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  1. I’d add Evans and Conlon to the release list.
  2. I think Manny could do the holding role perfectly well (if fit) and if required. He certainly wouldn't have got knocked off the ball like Joyce did 2-3 times yesterday which very nearly led to a goal(s) Could be an option at home where the 3 of them could interchange at will. It will be a welcome dilemma for Askey should Manny actually stay fit. (and that's a big if)
  3. Birchall said,'Why it is every time Tom doesn't play there is always a lot more crosses going in that he would have buried' Mmmm do you see a pattern developing there Birchy lad??? You sum it up correctly, Cullen was the instigator behind the build up to those crosses which wouldn't have happened without him on the pitch. I've been a bit critical of Cullen but he was excellent today. Deserves a run in the side like Pope and Bennett have had.
  4. A good entertaining game and a much welcome 3 points. Thought it should have been more comfortable, but we were guilty of missing 3 clear cut chances. Cullen did well up top on his own and a goal would have capped a fine display. However, he couldn't convert, which seems like the same old story for our strikers at the moment. Brown showed his class to get us a clean sheet. Gibbons had a very good game and saved us again with the clearance off the line. Looked a lot more assured on the ball today compared to the last few away games. Smith was very assured and again seemed to be more comfortable on the ball today. A superb raking cross field ball after bringing it out of defence was a particular highlight. Legge solid beside him, can tell he is 34 at times though with his lack of pace. Worrall and Monty decent down the left. Shame Monty picked up an injury, hope it isn't long term. Burgess had a few decent runs and got stuck, back to his earlier form. Thought Joyce and Atkinson were below par. Amoo was great first half, caused them problems every time he got the ball. Faded early second half, but popped up with a quality goal that won us the game. Cullen did well up top on his own and a goal would have capped a fine display. However, he couldn't convert, which seems like the same old story for our strikers at the moment. We aren't a million miles away, just need an extra bit of quality. That team with a fully fit Manny and Taylor would take us up a notch. Overall, it just feels great to be comfortable in January and looking up instead of down. UTV.
  5. Is this Cullen's first start in the league in the lone striker role?
  6. I would give Smith and Gibbons 3 year deals, build for the future. I'm guessing Lloyd was a typo?
  7. I hope we get to see this combination fully fit around mid Feb. I agree, on paper it is very mouthwatering.
  8. Good news. Askey also said he hopes to bring in 2-3 new faces and a few players to go the other way on loan. Still 2 weeks before the window ends, so we shall see.
  9. Maybe take a break from posting for a while and chill out, have a lie down in a dark room or throw darts at a picture of Nathan Smith.
  10. Be interesting to see how he gets on. He needs game time, that's for sure. Think we'll see a Striker come in now, just not sure what the calibre will be. Fingers crossed.
  11. With the squad we've got there isn't a great deal we can do to rotate the pack. However, after the shambles at Morecambe I would make a couple of changes. Brown Gibbons Legge Smith Monty Joyce Worrall Burgess Amoo Bennett Browne I think Conlon has been poor since he came back into the team, so I would try Worrall again in midfield. Gives us a bit of energy in there at least. I would try and inject more pace into the front 3, so for that reason I'd bring in Browne and Bennett. Neither probably deserve a start, but who else is there? Hopefully we can put in a much better performance at home and pick up 3 points, then bring in a new face or 2 before the Swindon game to give us a bit of momentum for the remainder of the season.
  12. Agree with this, the problem is haven’t got a striker on the books that ticks all the boxes. Pope is immobile and can’t run in behind. Will never create a chance for himself and needs to be fed. However, holds the ball up well and is good in the air, strong and helps us defend set-pieces. Bennett is mobile without being quick. Doesn’t hold the ball up very well and doesn’t seem to win a lot of headers. He has a good left foot and a bit of skill. Cullen isn’t particularly quick (seems like his legs have gone a bit after all his injuries) and isn’t physical enough to win headers or hold the ball up consistently playing as a lone striker. Has a decent football brain and capable of finishing. Archer- what has happened to him? Seems to be in the mould of what we are looking for at 6.3 and quick, however something has gone wrong if he can’t make the bench. Maybe never fully recovered from the injury he sustained earlier in the season or just doesn’t have the skill to play league football. Not sure where we are going to find a striker in January that ticks the boxes, but I hope we try at least. Good luck John!
  13. I think the problem is when we can’t feed him, which is a very basic game plan of getting crosses into the box, we have no plan B. He can’t run in behind, so we are very one dimensional with our plan of attack. We could try two up front (which I think suits Pope better), but I don’t think we have midfielders that are good enough to play in a two. We tried it and got massively overrun. The wingers aren’t good enough to consistently beat their man, and the fact Pope hasn’t scored in the league from open play since October backs this up. We need a re-think of how we are going to cause opposition problems.
  14. The problem is, if we have a poor end to the season it’s not going to inspire season tickets sales, which in turn defines our budget for next season. I think sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate. Which in this case means we should bring 2-3 players that can go into the first team, which hopefully has a positive effect on our style of play and remaining results. Anyone who saw last night’s game (I watched it on ifollow, but feel sorry for the fans who went) will know we aren’t going to increase our fan base with that team. We are too predictable and didn’t have a shot until the 58th minute. We will not get promotion with Pope, Bennett or Cullen up top on their own and the wingers / inside forwards do not score enough. There is a lot to be done, so every transfer window is important in trying to build a team that can genuinely be promotion contenders and to keep the positive feel good factor up.
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