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  1. Pope was NOT given ANY good service, Why were Worrall & Amoo Not on alongside him ?
  2. WHY are there NO Defenders as substitutes ? Where is Legge (Our Rock !)
  3. The 'Premier League Greedy Circus', is upset that these Greedy Clubs are going to leave them to join 'The European Super League Greedy Circus', which is what the 'Premier League Greedy Circus' Did when they left the First Division ? and wrecked the Football League ? The Greedy Sods are always looking for a Bigger Deeper Pigs Trough to shove their Snouts in ! - Don't EVER subscribe to Sky Sports Channels - I Won't ! and NEVER HAVE !
  4. Why did'nt Rodney do that to them ? ? Why did'nt Guthrie do that to them ? He had the Best chance ?
  5. Why did we let Hannent leave ? - he is mentioned more than anybody !
  6. Sunderland - An Evil Team Why were not those 2 players Sent Off ? Fouled and injured both Pope and Hurst ? I still remember Our Penalty in the FA CUP that was NOT given ?
  7. If only we could afford a proper, recognised scoring centre forward. All our play cries out for a player to finish off the moves. Why is Pope Missing? - Not on the bench
  8. Last 3 matches Some of the Match Stats ------------------------------ Vale 0 Scunthorpe 1 Possession 69% 31% Shots 14 2 Shots on Target 2 1 ------------------------------------------------------ Vale 3 Tranmere 4 Possession 32% 68% Shots 8 15 Shots on Target 4 6 ------------------------------------------------------ FA Cup Vale 0 Kin
  9. Our manager should take a dozen O'Cakes round to Jürgen Klopp , Tell him he is a BIG Liverpool Fan, And could we please have Liam Miller for a Season Loan, where he will have the benefit of learning the trade From the Sneyd Green Sniper !
  10. FA Chairman, Greg Clarke, Resigns after attending a meeting with MP's following the language he used, when talking to MPs about diversity !
  11. Port Vale Shots 17 On Target 11 Goals 0 = Lost £17,000 Kings Lynn Shots 3 On Target 1 Goals 1 = Won £17,000 This was a Disgrace - Bring back our FA Cup Giant Killing of the Past ! Scalps = (Matthews) Blackpool 1954 / Cardiff City 1954 / Sunderland 1961 / Tottenham 1988 / Derby 1990 / Southampton 1994 / Everton 1996 /
  12. That is OK if you live within Radio Range but if you live 150 miles away - you have to subscribe to ifollow to listen online - as Radio Stoke is blocked if a match is on !
  13. THAT would be NO GOOD - I did not get radio commentary working via ifollow (Southend) until 4.20pm As a supplier of match live streaming and radio commentarys - iFollow would be better perhaps at Litter Picking ?
  14. No button avail for Radio Commentary - ONLY 'Watch button' Missed whole first half - complained to ifollow with a few " #*#**## ! " Finally Got the Commentary at 4:20pm ! ! ! ! - Seems as though I have MISSED A BIT Of THE MATCH ? heard Popes 2nd goal ! - Why has 'the Sniper' been Bench warming for weeks ? ifollow Are Rubbish ! - I would'nt trust them enough to use their ' Watch The Match Button '
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