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  1. I bet they are saying if they didn't have casper in goal for our free kick they would have won 3-0.
  2. Not many non league teams played in the champ since we have as well as being in league 1 since we have.
  3. Maybe Askey didn't want to sign him in the first place.
  4. I know we are back in lockdown but its still a bit early for drinking mate.
  5. Carol is a complete novice when it comes to appointing a football manager. Lets hope she gets it right first time.
  6. This isn't far off the truth at all.
  7. You dont have to remember as its all written down on this very forum
  8. Wow even jacko is getting it now for potentially knowing some people. Who else can we try and drive away from the club? Do we as a club have a higher percentage of destructive fans than other clubs? Feels like it whenever we lose a game.
  9. Not true. Sinclair had zero to do with McKirdy signing.
  10. Id rather see us lose than "play the covid card" just feels a bit crass to use a virus thats killed well over a million people to avoid getting beat in the football.
  11. So will you support her if she doesn't sack Askey? 🤔
  12. Why do people post thus stuff before full time?
  13. I felt like 09/10 was exciting at the time. I remember being excited at Bournemouth away until half time.
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