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  1. Do you honestly have any valid reasons to think that? What have you seen about the team climbing to 4th place that makes you think they will "do an Askey" and plummet down the League? Despite DC not having all his first-teamers fit and available; and almost 100% of their replacements playing better than the deadwood we shipped out? Or is it just your irrational loathing of DC?
  2. I don't care! Dragging that begrudging "...pleased that we won..." was worth all the pain of having to read your irrational and nonsensical doom and gloom posts. You might even be a Vale fan, after all?
  3. The goal looks better every time I see it - superb team effort with quite a bit of skill and some very good decision-making!
  4. hahaha...he's said he doesn't come on here to celebrate a win...which is an odd attitude for a so-called fan?
  5. Ooops....good goal and what a great throw-in! Sorry chaps - didn't mean to post twice!
  6. He was just a genuinely nice guy! Such a shame he never had the kind of backing that our new owners are giving their management team!
  7. My thinking exactly! And, while we have decent replacements, let's use them wisely...protect Wilson a bit (for whatever reason) and still give other players game time - it's actually a really good situation to be in. And his goal against Harrogate - he had some work still to do when he got the ball!
  8. I wouldn't be surprised to see Politic come on, after he got a special mention from DC.
  9. Off topic I know. but was there a write-up about this friendly?
  10. Personally, I think he realised they were on collision course and sort of raised his arm to push their player out of the way? Certainly nothing malicious - you would have seen it in his body language if it had been - just clumsy!
  11. That has to be the aim? It would be nice to keep making good money on players, which would feed back into the club for future improvement. But, it would also be good to keep some of the better players with us, for a few seasons, to build on their performances in the tea,.
  12. You beat me to it! They come on here saying he's arrogant and full of himself - he's not...but you actually have to listen to him, rather than decide what you've heard...before it's been said!
  13. There will definitely be certain names absent!! We all know who they are, and, most times they crawl out from under their rocks they protest that they ARE Vale fans and are just concerned about the direction the club is going...yet...they never back that up with an appearance congratulating the team / management / owners when we win...which pretty much says everything!
  14. From the John Smiths adverts I know...my answer to "who was it said..."
  15. Is he that clever? Or subtle?
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