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  1. Woz, Wilson, Garrity, Conlon, Pett and Jones were all excellent today. The subs did well when they came on, obviously Politic and Benning scoring good goals to bag us the points. Woz would have got my vote for motm but Wilson played very well too so I wouldn't argue about that award. UTV!
  2. This is the type of game that we've got to be winning if we're serious top 3 contenders. UTV!
  3. We seem to be far better in the first half hour of games than we are for the final hour. The test now is how we respond at home next week. We're not going to win them all but it is a bit worrying how easy we've conceded goals today. Proctor was a big miss today once he was subbed off.
  4. Decent game last night. First half weather conditions reminded me of the Vale Sjoke FA Cup replay all those years ago, but fortunately the conditions improved after the first half. Lots and lots and lots of crosses into the box last night but no centre forward to capitalise. In the end, Rochdale did it for us! UTV!
  5. Superb game of football. Mental at the end! UTV!
  6. I'm impressed with the way his partnership with Proctor is developing. He's a good player. With his injury record, I think the key will be keeping him fit.
  7. I'd normally expect a defeat here, but if we can win at Swindon, then anything is possible. I'm still not feeling overly confident about this one though. Hope they prove me wrong! UTV!
  8. Great first half, superb goals. Hopefully that will be the first of many for Wilson. We made them look very average. Lloyd looked decent when he came on, quick, hard-working and aggressive. Wish we'd pinged a couple of through balls for him to run on to. He made plenty of runs but got no service. Woz on top form, deserved MOTM. Cracking goal, contender for GotS. UTV!
  9. Looks a bit harsh to me. Daft thing to do but not quite late enough as it was just caught on camera! 😄 Gives Amoo and Politic a chance to stake their claim ahead of him now. UTV!
  10. What a great result. Home win needed now to create some momentum. UTV!
  11. I think the majority of the signings are improvements on their replacements. In my opinion: Proctor is looking very good, a younger prospect than the aging Pope. Wilson is miles better than Robinson. I've not seen the other forward but I doubt he could be worse than the other bloke we had up front last year. I can't even remember his name now! Pett, Walker and Garrity look better than Joyce, Manny (the most overrated player ever by many) and Burgess. Jones miles better than Fitz. Cass better than the right back from last season. Again, I can't even remember his name. Cov is a very different style of keeper than Scotty Brown. Time will tell on this one. I've not seen enough of the two defenders and the other keeper to make a fair judgement. Benning is the biggest disappointment so far. Hope he turns it around. Left backs always seem to take a while to settle in and become consistent and solid. Hope to see Politic soon.
  12. I don't expect anything other than a heavy defeat on Saturday. Hope they surprise me! UTV!
  13. Amazing for 20 minutes, then utter garbage! Rodney was an embarrassment! Benning was very poor, Martin was very poor, Garitty and Pett were very poor. Wilson didn't do much and even Woz was quiet! Conlon and Proctor were decent. The system, formation and players got more and more confusing and disjointed as the game went on. Very frustrating that we lose at home following a great away win. New manager, new process, new squad, same old Vale.
  14. The squad is looking well-balanced and strong now. I'm impressed and quietly optimistic. UTV!
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