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  1. Whenever I hear a player (in this case Hussey) bigging himself up in the lead up to a match, he always ends up looking like a right clown in the match itself. I've seen it time and time and time again over the years. I wish they'd keep their mouths shut to the media and concentrate on doing their talking on the pitch. I can't believe how poor we've been today. Newport should have scored five today.
  2. Absolute rubbish again today. 532 wasn't working. Should have switched formation after 25 minutes. Bottle gone. Hussey was an embarrassment. We'll be lucky to be in the top 7 come Saturday evening. Shambles! 🙈
  3. Interesting to see what the capacity for the RW concert will be. I gather they've sold 10000 so far?
  4. The whole day today was a shambles! Sell out my arte! 🙈
  5. There are over 20000 seats in Vale Park. That is not including the new ones recently added to the Lorne Street that cannot yet be used. I really cannot understand why our capacity has been so drastically reduced. There will be thousands of empty seats in the "sold out" home stands today. Its crazy! Compare our ground to awful ones up and down the country. Luton springs to mind, currently trying to get into the top flight. 🙄
  6. I hate Walsall! There'll be more twists and turns. We are going up! Keep the faith! UTV!
  7. If Hussey is available (and assuming Pett and Walker are still out) then he is a possibility to play defensive midfield. This management team have proved that they get things right far more often than they get things wrong, based on our phenomenal form and the fact that we rarely lose! We have three really tough games left. On paper, Walsall should be the easiest. We all know our record against them. 🙈 If we can add an away win at Walsall to some of our other away wins, such as Swindon, then we deserve to go up. Like AC says, see where we are after 46 games. If we're top 3, job done. If not, prepare for the excitement of the play offs! UTV!
  8. 7 points from three games will pretty much guarantee promotion. Anything less, and we'll be relying on other teams to drop points. We have very tough games left. Come on Vale! Beat those Yam Yam barstewards next week! UTV!
  9. Sorry, I should say great 90 +11 (was it) minute performance today! Outstanding first 25 minutes. Shocking ref. Terrible example of how to ruin a game of football that started so well and entertaining! UTV!
  10. Great first 25 minute performance today. Hall, Smith, Woz, Benning, Wilson and, of course, Proccy all immense today. Hope Pett isn't seriously injured. We missed him when he went off. Onwards and upwards! Goarnnn Vale!
  11. I think we'll win on Saturday by three or four goals. AS is, in my opinion, far better than the other two keepers. Aidan Stone in goal, Aidan Stone! UTV!
  12. Decent draw against the best side I've seen this season. They looked even more solid than we look. I'm confident of a big, comfortable win against Sutton now! UTV!
  13. Great performance! Superb from everyone. Wilson motom for me, with quality displays from Proctor, Woz, Pett, Charlsey, Smith and Stone. The subs both did well, Harratt on fire from the bench! Roll on the next match now, build the momentum. UTV!
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