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  1. He can only play for two clubs in the same season according to EFL rules
  2. I think Cavalier was talking about what fans of other clubs have said about Flitcroft, not Clarke.
  3. The last 20+ years have seen us win the LDV, even though it was raining in Cardiff it was still a great day out, and win promotion with Micky Adams. I can still picture Lee Collins (god rest his soul) scoring that own goal in the Northampton game with a backwards header to give us the result we needed. So not all bad.
  4. There are no transfer rumours, hence we are bickering amongst ourselves.
  5. After watching Norman trying to wreck the club for 5 years, I thought we had seen the light at the end of the tunnel when Carol and Kevin bought the club. I can't shake off the feeling that Clarke is a mediocre manager though and he doesn't help himself by releasing lots of players and then saying "maybe I was a bit harsh with some of them". I think we would have been better off appointing Flitcroft as manager, he is a lot more rational. Another Clarke thing I don't like is the way he spoke about Lucas after his sending off. He said he was not going to single anyone out but has been quite outspoken about Lucas being stupid and getting punished. The comment that he should have made a mans tackle if he was going to get sent off is also a bit strange. It seems like he is a control freak, tells the players what they should be doing all the time as if he always knows best.
  6. Three things have to happen to sign a player, we have to want them to sign, they have to want to join us and the two sides need to agree on wages. I suspect the wages is the issue in a lot of cases. We have no idea if our signings are our first choice or our 10 for the position.
  7. Interesting thought. If you analyzed league 2 and picked the best player statistically for each position, would they walk the league?
  8. I am sorry to hear that, genuinely. I have been made redundant twice and it is not a good experience. Hope it works out for you.
  9. It find it strange that just because I have a different opinion about the manager that some people seem to think abuse is OK. If I am wrong, we will get promoted so why does it bother anyone that I have a different opinion? What I say will make absolutely no difference to the outcome of the season. I thought this was a message board to discuss all things Port Vale. To discuss something it is usual to have differing opinions.
  10. You would like to think that not having a job would motivate them to play better but in practice there is always an element of doubt that it will make any difference. I went through a steady process of redundancies at a company I worked for years ago. There would be an announcement of redundancies and a small percentage of the staff would start working really hard in the hope that it would save them. Most of the others were on the phone to the agency trying to get another job.
  11. I think the current situation shows the flaws in our recruitment and retention strategy. Last year all the out of contract players were told in May that they were out. That means that all of this years contract players are probably expecting the same so they have 4 months to find another job basically, either with us or someone else. That has to affect their performance. Also the business of not paying bonuses when we are below 7th. We are below 7th now because we had games called off due to Covid. It is just after Christmas and suddenly their pay has dropped. That is hardly a motivator.
  12. Shame we let Burgess go before losing Politic and Conlon. He was actually fit.
  13. At least we don't have long to wait to see if the Gibbo rumours are true, the transfer window closes in 11 days. We also know Conlon has an injury, just don't know how serious it is yet. I don't expect he will play on Saturday though.
  14. It wasn't a wind up about Vassell, he may be rubbish but he was busting a gut to prove a point I think.
  15. Fair point about Garrity, he is enthusiastic. I think Connor needs to direct his energy better, running into the goalpost wasn't a good plan, although he did use their forward as a cushion. At least we got to see John Deeres finest in action, good movement in and around the box there.
  16. I think Theo Vassell had a point to prove, he was responsible for a few blocks on the line and looked determined to tackle anyone who came near him with the ball. We have no passion like that, apart from Gibbo maybe.
  17. I guess his 32% win ratio at Walsall was just a blip then?
  18. Numerous promotions? Only one from League 2... Let's hope you are right and the Port Vale Pep can turn it around...
  19. I am not criticising Clarke for not building a team around Amoo.
  20. I think we will probably discover that Clarke isn't that good a manager to be fair. Port Vale boss Darrell Clarke's David Amoo admission - Stoke-on-Trent Live WWW.STOKESENTINEL.CO.UK
  21. Amoo is out of contract at the end of the season so I expect he will be off. He is probably not convinced by DCs opinion that he can play as a central striker since he has played most of his career as a winger. We used to complain about managers putting square pegs in round holes but DC seems to be a master of it. In his own mind at least.
  22. We only have 18 fit and available players I think, just need to decide who will start. Four players who have only just met the rest and each other. What can possibly go wrong?
  23. If Johnson wasn't a dud, why did we bring Amos in on loan when Legge was unavailable?
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