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  1. Sad because Manny gives us undoubted quality and strength in midfield. His injury record makes him far too big a risk. I do think we'll struggle for the final few games without him but DF and DC clearly have a more reliable replacement in mind. The first of many to leave over the coming couple of months. Pleased we got a fee for him, even if it was only small.
  2. Anyway, regardless of what we think, DF and DC will make those decisions and will live or die by those decisions.
  3. I think he could still offer a lot when fit again, which he clearly isn't yet.
  4. Oh yes, I forgot about Rodders!
  5. I'd keep Brown, Smith, Gibbo, Monty, Conlon, Worrall (best player we have) Taylor, Pope. Possibly Legge. I'd add a reserve keeper, a LB, a RB, two CB, two CM, two wingers, two strikers. That's 20, which may be all we can have, depending on the latest developments on the rules. Then whatever youngsters we fan add with potential.
  6. Very sad. Thanks for the memories. A Vale legend. RIP Lee.
  7. We dont normally follow up away wins with home wins! 😄 Be good to see Pope play a part on Friday. A late cameo and goal would be perfect. UTV!
  8. Just got home and checked the results. Cracking third win on the bounce for us. Good set of results elsewhere too, only Southend winning. Almost safe now. Looking forward to watching the highlights of our latest win. Time for curry and beer now and a Saturday night in a good mood. Thanks DC and the lads. UTV!
  9. He talks in more detail about the man management of individual players than JA ever did. Comes across well in interviews.
  10. At long, long last! 4 points from the three home games is ok. Good management tonight. Changed tactics and players throughout the second half in response to developments on the pitch. We've shown some real quality in the first half. Woz outstanding as ever and motm as usual. His work rate and quality is immense. Should give us lots of confidence going into Saturday. UTV!
  11. We narrowly lost to the form team. Tuesday is now, in my opinion, a MUST WIN GAME! No excuses. No negative tactics. No bottlers. Put the ball in the net! Win.
  12. If Cullen can't get into this team then he must be shocking in training! 😄
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