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  1. 12 months gone by. Miss you Mike. Everytime i read OVF i expect to see your comments. The painting by Paine Proffit is absolutely brilliant. Its as good as a photo. Its my memory of Mike ... Owd Sage Weve lost some great valiants and true friends, too many. Cant wait to get back to Vale Park and give an extra loud cheer for all our missing fans. They will all be there cheering on the Vale. Lets make em proud when we get behind the lads in black n white. UTV
  2. Yes Good luck Monty. A good guy on and off the pitch Will keep an eye out for you every week in the ' premiership '
  3. Some of those players have been excellent. We had them four years ago but the players around them were not up to it. Whether that is budget and we spent too much on certain players i am not sure. You are right about finance, spending loads of money never guarantees success. Spending money on the right players and getting a team to gel is the answer. Love it when the Salfords fail yet again. More often than not money does help towards promotion. Hope Carol has the money ready. I honestly dont think too many people can argue that D C has done wrong in this big clearout but i also know
  4. True about some good players. They have been / were good players but do we really need to keep hold of them for another season. On top money for the Vale too. That is the reason to move them on i believe mpore than anything else.
  5. We are Vale fans. We have to trust D C and his team to find and then tempt them to the Vale. Money will still be the biggest influence which is why out top earners had to go. They were not good enough.
  6. incremental change is great. Our problem is that we have also reached the end of the line with Pope Brown Joyce. Three key players. I would also add Legge to that list. To expect another top season from those four would be wrong in my opinion. This season had to be the big one unfortunately. We have released 15, Manny just before, 2 loan players gone and 3 on transfer list. Thats 21 players and in all honesty there is not much to say against releasing them all. D C now has to do his job. Find a new team and gel them together. Has been done before so its not impossible. I do agree th
  7. Crosby maybe a stop gap for a few months.
  8. 10 of those 15 will not take any problem in replacing with better players
  9. A LEGEND Good luck Tom and thanks for everything. From one true Vale fan to another
  10. Why not Dutton Who knows anything about him ? I would suggest Clarke knows everything. We are giving Clarke 100% backing to bring in players so why not his own assistant Five years ago was also Clarkes success
  11. We will not complete with ' a Charlton ' offering good money and league 1 football. Offer what we can, within reason but a good offer would also be good for the Vale, if money given to the right man !!
  12. Thats the easy part done. D C will now have to earn his money. Good luck !!
  13. Has anyone been up so far today. Is it busy
  14. At Christmas i thought he was playing. 🤣🤣
  15. Johnny Green was tremendous. What a player. Ball Boulton Wilson King Sproson Green - Dont think that line up ever changed. Forwards did but not those lads. Brilliant
  16. Two years after me Rob. I think Phil may have started before you too. Remember going training at the Vale with Phil when we were sixteen i think. God that pitch was big , too big for me. Before we started playing we had to run around the pitch a few, several times and that was not for me. Great for Phil and he did well. My first memory, stuck with me forever and i view i will treasure forever. First game was 1967 i think and we played Southport. Drew 1 - 1 i think, first game of season. Before that we went up to the Vale a couple of weeks before start of season. T
  17. Another terrific performance. Now we start to build for next season. Lets get the season ticket offer out now. Good price and push for 5000
  18. Good win Great 3 points Very good performance
  19. All the teams listed by Fred, we played every year. We took thousands away to them every year. As for stoke we may have gone 30 years and were lucjy to get two friendlies i think against them. Could also add to Fred,s list Bury and Stockport, almost every year we played these teams. Walsall were the most hated of all teams
  20. Different team with Monty. He helps drive the team forward and is capable of passing the ball. Mills did his bit too going forward. He had a decent game. Legge and Smith won their battles. Joyce never seen, so again he had a good game. Dont need to see him but he is always there. Conlon great first half. Thought he took a breather second half for 20 mins but he is a ' footballer ' Sorry but Robinson looks poor. Always a yard off the pace, as if he doesnt want to be involved. He has to play him again on Saturday to try and build team confidence but not for me. Rodn
  21. Sorry. Failed to win that was the big prediction by many.
  22. Wrexham,Stockport,Chesterfield,Notts County.... My 50 years have seen us compete with all the above and have regular battles almost yearly. We are all in the same bracket for clubs,support,teams etc and they are all our level competition
  23. Lets hope we have lots of luck. We are due some.
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