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  1. I think Pugh will play a strong team for this one. I’m sure all the players will want to be involved at Sunderland away in a knockout competition. I think he might go something like the below, depending on how Worrall and Rodney are after picking up niggles. Visser Mills Smith Legge Monty Amoo Burgess Conlon Hurst Pope Robinson It is a free hit, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go for it.
  2. Did we ever see Taylor in a midfield two? Hope he could adapt, as I’m not sure Burgess and Whitehead are capable of playing in a two, which means we are short of options if we are looking to play 4-4-2 more regularly.
  3. I’d love a midfield destroyer in the mould of Anthony Grant. Do you think Taylor (If it happens) will be our only midfield addition?
  4. All I will say is that I’m lead to believe Askey had very limited funds to bring players in. Aspin’s budget was far bigger. I know he could have used it better, but just so that you know, all signings were 4th and 5th choice. Anyway, I just want to see the Vale win, onwards and forwards whoever is in charge.
  5. The Taylor signing is a no brainier imo. I’m sure any manager would prefer Taylor to choose from rather Whitehead or Burgess. If he wants another midfielder, he can get rid of one of them. I also think we should push ahead with getting rid of Robinson, McKirdy and Crookes to free up space. Plus by the time we get the new manager in situ, time will be running out in the window. As long as the new manager has scope to bring in 1 or 2, I’m not adverse to bringing in Taylor and shifting the deadwood in the meantime.
  6. From Askey’s pre-match quote, seems that he still has the full backing from Carol.
  7. I’ll be honest, they are both <ovf censored>. Can’t wait to see the back of them.
  8. I’m done with Nathan Smith. Not good enough. Get rid.
  9. I don’t think he suits the way we play. Loses the ball too much. We need better. Get rid.
  10. When was his usual best? The season we got relegated from league 1? The two seasons we nearly got relegated from league 2? Our defence is not good enough for a promotion challenge, and that includes Smith I’m afraid.
  11. We will not get promotion with Legge or Smith as our centre halves. I said it before Smith signed a new contract, that although I think he is a decent (not great) player at league two standard, he is the one constant in our demise over the last 5 years. Sometimes a change is the best thing for all concerned, and I think we need root and branch with our defence.
  12. Absolutely fuming after that. Most grumbles have already been said though. I don’t think Askey can turn this around now, the problem is any new manager will still have the same players. The whole back 5 need replacing. I’ve completely wrote Smith and Legge off, and the fullbacks are bang average (Mills being the worst). We need better than Joyce. We can’t replace them all in January, so this season is another <ovf censored> write off.
  13. Tricky team selection given the current injury situation. I’m torn between keeping Hurst in the team and moving Rodney central or keeping Pope up now. I would probably go with pace on the flanks and hope Pope can get on the end of something. Brown Mills Smith Legge Fitz Manny Joyce Conlon Amoo Pope Rodney
  14. I thought you came across well Alex and I enjoyed the pod.
  15. I’m very excited about Rodney’s potential. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a player down Vale with such an explosive burst of pace. The way he blasted past the FGR defender for the first goal was a sight to behold. There is also potential in his shooting, as he strikes the ball with ferocious power. If he can improve his heading, positional play and fine tune his shooting, he will leave Vale for £1m plus.
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