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  1. I don’t think he couldn’t get in the team. I think he played 2/3 games and then picked up a knock.
  2. The unofficial Vale Twitter account reckons it’s £20k. Probably sounds about right. Does anyone know if Archer is fully fit and currently training? I hope he is, or it will Monty as back up striker!
  3. Sorry, misunderstood your post before. All good. Over £2k raised already.
  4. But they have froze season tickets prices. Are you paying an extra £25 for yours?
  5. I’ll second that. Always amazes me how Vale fans are so negative and small minded about something that’s is so positive and will benefit our club. I can’t wait until that stand is finished, and we are no longer ‘cash strapped Port Vale’ but a progressive club with a 20k all seater stadium that can offer families modern and safe facilities that will help to grow our fan base.
  6. Good stuff. Just leaves Legge, Smith, Amoo and Monty, and we have the spine to push on again. Hopefully the budget is slightly bigger and we can cut from the bottom and add to the top. A much better strategy than over double figures in and out every season.
  7. I’d happily take a point, but a win really would put us in a great position with 13 games to go. There is good competition now with players coming back from injury, and we are at the strongest we’ve been all season. With Gibbo suspended, I’d go with the below. Brown Clark Legge Brisley Monty Burgess Joyce Conlon Browne Bennett Worrall I’d give Browne a go as this will probably be his last chance to stake a claim and he should be hungry. When Gibbo and Amoo return, I imagine he will struggle to get on the bench in current form, so it really is up to him to prove otherwise in this game. Plenty of options on the bench and it would be great to see Manny get a cameo at some point. With Taylor back next week and Crookes not far off, that will be a fully fit squad. Have we timed our run to perfection? Or will we just fall short? I really don’t know, but it’s just great to be in the mix approaching the back end of the season. UTV.
  8. Great stuff! Let’s get this total raised and do our bit to create a stadium and team to be proud of. Onwards and forwards. Up the Vale.
  9. I’ll be honest, the reaction to some fans on this matter has completely taken me by surprise. I thought it would be a no- brainer for us all to stand as one and try to make our club better. I’m not sure whether they are on a wind up or simply do not see the benefits that finishing the Lorne Street will bring to the club. I really hope the fundraising is started soon and all Vale fans get behind it. This could potentially be the best era since the 90’s, so let’s back Carol and Kevin with anything we can afford to spare and get this club back where it belongs. Up the Vale.
  10. If we can raise the £100k for the concourse, then Carol can put the £100k earmarked for this into building a new gym/training facility on the bycars training ground, which would make us a more attractive prospect for potential players.
  11. It would take on average 5000 donating £20 or 10,000 £10. I certainly think it is worth having a go. I’d happily donate to see that stand finally finished.
  12. Seeing as they are already on Synectics payroll, I think the outgoings will balance out a lot more cost effectively than if we employed them independently. The advantages of having two businesses next door to each other that are owned by the same people, and skills are transferable. I wonder if there has ever been such a set-up in football league? (I.e Owners business next door to the ground) One for the stato’s
  13. You look at what Grant did to us at Swindon. He cut us open from DM. I think Manny could do that for us.
  14. Fantastic that we have got such a professional structure in place. A world apart from 12 months ago. It fits perfectly, the intertwining of both businesses, and hopefully it will mean no stone goes unturned in maximising our potential revenue and opportunities. More great news for this rapidly evolving, modernised and enterprising football club. And yes, that is Port Vale Football Club I’m describing. Wow, what a difference a year makes. The good times are back. UTV.
  15. I’m still convinced that Manny could be the DM destroyer if required. He said he is comfortable anywhere in the midfield 3 at the supporters club tonight. I like the look of Manny, Taylor and Burgess as a dynamic midfield 3. That’s no disrespect to Joyce, but given he is 33 soon, I’m looking at the future.
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