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  1. Pope is injured and they made the signing of someone to lead the line instantly. I think that's hard to criticise in the current footballing financial climate. I'm pleased with this signing and I have a hunch that it will be a good one for us. Time will tell. 🤞 UTV!
  2. Anyway, FGR away! Guthrie and Rodders up top for me or, if Rodney is injured, one up front first half with five in midfield. Gives the option for Cullen to come on if required second half.
  3. If we have to deselect a player then surely Whitehead is the next candidate. Currently injured, we've got plenty of midfielders and he's gash! 😄 Or, if Manny's injury is yet another long term one, then maybe he should be deselected? Pope will at worst be out for two months so he'll be back by mid March, hopefully sooner. Plus he's the best player in the squad, bar possibly Woz and Taylor.
  4. Heal the Pope! Hope he's playing again soon. Vale legend!
  5. I quite liked JA and some of the football we played in his time in charge. His short-comings (only had a plan A, didn't react to opposition subs and changes in tactics) lost him his job. He came across as a "nice bloke". The whole ethos on the football pitch is "too nice". JA always said "don't get too carried away when we win, don't get too down when we lose". I've had enough of that. I want a Micky Adams type of manager that is visibly bullish when we win and goes ape <ovf censored> when we lose and gets a reaction from the players. Good managers rarely lose two games in succ
  6. When we got Micky Adams in the whole club had a winning mentality and we were up there challenging and, second time, completed the job of promotion. The managers job is THE most important in a football club. DP should have fielded a stronger side than that tonight.
  7. The sad thing is, the league has gone. The season is pretty much dead. We'll finish mid table, I predict between 12th and 18th. (hopefully no lower). We need to build for next season now. At least Taylor is a good start in that respect.
  8. Hopefully we'll never see Whitehead or Robinson in a Vale shirt ever again!
  9. I expected we'd lose but its always disappointing when we appear to set up so negatively. 2 0
  10. I'm surprised it's only 1 0 given we played most of the match with nine men. Whitehead and Robinson are gash.
  11. Taylor and Burgess had a decent partnership in 2019. They scored a lot of goals. Leyton Orient away stands out in my mind. 3 3.
  12. We need Taylor on for Whitehead and Pope for Burgess.
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