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  1. Shows just how far we've sunk when you find yourself looking how Barrow are doing, crossing your fingers that they are losing because they've been playing better than we have
  2. Southend to win or draw is 500/1 on Paddy Power if you were there at the QPR game
  3. Finally a benefit of covid - I'm not freezing my extremities off watching this at Vale Park
  4. We're not even scoring first before collapsing with a whimper now.
  5. Not that I particularly fancy freezing my <ovf censored> off watching this sh*te, but maybe having fans back in the crowd would be a benefit. A chorus of boos after every short pass across the six yard box fails to beat the first man, and maybe they'd realise its not working
  6. "Right lads, walking it into the box and trying to pass it to a heavily-marked teammate in the six yard box hasn't worked all game. ....which means soon it will. That's the law of averages you see. Keep with the gameplan"
  7. Half an hour gone and zero shots on target. Walk it into the box*, try and slide it through a crowd of defenders for one of our players to try and bundle it home. Repeat for 90 minutes *bonus points if you take so ****ing long to do it that their entire defence and midfield have had a chance to regroup in the box in preparation for your telegraphed pass
  8. Didn't even score first before going behind this week
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