to long term injury after it was widely reported they were allegedly allowed to play rugby in training. Not quite the same.
  7. 🤣 Sorry, is this not the Lawrence Vigouroux who was reported to have been goading the Paddock when they scored what they thought was an 86th minute winner? Shall we have a little look at the behaviour of some other Orient players in that game too?
  8. We offered Bolton a transfer fee and weren't far off agreeing a deal with Dennis. Carol backed the deal. Then Cremonese showed up and offered, by the sounds of it, significantly more in wages. That and the chance to be in Serie A next season + down the road from Milan clinched it. https://youtu.be/Gjaq1PAfUHw?t=1126
  9. Ticket and Travel Details | Salford City (A) - News - Port Vale WWW.PORT-VALE.CO.UK An allocation of just 841?!?!??!?!?! We took 1400 last time?
  10. The rumours surrounding a Conlon injury and a Gibbons transfer, on top of everything else we've had to put up with this season bad luck wise, are literally a surreal nightmare in the context of where we were just before that Bradford game. I can't believe it.
  11. "This is the most a club has accepted me as a person and a player" - Chris Hussey says emotional farewell at Cheltenham Town after Port Vale move - Gloucestershire Live WWW.GLOUCESTERSHIRELIVE.CO.UK
  12. I'm 100% sure Worrall is perservering through some sort of chronic niggle/minor injury as he's a shadow of what he was. The Hussey-Martin-Smith passing triplet. Actually painful. Stone is so so so slow at recycling the ball/starting a new phase. So laboured every single time. But then again they're all so static, so static our own throw ins when losing could be classed as time wasting. They made a double change at HT we couldn't deal with. Actually saw some glimpses of drive tonight for a change, from Garrity and Gibbons and it was creating positive results, we should have had a few in the first half and it should have been game over by HT. How we didn't score in that scramble in the last few minutes I'll never know. Actually, no, I do. We're in one of those periods of poor form, bad luck and external third party events and match results happening where literally EVERYTHING goes against you.
  13. You use the word ‘probably’ often in your veiled swipes at the manager, don’t you? ”Ryan Johnson didn’t make us a profit. We probably just about broke even.” ”Amoo is probably not convinced by DCs opinion” Its almost, almost like you’re making up baseless statements in your head to create disingenuous strawman claims to support your very personal dislike of the manager.
  14. Agree with the rest of your post but I also have to agree with Beechy’s response to this. We were appalling with 11 men for 45 minutes, that half time formation and plan change would have had to have been a tactical masterclass to change it round. I know we were rusty after 5 weeks off but we were so awful, deep, weak and incoherent we made Swindon look like another Brentford. That is concerning however someone wants to dress it up. As is why we have a consistency to starting slowly and meekly handing over control of the game early on without any fight.
  15. Wouldn't surprise me mate. I was a bit surprised at only 5400 Vale fans on Saturday though considering it was the first game for over a month, against promotion rivals, and after the second half Brentford performance.
  16. Yes surprising. After Evatt's comments about being done with him, I and many others including Bolton fans thought it was an ego thing over the contract refusal and Dennis would be ours until at least May. Who saw a sudden move to a club that the stat websites claim barely scrape 3000 at home in Serie B happening? I'm massively surprised. This is a Footballer Manager-esque transfer, I reckon if there was an OVF poll at the start of the window absolutely no one would have guessed losing him to a club in Italy.
  17. Gutted. What an awful few days. Need a win tomorrow.
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