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  1. It didnt take Eric very long to get anywhere. Always a pub stop on the way and on way home too. Travellers Rest Buxton to Leek was a favourite for all games Yorkshire way. Best to have a nap on the way home and leave it to Eric.
  2. Weve got Micky Morris playing on the wing
  3. Two bad results for us tonight. How can Southend beat Newport ? Its up to us now on Saturday to do the same !!!
  4. Sad sad day. R I P John. Great memories from Jesse James at the Vale. Once trying to draw a picture of Jamo at school and my mate finished it for me. It was brill. Took it the Vale on a match day and i am sure it was you Ray who took it in dressing room and had Jamo sign it for me. Need to find that drawing it was brill. 19000 at Wrexham and finished 1 - 1 Sure there was 7000 Vale fans there. Went in car with Mick [ owd sage ], Joe Dodd, and Eric the driver [ not sure of last name, i think it was Smith ] See Joe up the Vale and remember Mick telling me that Eric
  5. I understand this fully. You could say that Rudge was an assistant to Pulis. Money to burn also helps to to take the strain off Pulis. Our situation i believe is the exact opposite. We , or i , assumed we were after the experienced manager. We now have the experience is the assistant role to the manager. Flitcroft did sat that the manager would: Have final say on all signings / Decide of team tactics n formations etc / select the team. This i find difficult to see being a success, especially if the new manager / head coach is not an experienced manager but someone who is learning the ga
  6. They were my comments on Hurst. Decent squad player, deserves a chance, cross with both feet. I added that i would like to see more of a goal threat from him. It may come, hope so but sometimes you see a player is short of something and j feel this could be his problem. Hope i am wrong but my thoughts on him. Certainly deserves his chance compared to the wide players we have had recently.
  7. Fair enough if i have missed that. My point is we need a bigger threat from him
  8. Its expensive getting rid of a manager AND HIS TEAM but once you dwcidd he is going then you need to see it through. No turning back. If you cannot afford then dont get rid and try sort ghe issue out another way, if possible.
  9. Surely that goes without saying. You cannot offer someone the manager role and they say your backroom team is ???? I would expect Carol to have issues if that is the case
  10. Decent squad player and worth persevering but still waiting for him to get a shot on goal and also score a goal. Yes he has crossed a few and with both feet but last few games hes been involved he seems to have created less chances.
  11. Agree with you but god i wish we had Tranmere's squad down at the Vale. New center back and not much else needed there.
  12. True. We know we cannot rely on Monty playing a full season. Gibbons we need to see. This season was a first but from now on we dont know.
  13. 100 % effort but after watching him for a few games i agree i do wonder if he has it. Doubt he would be in the Tranmere 22 man squad. Reminds me of Hannant but not as good as him
  14. Askey was an experienced manager. He would not have changed it. For Askey read Pugh. I find it very difficult to praise or criticise a manager and not include his team also. Big difference being Pugh now has the final say in all matters but it is still the same decisions as if Askey was in charge ???
  15. Confidence plays a massive part for a goalscorer. Guthrie does have effort and he does not hide. He wants to be involved. Rodney looked poor today. They both need service to look better. Pope still looks the best number 9 we have and he is very close to being past it i am afraid.
  16. Think Mills was thinking of rugby. Did you see his attempt at an up n under chase
  17. Agree with all this : Crookes is very poor. Smith not much better. We need two center halfs. Taylor scored again but he offers very little else in midfield and needs to be carried by the others. Joyce has to be replaced for us to do this and get the best from Taylor. Guthrie not showing enough so far. Tells me that the best number 9 we have is still Pope. We need a goalscorer up front. Rodney showed nothing today and yes against Khan who had a good day at full back. Defended well and good going forward. Their left back also had a good defensive game, got stuck in and was go
  18. Thats what Taylor is in the team for. Unfortunately we need a midfield player too and as long as Joyce plays in a three with Conlon and Taylor we will remain a poor team. Not convinced about Taylor at all. Yes he will score goals , i think , but at what cost. He has not been in the game so far and we are being overran in midfield. First priority is get rid of Joyce.
  19. Should have added i would sooner leave out Smith and Crookes and play just Clark on his own
  20. You can see it. We can see it. Our management team cannot
  21. We lost. Surely Pugh was at home ? Nothing to do with it. We never lose when he is on touchline !!
  22. Poor defending again from Crookes in the middle. Mills awful, Crookes as bad
  23. Apart from their wages you mean? Thats the problem they picked up their wages after last nights performance
  24. Hope he is sat in the stands on Saturday. Give the players something to play for.
  25. Joyce replaced Taylor. You obviously dont like Joyce. What did you honestly think of Taylor last night
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