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  1. Any ref with the faintest clue how to do his job is working on VAR. We're left with the morons
  2. Can we not pass that video on to the FA and get the little twunt banned for that stamp? Totally deliberate and could've snapped Cullen's leg in half. It's a nice close up video
  3. Time added on because of their fannying about: 5. Vale equalise: 94th minute. Perfect
  4. If we both keep up this current trend we'll be putting 4 past their senior squad in the Chicken Trade Trophy next season
  5. In a strange way, teams just using templates are why I like goalie tops. Just slap a badge on it and "neeeext".h When I was a kid in the 90s, several Adidas teams had the same kit - Liverpool had a purple and green one with squiggles down it and Newcastle had a blue and grey one with squiggles down it. And I wanted both! Yellow away shirt for me this year I think (and maybe the home keepers shirt at the end of the season)
  6. Nothing to do with the club and I'm glad they've got us a kit so quickly, but if that's the real one, I hope the thin lettering of the sponsor is well fixed to the shirt. Say what you will about BLK but I loved the way the Manor sponsor was printed in the fabric. No fear when washing it that it would come out of the washing machine "mis..ng s.me let.ers". Errea is great quality so I'm sure it won't happen
  7. Sir Micky of Adams came back to manage Port Vale for a second stint. What point is he trying to make? Asshat
  8. Yeah those retro Errea ones are a bit hit and miss for football kit geeks - the stripes don't go over the shoulders like they should on the Autoglass final one and the home "bird dirt" ones are too black and white with not enough grey in there.
  9. Thought I'd dig up my "Griff-watch" thread again. Posted on Congleton Town's Twitter this week: "We are delighted to announce that Anthony Griffith has been appointed to the position of assistant manager. Anthony has a wealth of experience within the game and is studying towards his UEFA A licence" Well done Griff. One for the future at Vale maybe... (He'd sort our tackling out anyway)
  10. I can't see crawling back to Errea going well (after Norm screwed them over) which is a shame because they made some of my favourite kits since Mizuno. I'm guessing BLK have gone bust because Maidenhead and Hartlepool have also ditched them. I thought their shirts were nice but the training wear was poor - club badges printed into the fabric or heat-pressed on meaning they risk coming loose after a few washes.
  11. ... because being owned by faceless Asian consortiums always go well
  12. Why doesn't he just put the required money into the club for the summer and add it on to the cost of the club to the next buyer? Longer to negotiate a better deal and he'll ultimately get more for the club than selling it when it's in administration
  13. Smurf "Well done you've all got rid of me" Radio Stoke "You aren't selling the ground so they haven't got rid of you" Smurf "Errrm yeah, true" Fat lying ****
  14. He's like a **** Donald Trump. Childish and vindictive, telling ridiculous nonsensical lie after lie.
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