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  1. It looks more magnolia than gold and it looks like it needs another coat. Bit disappointed with both strips this time, both very bland and meh!
  2. Probably written after leaving someone's kitchen at 7am. At least he isn't doing it the night before a game anymore, well not for us anyway.
  3. Pope is a true vale legend. Lost count of the amount of mentals he has been responsible for...man City, Cheltenham 3-2 at home and Rotherham one new year's eve come to mind straight away, not forgetting the roly poly goal against Wimbledon on the tele. Having said all that it was time for him to go and I think he could have played at a higher level than Congleton. But, I know tom likes to stay close to home and I doubt he needs the coin desperately so fair play to him and good luck. Thanks for the memories popey they won't be forgotten quickly.
  4. My dad has had his season ticket delivered last week, well 2 tickets, one in his usual seat and another seat in the Hamil road end for some reason (covid?)
  5. More confirmation of what a b ell en d you are
  6. Maybe the players weren't ready but that was on Askey as the manager to make sure that they were.
  7. Getting a bit more nervous now but this has to be a better chance even than 2018 to get to a final. Come on England do us proud. Head says close 1-0 or 2-1 heart is saying another 4-0.
  8. You seem to be in a minority with that opinion
  9. Not quite the same that is it?
  10. And the other stuff. Loved him as a player but wouldn't want him influencing younger players who perhaps want to take a more professional outlook.
  11. I'm wondering why you can hug everyone around you at Wembley/the pub when England score but I can't take the flagstick out when putting outside on the golf course
  12. Where are the wait until we play someone good brigade? Get in there England. This could be our year
  13. I'm no expert but I wouldn't have thought we would be looking to re sign any of the players we just released.
  14. Have to admit I'd not heard of him so had a look on wiki, he is hardly full of experience at our level like I was expecting after reading 593 and your comments. He's played a handful of games. I was expecting Schmeichel the things I was reading on here about him.
  15. I see Sam occasionally through my work, I'll have a word! 😆
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