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  1. Superb today Vale. These are the games that we have to win if we're serious about going up. And we did. Feed the Pope! He is the best striker in the club, possibly the best in the division. He should start most games and he will score most games if he does. UTV!
  2. Who's the commentator? He doesn't seem to be able to speak properly, pronounce words or choose the correct words to reflect what's going on. Parry instead of punch as an example. Bit of an issue given what the role involves! He's better than the <ovf censored> ifollow though!
  3. JA is a good manager. He has his own philosophy and ideas and we're usually competitive when he sends his team's out onto the park. We're probably realising now that L2 isn't going to be easy this season. Players like Mccurdy, Robinson and Rodney will take time to settle , but hopefully they'll improve us in time. We're missing Smith at the moment and I also think we're missing Jake Taylor a hell of a lot. I'm gutted he's ended up at Scunthorpe!
  4. He's the best striker in the division. He's a quality footballer with vision, skill, strength, experience and is a proven goal scorer for us. He should be the first name on the team sheet in my opinion. Feed the Pope. If given a partner up front, he'll create them loads too. My cat is called Popey! (Black and White obviously!) UTV!
  5. Garbage. Pope was needed today but didn't even get on the pitch. We need to be beating mediocre teams like Morecambe if we want to finish in the top three. Poor choice to play Cullen up front on his own. Even worse to make a straight swap for Robinson. I'm not happy about the limp way in which we've approached this game today.
  6. David Fartell is incredibly boring. Come on Vale! Get Popey on.
  7. 1st goal 36 minutes. 2nd goal 45 minutes. 3rd goal 90 minutes. Thanks.
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