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  1. If they don't think its right/safe to finish the league, how are they going to play the playoffs?Cut it off, send the top three up and relegate one less from League One
  2. Thank god for that. Unlucky Kettle, you tried your best but FGR just couldn't get that third.
  3. If the FA agreed that Hennessey had never heard of Hit ler, then surely Pope not knowing the Rothschilds are Jewish is an even more believeable case. High school history teaches you about WW2. Nothing teaches you the religion of some semi-famous banking guy (in banking circles) And even if Pope did, its hardly antisemitic. He repeated some nonsense that one person/family would take over banking...not the entire Jewish religion. In the same way that saying Bruno Ribeiro was one of our worst managers ever isnt a slight on the nation of Portugal and the ability of Portuguese to manage football teams.
  4. Only 6 points away from the magic 50 you need for safety. At the start of the season I would've taken mathematical safety by mid-to-late March, so looks like we might be ahead of schedule and everything else is a bonus... UTV
  5. I'm pretty sure Wayne Hennessey's H!ler salute was more anti-semitic than Pope mentioning some Jewish guy (just say you'd never heard of Rothschild Tom, that arguement got Hennessey off the hook) I'd like to think I'm well up on my politics but had to read some articles on it to find out what was so offensive about Pope's tweet. Popey should quit while he's ahead though
  6. Got to love all these "Pope can't be mean to Stones because Stones has played for England and Pope hasn't" nonsense of City messageboard dwellers. I assume then, that they never say anything bad about service in a supermarket, their broadband provider, roadworks, their car etc etc - having never managed a supermarket/broadband services/a highway network/assembled a car they have no right to say anything about those who have. Guessing they'll be Liverpool fans next year anyway
  7. Still buzzing this morning about those 7 wonderful minutes where we were drawing 1-1 with the Premier League champions. Etihad silent except 8,000 Vale fans going mad. £260 million 1 - 1 £0.... and it took two VAR-approved scrambles and a deflection for them to win. You only need to look at City vs Burton in the League Cup last season to see what happens when they're taking a cup seriously. City won 9-0 and I feared the worst today... Proud of the guys that they put on a great performance and held out so well.
  8. How is it fair that we get VAR (by Mike Dean no less) when all the other ties don't? Cant have one of the big boys eliminated by a 90th minute Pope winner when one of his bootlaces appears in one frame to be dangling closer to the goal than Stones' bootlace. (City can score after one of their players runs with the ball spinning on his finger like a Harlem Globetrotter as long as it's not in the box and Dean can say its "far enough away from the goal). Anyone getting the train should allow another 20 minutes for time Dean will spend pratting about with the footage to confirm whether there was any contact between the flapping end of Pope's hand bandage and the City player in the box.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked millions of times before, but does anyone know what time the busses are meant to get to the stadium at tomorrow?
  10. Any ref with the faintest clue how to do his job is working on VAR. We're left with the morons
  11. Can we not pass that video on to the FA and get the little twunt banned for that stamp? Totally deliberate and could've snapped Cullen's leg in half. It's a nice close up video
  12. Time added on because of their fannying about: 5. Vale equalise: 94th minute. Perfect
  13. If we both keep up this current trend we'll be putting 4 past their senior squad in the Chicken Trade Trophy next season
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