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  1. Nothing that the fat blue one did worked, that was because he was rubbish at it not because the idea was poor.
  2. Is there any point in saying that we were rubbish and if he could he would drop all the players?
  3. Still a bit above our level though!
  4. I liked Frank Lampard as a player but if he can't make a success at Chelsea why would he be able to at Vale?
  5. Wiles (sic) doesn't have a track record of completing anything if you Google him. Stud farm anyone?
  6. I think that was probably down to the poor treatment he received from the one we don't mention. I am sure he would like to come back and prove he could do a job for Vale with the right support.
  7. I didn't say that I did, was just asking why he wouldn't come back if we wanted him to.
  8. Do you think he is enjoying it too much at Dover?
  9. Interesting quote from John Askey: "it can't do any harm"
  10. Experience of failing to manage Hednesford you mean?
  11. Don't forget that Sinclair will have had extensive media training as a Premiership player. Easy to talk a good game.
  12. Unfortunately we now have Sproson and Blakeman
  13. Crwho are at home maybe the radio St*ke crew are there.
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