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  1. I can't believe that Clarke would single out a player for criticism in a post match press conference, he is not like that. Especially after a win.
  2. I merely used the popular parlance to make a point.
  3. I understand that he, and a number of other posters, are currently offline convalescing from knee replacement surgery I am still here, I don't feel the need to keep putting myself in the firing line for having a different opinion to the happy clappers.
  4. I remembered that the right back had blond hair and did long throw ins but noticed yesterday that the right back had dark hair, had the same number and did long throw ins so I guessed that it might be the same player.
  5. Nice goal by Politic. Proctor should have scored twice in the first half. Pleased that we won after Tom Conlon gave the ball away to let them score their second. Lucky that the ref gave a free kick for the Wilson foul on the edge of our area when they were about to break away. Could have gone either way really. Good to see Jake Taylor come on and look lively. Thought we had a new right back because his hair has changed colour. Gibbo seems to have shaken off his injury and looked good if a little too aggressive at times.
  6. I think you might find that a lot of deals are arranged well before the end of the season.
  7. Bit early to judge yet. Tomorrows game will be a good test of where we are I think.
  8. Oops, I forgot Burgess, he had a great partnership with Taylor for a while and looked like a player who could develop. I might have given Brown another season too. Internal politics probably finished him off though.
  9. Who would've you have kept and why? Probably only Brisley, Joyce and Montano. Brisley was at least as good as any of the replacement CBs. Montano was a flair player and had the ability to change games. Joyce was a solid midfielder who did a lot of the defensive midfield side of the game well. I would have said the one we don't mention but it appears that his injury would have been an issue.
  10. Not at all, I just question the need for so many changes, not to help me identify the players but to provide continuity and team spirit. It is rare for a manager to be given so much scope to make wholesale changes in a squad and I am not convinced it is that beneficial to the team. Guess we will find out by May.
  11. Short term memory issues, I can remember things from years ago but not what I did yesterday.
  12. I guess we should just ride the wave. For the record, I have never met John Askey or even spoken to him. I don't personally dislike DC, I haven't met him either. I think signing Crosby was inspired. We are where we are I guess.
  13. I already wear glasses. I can tell by the numbers which players are which but my short term memory issues mean I have trouble remembering who they all are.
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