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  1. Stone played well in the Game, But did'nt save any of their penalties - if we had put Lucas on just for the shootout, would he have saved any penalties ? He saved two in the final for Torquay. He has saved one in a match for us. But perhaps it would have been unfair to replace Stone ? ?
  2. The Walsall players seem to have a gravity problem ?
  3. The Greatest Goalscorer Jimmy Greaves Dies aged 81 He also had a great sense of humour He should have played in the World Cup Final 1966
  4. why the hell do i pay money to bbc & ifollow ? 15 mins then Silence ! (10 mins on Sat !)
  5. Lucas Covolan is the best header of a ball at the Vale, (W ent upfield & scored with a header in the last few seconds, for Torquay), he should be sent up for EVERY Corner we get !
  6. YES ! we want Scott Brown back, and Tom Pope ! !
  7. iFollow are doing Well ! - Radio Stoke Commentary has disappeared after only 10 mins - having to listen to the Northampton Commentary ! - deadeye wilson misses from on their goaline ? BRING BACK POPE !!
  8. Not very Good - A bad choice of Strip for a VERY hot day ! ALL BLACK -It should have been ALL WHITE or at least White Shirts. Inaccurate passing, very few shots or headers on target, They won't get in the Play-offs with that quality of football, very disappointing.
  9. He has won a Prize on WinaDiner Website unclaimed Let him Know! he had the Vale Badge as his Avateur
  10. Pope was NOT given ANY good service, Why were Worrall & Amoo Not on alongside him ?
  11. WHY are there NO Defenders as substitutes ? Where is Legge (Our Rock !)
  12. The 'Premier League Greedy Circus', is upset that these Greedy Clubs are going to leave them to join 'The European Super League Greedy Circus', which is what the 'Premier League Greedy Circus' Did when they left the First Division ? and wrecked the Football League ? The Greedy Sods are always looking for a Bigger Deeper Pigs Trough to shove their Snouts in ! - Don't EVER subscribe to Sky Sports Channels - I Won't ! and NEVER HAVE !
  13. Why did'nt Rodney do that to them ? ? Why did'nt Guthrie do that to them ? He had the Best chance ?
  14. Why did we let Hannent leave ? - he is mentioned more than anybody !
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