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  1. An attacking formation needed, surely he won't play three centre backs at home against Scunny? Crying out for 442 or 433. Hopefully Woz will be back, providing he's not too ill with Covid at the moment. 🤞 I'd go Stone Cass Martin Hall Hussey Pett Walker Garrity Woz Wilson Amoo
  2. Good away point, excellent clean sheet. I've not read the thread, so where were Woz and Jones?
  3. Woz gets it for me because he's had to play out of position for practically all the games and he is the most consistent player we've got. He should be right wing every game with Gibbo behind him.
  4. The big positive in that game was seeing Woz and Gibbo playing together on the right side. We carved them open time and again on the right flank. Should have scored five!
  5. Sorry, I missed this thread before Christmas. Happy New Year. UTV!
  6. Win essential if we're to stay in touch with the automatic promotion chasers.
  7. Very frustrating that a contender for player of the season (Gibbo) is dropped immediately on signing the new lad. Surely time to play Gibbo right back and Woz further forward where he can hurt teams and occupy left backs to stop them pushing forwards.
  8. I scan my own food in Tesco. I'd be happy to scan my own ticket at the Vale and I'd be a lot faster than the turnstile bloke yesterday! I'm not volunteering to scan yours for you geoff1! 😄 Two years ago, I scanned my own ticket at Man City. 10,000 other Vale fans did the same. I scan my own card on the underground in London. Our turnstile system is not fit for purpose. Each turnstile should be letting in 10 people per minute minimum, not 2 or 3 people per minute. I was in my seat yesterday before 2:40pm as I'm a season ticket holder who rarely misses a home match so I anticipated the problems that would arise with a crowd of 8000. Why didn't whoever is in charge of match day operations anticipate the issues in that corner of the Railway and put something in place before hand so the issues that many hundreds of fans experienced? Many hundreds of those extra fans probably won't bother again for a good while, which is a shame when the issues could, and should, have been avoided.
  9. I notice our attendance for our third round tie was significantly greater than the attendance down at Sjoke today for their third round tie! The lardies are always boasting about their great support! 🙄😄😂🤣
  10. Or get some supermarket staff enrolled on match days. They can scan one hell of a lot quicker that our turnstile operators!
  11. As I stated earlier, I was at the turnstile for the Railway Stand at 2:30pm. There was about eight or nine people ahead of me when I joined the queue. It took far too long to admit each individual person. It took around three minutes for the ten people to get through that particular turnstile, meaning that, at that rate of entry, that turnstile had the capacity to let around 100 people into the ground between 2:30pm and 3pm. I had a ticket, it was in perfect condition. It took the operator about 20 seconds to scan my ticket! So we either need to speed up the scanning of tickets or build and open around 80 turnstiles! 🙈
  12. The ticket entry system definitely puts some "walk up" supporters off. Those people that decide on the spur of the moment to nip up the Vale. I was there at the turnstiles at 2:30pm today. (Railway Stand) There were queues but the rate of entry was very slow considering the turnstile operator only has to scan a ticket and click the ticket holder in! Automated turnstiles are needed to scan or swipe your own ticket/phone/print out. Plus more of them than exist already! I'm surprised this issue in the corner of the Stand and Paddock hasn't been addressed yet. It's been highlighted numerous times but doesn't seem to have improved.
  13. Woz is the best signing we've had in the last six years or so. He's consistently outstanding. TC has improved loads over the past two seasons and, on his day, is part of a strong Vale midfield alongside Pett, who is also very good. Wilson has quality and, if he can avoid injuries, has the potential to be great for us. Jones is also an excellent signing.
  14. The last time we got promoted, we signed Lee Hughes in January, which kept our promotion push on course. Any rumours around ahead of this transfer window about signing/s that could make a difference?
  15. Isolation down from 10 days to 7 days as of today. Higher chance of the game going ahead as a result of this latest rule change.
  16. This will be a tough game if we've still got no proper strikers when it's played. People should be given the freedom to choose how to live their lives. I fully respect the decision of those that don't want vaccines, those that want to isolate themselves to protect themselves or their loved ones for whatever reasons. I'm completely against any more lockdowns. I want to get on with living life to the full and I think the vast majority of people feel the same. I had my jabs knowing that they will protect me from the worst that Covid could do. I've since had Covid and I was poorly for five days but nothing serious. I weighed up the risks associated with the jabs against the risks of Covid with no vaccine and made my decision. Every individual should have the right to choose, which at the moment they have. Lockdown restrictions are a draconian infringement of our human rights. I understand why lockdowns happened before vaccines had been developed but now, with every adult in the country having been offered vaccines, there should be no more lockdowns. Hope the game is played on Boxing Day. 🤞
  17. Three points from two tough away games is ok. As long as we get 4 or 6 points from our next two home games, we're still up there. Think he might have to play Leggy up front with Garrity at this rate! UTV!
  18. A draw would be a great result today given the circumstances.
  19. 1 - 1 would be good. I'm not optimistic at the moment. Maybe if we get Woz on, we'll have more of a chance. UTV!
  20. Deserves his chance to show us what he can do. (AS that is)
  21. Great result today. A solid performance with plenty of decent 7/10 performances all over the pitch. Gibbo good value for his motm award. With the lack of strikers currently, plus the abundance of defenders and midfielders, surely we've got to start playing Woz further up the pitch now? Gibbo and Jones (or Benning) full backs in back four, three man midfield, front three of Woz, Amoo and, for the moment, Rodney. 433 system for a bit. That strike force has quality, graft, pace, goals and Rodney 😄
  22. Given Wilson is out, surely its time to put Woz as part of a front three, or a front four. If we are going to play five at the back, week in, week out, then surely Gibbo and Benning are the players to play wing back, not Woz, who is wasted at the back. Let's hope for an early couple of goals for us on Saturday, otherwise I fear another 1 0 defeat.
  23. Micky Adams and John Rudge both put teams out to beat Walsall. Have any other Vale managers managed to do this? 😄 That was awful. If Walsall had played without a keeper, we'd have still scored none. UTV!
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