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  1. Clearly, neither of those apply so the only definition applicable is supporting your player(s). VAle fans are not in a position to go on the pitch, lift the players up and put them in useful positions; neither are they allowed on to the pitch to rugby tackle the opposition or carry the ball to a player in an advantageous position. But...if your belief is that these definitions are valid...
  2. And...he's not Scott Brown, who has never aged and whose ability never waned...apparently?
  3. I remember the slow handclap. I thought it was because of excessive time-wasting by the opposition? Or, in protest at the numerous shocking referee decisions we had to suffer (nothing changes!); or, i suppose, it might have been that Vale were very slow to introduce subs to try to change the dynamics of the game? But, i think that was less than the other 2 reasons? Contrary to some on here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjTwLC56PLyAhXzoFwKHWxbC5oQFnoECCgQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fdictionary.cambridge.org%2Fdictionary%2Fenglish%2Fsupport&usg=AOvVaw2x9GF5Y7Wch0_yXuticnkG "to give encouragement and approval to someone or something because you want the person or thing to succeed:" Yes - I've booed Vale teams before...but only after the game, and never aimed at just one player - it's a team game!
  4. Yes - they might as well pat Carol on the head and tell her to "run along and play with your dollies"!!!
  5. Ginge - I am so sorry, i was supporting your post, not accusing you of disrespect, but quoted the wrong post! Sorry!
  6. So...Ipswich was a valid example, from me. The other clubs mentioned - I've seen them all down the Vale, and I'm reasonably sure my son has, too? So, fairly recent in an organisation with well over a century of history. Other clubs - often, Southern ones, have also been bankrolled into massive debt - Fulham / QPR to mention a couple. Northern club Bolton, too, not so far distant. A problem with Northern clubs is that, for years, they have been mismanaged - Bury / Stockport being recent (but not the only) examples. Had these clubs been better managed they would still be alive and/or still in League 2 and not be replaced by successful, bankrolled non-League clubs which, largely, seem to have replaced themselves in League 2? Recent former non-League clubs relegated being: Macc / Yeovil / Dag & Redbridge / Barnet / Cheltenham / Boston U / Kidderminster / FRushden & Diamonds. Northern clubs in the ascendancy, however: Morecambe, Blackpool (despite an horrendous ownership) and Accrington off the top of my head.
  7. If you think I am, then I probably was! But, I don't have the time to go trawling back through all the posts on here, so I'm not sure?
  8. Clutching at straws, maybe...and certainly too late to make any difference - but (and I admit it's not a great position for a clear view) it looks to me like their player controls the ball with his arm, from the throw-in that leads to the third goal?
  9. Clutching at straws a bit, here, trying to blame the North-South divide! If you lived Oop Nawth, you would see we are also experiencing growing populations, because it has been decreed we need hundreds of thousands of new homes up here - usually in the beautiful countryside that gets raped and pillaged by greedy, lazy developers! However...Port Vale 4 -4 Aston Villa...bottom tier, how many years ago? Wolves been in the bottom tier, too...and weren't Man City there as well? Ipswich have been a bit of a yoyo over the decades - as have Norwich / WBA / QPR / Charlton Birmingham - all big(ish) and ex=Prem clubs who've been either in L2 or L1 at some time, and for some time. Wigan - a typical working-class Northern club - made it all the way to the Prem and Fa Cup winners before the number of games their small squad played saw them get relegated...and again...but there are signs of resurgence. Sorry, cha - I don't buy that!
  10. Good post - logical and sensible! So much better than all the woodlice crawling out of the skirting-board...where were these people when we won away at the League leaders, last game, with the same squad?
  11. Halfwit! How disrespectful to suggest that a successful, millionaire businesswoman who has just been invited onto the Football League Trust board, and is a vital part of the local community, would be taken in by a snake-oil salesman! You should be ashamed of yourself!
  12. This is the most disrespectful among the many disrespectful and ludicrous, over-the-top, knee-jerk posts on here! Where were all these detractors during the unbeaten run of last season, and most of the games of the new season? - under their rocks is where!
  13. I think that's a fair summary. Some may still need time settling in / finding form; Wilson needs a goal to boost his confidence - but the skill level is there.
  14. Oh, he had plenty - he just hopes we've forgotten them!
  15. I guess Rancid Debra might be on in a bit?
  16. Danny Amos sounds like a nice, down-to-Earth young man, and, as with so many others it seems like he is eager to play, to give everything for the club, and, maybe has a point to prove? Welcome Danny!
  17. Regarding our squad - for years we've been asking for quality not quantity. For years, some managers have promised that yet we constantly ended up with quantity not quality. I'm happy to see quality, now, especially in quantity. Having cover for most positions and to accommodate DCs fluid formations is something we haven't had for a long time!
  18. I suspect if you ran a poll now, most people would think you were pointless? And you bring the abuse on yourself by winding-up those people you're trying not to wind up...allegedly!
  19. So - you're clearly not one of those "in the know" else you wouldn't keep posting the crap you do? So I'm guessing that latest comment is based on hearsay?...or a very small iceberg?
  20. Yes - gives them 2 years grace in which they know they can demand a decent fee for a player! E.g. Callum Hudson-Odoi signed a 5-year deal around 2019/20...taking him to 2024...but there had been talk of him leaving during the window just closed.
  21. Correct - yet people have latched onto this as treating players badly!
  22. Good post! I've always thought the !"deadwood" quote was out of shock at how some players capitulated?
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