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  1. Does anyone collect old Port Vale calendars? I have 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2017, free to good home/donation to a worthy cause. Thanks
  2. I think he is still with us, the blue ones cunning plan to sell him for a fortune didn't come off.
  3. Or indeed for people who don't
  4. I have just moved my Travelodge booking to 25th May because I can modify the booking but not cancel it for a refund. I plan to keep moving it until I can actually go even if the match isn't on.
  5. Homeland is quite entertaining. Also thinking of watching Between the lines again from the beginning.
  6. That might be complicated by the fact that some teams have games in hand.
  7. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-03-14/elderly-to-be-quarantined-for-four-months-in-wartime-style-mobilisation-to-combat-coronavirus/
  8. I guess it depends if Archer steps up to the oche
  9. Have you got next weeks lottery numbers too?
  10. Are we sure Pep would take the same line if his team was two wins away from winning the premiership
  11. I hope to get some tickets as I have already booked my budget hotel without cancellation rights. Just have to go and sit on the beach if not, is there one at Plymouth?
  12. I expect he has a different one!
  13. Keep trying, I have managed to buy tickets by phone on two separate occasions recently (for different matches in case anyone things i am cheating the system)
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