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  1. Another terrific performance. Now we start to build for next season. Lets get the season ticket offer out now. Good price and push for 5000
  2. Good win Great 3 points Very good performance
  3. All the teams listed by Fred, we played every year. We took thousands away to them every year. As for stoke we may have gone 30 years and were lucjy to get two friendlies i think against them. Could also add to Fred,s list Bury and Stockport, almost every year we played these teams. Walsall were the most hated of all teams
  4. Different team with Monty. He helps drive the team forward and is capable of passing the ball. Mills did his bit too going forward. He had a decent game. Legge and Smith won their battles. Joyce never seen, so again he had a good game. Dont need to see him but he is always there. Conlon great first half. Thought he took a breather second half for 20 mins but he is a ' footballer ' Sorry but Robinson looks poor. Always a yard off the pace, as if he doesnt want to be involved. He has to play him again on Saturday to try and build team confidence but not for me. Rodn
  5. Sorry. Failed to win that was the big prediction by many.
  6. Wrexham,Stockport,Chesterfield,Notts County.... My 50 years have seen us compete with all the above and have regular battles almost yearly. We are all in the same bracket for clubs,support,teams etc and they are all our level competition
  7. Lets hope we have lots of luck. We are due some.
  8. We lost. Prediction was correct. There were many that predicted a win against Oldham. We lost prediction waswrong.
  9. Do agree to some extent but as you quote their manager previously i will add that the pitch and the weather had more to do with stopping Bolton than we did. Wish Conlon had sliced his shot, it may have gone in. We lost to a fluke goal and we are desperate for some luck. You do agree that luck does play a big part in the final position a team finishes in
  10. Best win of the season because ..... Terrible pitch, terrible weather, scrappy opposition that fights. Wish we were more than that and dont rely on the pitch and weather to help us get a point. We need to be a lot more than that to save us
  11. Have to agree with this post. We will end up keeping players that are not really up to it but hopefully, with far better players around them, will perform better than this season.
  12. I agree with you BUT we need those lazy,greedy,self-important players to save us. Then we can call them a disgrace and kick them out. Dont think the two go together.
  13. Dont go off one game. Look at league positions. Even playing badly they beat us. Thats why we are bottom. I couldnt care less who good other teams are or are not. We cannot beat them and we are not as good as them
  14. They were on cloud cuckoo land. You were right
  15. Not clever enough to think that but you are right they know they will be gone.
  16. You mean ' dont worry about losing to the Boltons ' just lets concentrate and beat the ' Oldhams ' Oooops
  17. You must be joking. Did you see Amoo shoot today ? If we depend on Amoo for goals, we are doomed.
  18. Bit harsh. Wouldnt say he was a disgrace. Dont recall too much wrong. Nothing that cost us anything.
  19. Dont worry if you get stick for this comment. I agree with you if no one else does. Dont even think he would make a good sprinter. You have to put effort into that.
  20. Bolton had an off day but even then their subs were able to change the game for them. What do our subs do for us.
  21. Robinson should never play again but i dont believe Cullen will offer anymore either. They play as if they have been told they will be gone. Amoo is another who is completely short of ideas. He does not look a footballer. Hurst is only young i keep hearing. He may only be young but he offers nothing. He tires completely after half time. Made no attempt to keep up with his man who crossed for their goal. Rodney. Oh no. Someone chose to show a picture of a donkey after the Oldham game. I think the same picture needs to come out again for our leading striker. When you need a perfor
  22. We have played 4 2 4 Two up top and two out wide. Clarke hasnt played to defend at all costs. Problem is we are awful
  23. 30 sq m and on top of the Bycars. Thats where it belongs. Look good as a badge on a hoodie too. A LEGEND is Mike.
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