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  1. It was a tough game against a well drilled physical outfit, so I’m fairly happy with a point. I thought our weak points today were at fullback and Worrall. Playing Fitz at LB reminds me of the start of last season when we played Crookes there, no attacking outlet whatsoever. Bit gutted that Monty has got injured, as he is a far better player than Fitz. Also Mills didn’t offer a lot and went hoofball. Gibbo should come straight back in when fit. The problem with Worrall in this system is that he just doesn’t have the pace to beat his man. He got in numerous good positions and just did
  2. Think he’ll go with the same team if everyone is fit. Brown Mills Legge Smith Fitz Manny Joyce Conlon Worrall Cullen Rodney For me, that is our strongest combination in midfield and should play every week barring injuries and loss of form. I’d like to see Gibbo and Monty come back in when the time is right, especially at home, to give us that extra attacking threat. Will be interesting when Amoo and McKirdy are fully fit. If Rodney has come to Vale to play through the middle, then that adds to the dilemma. Maybe away from home there is a case to
  3. I think it’s probably a bit too much to ask for us to bring in Jake Taylor and DTS goes out on loan 😬 However, that really would make us automatic promotion contenders. Until he goes out on loan to someone else, one can dream.
  4. Don’t forget Rodney. From what I’ve seen so far he pushes Robinson and Cullen all the way.
  5. From reading Askey’s comments, Kiwomya fits the profile.
  6. I’d go for the below. Brown Mills Legge Smith Monty Burgess Joyce Conlon Worrall Cullen Rodney I thought Monty looked fully fit, so he comes back in. Would love to start Manny, but it would be too much of a risk. I’d like to see Rodney down the middle, but Cullen’s form at home last season was very good, so it would a bit harsh to disregard that. I reckon Robinson needs a little bit more match fitness to be considered. Think it will be a tight game, so an early goal would be lovely to settle the nerves. Really looking forward to it! UTV.
  7. This seems set up to be someone completely under the radar. Haven’t got a clue who is it, but happy to trust JA.
  8. Main points I took from the game. A fit Manny and Monty start in our strongest team. Both showed high levels of skill and were dynamic. I’m keeping everything crossed for Manny, just love watching him play. Rodney is getting better with each game. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in the middle. Dino Visser, what a guy! A worldie of a save second half and then goes and makes 3 top notch penalty saves. Very strong competition for Brown this season. Hurst did some good things, but can’t be considered as a back up winger. Really hoping we can get a deal over th
  9. My point is that I don’t think one game now will have a bearing on his match fitness in a month’s time. Also, from a tactical point of view, better to see how Robinson or Rodney are in a competitive game. We know what Pope can do, so I think it’s pointless playing him from the start when we have other options that need to gel. By all means give him 20 mins at the end.
  10. Think I’d probably prefer to give Robinson or Rodney some minutes. We need to get them up to speed first. Pope doesn’t really need match fitness seeing as he is still a month away from being considered.
  11. We’ll see. Strange we are doing favours at this stage of the season. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get a decent winger in, whether it be McKirdy or someone else.
  12. Couldn’t watch the game as I was working. Thanks to @Doha for putting on the goals. Great to start the season with a win, and also for Theo to grab his first goal. That will settle him down, as well as some doubters on here. On to Tuesday. UTV.
  13. Start as you mean to on! An outrageous team selection 😄
  14. Probably thought he was still big time because he came from Villa. Now he has had a full season in league 2 and realising his antics have had a knock on effect that no clubs have offered him a contract, he might have changed his ways. Also, if his family live in Stoke, he won’t want to $hit on his own doorstep. That’s my optimistic view anyway 😄
  15. Maybe if one of their admins read this, they can sort it out. I agree, will cost the club valuable revenue.
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