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  1. "Butthurt" "get laid" you may as well be wearing a New York yankees cap lad. Didn't you get banned for getting butt hurt (🙄 embarrassing) by something someone said on this online forum? Something seriously wrong with you upstairs which explains why you call Liverpool we. Will leave you to it as you are just a parody of yourself by now. Dont OVF ban the user not the username? Why has this man child been allowed back? The forum was much more pleasant without him.
  2. Ah the old i supported Liverpool before they were good argument. An old tired argument with no weight whatsoever. You are the same age as me and I remember Liverpool winning the league in 88 and 90, an FA Cup in 92 and league cup in 95. Yet "they weren't winning anything". The problem with you is you can't have an honest conversation. Bit like most glory hunters who follow a club there is always a reason but the reason is never because they were winning. You'll never know what it is like to be a true Vale fan as you base it on financial contribution (which is not as big as you are making out,
  3. This is why glory hunters (few on here) are killing the game. Without the millions of plastic fans then this super league wouldn't be viable. Liverpool fans from Stoke, United fans from Burslem etc have directly contributed to this. Shame on them. Support your local team, if everyone did that how much more competitive would the leagues be.
  4. WV

    Retained list

    Its working. How many have we conceded recently?
  5. Yes. And take the plastic glory hunters with them as well.
  6. Will you admit you were unnecessarily negative towards DC for weeks after he became manager and you got it wrong?
  7. JA was the reason we haven't seen the best of McKirdy. I know he is eager to play against Carlisle and why wouldn't you be. I think he should be judged on how he plays under DC, not under the previous manager who didn't want him.
  8. 6 on the bounce. Mint. Not done that in a generation at least. Shame that we didn't have fans in for this run as that's how you get new and returning fans hooked again. I'm more hopeful than expecting the run to continue but what a change! We look like we finally have a proper manager and its got interesting again. Up the Vale.
  9. The lack of respect on this thread is astounding. Some of you need to give your head a wobble
  10. And moved to Port Vale history.
  11. And the forum is better for it as well
  12. Askey and Clarke have two completely different style of man management. McKirdy will fly for us now his head is in the right place. Wouldnt expect to see him tomorrow but next few weeks im sure we will see a different player.
  13. With the way we have played recently I don't think there is a team in the division that we won't be too much for. Another win here i will go for another 3-0 now we are scoring freely. I went 3-0 against Crawley and it should have been but for our gift wrapped goal for them.
  14. Well thats back to back away wins and a 3rd win in a row. When was the last time we did that? Shame Southend won but I'm still fairly confident we are safe now. All we needed was for Clarke to settle in and realise what needed changing. No sign of @Valepopey11or @TylerB since we started winning. Whats going on there then haha Up the Vale. Promotion next season
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