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  1. No Radio Stoke Home Commentary - WHY ? - Plug the bloody Wire in !
  2. The Mad Brazilian would have made more crucial saves, than our smaller goalkeeper !
  3. Put him in the gym to get fit - NOT in the Team !
  4. They Say 25% of EFL players have NOT had a Vaccination ! - and Don't intend to have one ? - AND Footballers Celebrate a Goal with this type of Social Distancing - AND They Don't wear masks !
  5. Stone played well in the Game, But did'nt save any of their penalties - if we had put Lucas on just for the shootout, would he have saved any penalties ? He saved two in the final for Torquay. He has saved one in a match for us. But perhaps it would have been unfair to replace Stone ? ?
  6. The Walsall players seem to have a gravity problem ?
  7. The Greatest Goalscorer Jimmy Greaves Dies aged 81 He also had a great sense of humour He should have played in the World Cup Final 1966
  8. why the hell do i pay money to bbc & ifollow ? 15 mins then Silence ! (10 mins on Sat !)
  9. Lucas Covolan is the best header of a ball at the Vale, (W ent upfield & scored with a header in the last few seconds, for Torquay), he should be sent up for EVERY Corner we get !
  10. YES ! we want Scott Brown back, and Tom Pope ! !
  11. iFollow are doing Well ! - Radio Stoke Commentary has disappeared after only 10 mins - having to listen to the Northampton Commentary ! - deadeye wilson misses from on their goaline ? BRING BACK POPE !!
  12. Not very Good - A bad choice of Strip for a VERY hot day ! ALL BLACK -It should have been ALL WHITE or at least White Shirts. Inaccurate passing, very few shots or headers on target, They won't get in the Play-offs with that quality of football, very disappointing.
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