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  1. WV


    Stoke has a uni too.
  2. WV


    They arent locked in. I work at Keele golf centre and 15 students turned up together a few nights ago and were upset when we wouldn't allow them to all wait inside together while we were full. They certainly weren't following rule of 6.
  3. WV


    Cheshire East is 145 per 100'000 and high risk or tier 2 Newcastle is 140 per 100'000 and medium risk or tier 1
  4. Don't worry Darren doesn't deal in facts.
  5. I do know Harry and he told me that he was just training with us and wasn't sure why the gaffer had made the statement he did about him proving his worth. Dont want to say too much but I dont think he is overly keen on being a Vale player. People do change their minds though so let's see.
  6. We won't. Spoke to him today. He has other options he is just training with us as a favour from Rudge.
  7. And I've just seen he is training with us so what do I know ha
  8. Not going to happen. I know Harry and he said to me we would be one of the only clubs he wouldn't sign for.
  9. https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/latest-statement-07-08-2020/august/club-update/ Anyone got any ideas what this is supposed to mean?
  10. So those with family here who speak English and perhaps not French or German should stop in Germany or France and not here? Would you be applying that rule if Scottish people had to seek asylum? Would you be happy to take all of them in if the situation demanding that?
  11. WV


    I am almost sure I had Covid which started showing symptoms on Boxing Day. I had been in Milan 14 days earlier. I was seriously ill and looking back at the symptoms I am sure that was it.
  12. WV


    If someone has flu you can see they look ill, symptoms are obvious and you would stay away. If someone has Covid they are more than likely asymptomatic and you wouldn't know that they had it so will spread it without knowing. Didn't think that was a difficult concept to grasp.
  13. Im glad there is a bunch of middle aged white men here to tell a young black woman what she can be offended by.
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