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  1. Anyone any idea who the trialist was in today's friendly vs Leicester? Walker replaced him...if that's any help?
  2. The stat is that we've had League victories against all the other clubs...depending on how this finishes?
  3. Another deflected goal. Unlucky not to get that, Covolan!
  4. Again - great assist...and what a cool finish!
  5. All the statisticians say this is the case! I certainly remember us beating Man City at their place, in the League.
  6. Good interview from Tom Pett! Nice to hear how he's trying to help the younger players improve, and a bit of kudos to the largely-unsung Dean Whitehead, who seems to be having a positive influence?
  7. Even if Cass gets recalled to Newcastle - and I'm amazed he hasn't been in or around their squad - I think his spell here will stand us in really good stead for future loans? He's had good game time, and has improved over the few games he's played for us. We've clearly treated him right, and he seems to like being here, so if he does go back he should put in a good word for us...and maybe tell a couple of young lads that signing for us is a good move?
  8. LancyTony

    the 3

    Must be from last season, then?
  9. Another good, honest and insightful interview. Love the way he is involving the Academy lads - there's definitely potential there for the near-future. He would have every right to be buzzing, but he's doing a good job of keeping feet on the ground and managing expectation. And I think it's good that he won't be drawn into comparison with his other successes...and only hints that there are clubs he believes are not building the kind of environment he wants for the Vale - top bloke!
  10. The beauty of our squad, this season, is that the second XI is strong, too!
  11. Undeniable bond amongst the teammates and the management staff!
  12. I wonder whether any of those on here who were judging after 1 / 2 / 3 games will revise their opinions? I actually doubt whether they will show their faces again?
  13. That's a good goal - glad Dan Jones played a part after being unfortunate with their deflected goal!
  14. Just as the doom and gloomers start to emerge from the woodwork Vale show what they're made of against a team above them...again! Awesome!!!
  15. I know BycarsBill - I didn't mean to imply you were saying that...I just meant to add a comment rather than quote you! There has been a couple of posts on here, calling it a tinpot League, or similar - which, as we've both said - is massively unfair to those clubs that have strived to improve!
  16. Too easy and very lazy to say this is a tinpot League - many of the clubs in this League - and the next League down - have been improving over time...and yes...some of this will prove to be unsustainable, which just puts them on a par with Clubs higher then the,.
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