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  1. Why do we persist with Martin. He is absolutely garbage. Please, please, please let’s get a proper CB in January.
  2. I couldn’t watch the match live unfortunately, but I have to say from watching those highlights, Rodney was instrumental in both goals. We need to lay off him a bit, he is still a massive asset to us. He’s gets into position’s our other strikers can’t, because of his sheer power and pace. Let’s hope he gets a goal soon and realises the massive potential he has clearly got.
  3. Horrible game. Ref was one of worst I’ve seen. They were <ovf censored>, but so were we. Time for a re-jig. Jones needs a spell out of the side. That pass for their goal was suicidal. Feels like ‘typical Vale’. Don’t know why I expect anything different. HOWEVER, there is a long way to go, so I’m keeping the faith.
  4. 3-5-2 doesn’t seem to work if you don’t have 2 out and out forwards, one who can hold the ball up. Doesn’t help that our 2 flanking CB’s have been very poor and our midfield non existent. It’s been very disappointing.
  5. We can improve that in January if required. Dunna frett.
  6. Do you comment this much when we win? You need chill out a bit. We’ll get there.
  7. It’s a cruel mistress. But I always think, the bad times make the good times even sweeter. We’ll get there, but as Clarke says, there will always be bumps in the road. KTF.
  8. Bitterly disappointed tonight. You have to accept the rough with the smooth being a Vale fan! Really not sold on Martin. Defence should be the priority in January. Two big home games. In Clarke we trust. UTV.
  9. Not quite at it with our passing today and a draw was a fair result. I would love to see the stats on our goals conceded from crosses, must be over 50%. Martin or Legge have their chance to stake a claim next week with Smith being suspended. Getting Proctor back will be a positive, as sometimes we don’t make it stick up top. Keeps the unbeaten run going. Onwards and forwards, UTV.
  10. Agree with that. Unfortunate about Benning, so hopefully Gibo stays fit. Thought Walker looked a bit slow as well. Probably last in the pecking order at present of the centre mids we have at our disposal.
  11. Behave mate, he hasn’t got a good word to say about anything Vale related. He did his best to divide the fanbase pre-season, so I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.
  12. Fantastic win. Love a comeback! Just brilliant from our captain Tom Conlon to get us back in the game. From that point I always thought we get chances, and we emphatically put them away. Unfortunately, offers are going to come in for Tom. I’d put a £5m price tag on his head to fend off potential suitors. If someone bids that, then I would say that’s good business for the club, and I would say goodbye with a heavy heart. Fantastic being a Vale fan at present. Long may that continue! UTV.
  13. Wouldn’t take much notice of the commentators. Every time I’ve watched on iFollow, it’s like they are watching a different game.
  14. He did brilliantly to get the ball and get it set up for the first goal. I thought he had a good game today tbf I second that. Thought Rodney played well and gave us an outlet. Hardly lost the ball and sprayed some lovely cross field balls after holding it up. It’s like we take that for granted from him. He’ll be a big player for us this season.
  15. What the hell are they moaning about? Are they still pining for Pope and Brown? Ridiculous. Today was fantastic. We look every bit promotion contenders. There are going to be ups and downs, but let’s back the lads! UTV.
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