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  1. I don't think anyone was writing him off after one game. The only question is how he will handle one or two games a week for an entire season at a higher level than he has played at before. No-one knows that at present.
  2. I guess it isn't that big an issue, if you have a ticket, the club has already got the money.
  3. I'm bored with your constant attention seeking... You could always deactivate your account, or block me if you don't want to see my opinions.
  4. What happened to "attack the post, not the poster"? I thought that was one of the rules of this forum.
  5. Out of interest, who do you praise when we win? DC? I thought you knew that I never post when we win.
  6. I was out all day yesterday and didn't see anything other than the score and so didn't comment. I will hopefully be at the Harrogate game next week so will see what happens. If we lose I will probably blame DC. 😨
  7. Missing me? I guess part of the problem is that DC came in like "William large testicles" criticising the squad and the infrastructure of the club. Then there was a lot of hype about "the process" and the mass clear out of "dead wood". Fans have returned from their enforced absence from watching live football and results, particularly at home where a much bigger percentage of fans watch, haven't been as good as the expectations.
  8. That may have been a tongue in cheek remark
  9. Maybe we need to clear out the deadwood and start again...
  10. So you are coming around to my way of thinking now?
  11. I am sure it is just disappointment and frustration after a long break from being allowed to watch live football and a lot of hype surrounding our recruitment policy over the summer.
  12. PL clubs are allowed to have bigger squads though
  13. I have absolutely nothing against Carol and John/Kevin and appreciate what they have done to get Norman out of the club.
  14. I am just venturing my opinion within the rules of the message board. I am not trying to wind anyone up, I suspect that the reason that some people get so upset is that they are wondering if I have a point. I am trying to keep away from ovf because I get fed up of the abuse.
  15. I don't demand, it would be nice to see us score occasionally, maybe even win a game or two. I have reasonably low expectations after 20+ years of watching Vale.
  16. Don't put words into my mouth I don't hate DC, I just don't like his management and think it won't be as successful as a lot of people hope. I go to Vale to enjoy watching us play and score goals. Not seen that yet this season at Vale Park. Should have won doesn't do it for me.
  17. The deadwood comment was just the tip of the iceberg.
  18. If you like stats, consider this: Goals per game 0.26, 0.21, 0.22, 0.22, 0.18, 0.15, 0.11. If those were the stats for 7 strikers for league games, which four would you keep?
  19. I am struggling to understand why we have let a 32 year old striker that has scored 10+ goals for 5 different clubs go when other clubs in our league are so desperate according to some on here that they are signing 34+ year old strikers. meanwhile we sign a 21 year old striker on loan.
  20. He will be absolutely fuming tonight. Why would I? Port Vale won so the San Miguel went down well. I am happy that we won but it still doesn't make me like DC as a manager.
  21. Clarke was wonderful at Bristol Rovers 5 years ago and their fans idolise him, he was poor at Walsall and their fans hate him. Difficult to tell which way round 3 will go, 50:50 phone a friend really...
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