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  1. Isn't he potentially a "rough diamond" which people used to clamour for?
  2. He doesn't seem to have ever played for macclesfield though... : -)
  3. I think the biggest issue with distancing would be after the final whistle, Bycars Lane gets very crowded on the way back to the areas where everyone parks. We might need to stagger the leaving times for the four stands.
  4. Watching Crystal Palace v Man United, it really isn't an advert for technology. Crystal Palace don't seem to be getting the rub of the green shall we say. VAR is rubbish.
  5. 99 league starts in 15 years, he doesn't seem our kind of player.
  6. I think a goalscoring midfielder and striker are the two main priorities...
  7. Just use 2 bays opposite each other for social distancing, hand sanitiser nearby, job done...
  8. If we limit it to season ticket holders initially you could go in through the big gates on each stand with barriers to channel you in the right direction and scanners available to self scan. That would cover the counting and avoid any ticket office issues.
  9. Sorry, cheap shot but I hope Nathan knows what he is doing.
  10. Nathan Smith doesn't seem to think like that...
  11. As long as his feet reach the ground does it matter how tall he is?
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