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  1. We have agreed a deal in principle for Taylor according to the Sentinel.
  2. I think we should have kept him and not signed some of the other players we brought in, he had an eye for goal and that is important.
  3. It was a bit tongue in cheek, if we hadn't already released him he might have been someone that people noticed and thought he could make the step up.
  4. If we are looking at the lower leagues, how about that lad Dan Turner at Hye United? 8 goals in 31 appearances and he is only 21. Might be worth a look. Oh...
  5. Pope scored our only goal of the game in front of 50000+ people against a team which cost £200 million and some on here are questioning his ability? Are you having a laugh?
  6. Haven't we learned anything from our previous owners attempts to get a better striker for less money?
  7. But what is the alternative to Pope, no-one else apart from Taylor scores consistently.
  8. Exactly, that is recently in the clubs history...
  9. We got promoted recently but poor ownership got us relegated again. Don't take it out on our new owners who are trying to undo the damage.
  10. https://quotefancy.com/quote/767229/Aristotle-Our-problem-is-not-that-we-aim-too-high-and-miss-but-that-we-aim-too-low-and
  11. He seemed pretty quick thinking when he had that diving header on goal at Man City...
  12. I believe Taylor is injured now and won't play tomorrow... https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vale-nottingham-forest-taylor-3724116
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