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  1. Superb. Well done Nathan and we'll done JA and Carol. Fantastic news. UTV!
  2. These owners are superb. The club is in good hands. I won't be taking our refunds out of the club and I will be renewing our season tickets for the new season, whenever that may start. UTV!
  3. Yes, definitely player of the season. Vision, quality, work rate and energy. Immense!
  4. The progress the club has made since C&C took over is superb. We're a club well and truly "On the up!" Up The Vale!
  5. Considering the Lorne Street stand redevelopment was started last century, it would be brilliant to get it finished this year. I'll support whatever the supporters club come up with if I'm able to.
  6. It should have been red. One of the clearest sending off offences I've seen for a while.
  7. All the best youth. Enjoyed your videos. SVA!
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