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  1. I understand his frustration at not being picked to play regularly when he was clearly way better than the other strikers available at the club. His attitude and fitness levels have clearly meant that his professional career has come to end when, if he'd looked after himself better, he could maybe have stayed professional for another season or two. The loyalty and honesty comments, if true, are wide of the mark. After a great day at Man City, his tweets a few hours later were the beginning of the end! How many times did he do it? 🙄 Popey is a legend for PVFC. Sadly, he'll clearly never learn to keep his mouth shut. To be fair, he's not been disrespectful to the fans and JA clearly did freeze him out last season. DC is a much, much stronger character than JA and he's building for the future, not reminiscing about the past! All the best Popey and, if you get a testimonial, I'll be there to give you a good send-off and to thank you for all the great memories.
  2. Popey is an absolute Vale legend. His ability, footballing brain and all those goals, and the fact that he's got black and white blood and a Valiant heart put him right up there with the very best that have played for The Vale! The goals, the celebrations, the promotion, the awards, the tweets... Tom Pope will never be forgotten. His terrible injury that night, the circumstances of how he played on, speak volumes about how much the club means to him. A cushy little retirement job down the road at Congleton is a nice way to end his career, playing for RD and alongside GR. I'll be making the effort to go and see him play again when I get the chance. A testimonial from The Vale should be given so we can all thank him properly and give him a great send-off! UTV!
  3. Bailey looks physically strong. I was surprised at Kidsgrove when DC said he was "a 17 year old kid". (A reference he made when the Kidsgrove CB held him on the floor in the second half and DC commented that the said CB hadn't done that to Devantey first half, he'd waited for the 17 year old kid!"
  4. Can't wait for this game. I bought my ticket as soon as they went on sale in The Clough. It'll be fantastic to watch the big game of the day live in person. Hopefully the England match won't be too much of a let down after watching The Vale! UTV!
  5. Yes, that's who I meant. Not sure why I said Archer!
  6. That young youth on the left wing who got the contract extension- I've got his name wrong! Conner remember it! 😄
  7. We're relying on Wilson, Rodney, Woz, Amoo and Archer to provide the pace, power and flair up front- and hopefully the goals!
  8. Clarke is a good manager. He'll get rid of the players that are not going to get us promoted. I'm very optimistic about next season. UTV!
  9. Another good win. Another happy Saturday night. UTV!
  10. Sad because Manny gives us undoubted quality and strength in midfield. His injury record makes him far too big a risk. I do think we'll struggle for the final few games without him but DF and DC clearly have a more reliable replacement in mind. The first of many to leave over the coming couple of months. Pleased we got a fee for him, even if it was only small.
  11. Anyway, regardless of what we think, DF and DC will make those decisions and will live or die by those decisions.
  12. I think he could still offer a lot when fit again, which he clearly isn't yet.
  13. Oh yes, I forgot about Rodders!
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