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  1. Amazing what a difference it makes when the manager signs the players, Rhys Browne looks like another find.
  2. I am sure Ryan Lloyd will step up to the plate if required.
  3. Taylor stuck at it quite well but we need to be careful how we manage him. He will take a while to adjust to playing mens football but he didn't look overawed, you could tell he wasn't used to the intensity of league football though. I like the look of Browne, he needs to get up to speed too though as he hasn't had much game time this season. He is an obvious candidate for a hamstring injury if we overuse him straight away
  4. I think most of us where enjoying his silence! As well as the feeling of watching a great performance yesterday
  5. Good luck to him! Be good for him to get some game time in men's football
  6. Let's hope Byron has an off day: https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/plymouth-argyle-grant-telford-lowe-3311032
  7. I can't decide if you are calling me a wind up merchant. I hope not as I do not intend to be. I think we were right to get rid of Luke Hannant. I didn't think he showed anything special against us and his current manager obviously agreed since he was subbed.
  8. Hannant showed exactly why we were right let him go when he played for Cambridge last week.
  9. Yet we beat a league one team with two of those three playing. Sorry everyone for replying....
  10. He can practice saying "do you want fries with that" now...
  11. So he gets a pay off from us and both him and his agent get a better signing on fee as a free agent, nice work Ben!
  12. That is his problem now, he has taken our money and run off. Thanks Ben....
  13. Lets hope he uses his payoff sensibly to retrain for a real job.....
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