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  1. Thanks! So six points and six goals better off than this time last season.
  2. We now have 28 points after 18 games compared to 25 points after 20 games last season, 23rd November (As far back as the BBC site goes!) Steady improvement I think.
  3. Aspins recruitment was hindered by someone else recruiting players to sell on rather than play for our team.
  4. After the disappointing start it was great to see us come back and win! Served the cheats right.
  5. Guisley v Kidderminster Harriers is off. Kiddy have 4 players absent, two Bermudians, one Zimbabwean and an Australian. It would seriously weaken their team so I think it is right for them.
  6. Past results are no guide to future performance...
  7. Are we really opening the Hamil for the 11 Newcastle fans?
  8. I believe it is a 50-50 split of the net proceeds, i.e after match day expenses for the home club are deducted and 5% to the FA.
  9. Someone must know or they wouldn't be able to do it
  10. Let's hope for Cheltenham, keep away from those roundabouts...
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