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  1. After this season we have no rights to complain about teams ' time wasting ' People in glass houses etc
  2. Proctor seemed to be struggling after colliding with their keeper. Not too sure he will be ok for sat
  3. People calling for Politic up front for last two weeks. Tonight shows why he is not the man. Very poor. We played with one up front. Politic doesnt know how to play that role. Thats why he struggles to get in our team. He needs to play in the midfield and run at players, thats when he looks good but he is no midfield player who will play in a top team for me. There are other positions we need to strengthen first , when we have the money available. D.C. formation tonight ? Looked like 3 6 1 to me. It was awful. Added to that the players bottled it big style. Shocking performance
  4. Listen to Clarkes interview. He is spot on. On here we have a go at the ref. Unbelievable Jeff There's a dozen players out there who were shocking, most of them disgraceful tonight. Thats how awful that performance was. We have gone back three years. Lets hope D.C sorts them out now
  5. Conlon was a yellow. 2 yellows = Red If we were unlucky with Conlon we were lucky with Smith. That was a red and we got away with it. I wouldnt say they were throwing our players to the ground, i would say they were blowing on us and we fell over. No effort no passion no blood and guts. They have been telling us all week what it will be like and we dont turn up. D.C. failed completely tonight before we even start on players performance
  6. Taylor is too lightweight. Good footballer but too nice to be a success for me. OK to play when we are winning and dominant over teams but when we may need to battle and work hard its not for him.
  7. It has to be Garrity, if only for his work rate in our midfield. Taylor is far too weak. Bring him on when we are two up and he will shine. Nothing else !!
  8. That's football isn't it? Not every team is going to punish poor defending every time. It's not a game of Football Manager. Evens itself out over the season, so playing like we are we'll win a lot more than we lose. 12 goals in 16 games. They are not prolific are they. We are a top two team/ I know it evens itself out over a season, i have seen enough of them but just yet not sure if we have had too many wins than deserved and more defeats to follow. Dont like our back 3. Going forward the best attacking i have seen for 20 years. Its great now when we cross a ball and have five players in and around the box. Seen too many seasons where we have two there. Defending at the back, in the air, we are poor. We cant gloss over that and if teams try and try again then we will concede goals Hope we score more than we concede. Can accept the defeat and a defeat every 6 games or so i can put up with, our system will show as being successful. Hope we keep this going
  9. Haven't you killed your own argument there? If this happens only every 6 or 7 games, and we react the way we have done on each previous occasion, we'll be right up there. Obviously not ideal, but all teams have this type of issue now and again. I'm not worried at all. Disappointed, yes. But not worried It Happened against Colchester but they missed their two free headers at goal. So many people dont see it as a problem if we dont concede.
  10. Agree with Smith for his effort and fight but dont forget his school boy error cost us last week. 3 at the back gives us more attacking play than i have seen at the Vale for 20 years but the 3 as a defensive block, especially in the air, is a poor set up. We have one genuine ' header ' of the ball, Smith and after that we are suspect. Dont care what results we have had so far, the games i have seen have shown us to be suspect to crosses in the box. Even poor teams can kick a ball into the box and hope. We give them a chance.
  11. Fast forward end of game. We lose. A poor goal is a poor goal, no matter when, no matter how well we are playing.
  12. What a blow. Now the test is here.Not sure Politic is a striker up front, even though he has a terrific shot on him. He looks really good when running at defenders from midfield. Up front is a massive issue now and one D.C. needs to solve quickly. We could be several games away before Proctor is back although i believe Wilson is showing up as the main player up front. Rodney has to step up now. Have no confidence in Rodney or Amoo personally, dont see either of them as a front two player but this is all we have. Lloyd is an option and i am sure he will be used over the coming weeks. This was always the danger we might face with the playing history of Rodney and Wilson. Wonder if D.C. has another solution / system to play.
  13. So far this season has shown we are top seven / three potential. Massive next 3 games. Proctor out. Wilson possibly doubtful. Rodney poor, my thoughts. Amoo trying but not the answer. His effort for the goal was excellent but it glossed over a less than convincing performance for a lead striker January massive for us. I believe we need a number 9 and , if Legge doesnt become the center back and play as he did in first few games, we need a dominant centre back. Both these players need to be Div 1 standard and i believe we will get to div 1 this season.
  14. Surprised. Good to see Burgess improving and being noticed too but dont see an opening. We have a very strong squad of midfield players and i dont see he offers anything different or better.
  15. A few minutes would have answered any doubts. Dont forget he had not tried to run since the goal
  16. Agree totally re: Cass. With Legge injured and Johnson not showing any form Cass fits into the back three as a ball player. Never seen the Vale play so much football from the back than with Cass and Jones, but not today Surprised Martinis not in there but then again Martin and Smith are both central in the three and not a ' footballer ' on the right. Martin for Smith next week, doubt Legge will be ready but either side of the central man i am not so sure defensively.
  17. Agree entirely. On that showing today we are a team chasing promotion spot with Bradford behind pushing for play offs. Fair result for me.
  18. My thoughts too. When he limped over to the touch line be fore the restart and i saw Vale making two subs i thought he is off. He then walked back to centre circle and i thought he wants a good send off, deserved, when subbed. Shocked when he stayed on. Big mistake by DC today. He also said afterwards perhaps he should have left the sub a few minutes although it was Wilson who said he is fine. Amoo would have stayed on, with Lloyd and then allow Martin to come on.
  19. Poor player Rodney. Still waiting for a re showing of all the emails last year where people on here were quoting " next £ million player " etc etc
  20. Noticed that. They played a one / two past Conlon who looked absolutely shattered. Several of our players cover so much ground i am not surprised they can get caught flat footed occasionally. Smith was a poor mistake. Someone also blamed Cass for not stopping the header. Smith is also the best one to be challenging someone like Angol in the box. Cass and Jones are both suspect to a good cross in the box. Angol is a dirty player and needs someone to fight him. ' Not Cass or Jones '
  21. Had we not messed up the subs today, Martin would have been on today and maybe just maybe.
  22. Stone too will be here with twelve months to prove his worth within the setup and style we need. He may be young enough to learn but the goalkeeping position is crucial, we keep hearing this, so the least i would expect is a number two to come in and fill in the similar role. Done expect him to be up and running and equal to Covolan
  23. Scott Brown had a very poor season. Age, salary, his own prospects all seemed to be against him.It was decided not too drop him ?? Covolan is a signing to prove himself this season and then to take the role forward. You dont drop your number 1 keeper after one or two mistakes. We are having a very good run and Covolan is a part of that. The only difference is that goalkeepers do get some leeway. Outfield players are left out for an odd game or so far more that keepers. Yes Covolan deserved his number 1 role but if he has a mistake or two in him, he is not immune from comments. See D.C.. I am convinced that Covolan still has plenty to prove this season before securing the number one role, hopefully in league one. There will be plenty of good keepers available for league one next season UTV
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