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  1. Absolutely chuffed with another win today! Think we can all breath a sign of relief tonight and enjoy our Saturday evening. I’m genuinely excited for the future, and Clarke and Flitcroft together could be an absolute masterstroke from Carol. Onwards and forwards. UTV.
  2. I’ve also found the reaction of some Vale fans odd in relation to the appointment of additional coaches. I can only think it’s because we are doing so poorly in the league and they think it’s being taken away from the future playing budget. Anyway, my personal opinion is that it’s crucial to get the infrastructure correct, so I think this is another positive step.
  3. My thoughts are we should keep no more than our best 11 and let Clarke and Flitcroft build their own 11, and hopefully a mixture of the two will see us challenging for promotion. So my best 11 based on a combination of players still under contract, and potential to be part of a promotion push are as follows: Brown Gibbo Smith Legge Monty Manny Taylor Conlon Worrall Rodney Amoo The big question marks regarding the above are Monty and Manny, and a lot will depend on them remaining
  4. It’s was brilliant. The big lad realised he was in shot and slowly crept away. They look a right one man and his dog set-up.
  5. <ovf censored> GET IN!!!!!! Absolute rollercoaster of emotions, but we got over the line. That’s what we want to see, commitment to the cause and putting their bodies on the line. Also, a bit of luck and quality tonight. Like a few of my fellow Valiants, I’m cracking a few cold ones tonight! UTV!!!
  6. I would try 4-3-3 for this one now we have our strongest widemen back. The left back position is going to be problematic, and I’m hoping Monty will be back, however I doubt he will be. Therefore, I would go with the following: Brown Smith Brisley Legge Mills Joyce Manny Conlon Amoo Rodney Worrall I remember Askey saying once we have never lost with a combination of Joyce, Manny and Conlon in midfield (I actually think we have since, but not many times), so I would got back to a tried and tested
  7. I just feel an overwhelming sense of sadness tonight. Deep down I probably expected defeat, but there was nothing between the teams and it took a soft deflected goal to win it. The games changed when Swan went off, Robinson just offers absolutely nothing. The next two games are absolutely massive. I thought we were done the season before last when we lost at home to Morecambe, and I feel the same way tonight. However, we managed to turn that around, and there is no reason we can’t do the same this season. I feel sick tonight, but I still believe. If we get out of this, I’m goi
  8. Walsall are bang in the mix now, so are Colchester. We just need that one win to catch them. With our better players back I’m confident. KTF fellow Valiants.
  9. Really enjoyed the meeting tonight. A lot of positive and progressive objectives in the pipeline. I’m keeping everything crossed we do enough in these last 12 games. If we do, I think the future is looking bright.
  10. Absolutely gutted and feel like I’ve just got off a rollercoaster that’s been circulating 21 times! Looking at the positives, we absolutely battered Oldham from start to finish (who have the third best away form in the league) If we play like that in the next two home games we will win at least one. I’m staying positive after tonight. KTF
  11. Wonder if there is any truth in this?
  12. You know full well that 2 out of the 5 were who Askey was intending to being in, 1 is a sub keeper and the other 2 are young loan signings. So your argument is null and void. I’ve heard the same <ovf censored> from Askey’s mates, he didn’t want to sign Robinson and McKirdy, Mills and Fitzpatrick are on £500 a week, so what do you expect blah, blah, blah. He was a one dimensional manager who ultimately failed. And by the way, I actually respect Askey, but he just wasn’t the man to take Vale forward. Just let it drop, get behind the lads, and hopefully better times
  13. I was waiting for <ovf censored> like you come along when we don’t win because you wanted to keep Askey. Just <ovf censored> bore off and get behind the team you supposedly support. We are in this mess because of Askey’s poor recruitment.
  14. I’m not a Smith basher, but if we want to attempt promotion next season, we need two new centre-halves. He’s fine as backup.
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