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  1. Knowing the Vale we would probably volunteer to go down
  2. He played in a three on Sat. Well i say played, dont think he did really. Scunthorpe ommentators said could not see where Taylor could play for them. They were happy tonight to see him in a two and they were right. He was awful. Criticise Joyce all we want but he did more than Taylor
  3. I dont believe Pugh when he says Legge is still part of the squad. Legge is going, wont play for us again. After tonight we do need him
  4. My worry are the owners. Hope they dont give in. They have started and not they must continue. That is a must for a new manager now. As for the players WOW massive job to sort them out
  5. Smith awful. Brown poor too. Second half Scunthorpe didnt push on at all. More to do with that i think. Yes we had the ball but created nothing really. Joyce may have failed in 10 passes but at least he tried. Where was Taylor. Saw mire of him second half than first. Yes we gave ghe goals away but once again no goals in us.
  6. People still say Pope is rubbish. He is the best we have and peoples comments are because they dont like the bloke not what he offers to the club on the pitch
  7. True. Legge has been poor and deserved to be dropped. Has to be Gibbo Legge Smith , with gritted teeth, and where is Monty. Taylor doesnt deserve to play Sat Where is Rodney
  8. You are right. The owners did their pzrt for this season. Askey has failed us and the players are taking the money for nothing
  9. Our wide players are,again,rubbish. Crosses into the box are not crosses they are balls pumped into the air
  10. Joyce is poor but i will say again he has done more that Taylor did first half
  11. And amoo is not a striker as he has just showed for the last 25 mins. Useless.
  12. Poor player BUT better than Taylor tonight. Lets admit it. We have the ball but never look like scoring do we. Never create a chance really. I know lets knock a ball in the air and see. When did we last beat a plyer out wide and pull a cross back
  13. This is Askeys team, full stop. We have to have a new manager NOW. There is NO management. We are being run by a group of coaches, inexperienced at that. We cannot hzve six new players this week but we can have a new manager. He will have to be good but what an incentive for him, keep us up and then start from scratch. If our owners dont go for a new manager now, i really fear for our future and how far the owners can take us.
  14. We need a new manager NOW. Without we will be relegated unless there are two teams worse, which i doubt. We have to beat Southend, Barrow, Grimsby, Harrogate, plus others.
  15. Our only hope IS a new manager and the pray. We cannot change 10 players , which we need to, so a new manager and then pray he can make them play a little
  16. Pugh maybe but those players are a disgrace. Never seen a defence so slow and useless when on the ball Cullen shocking Conlon only footballer we have Ready for 5 subs at halftime
  17. These were good goals in this league. Oh for Reggie now. Could he do any worse ? Yes i suppose.
  18. This is a tremendous post. Our owners have some huge decisions to be made and made URGENTLY.
  19. Guthrie can score goals. Look at the video of him doing so. Problem is he needs service and crosses from out wide
  20. G R. I thought Mills was shocking and i want Gibbons back now or someone else. No Mills again for me.
  21. If Legge has gone and we dont replace then it could be a disastrous decision. He has played poorly recently and deserved to be left out but its hard to see Smith and Brisley keeping him out. God help us if we have one injured and need Crookes for several games , that is a relegation defence.
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