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  1. Realistically, most were enforced trying to get short-term cover for injuries and the players who wouldn't be featuring in future. No point keeping them in the squad plus we got cash for Johnson. Cass and Rodders will, probably...hopefully...be replaced but that will be like-for-like. You're right about the turnover in January, though - but, hopefully, the new players will bring a fresh energy to a team that has been plodding on?
  2. Former Ireland U21 he played 13 games for Mansfield just last season, and has played Europa League football. Would you like to try a different response?
  3. Covolan has been fine, mostly, and Stone has been, too...but I thought he was a bit iffy against Brentford - although, fair play, he made a couple of double saves but I thought his distribution was poor?
  4. It would be silly to commit to more permanent signings when we only need players in until our first-teamers get back. Paying 6 months of salaries against 12 months+ for permanent?
  5. I think so too - not seen enough from Stone to have him as first choice.
  6. Where do you get 95% from? I think that's a ridiculously high number, considering Arsenal / Everton / Tottenham / Newcastle / Leeds / West Ham / Watford have all spent relativelt high money...Man Utd, even, post-Fergie...with little or no success in their League. And looking at some of the basket cases in the Championship, that figure decreases significantly!
  7. Maybe...just maybe...the budget has been sensibly set with the money the club is expected to bring in?
  8. Fairly sure he won't be sold unless a certain figure is met? I don't think DF plays poker unless he has a good hand! If Rodney pulls his socks up - when he's fit again - he will be in the team...if not, we've shown we don't carry passengers in the squad, any more!
  9. One promotion place left assuming Tranmere or Mansfield burn up. So the lottery of the POs left. How much do we need to spend to change that? What were the expectations at the beginning of the season, the lottery or top 3? Nobody is certain of automatic promotion this season - not even FGR! We've beaten them, and I think we've beaten around half of the teams above and around us...and we're likely to be coming out of this horrible bad patch, whilst other clubs may have theirs to come?
  10. We also brought in players who were expected to sign for L1 clubs!
  11. Good post IC! Historically, there are several clubs who have been negligent in not having a budget they stuck to, in the chase for success...many of these have had to be bailed out over the last couple of decades, and some of these have been fortunate to be still in business. It would be good for football as a whole if every club has a sustainable budget - and stuck to it?
  12. We should know, by now, that signing a "name" player is no guarantee that he will be successful here - that's been true for 30 - 40 years, at least! If players are aware of our wage structure it manages their expectations...maybe shuts their agents up, too, and leads to sensible discussion. Hall's interview confirms it was the attitude and direction of the club that persuaded him to sign for us. I suspect this has been true of most of our recent signings. If a sensible wage structure exists, but there is a chance of good bonuses - linked to success on the pitch - that ought to be a good incentive?
  13. There's no red flags for having a sensible wage structure - it keeps the over-rated players' agents away from wasting our time. On the other hand, there are always gems available who fit within our structure - the trick is finding them. I think out recruitment has been pretty good, so far - more successes than failures!
  14. Spending on the backroom staff doesn't affect the playing budget. Spending on a sensible backroom staff shows that - finally - some thought is being given to the long-term of the club. Also, staff have left since DF started to assemble the backroom staff he...and the owners...believed they needed to become a successful and sustainable football club. The romantic idea that we just need a Rudgie in charge is...sadly...outdated.
  15. Yeah...that went well! How are they doing, nowadays?
  16. My first game would have been in 1962. I don't remember the game, nor the others I went to see that season. The first goal I can recall was Roy Chapman running from his own half to score one of his hat-trick goals. We scored 4...which was unusual for us, but we did it, again, a couple of times that season. First game must have been a night match, because my mum took me on the bus, so dad would have been playing darts, which would have been Monday or Tuesday evening? First away game - I think - was the one at Wrexham where Jesse James got sent off for punching one of their players! He was my hero after that!!
  17. He's been at Harrogate until this January, and was with them for part of the 2019/20 season when he didn't play for Sunderland at all. Has only played 3 games for Sunderland this season and the word is Harrogate are hopeful of getting him to the end of the season - unless somebody hijacks that?
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