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  1. I would also put Gibbo in at RCB if fit. We need to create chances and find pockets of space, and I believe Gibbo can do that from RCB.
  2. We just haven’t created enough chances. Maybe just not good enough this year. Ah well, used to it by now 😄
  3. Can you calm down please mate with updates from our rivals in capitals 😄 Not good for the ticker, let’s just focus on Vale
  4. I don’t think it’s that far fetched (except Vale in the Premier League 😄). It must be on the Carol’s radar as a long term plan, as the Railway simply isn’t fit for purpose. However, first we need to get a training ground, in order to move the player’s gym out of the Lorne Street, and then finish the Lorne Street concourse, and then a new pitch. So, a lot to do first! I do think a new stand closer to the pitch will transform Vale Park. Also lots of land to create facilities or add additional car parking.
  5. Couldn’t go today as I was working. Gutted with the result, but we have to remain positive. A win against Walsall and it’s back on track. 3 cup finals, let’s back the lads with everything we’ve got! UTV
  6. Just like a couple on here ( cough, cough Joe B and Beechy). Just praying we keep on going 💪
  7. <ovf censored> get In!!!! Few beers and a meal out tonight. Don’t think my heart can take the last 8 games. We’re fully in the mix for promotion, love it! UTV
  8. Absolutely buzzing tonight! (As per the awesome Ben Garrity) If we keep Proctor and Wilson fit, we have a very good chance at automatic promotion. They are a class above at this level. I hope the result makes Darrell smile tonight. We’re all thinking of you gaffer! Let’s do this! UTV
  9. The protective boot comes off Monday according to Crosby.
  10. Get the <ovf censored> in!!!! Found the right system, found the right keeper and found our shooting boots! Going to be a very exciting run in and anything could happen. Let’s get behind the lads until the end. UTV
  11. Gutted after that. Awful pitch and two teams playing awful football. Not sure what the answer is. I doubt 3-5-2 would serve us much better to be honest. I think Worrall’s best years are behind him, never looked like beating his man. Wilson offers very little on poor pitches. Hussey is too slow to rely on him to be creative as a wing back. Think we have to accept the club is a work in progress and build again next season. I’m sure we’ll get there under Carol. We have to beat all the teams around us now, which I don’t think we have the quality to do. You never know though. Still something to play for at least.
  12. Agee with you mate, thought we were the better team. The much maligned Cooper looked lively and created our best chances and Edmondson put in a good shift and took his goal well. There is still a long way to go. It’s League 2 in the middle of winter, I’m sure most teams aren’t playing scintillating football. After the <ovf censored> we’ve gone through over the last few years I’m shocked at the fickle nature of our fans and the lack of will to get behind us until the bitter end. We are still firmly in the mix for promotion. Let’s back them. UTV
  13. Think it’s time to abandon the Walker at CH experiment. Wilson is frustrating to watch. Pett for all his skill loses it too many times in the middle of park. Take a draw.
  14. Think it’s harsh to say Cooper was very poor. He lacked end product but he did very well off the ball closing down and making a nuisance of himself. Hopefully more comes off for him tonight in the final third.
  15. Agee, the structure doesn’t work if Flickers stepped in. We now have a proper DOF who doesn’t meddle in coaching and trying to the pick the team. Correct decision by the club /flickers to bring in an extra (well thought of) coach.
  16. I’m on board Mr Delgado. A real sickening one tonight, but the bad times make the good times even better 😄 Got to keep believing until it is mathematically impossible 👍
  17. Hard one to stomach that 😣 Worrall and Wilson should make it 2-0, we are just not clinical enough unfortunately. Still in our hands, but we need to improve in front of goal quickly.
  18. We always moaned that 4-3-3 was negative under Askey. Not sure 1 up top is the way to go.
  19. Agree, I think Martin will keep his place for the weekend. However, going forward I would like to see Walker in the back 3 and maybe even Gibbo at RCH. I think after Saturday we need to roll the dice a bit more and have creative options in the back 3. Walker spraying passes from the middle and Gibbo linking up with Wozza would help with this.
  20. Got a feeling Cov will be back as number 2 in the next month and Stone will go on loan to a national team. DC has rightly made an example of him (the sending off was outrageous) but I’m sure he’ll want his best players available for the run in, and Cov is a better keeper than Stone.
  21. Agree, go with the same team again and attack them. A early goal and Vale Park bouncing would be just the ticket.
  22. That’s the dream, a steeper new stand to replace the Railway which brings everything closer in! 😄 Have no idea how we would ever afford it. Maybe a combination of grants and loans or a wealthy investor buying a percentage of the club from Carol in the future.
  23. DC not happy with the pitch at all. He does imply something will get done about it though, so maybe this pre-season or next.
  24. Much better Vale. A draw was probably a fair reflection, just disappointed how we conceded. Great shift from Edmondson, seems a good foil for Wilson. On another note, does Nathan Smith just get the sponsors MOTM every week???? Seemed a lazy choice tonight, although he had a decent game.
  25. Relieved to get the 3 points. Gives us a platform to get our season going again. Second half was much better, just need a bit more luck in front of goal. On a side note, getting a new pitch at Vale Park must be up there on the list of priorities. We’ll never see free flowing football on that pitch after October. It’s a bog.
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