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  1. No different in Australia than Sandyford ????
  2. Will be totally gutted but after a few days or so may well look back on the season and say its not been a bad one ? Then the work starts and the money required to make us stronger for next season because this one will have been a failure
  3. 6 points is promotion. Providing Exeter beat Northampton
  4. Its ok for you to say that, you are in Australia, i presume. I am in Sandyford but then again its only words. You are spot on : My thoughts on this season all hinged on the great run Garrity had. Was it a fluke ? When he has been good he scored goals and looked a breath of fresh air in a poor , none creative midfield. When he has been poor , he has been awful and added to the other two midfielders, have offered us nothing at all in creativity. My assessment on Garitty is that he is average at best and needs to become a squad player. Once the midfield offers very little we then depend on our two wide men. Worrall has been poor in his creative and attacking play, especially last few months, add to that he has had Smith behind him, who struggles to make a decent pass going forward and we offer very little down the right. Our left also struggles to offer threats too. Do we play Hussey who is a ' specialist ' in dead ball situations but is less mobile or Benning who does get forward but has probably had his worst season for a while. Up front we have two decent strikers but only two and when we miss them we have no cover. Amoo is poor, Rodney was poor, two you lads have been a bonus and may have a decent career but so far its been hit and miss for them when asked to step up. The back three have never looked solid even when we have not conceded too many goals. Martin is the main culprit for me. Very slow and does not look sharp enough either. Hall an excellent player. Smith a good center defender and no more. I have to say that we conceded goals when Jones and Cass were in there but they made up for it with their attacking, creative play from the back. This is the reason we scored goals in the first half of the season. They made the midfield push forward more Goalie, you can still choose any one from three for me. We have missed Conlon and Gibbons for sure but if they are not fit you cannot play them. Two games to go and then the play offs. Still in with a chance but a slim one for me. Need to change things around, dont think we will though. We look a very tired team after a tough season. I would go with : Stone Smith Hall Jones Gibbons Garrity Pett Charsley Hussey Proctor Wilson If Gibbons not fit then we will stick with Worral / Edmondson Then we need some start performances from several players
  5. You do dream too Walsall had nothing to play for and yet we have everything an d play as if we are not bothered about winning. Keep hearing Walsall have two attempts and score two. How many have we had ? and we need to win for promotion with three games to go
  6. Spot on for me. Hope for automatic now. We need Pett. Is Walker out for remainder of season. Taylor will not get us through this but not sure who would if no Pett. Worrall struggling too. Not sure if its injury or just drained of energy now. Lost his pace too. Think we needed his experience to start today with the midfield we had but it didnt work for me. We would need a boost before we entered the play offs if it goes to them. Gibbons ???
  7. Most definately a good point won. Exeter will be in an automatic spot with FGR and Mansfield. Very good defence tonight and ran all night to give us no time and space. It looked one game too many for us in a great run of games. We did look tired and struggled to get going. A good point won. Garrety, Charsley, Worral all run into the ground early on i thought, had very little left. Our injuries are just as bad , if not worse than Exeter. We still have first team players out injured who are crucial to us. Conlon, Gibbons for sure. Hussey, Martin would have pushed to play tonight. Jones, Taylor also missing. We had a very weak, unbalanced bench and it showed after 90 mins i thought. Sutton will be a different game and just as tough a battle. Big team and direct. Fast too so hope we have recovered and can last 90 mins. Great if we can get back to a win and three points. We will need goals Saturday. We need Proctor and Wilson from the start.
  8. He, along with other first 11 players, need to become squad players only for next season on a squad players budget. If not get rid. We have to improve the first 11 and that means four or five new signings.
  9. Its all opinions but i have to disagree completely. We played very little ' good stuff ' Created almost nothing. Hoofball was disgusting, we never even hoofed the ball anywhere near our players up front and even if we had done Wilson and Cooper were poor. Wilson poor and showed very little skill that we know he has but not sure why he seems not interested. Cooper a waste of a signing. Offers nothing. Hurst is on the bench, no better but no worse in fact he showed much better in his first few games for us. Charsley again offers nothing, why sign him. Harrogate also played hoofball but when they got hold of it up front, they tried to play quick passing football, scored one and at least looked dangerous. A draw no better than either team deserved. Very poor January signings. Hussey crosses well yes but with Gibbons at left back and Jones plus Benning also capable there i am not sure if we really needed him, not taking his age into account too. Without Conlon we are left in midfield with Pett and Garrity and they are not good enough in our current formation. Oh for a ball carrying midfield player with a flare for a goal. We did not need the keeper or should i say not a keeper no better than what we have. Covolan needed to serve his sentence, learn his lesson and carry on OR get rid for a better keeper. We look a midtable team. Yes great to be unbeaten but when we come up against Mansfield, Exeter, Salford, Bristol we might need wins where as draws would have been fine with the extra points from Rochdale, Harrogate We are still in there with this unbeaten run but the performances give me no confidence at all for the next ten games.
