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  1. Away shirt with black shorts and a gold trim and we can chop and change white shorts/black shorts with the home kit as much as we like (or the third kit shorts - but I swear that's more grey than black)
  2. Come on Morecambe (as I want to finally see us away at Newport - and go to the Tiny Rebel brewery). Maybe it's easier in some ways for smaller teams with smaller stadiums at this level. Teams like Vale, Stockport, Wrexham etc must be hemorrhaging cash just on maintaining their stadiums. If you have a more streamlined setup, the lower running costs offset the impact of having fewer fans. If there was no benefit in having a smaller stadium, teams with newly built grounds like Morecambe, Salford etc would slap another 10,000 seats in there while they were at it in case they hit the big
  3. Somebody coined the phrase "Salford w.nkfest" on Salford City's Twitter post about Bowyer's award. I could not have found a better description for all the fawning over Salford myself
  4. Keep Pope so my away shirt remains valid for next season.😎
  5. Let them go. How many true football fans ever expect their team to one day make it into the top 3 of the Premier League or are particularly concerned whether they have the elite superstar players? You follow your team no matter what league they're in, and the only players you want them to get are a decent crop that will help you get further up the pyramid. Maybe in my dream of dreams we will make it back to the Championship, but I don't ever expect we will be in the top 4 of the Premier League without some billionaire foreign owner treating us like a toy. Doesn't bother me, I just want my
  6. Thats the playoffs over and done with then. Clarke out!
  7. Closer to the playoffs than Stoke are in the Championship 😁
  8. 8 off the playoffs, 15 off the relegation zone..
  9. If the league stays like this, we'll be nearer the playoffs than the relegation zone
  10. Wow, Colchester last won on 8th December. 1 win in 23 games 😯
  11. Southend unbeaten in 4, Grimsby unbeaten in 6... Good time for us to get 3 wins in a row. Fingers crossed Barrow go down though - cheating dastards
  12. Yeeesssssss!!! Southend 4 games undefeated, Grimsby 6 undefeated. We picked a good time for a winning streak.
  13. Currently in 18th place. Nosebleed territory
  14. Shut up Blakeman. "Back to back wins for Vale on the cards". Way to tempt fate
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