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  1. You are 100% correct our midfield three and front two let us down tonight. Still believe and i am sure Monty would admit that his game, going forward tonight was not his best. I say poor, you say he concentrated on his defensive duties first. It still led to very little football being played by us. A point is a point and i am fully behind D C and he has to do what he believes will get us enough points for safety this season. We are by no means safe this season yet. We need points. Perhaps i see that tonight was a game where three points was more possible to achieve than the next thre
  2. They got forward. Monty was in opposition box three times in final ten mins. Gibbons too was in opposition box. Just failed with the quality tonight for me.
  3. Say again, that defensive back 5 worked against Stevenage. What for the next three games, a back 7
  4. Sorry see your point now. When i said GET RID i meant the majority of the squad we have not specific to the players i listed.
  5. Didnt say that. I will say again that i would still pick Rodney in the first 11. He has a goal in him from nowhere sometimes. He is very quick , he has a tremendous powerful shot. I also see in him, too often, a player who offers very little when we need it from him. Perhaps i expect too much because he has scored goals but tonight i think he offered very little to the team. He was let down by the service once again but he has to do better for himself and when the team need it from him. Saturday will probable see a stunning goal from him
  6. Against a poor team What do we do for the next three games. Play a back seven !!!
  7. Also to add that the danger in playing three at the back, especially three who have all come under pressure for poor performances and who are not the quickest and who are probable the three worst distributor of the ball in league two, yes i would expect them to not push up. Two wing backs and three midfield plus two forwards should have played football and kept the ball and then gone forwards. All those players would be described as footballers wouldnt they. Not tonight !!!
  8. Thats Gibbons problem surely. Yes he did get forward so too did Monty but without and quality at the end of it. Even at full back Monty got forward more than he did tonight. He had a poor game end of.
  9. Well if he didnt agree to it he should have shown some b*lls and walked. He may have been better thought of.
  10. Forget the system Look at how the individual players performed. When the ball is at Taylors feet [ or Conlon or Monty etc etc ] the formation we are playing means absolutely nothing. They have to be capable of doing something with the ball, i.e. play football. We were awful tonight.
  11. I confirm that Mannys best position is in the treatment room. Its the only place he is consistent
  12. Weve been saying for a long time now. 1 2 3 upfront which ever, if there is no service is makes no difference. Our midfield three and two wing backs, after the first ten mins, were awful. Have to add that the two up top were awful too !!!
  13. Forget the style of play you mention. When Conlon gets the ball he is suppose to play football. He has not done that.
  14. Could be that we only played a bottom six team. Poor team at that
  15. Dont believe that was a negative set up. 532 negative set up would have played Mills and Fitzpatrick. We had our best two full backs for attacking. We had two attacking midfielders We had two up front. Problem being we were awful, against a bottom six team
  16. Cannot fault Crookes tonight. Credit where it is due
  17. We had two forwards, three midfield men and two attacking wing backs. Only problem was they were all useless. Taylor might be lucky to play again after that performance. Conlon gone off completely Monty had a poor game Rodney once again looks less like a footballer than me. Please Mr Clarke GET RID !!!!
  18. Did say he has time on his hands and he deserves the chance but i dont see enough of a prospect in him.
  19. His interview today was exactly what i expected him to come out with. He would never slate anyone publicly after todays hard fought point. Point that we are desperate for. This is not his mess but he has to sort it out with the players he has available. Also think that if Monty had played against Wilkinson we could have had a defensive problem on our hands. Monty will not be able to stop himself from attacking, quite rightly, Crookes can only defend so i expected this choice at left back.
  20. New manager but same old performance. POOR At least Clarke will know what is needed after the next few games, if he doesnt already. Can see a minimum of 5 new players in our starting line up for next season. Plenty of stick for Guthrie. Hes not the top striker in the division but hes the best front player we have until Pope pushes him when fit. We still need to replace Pope before we write him off. Guthrie can score goals and has done but his goals scored were created by others. Cant remember too many chances he missed today. Give him a break. Hes the best we have for the next few ga
  21. Like i said, i cant take the credit for this drawing. It was my mate Jacko at school. Fifty years ago WOW. The drawing must have been from the picture above in the football mag Goal.
  22. My drawing of the legend Jesse James.
  23. Jamo and Pope were/are Vale through and through. For anyone who did not see Jamo play i would say that he had more heart for the Vale. More heart for the Vale than Popey and that takes some doing. Thats how special Jamo was and will always be to those who saw him.
  24. Talking of Mick's scarg. Can anyone remember 'Dancing Frank ' as Mick would call him.
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