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  1. Let’s revisit this post come May. We were going nowhere with last season’s squad, so change was necessary. Whether DF/DC have got the changes right remains to be seen. If we had kept Brown, Joyce, Brisley, Pope etc I would be very despondent about the upcoming season, and would be expecting the same old <ovf censored> that nearly got us relegated until DC came in. At least we now have hope, and season ticket sales reflect this. I admit it’s a leap into the unknown, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Anyway, different opinions aside, we both want the same thing, which is a successful season for the mighty Vale. Let’s hope we do mucker and we’re down Boslem clinking pints when we get promoted 😄
  2. Agree. Think the only question marks are LWB - Jones or Benning and CF due to a possible injury concern to Rodney. If he doesn’t make it, then Proctor will come in. My gut feeling is that he will go for Jones with his extra height and long throw, as we are playing away to a decent team. I can’t remember the last time we had a squad this streamline. Every Manager we’ve had has always said quality over quantity, and then we end up with 30 players. This pre-season we’ve actually done it. Conna wait for Saturday. UTV.
  3. So who would you have kept that would have been instrumental in catapulting us to promotion? I know folk in SOT don’t like change, but it was paramount we rebuilt the ageing declining squad. Can’t believe you are asking what the point is. They have all gone non-league, which is case in point.
  4. To follow on (didn’t see the game) did Wilson and Proctor link better than Wilson and Rodney?
  5. I’ve only seen Wilson in the Forest friendly and thought he was fairly anonymous. Fantastic to hear he played well today and the goal oozes quality. With Wilson and Rodney we pose a threat from distance, as well as up close, which certainly gives opposition teams something to think about. Really hope Wilson scores early in the season, as I think if he gets on a roll, we could have a real player on our hands at this level.
  6. I thought you’d wrote off ‘old man’ Legge, and now he’s in your starting eleven! 😄 However, I do agree it will be a close call between Martin and Legge. I think he will go with Martin to start with, however if we concede from a set-piece in the first few games, I can see Legge being drafted back in. Jones at LWB also gives us more height and the advantage of that lethal long throw. I think the team is being build on a Cheltenham blueprint. Robust, dangerous from set-pieces/throw ins with a little bit of individual quality. Personally, I don’t care how we do it, let’s get out of this league! UTV.
  7. How was Proctor when he came on? Could he be a decent alternative if Wilson isn’t firing?
  8. Ha ha ha I hope we can ram this ridiculous comment back down your throat come May.
  9. Sorry typo from me, meant Johnson or Jones. Interesting info, looking forward to seeing Johnson play.
  10. I think that looks our strongest team on paper, barring I think he’ll play Johnson or Jones at LCB. Not a great deal of express pace, apart from Rodney, but the midfield 3 looks very tasty indeed. I think with those 3 we should be able to dictate play from the middle of the park and I honestly think Conlon can surpass last season’s tally of 10 if given a more advanced role. His technique of striking a ball is a job to behold and he rarely misses the target. Agree with other posters, we defo need another striker who can compete. I think someone with pace to burn would complement the other strikers we have at our disposal.
  11. Agree, it’s spoiling the forum. It’s good to have debate, but constantly pushing an agenda to wind folk up is becoming very tiresome.
  12. The squad rebuild is nearly complete with the majority of pre-season left, which is a major plus. I think it was vital we got our business done in a timely manner, and we’ve certainly done that. I’m very confident this squad with be an improvement on last season. UTV.
  13. It’s all coming together nicely, the majority of the squad signed for pre-season. Encouraging that Proctor couldn’t believe there were so many new players as he says there is already a really good bond & team spirit within the group. Just a couple more in and then the jigsaw is complete.
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