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  1. There’s an article on there now Geoff, stating all the players tested negative for Covid and pictures of them training. Can’t be much more up to date than that can it?
  2. Good on Vale for trying something different. I like it
  3. Even if the design splits opinion, having Robbie Williams involved will only increase the club’s profile in a positive way. Speaking of which, has there been any update on the Robbie William’s suite? I’m sure Carol said last year they were in talks to get it finished into a restaurant/bar facility.
  4. I was thinking that as well???
  5. It will be the youth players coming through from the U18’s reading between the lines. I’m sure he will also help out in coaching the first team, particularly the defensive side. Might also be talent spotting, as someone mentioned on his twitter he has been to watch Rodney. Overall, a very positive appointment. On another note, I’m intrigued to know who the potential big name signing is that people ‘in the know’ keep going on about. Sounds like it could just be a load of Chinese whispers.
  6. Is Harvey Bradbury a rumour from twitter or is it confirmed?
  7. I was thinking the other day, it will be hard to keep everyone happy if we have 4 strikers and they stay injury free. I guess Pope will be banned for the first part and Rodney needs a few months to settle in, but after that. I wonder if Askey will ever try 3-5-2? We seem to have the players with attacking full-backs and Crookes as LCH. Although that would mean dropping our wide men. I think JA knows the striker and midfielder are important signings if we want to have a serious go at the playoffs or beyond, which is why he is prepared to be patient.
  8. Oooo give us a clue Are are they midfield and up front?
  9. I think sitting on the bench for prolonged periods comes with the territory of being a Goalkeeper, especially young ones. However, it only takes an injury or suspension and they are straight into the team. As another poster alluded to, I don’t think JA ever had the confidence Maddison could be his future 1 or really push Brown. Hopefully we can find a young keeper who ticks all the boxes and strengthened the squad. Looking forward to next week, lads back in training and the kit launch (and maybe a new signing). Getting there...UTV
  10. Very interesting, thanks for the insight. I take it you have heard this from decent sources? From looking at the videos of him, he seems to have real power, pace and skill and and I have a good feeling he will fit into JA’s work ethic and system. Excited to see him in action.
  11. Also, our away form improved when Monty was given his first start at left back (Bradford away) and his gives the opposition something to worry about, which can’t be said of Crookes, although I am looking forward to see how he performs at CB.
  12. I think Monty needs to improve his positioning, but other than that, I think he is a decent defender. Wins his fair share of headers (a lot attacking the ball from left back) and I can’t remember a winger getting the better of him (quick and a puts in a good tackle). I think he will only get better at left back, and also think if he scores one, he might get his confidence back and score 5+.
  13. I’d say 4 years is long enough to know league 2. He also got player of the year at this level.
  14. I think JA views Monty as his no1 left back. Getting Clark in would be ideal though.
  15. Wasn't that his role at aldershot when he won player of the year? I've said for ages now he's perfect for that role. A more mobile and skillful Joyce. Just my opinion I agree, that’s who I’m hoping will fill Joyce’s boots eventually (injuries permitting). I don’t think we need another DM for that reason. I think we need to concentrate on Taylor type players who will contribute goals. Trickett -Smith will just get sent out on loan, so at the moment that only leaves us with 4 out and out midfield players (Wozza and Mills can fill in). I think he’ll complete the permanent signings in the next 3 weeks (GK, CM, ST) and then leave a bit of the budget for a couple of loans players (hopefully Clark and Taylor)
  16. Happy with that. Knows league 2 and will provide genuine competition to Gibbo, as well as offering cover in other positions. Looks like Askey will get the signings he wants in fairly early and then will wait and see if there are any loans worth doing at a later date. My guess is the GK, midfielder and striker will be permanent signings. All starting to come together. Just want that start date confirmed, so we can begin the countdown.
  17. It would be a real coup to get them both back, fingers crossed. There must be a cut off date, as if we can’t get them back, we need to look at other options. Taylor’s goals won’t be easy to replace.
  18. Just listened to that snippet from Askey. He seems happy with the squad and it is just those 4 positions that need filling now. He also mentioned he wants the GK to provide competition to Brown, either a younger player who they can develop or an experienced keeper. The starting line up for next season will have a very familiar feel about it, which can only be a positive given our form during the latter part of the season. Brown Gibbo Legge Smith Monty Joyce Manny/Burgess Conlon/New CM Amoo Cullen/New ST Worrall I hope the new striker and midfielder will have a bit of quality and can provide first team competition. Intrigued to see who we bring in.
  19. Must be least a dozen interviews with Carol where she explains all. That will answer your question.
  20. I feel the same way really. I just listened to the Ale and the Vale podcast (which was great btw) and Carol said Smith wants a new challenge, and suggested it was probably for the best. I wish him all the best, but at least there won’t be the discussion of ‘is he too small’ ‘he was part of a unsuccessful team for 3 years’ etc. It’s a clean break and I look forward to who Askey can entice to Vale Park. I certainly wouldn’t lay your bet, Askey knows his stuff, and Rodney has not signed to make up the numbers and sit on the bench. I’m quietly confident he will surprise a few as to how quickly he adapts to league 2, only time will tell, but watch this space.
  21. I really like the fact that we’ve given him a 3 year deal, it’s the type of development strategy and medium/long term planning that a self sustainable club should be aspiring to. He’s fits the mould of a Striker who can play on their own through the middle and create chances themselves and gives us an outlet in that system , and we all know pace and power can be the difference in this league. Also, like a few have alluded to, he will be an option on the wing, which I think will come in very handy as the season progresses. It will be very interesting to see who the other striker is, which I expect will be more of a established pedigree. I would be very surprised if we aren’t in for Palmer, but I guess as one of a few out of contract Strikers who scored double figures last season, he will be in demand, and I wouldn’t want us to break the bank for him. Anyway, with start dates being muted for the end of August and all of the contract renewals and a signing the past week, excitement is starting to bubble. I for one can’t wait! UTV.
  22. It’s a good set-up and let’s Colin Garlick concentrate on the football aspect of being a CEO and building a team that will get us out of this division and beyond.
  23. That’s very harsh. He’s far most adept with the ball at his feet for a CH than Smith. His tackling seems fine, but I’m not sure of his aerial prowess. I’m not saying he is definitely the answer, but I wouldn’t be so quick to write him off.
  24. How many years of parachute payments have they got? I’m pretty sure next season is their last one. Surely they will run into problems with FFP?
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