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  1. Look much better this half. First half is about as bad as I can remember. So slow and indecisive.
  2. Yes and I was more surprised than anyone when he did. I like the lad and really hope he succeeds here and I hear he is enjoying it at Vale. Lets hope we start enjoying his performances soon.
  3. Not trying to drive a wedge between the player and supporters then Just giving my opinion my Italian brother.
  4. Where was that then? Not when I spoke to him he didn't and that was about 2 days before he signed for us.
  5. Im not convinced Askey wanted him and im still not convinced Harry would be with us if he had even one other offer.
  6. I said many times at the time that fans would regret hounding MA out. One poster on here who doesn't post much any more called the 2nd best manager we ever had a dinosaur 10 weeks after we had gained promotion.
  7. I bet if we could look at posts back when we were mid table with Page in charge you and many others were not happy then either.
  8. Is it a case of poor player scouting by Askey or owners not wanting to pay the right money for the right players? Disappointed to lose again today. Questions must be asked.
  9. Covid didn't force ministers to say those in poorer postcodes get worse results. Thats on the government. Plenty of disappointed 15-18 year olds that won't care about this anti semetism come next election.
  10. Are we all just gonna forget the current governments performance and concentrate on this come next election? I dont think so. There is a whole generation of students/school kids who will be eligible to vote in the next election. Remember the kids who had their exam results butchered. They won't be voting for Boris' boys.
  11. WV


    Additionally, after about a month of the virus being out there, they knew exactly what it does, who it affects the most and its comparability to other viruses. This 'novel' virus thing doesn't wash with me. What are the long term effects of this virus?
  12. Have recently binge watched Better call Saul, Stranger things and How I met your mother. All very different shows but have enjoyed them all.
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