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  1. It’s a good set-up and let’s Colin Garlick concentrate on the football aspect of being a CEO and building a team that will get us out of this division and beyond.
  2. That’s very harsh. He’s far most adept with the ball at his feet for a CH than Smith. His tackling seems fine, but I’m not sure of his aerial prowess. I’m not saying he is definitely the answer, but I wouldn’t be so quick to write him off.
  3. How many years of parachute payments have they got? I’m pretty sure next season is their last one. Surely they will run into problems with FFP?
  4. I guess in a £50m a year wage budget it’s possible. Just mind boggling if true.
  5. Think that is a bit far fetched to be honest, although they do have a ridiculous wage budget for the Championship. I’d imagine Shawcross is on between £30k -£50k a week depending on what the reduction was after relegation.
  6. Agree with this. Good player at this level but certainly not worth breaking the bank for. There are plenty of good centre-halves at this level available, so I’m not really losing sleep about this. We were hardly an iron curtain with him in the team. Good luck Smithy and I’m sure Port Vale will prosper just fine without you. UTV.
  7. Agree with this. I think Askey will bring someone in to compete with Brown and ultimately to be his successor.
  8. I thought Maddison and Browne would be the other way around, but apart from that, I think it’s what we expected. I’ve always felt Askey didn't 100% rated Maddison, and remember him saying ‘Ronny liked him, so we took him on’ when we signed him. I actually thought he looked decent in the one game he played, but I imagine Askey has someone else in mind, so we shall wait and see. So if everyone signs, Askey will probably look to bring in 6 new additions (whenever that may be) I think a striker will be top priority. Potentially Ollie Palmer. Any other names/suggestions/ anyone can think of?
  9. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/relationship-last-port-vale-owner-4026751 Great to read Vale and JCB are linking up to provide meals to the local community. Carol is quoted as saying she thinks the relationship will last beyond the current crisis. Which got me thinking of the possible opportunities if the relationship became a fruitful one. I could certainly accept the ‘JCB Stadium’ as a sponsor (will always be Vale Park anyway) and the company colours match perfectly Could we utilise a link up to use their equipment for the future development of Vale park? If we were ever to build a new stand where the Railway is, then I imagine a lot of mine shafts will have to be filled in. Speaking of which, how much do you reckon it would cost for a new stand to be build? What possible sponsorships/grants/loans could be used? A new steeper stand closer to the pitch would transform Vale park- thinking something like Crewe’s main stand. Maybe pie in the sky, and certainly years away, but you never know. Be interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts. UTV.
  10. I don’t think he couldn’t get in the team. I think he played 2/3 games and then picked up a knock.
  11. The unofficial Vale Twitter account reckons it’s £20k. Probably sounds about right. Does anyone know if Archer is fully fit and currently training? I hope he is, or it will Monty as back up striker!
  12. Sorry, misunderstood your post before. All good. Over £2k raised already.
  13. But they have froze season tickets prices. Are you paying an extra £25 for yours?
  14. I’ll second that. Always amazes me how Vale fans are so negative and small minded about something that’s is so positive and will benefit our club. I can’t wait until that stand is finished, and we are no longer ‘cash strapped Port Vale’ but a progressive club with a 20k all seater stadium that can offer families modern and safe facilities that will help to grow our fan base.
  15. Good stuff. Just leaves Legge, Smith, Amoo and Monty, and we have the spine to push on again. Hopefully the budget is slightly bigger and we can cut from the bottom and add to the top. A much better strategy than over double figures in and out every season.
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