  10. Yes. Someone else can see this too. Not only that but it pushed forward our five midfiels players and guess what we had men in the box when we crossed a ball
  11. As good as we looked with Cass and Jones in the back three and we did attack and score more goals, the failing with them both was there defensive duties. You are right Gibbons is not a centre back and would get caught out.
  12. Its not good enough Look at the league table
  13. Goals for - we dont score enough and Goals against we always seem to have a mistake in us and do conceed goals. Goal difference doesnt always tell the whole story I said that we dont kill teams off with a second / third goal. Add to that we are not the best defensively and do often concede goals. We need more goals. i said with our squad of midfield players there are not enough goals in them. We rely too heavily on the front two and to be successful the front two would need to score 30 goals between them
  14. There are stats for absolutely everything. Look at a league table and points are all that matter, first and foremost. Very rarely does it go beyond the points total. Win 1 0 - three points Lose 4 3 - nil points
  15. We are not Northampton or Tranmere. Both have ten more points than us despite their lack of goals. Need also to look at goals conceded, perhaps you dont need to score as many with a better defencive record. Northampton look the exception this season. One nil wins look the norm to them and their style is set out to achieve this. When we played Tranmere early season many people commented that we both looked desperately short of goals and that has proved to be the case i feel. Even now Tranmere struggle to score but again with their defensive record they look ok and closer to promotion than we do. We are short of goals and when we also lack creativity and goals from a midfield five it puts added pressure on the front two. Garrity has been a huge added and surprise bonus to our midfield goals output. Without him we would be nowhere near the play offs. The remainder of the midfield five, whoever we play lack goals. Conlon the exception but you cannot always rely on excellent free kicks and the odd spectacular goal. I honestly believe we need a front two to score a minimum of 30 goals for us to be successful. Another alternative, which i believe will happen next season, is to replace Worral with a better goal scoring return, which we dont have in the squad at present. Worral does not score the goals we need from a player involved as much as he. Gibbons will not score goals. Pett will not score goals. Hussey, maybe free kicks but not if Conlon is playing. Walker no goals. Not sure Taylor will be playing at all. Amoo very few goals. Hurst the same. NO GOALS Thats why i believe we need a front two to score 30+ OR change the system which i dont believe DC would be keen on. I believe we will stick with 3 5 2 next season and need the players play it. Just saying.
  16. Amoo has been with us for 3 years or more ? The one thing that stands out is that he is not the answer to our problems. Hes had several games this season and in 20 minute spells he has done ok. More that that !!! Not for me. Did sound that he had a better spell last night but hes not the one to start on Saturday You never know what you are going to get. He's either ok or very poor. He is one squad player that has to be improved on next season
  17. People keep telling us that you dont need a proven 15+ goal scorer. More often than not you do. Oh and you also need backup for two strikers who both regularly miss half a season.
  18. Dont worry about Holy for their goal last night. Blame stops with Hall. Weak defending and the ball should never have gone further than him. Good player but a big big mistake last night Wilson's miss too. Poor effort and proved to cost us dearly. Either of those two do better and we win. Wilson and Hall probably the first names on team sheet but they both made mistakes last night and it cost us.
  19. Its us or Sutton for 7th, unless Bristol keep going strong
  20. Far better to not score Saturday and lose and score a second one tonight and win
  21. Thats what Cass and Jones gave us for three months. Their attacking runs forced our midfield to push forward and make runs. Its a poor midfield five, including Worral and a left sided player and offer very little goal threat. This means the front two need to be 20 goals each for us to be up there
  22. One defensive mistake may have cost us, together with several attacking and goalscoring mistakes too. Score more than one and you get away with a defensive mistake.
  23. Forget Mansfield and Exeter. We will heed a terrific run and just hope to catch Sutton. The other six places are gone.
  24. You need to tell the players that. Belief and optimism
  25. All was good Joe after the first 4 months. Even happy for Covolan and co to take the p1ss at every chance. Sometimes you get what you deserve. We needed to concentrate more on football, more on attacking play, more on scoring goals. Too negative. We all thought DC happy to change formations at all times but i think he did at the start to see what he had available. We have then failed miserably to strengthen the squad and are now suffering. Will say again our success came with Cass and Jones both attacking from the back three. This forced the midfield five up the pitch. Its a poor midfield five we play. No attacking style and no goals between them. Without Garrity being a massive surprise to all, probably DC too, i think we would be mid table at best. You are spot on with players signed. Twice as good as last seasons squad but look how poor we really were then and the previous four years and we dare say this is a tinpot league. When we are good enough and better than the tinpot teams, we will get promoted. FGR deserve to be there, Swindon, Tranmere, Exeter, Mansfield, Northampton, Bristol, Orient,we are no different to them for the last 20 years and have to work hard and play football to be better than them. Five first 11 players off a promotion squad before we go up. God knows what we would do with this squad in div 1. Keeper, Smith, Pett, Worral, goalscorer ALL need strengthening in the first eleven. Even Garrity should be a great squad player but he looks the best and only player likely to score from the midfield five. Still a better season for a long time but we are not yet good enough for promotion, my view. Need to back DC and hope for further backing from Carol n co. Next season maybe the one.
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