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  1. I too love my football club and would never be too hard on the club,management or players. That said i feel i have the right to comment on my own views. I feel i know enough, having seen 50 years of football at the Vale, to know what is right and wrong in a player at the Vale. Yes there is a fine line between success and failure. No Joyce sending off and who knows but i have also seen performances and not just results to comment on. Have seen consistent mistakes in Smith over the years. The reason why i cannot see him moving on. Still my choice for his position because we have no one
  2. Agree about Fitzpatrick today. Good performance from him and , though i understand the extra attacking option by moving Monty back and playing an extra striker, if Fitzpatrick had stayed on who knows if we conceed.
  3. Jacko51 - I was delighted we kept hold of our best 11 last year but i also saw the need to strengthen, not the squad, but the first 11. I dont think we have done that at all. We have a big, balanced squad but not enough quality cover to push for a place. Smith. Terrific he is local and a young talent. Yes he has some great battles against real tough opposition who physically maul him to death and he never flinches but i just see failings in him as a footballer. I cannot see him moving on and i am happy that he doesnt but there are mistakes, too many for me to be guaranteed a starting pl
  4. Genuine question that might hold answers for so many of us. What is our scouting network / system ? How do we find the players that we need ?
  5. Thats the problem. Askey has failed to bring in players that will replace the best 11 we had last season. No one will ever convince me that Smith will move onto championship or div 1. He is average and always has a mistake in him. For the last 3 seasons he has not had too much opposition. He is young, local and puts effort in so we see him as the best we have seen for years. Reality he is too small, too slow and not a good enough footballer to be a center back. Hes missed a header over the top of him again today. Look back he makes far too many mistakers and yet he is still first choice f
  6. Because i expect our managers and coaches to also be aware of this and address the issues.
  7. Agree about Monty. He should be first choice at left back, especially with the poor supply of crosses, chances created from the team in front of him. Monty has mistakes in him and will cost us a goal or two but i believe exactly the same about Smith, Gibbons, Legge and up front Worrall, Conlan etc do not score or create far enough. What i am saying is that this seasons best 11 is virtually last seasons. It is nowhere near good enough to get us promotion. We needed 3 or 4 players to move into the first 11 immediately. This would also have given the players mentioned a lift and maybe bring
  8. If only !! We would have been top of the premier by now hey T. B. he he
  9. I too reserved judgement. Mine was last night and i reserved it until the second half began. It was awful. Askey had to get a reaction from those players and there was nothing. Forget the two shots we had last 10 minutes, there was nothing. Very poor and Askey has to be held responsible for not getting the response. For the first half its the players who deserved the criticism. They were awful and they had everything to prove.
  10. Thats our problem C D Yes Amoo, Worrall, Montano are the three to pick from the start [ Montano full back maybe ] but their goal record i would guess would be x6 x4 x4 @ season maximum [ not their best ever but on average ] Add Conlan x 4 Burgess x 2 Joyce x 1 and we have absolutely no goals in our team. That is probably everyones best pick of our squad and leaves you one striker needing to score x 25 at least. Our better looking players cannot score enough goals. Any player replacing them will offer no more. Love the attitude and work rate of Worrall but he has ne
  11. Everyone knows that. Can the players we have achieve it. NO !
  12. Yes, because that's worked out well so far this season and for the last 3 seasons hasn't it It was referring to Ellison still playing and scoring but he plays a few minutes when he comes on. We need Tom to do more than that. Pope is not the Pope of the past but the others offer little else. I would still start with Pope for most games.
  13. Its usualy the manageer to go, whatever the cost. New players cost money too. A new manager may do somthing with the players we have. Askey has failed. He needs more players and do we have faith in him signing even more. So its a new manager first then fingers crossed he can do something before he starts to rebuild. Do think its Askey for this season though unless we continue to lose the next 3 or 4 games
  14. Any thoughts on we have too many players. Too many who are not getting a game. When they do get a chance they have 1 or 2 and then out again. You need a happy ream on and off the pitch
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