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  1. That was my point, they obviously haven't signed yet
  2. So the two trialists haven't made it into the squad then? I guess there is still time to add them.
  3. I still don't quite understand why we don't use Robinson. If he was as rubbish as he is claimed to be and has still scored more than 100 career goals, how good would he have been if he had been trying? Surely a good manager should be able to get a tune out of him. Makes no sense to me that we are paying someone not to play for us.
  4. Don't forget the Sunderland game too, that will be tough
  5. I am sure all will be revealed once they have left.
  6. But what do fans know? I believe some people on here thought Tom Pope was worth another contract...
  7. That looks like the mystery player in the picture from the training camp...
  8. Is he considered deadwood that we are still paying for? Isthat remark going to improve his chances of getting another club?
  9. I think the club has handled the PR side very badly here. DCs "deadwood" comment may not have been aimed at Tom Pope but it was unnecessary. It would have done no harm to say something along the lines of "due to his injury sustained during a Vale game we are unable to offer Tom another contract. We thank him for his contribution and wish him all the best for the future, whatever that may be."
  10. EFL confirms temporary rule brought in for Covid has been scrapped for 2021-22 season (msn.com)
  11. What's the difference between a youth loan and a standard loan? Money mainly I expect! And the age of the player...
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