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  1. This is not a "normal" situation. I watched the video last week of RW saying that his homecoming concert at VP would be emotional for him. As yet, I've not met any Vale fans that have managed to get tickets. Average Joe (or Josephine) from Telford or wherever have no emotional connection to our football club. It would have been feasible for RW to offer season ticket holders priority tickets if they bought his album before they went on sale to other people who purchased the album. It's disappointing that there will be very few Vale fans able to attend this event at our football club.
  2. As Paul6754 mentions above, there are similarities to Ray Walker. We should be trying very hard to sign him on a four or five year contract. He may be offered higher wages elsewhere but I doubt he'd get the security of a lengthy contract offer anywhere else.
  3. Feed the Pope! Wonder how many goals he'd have this season if he'd been played as the main striker with two wingers either side of him? Moe than Bennett I reckon. UTV
  4. Bit harsh! Have you never been to Luton or Hull?
  5. Tough game this. Draw would be a decent result. Teams will be noticing our excellent form and will be up for it when they play us. Hopefully the quality of Pope, Cullen, Woz and Taylor will tip the balance in our favour in the last twenty minutes of games.
  6. JA has stopped us from losing many games. We hardly ever lose now. We're on a cracking run of form. Like he always says post match, try not to get too carried away when we win and try not to get too despondent when we lose. We're doing a fair bit better than most of us expected to be doing at this point. Enjoy it, support the lads and hopefully it will continue. E I E I E I O!
  7. Cracking day, cracking result. I missed the first two minutes so it was like a 2 0 win for me!
  8. No surprise really. Stevenage are a scummy little club who cheat in every way possible to try and gain an advantage. The sooner they are relegated, the better.
  9. Come on Vale. Follow up the recent excellent away form with a home win. UTV!
  10. Theo's not getting paid. I have no sympathy whatsoever as he's a disrespectful, unprofessional, pathetic bloke. As is always the case, it's their supporters I feel sorry for.
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