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  1. "New coronavirus rules will come into force next week which include a recommendation for people to work from home, as well as Covid certification to enter large venues and nightclubs. It affects indoor venues holding more than 500 people and outdoor venues with a capacity of more than 4,000. A negative lateral flow test will also be acceptable" Could make for some big queues at the turnstiles... How will clubs implement this? Do we all have to wave our NHS phone apps (or covid testing kit) at the turnstile operator?
  2. No chance of being televised ... BBC/ITV will just show Salford stadium in darkness for 90 minutes and pay them the money anyway
  3. Hopefully Salford or Plymouth don't get through or else nobody else's fixture will have a hope of being on TV
  4. Doncaster away if we win, Man Utd at home if we lose
  5. They're literally sitting down and that <ovf censored> gives them a free kick
  6. Young fans need to learn more about the history of the club and the players who once played on the hallowed turf.... so we need to sing "Steino is a t,osser" more often. Also, reopen a/the Family Stand. As a child, when we and my dad didn't know where to sit, the ticket shop lady basically said to my dad "if you don't want to hear loud fans and swearing, go in the Family Stand".... We did for two or three years and I loved it
  7. If their player was number 92, then there's 91 other players in the Liverpool squad that he could get a closed doors, match day experience with - probably many of them better than the standard in League 2. It shouldn't be up to League 1/League 2 teams to risk injury to their first team squad playing against youths (as you have to start a set number of first team players to give the kids a strong opponent). Get it back to the style of the LDV Vans - fewer teams, less pointless games, no need to play first teamers if you don't want to
  8. What do the stewards in front of the Lorne Street expect is going to happen? Every time we score they all emerge from down by the Bycars and stand in a row between the stand and pitch like we've just scored a 90th minute winner against Stoke. I can't see a pitch invasion happening somehow...
  9. Wow, I hope someone reported it and the scumbag gets a ban. That will be the very same Bradford City who had 56 of their supporters die and hundreds injured in 1985 when a stand caught fire at a match. He obviously knew what he was doing. Lowest of the low. I hope Legge is back in the return tie to mark him...
  10. "Hi Scott Brown, we're sorry, can you come back?"
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